I'm so excited to finally have this book done and ready for you to enjoy with your kids, and if you liked my first book (for grown-ups), Real Food for Rookies, then you and your kids will like this new book too!

Get my new kids book here:
Real Food for Happy Kids!

Real Food for Happy Kids is a fun rhyming book to inspire wise food choices for healthy minds and bodies.  

Adults and children of any age will enjoy learning about nourishing foods, with delightful illustrations (from my talented friend Karine!) and engaging rhymes!

Here’s what reviewers said:

“Kelly the Kitchen Kop has done it again, with a wonderful book to introduce children to the principles of a healthy diet. Real Food for Happy Kids belongs on the bookshelf of every child!”

—Sally Fallon Morell, Weston A. Price Foundation President 

“Real Food for Happy Kids brought tears to my eyes when reading it for the first time. It's the book I wish I had when my children were little, and I look forward to every one of my grandchildren having a copy of their own to read and cherish!”

—Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist and best-selling author of Get Your Fats Straight 

“Real Food for Happy Kids is a perfect, fun and engaging way to…encourage kids to choose healthy options from their earliest choices. I highly recommend this and all of Kelly’s resources!”

—Katie Wells, host of The Wellness Mama Podcast, WellnessMama.com 

“Kelly's book is delightful and so needed for our little ones, and for those who read this book aloud to them!”

—Hilda Labrada Gore, host and producer of The Wise Traditions Podcast, HolisticHilda.com 

“I love the way that Kelly presented so much truth in rhyme! Such a fun way to bring the real food movement to the next generation. Kids will love the activities in the back and the illustrations throughout.”

—Hallee Bridgeman, USA Today Best-selling Author 

“I loved reading this! I believe every family would benefit from having this book handy. It's a fun, gentle way to plant ‘real food’ seeds of truth into our kids. I can't wait to read this to my grandchildren!”

—Sally Oh, SallysRealLife.com 

“A perfect addition to any child's bookshelf, Real Food for Happy Kids is not only entertaining, but also educational, making it a must-read for parents and caregivers looking to inspire healthy habits.”

—Paola Brown, MEd., creator of Teach Me Health and Homeopathy, PaolaBrown.com

A fun rhyming book with cute illustrations, this book will plant the seeds when they're young for a lifetime of healthy minds and bodies!

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Get my new book here:
Real Food for Happy Kids!
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