Bosch mixer/blender/ breadmaker/shredder

How to Easily Make HUGE Batches of Cookies, Brownies, etc.


I’ve already told you a lot about why I love my Bosch and how it makes my life easier, but I also wanted to tell you how helpful it is when making big batches of baked goods to take places or to freeze ahead of time, and it saves me time in the kitchen!

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I LOVE my Bosch! It makes MANY loaves of bread at once and HUGE batches of cookies

I’ll be forever grateful to a reader friend, Shauna, for telling me about my new very favorite kitchen gadget that I am madly in love with. I’m finding more new ways that I love it all the time: THE BOSCH KITCHEN MIXER AND BREADMAKER (Buy it at this link) LET ME COUNT THE WAYS I […]

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