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A Peek at My Kitchen Marathon / Big Batch Cooking Day

big batch cookingDo you do batch cooking or once-a-month cooking very often? Every now and then I’ll have a kitchen marathon where I just go nuts and do a whole bunch of cooking all at once. I’ll usually flip on the TV and watch something that I never get to see and just motor through there. The picture above shows the mess that can result from one of these big batch cooking days. (Click the pic to see it better.)

I’ve labeled everything you see there in the picture, and you’ll find the corresponding links to each food listed below:

That day I was sort of helter skelter all over my kitchen, as you can see by looking, but I know that many of you do “monthly cooking marathons” or something similar quite a lot. I’d love your tips for doing this in a more organized fashion, or for getting the most done in a day as possible.

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  1. Kelly, how do you dry out the sprouted spelt berries? Would a food dehydrator work?I also have a 3 Horse Power Blendtec Blender, do you think that would be sufficient to grind up the spelt once it is dry?

    • Hi Chris,

      Yep, you can use your food dehydrator to dry out the spelt berries, that’s actually better than a low-temp oven because that doesn’t get low enough.

      I don’t know anything about the Blendtec, sorry!


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