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Colostrum is a food produced by all mammal mothers before giving birth and for only a short time after giving birth.  (72 hours for human mothers and less than 6 hours for bovine/cow mothers.)  Through colostrum, the mother passes onto the baby the antibodies she has built throughout her life–important nutrients and growth factors that help keep the baby healthy while their own immune system is developing. Bovine/cow colostrum is 99% bioidentical to human colostrum, so this “Liquid Gold” can be taken as a supplement to support our health–the same nutrients so important to the health and vitality of a newborn can also rejuvenate our adult bodies!  Colostrum has 700 health-building components to naturally balance and regenerate the body, including growth factors that support anti-aging and tissue repair, over 95 immune-building factors, essential amino acids, fatty acids, glyconutrients, metabolic factors, vitamins, minerals and enzymes!


Colostrum boosts our energy (for many it's almost immediate), it helps to seal a leaky gut, boosts our immune system, improves dental health, it can finally help those with chronic health issues, and can even slow down the aging process.  Not all cows are exposed to the same pathogens, so to increase the variety of the antibodies you get exposure to, Anovité intentionally mixes the colostrum of many cows together into larger batches.  The result is that you get exposure to a diverse range of antibodies to boost your health even more.  (Keep reading for more benefits!)  

Wonder how it could help YOUR health issue?  Go to PubMed.gov or Scholar.Google.com and search like this:  “Bovine colostrum diabetes” or “Bovine colostrum irritable bowel” or “Bovine colostrum arthritis”–you get the idea!  

How Do I Get Colostrum?

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More Colostrum Q & A's:

CAN COLOSTRUM HELP IMPROVE GUT HEALTH AND GASTROINTESTINAL ISSUES? (Remember none of this is medical advice, do your own research too!)

“The growth factors help to seal the lining of the whole digestive tract, reducing inflammation and closing the “holes”, which result from the constant assault from toxins, refined foods, preservatives, other chemicals and antibiotics.  As a result of the digestive tract sealing up, ulcers heal, allergies improve, nutrient absorption improves, and the line of defense against pathogens returns to more normal function.” (Source.)

“Our study provides evidence which suggests that plain bovine colostrum, which is a natural and relatively inexpensive supplement, can be responsible for the effective reversal of inappropriately increased intestinal permeability.  The use of it might benefit many patients, in whom increased intestinal permeability would ultimately result in various pathologies [,,,].  Bovine colostrum might also have a preventative role in healthy people and help to restore gut status after use of antibiotics or NSAIDs, both of which can increase intestinal permeability.”  (Source.)

Early study results “are encouraging and we envisage the standard use of {colostrum} in the clinical management of gastrointestinal diseases within the next decade.”  (Source)


“The youthful “side effects” of taking colostrum include more energy, elevated mood, smoother skin, wrinkle reduction, better digestion, balancing of blood sugar levels and weight loss to name a few.”  (Source.)


Once the baby calf has all it needs, Anovité colostrum is gathered within the first 6 hours of birth.  This is to ensure that it is 100% pure colostrum with no milk mixed in.  Also, Anovité colostrum has nothing added to it and nothing taken away from it.  All of the healthy fats and other nutrients are fully intact, and this purity is certified by a third-party.  Because of its purity and because it's a whole food, it can down-regulate an overactive immune system and up-regulate an under-active immune system to help the body address exactly what's needed. 1 2


Anovité is very selective with the U.S.-only farms they choose to work with, and they exceed organic standards, ensuring that you’re getting the best colostrum possible. In order to ensure that the cows are healthy and receive the best care possible, they are fed a well-defined diet full of proper nutrition. They eat an all-grass diet that includes a fermented forage blend of hay—these grasses include millet, sorghum, and straw…no corn or soy, just a high-quality blend of grasses. The cows eat directly from the pasture, and they are also line-fed, especially during winter months. Being grass-fed is critical to Anovité's colostrum, it's beneficial not only because the cows are exposed to fresh grass, but also it allows them to have access to their natural environment and produce antibodies to pathogens they commonly come into contact with.  Grass-fed cows are significantly healthier than grain-fed, and this is reflected in their colostrum. Another noteworthy factor about these cows is what they are not fed: antibiotics. Anovité gets a third party to test the milk to make sure the cows they work with are free from antibiotics. Many people don't realize that the vast majority of antibiotics in the USA go to farm animals; antibiotic resistant superbugs start on the farm, not in a doctor's office! With Anovité, you can be sure that you are getting the best and purest form of colostrum on the market, and that it comes from the healthiest grass-fed cows.  

One thing to remember is that the calf is very valuable to the farmer. A farmer who doesn't invest in their calves doesn't have a sustainable farm. For this reason, the farmer needs to take really good care of their calves so that the herd can continue to grow and remain healthy. To keep the calf as healthy as possible, the farmers collect the colostrum from the mother after birth. The calf is then bottle-fed the colostrum. Of course, calves suckle their mother as much as they want and need as well, but it's important that farmers take it upon themselves to bottle feed the colostrum right away too. Why? A calf MUST receive colostrum ideally within four hours of being born, or they will become sickly and eventually die. Mother cows (especially first-time heifers) sometimes have a hard time adjusting to their new role, making it harder for the calf to suckle. If the calf is able to suckle, it is still encouraged to do so. Bottle-feeding colostrum simply provides a more reliable outcome for the calf’s health. Farmers can't afford to lose these precious calves, and research has shown that the calf needs about 2 quarts of colostrum to minimize disease and support development. If the calf solely suckles, they will usually receive less than they actually need, and farmers can't take that risk.  Our dairy farmers truly care for their cattle. They want to make sure that the calves are getting ample colostrum and are well taken care of.  The calves are very valuable to us, both as living creatures and as our future. 

One more quote on this topic:  But isn't the newborn calf deprived of an important food for its health?

The first thing most people want to know is: “What happens to the poor calf? Does it have its first meal taken away?” Fortunately, for everyone, a cow produces more than enough colostrum. If a calf were left to suckle its mother, it would consume only about one of the two quarts of colostrum it typically requires, then lie down to rest. While the calf is sleeping, precious biological factors would be reabsorbed back into the mother and lost forever. For this reason, it has been standard practice for many years to remove the colostrum from a mother cow and feed it to the calf from a bottle at intervals so that it can receive the full benefit of this “first milk.” (Source.)

POWDER OR CAPSULES?  WHICH IS BEST FOR DENTAL HEALTH? I take both PLUS the lozenges–they are so tasty and have vitamin C as well as colostrum!  I take the capsules just to be sure I'm getting some colostrum daily, and I pop in the lozenges here and there for the same reason.  But I also slip the powder into as many recipes as I can.  The powder tastes SO good, so sometimes I'll just eat it by the spoonful for better nutrient absorption through the mucus membranes in my mouth.  Dr. Kleinsmith packs it into his gums at night and goes to sleep as it dissolves!  Researchers found that its growth factors and immune components work together to positively influence oral health.  (Source)

Also, here are a bunch of ways to slip more into your diet.  It gives a wonderful creamy taste and texture to foods. If you purchased the capsules, you will note that the bottle tells you to have them on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.  This is because you need the stomach acids to break down the capsules well. What is inside the capsules is the exact same powder as in the tub that can be purchased. The only difference is the gelatin capsule, which may be challenging for the gut to break down, unless taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. If you take the powder alone, no need to be concerned about having an empty stomach.

HOW MUCH SHOULD I TAKE?  (My friend Rose shares the following…)

Answering that question is a little bit like asking how much oatmeal should you eat–because it's a food, and everyone's needs will be different. Start with the amount on the container and then listen to your body.  You may need to start off with less if your body is detoxifying and you have a reaction. (That means it's working! Just start with a VERY small amount and work up more slowly.) Your body may also tell you that it would like more, and if so you should listen to it!

For whatever method of colostrum you choose to take, start out by following the directions on the container if you are a sensitive person or at all concerned about how you might respond. If you aren’t sensitive and have no trouble with taking whole food nutritional support, I’ve seen a number of people dive in at double that, and just jump-start their system.


This method of taking the products helps you to dive in and fill those nutritional deficiencies so quickly that you feel the kick. The average person has some health challenges and also a less than-stellar gut; and this method helps to get a good quick start on moving toward balance.

What if you don’t feel the kick? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone new tell me, “I just can’t feel it”! I ask them to take a little more and a little more until they do “feel it”. Over and over I get that text or message that says, “NOW I’m feeling it. Wow, thanks for sticking with me. This is amazing.” Usually they add something like, “I want to do this the rest of my life because I LOVE how I feel.”

What if I start cleansing too fast?

No worries, you can just take a few Epsom salt baths, drink plenty of water, and skip a dose or two, then start back at a dosage a step below what you were taking. The alternative, and what many do if you want to press through, and if it's comfortable to you, is to just press on through the higher dose while supporting the body in the ways mentioned above. Once the body has cleansed some of the “trash” out, you know it and can feel it. 

After a time of being on a higher amount of colostrum and feeling better, if you begin to feel sluggish some during the daytime, it could be your clue to start dropping back toward maintenance dosage level and finding that perfect place for your body. That’s the sign that I always look for to find out if I’m getting too much! For my body, I’ve found my perfect “spot” and it never fails me. I can always feel it at a “just right” level. Should I feel as if I’m trying to come down with a “bug”, I bump it right back up for a short time.


Colostrum is a pre-milk food.  Anovité colostrum is collected within 6 hours of calving, so the chances of milk being mixed with the colostrum is very low.  Depending on how sensitive you are to dairy, you'll want to talk to your doctor before trying colostrum.  However, most people who can't tolerate dairy do very well with colostrum.  Start with a small amount (even a pinch) and work up to more.  Over time, as the colostrum's gut healing properties begin to work, many have found that they can digest dairy just fine, or at least reduce their sensitivities.


My friend Rose answers more specific questions here in an informal Q&A–she answers things like…

  • How, when, and how much of the products should we take?
  • What form of colostrum is best for me?
  • What changes should I expect to see and when?
  • What about amounts for kids?
  • What if taking colostrum causes skin issues?
  • How are some of the other Anovité products helpful?

How Do I Get Colostrum?

  • Discounts:  For both options you can choose to order products in a one-time discounted “pack”, or just order individual products.  
  • Free shipping:  Either way you'll get free shipping on your first order, and on all future orders if you choose Smart Ship!  (You can choose how often your products are shipped to you.) 

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