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Who doesn’t love to feel pampered a little right in their own home?

These days few of us can afford a trip to the spa (but doesn’t that sound great right now?), so indulging in a little something to enjoy at home is always a treat.

Also for everyday, without the worry…

Having everyday all-natural products to use without wondering what chemicals you’re absorbing through your skin is a nice “luxury”, too.

skin-baby One of my sponsors is the Homestead Company, keep them in mind for many different all-natural skin care products:

  • When you need everyday skin care products. Allyn says, “My legs have been painfully dry and itchy for years, even to the extent of keeping me awake at night. I used a prescription lotion for a long time and no relief. Now that I have tried your peppermint foot lotion and my legs feel relieved and the dry skin is gone.”
  • When you need a gift for a new baby. Katie said, “My daughter has had diaper rash for 2 months, I have taken her to the doctor and put her on antibiotics, I have tried every cream out there, and after just 3 days of using your Baby Wipe Companion her rash is clear, thank you for making such a great product!”
  • When you need a gift for a friend or maybe a new Mom. Although we’re past the baby stage at our house now, I love the idea of giving one of their spa gift sets to new Moms.  After one of our babies was born, a good friend got ME a spa gift, knowing that the baby would already be getting plenty of baby clothes, etc.  I loved it!
  • skin-eczema If you have eczema, they also have an amazing oil that can help.  Read what Heather said, “I am happy to say that your eczema oil has already improved our sons skin condition, after only 2 days! I like the roller because it is convenient to use. I am very impressed with your products. We will definitely order more.
  • When you just want to pamper yourself a bit. Ann Marie said, “I love the peppermint & eucalyptus hand & foot lotion! I just put it all over my hands, legs and feet. Sooo relaxing.”

Where to buy Homestead all-natural skin care products.



  1. says

    Definitely the eczema oil. My daughter is doing so much better after dealing with food allergies, but it’s still an ongoing battle. Every little bit helps.

  2. says

    I have 2 kids that have eczema… and that Eczema Oil looks fabulous! I think I am going to try it even if I don’t win!! Wow!

    I also subscribed to their newsletter!

  3. Jane says

    Definitely the eczema oil for my son! I have never found anything that really works well. Everything on the site looks great.

  4. Leah F says

    I would get the diaper essential kit. I fight a yeast type diaper rash on my little one and possibly have a second on the way (I go get bloodwork drawn today).

  5. Karen says

    Well, i would definitely get the eczema cream to see if it helps with psoriasis as well. I would also want the baby balm as that looks like it would be really great and also the foot set would be great. They have some really great products i am so glad i saw this post! I also am subscribed to recieve your blog via my email. Hope that gets me another entry! THanks!

  6. Janelle says

    I would get the hand and foot scrub and maybe the body butter. My hands get super dry at work! I signed up for their newsletter.

  7. nikki says

    I am expecting and have always made my own baby products not trusting what was in those that are out there…. however, this company changes my perspective!!! Their ingredients are fantastic!!!! I would love to try the baby butter, especially! oh boy!

  8. says

    Ooh, I love their skin care products, and could really use them. My skin has been horrible of late.

    I’ve signed-up for their newsletter, using the link from your page here, commented here, signed-up to follow you both on Twitter and Facebook.

    I sure hope I win. Thanks for doing this! :)

  9. Kelly Harris says

    I would go for the skin essentials gift set. I subscribed to the newsletter ands also follow you through email.

  10. says

    i would love body butter, but i also have a weakness for peppermint lotion so maybe the peppermint & eucalyptus lotion. the gift sets look amazing too. decisions, decisions…

  11. Laurie says

    I just signed up for the newsletter. I would spend the certificate on some baby products for a friend and get some foot care products for myself.

  12. Annie says

    I’m signed up for the newsletter; definitely would be interested in the eczema oil for baby – we’re sadly dealing w/ LOTS of eczema at the moment. Thanks!

  13. Audrey says

    I signed up for the newsletter. I would love to get the Mommy & Baby starter/gift set for my daughter in law who is expecting our first grandchild!

  14. LoriSue says

    I already signed up for their newsletter. I am excited to try a number of their products but especially the alchol-free witch hazel!

  15. Nanci says

    I signed up for the newsletter. The products sound wonderful. I need to try the peppermint foot lotion and most of the others!

  16. Annie says

    Oh! I just realized I could get an entry for having already signed up for the KtKK email updates. Yay! :) Kelly, I always get excited when I see your email updates in my inbox – and especially for a giveaway ;)

  17. Grace Jolley says

    I would like to try the Skin Essentials gift set. I have signed up for The Homestead Company’s newsletter. I already follow you on Twitter but now follow Homestead Company as well. I have friended you on facebook and am now a fan of Homestead on facebook

  18. Joanna says

    Just subscribed. Wow, the baby wipe companion looks great – I had something like it but just ran out. Also…the body butter is calling my name. :)

  19. Marilyn says

    I took the survey, already am signed on to the newsletter and definately covet some peppermint lotion for my dry feet and legs. Thanks Kop for offering this opportunity for a nice giveaway.

  20. Michelle says

    I signed up for the news letter. The foot spa set sounds great, after the winter weather keeping my feet in socks and shoes all winter, they want to be pampered.

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