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Monday Morning Mix-Up 3/9/09

Morning mix-up 740

It always seems like I have a mixed-up hodge-podge of posts and updates for you on Mondays…I hope you don’t mind.

  • Find out at this recipe post why I might owe you, my readers, an apology! Hint: I had a very honest friend over this weekend…
  • Real Food Wednesday Reminder! This week Ann Marie hosts and we have a hot topic that all Mom’s want more ideas on: Kid-Friendly Real Food/Healthy Food Kids Love! I hope you’ll all have some good tips and recipes to share, either in your own post or in the comments. Personally, I’d especially like to find more ideas for pleasing teens, because ours is driving us crazy with his complaining!
  • See the comparison in descriptions of margarine these days in PC terms vs. years ago, in today’s post, “Margarine, then and now.”
  • Also today, I tell you why Mercola is on my nerves. I was shocked at the gall.
  • Lastly, check out how I used up some leftovers recently, along with a recipe for homemade biscuits.


  1. Kelly – can’t seem to get the links to open up. It could be my slow and old computer, but the “loading” icon just seems to spin and spin and spin….



  2. Oh great, I think there’s a problem with my server…looking into it, sorry!!

    Have I mentioned how much I hate dealing with computer techy issues?!!!

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