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Healthy Beef Tallow for Frying Guilt-Free

Tallow 5 gal

Healthy Beef Tallow for Frying

Can you guess what the above picture is?

It’s only my favorite fat! (Or it’s at least tied with butter.) It’s what has made it possible to enjoy things like onion rings and chicken nuggets again. onion ringsNo more worries about how I’m going to feel after eating fried food, or what the fat might be doing to my body. This healthy fat contains omega 3’s and CLA and comes from grass-fed cows. The omega 6:3 ratio is similar to fish, with no trans fats!

Have you guessed?

It’s a huge tub of beef tallow. They also sell a smaller size, but this one is the best deal. ***It’s even less expensive than rendering it yourself!

I recently priced it out:

  • In September I bought 2.5# of beef fat from our local farm at $4.11/#. After rendering, it made 5.5 cups (44 oz.) of beef tallow, which comes to 23 cents/oz. The time before I got a little more and it came out to 21 cents/oz. So we’ll say it averages at about 22 cents/oz.
  • But get this: this large tub of tallow works out to be only 19 cents/oz.!

Their smaller size does cost more than rendering it yourself, but since the big tub stores well, why not get that, or split it with friends? Rendering isn’t difficult but it’s gross and sticky and smelly, and the batches seem to take forever to boil down. This last one took a week. Don’t ask me why, my batch before that took only a couple days. OK, maybe it was because I didn’t want to cut it all up good like I did last time, but that was so disgusting. I know, I said to put on your big girl panties and just do it, but it wasn’t JUST that it was gross and sticky, it also took for EVER to get all the gunk out. I’m so excited that I won’t have to render beef fat again – it’s not very often that buying something ready-to-use is cheaper than doing it yourself!

A couple questions about tallow for John at U.S. Wellness Meats:

1. Does tallow need to be refrigerated?

We suggest you convey it to smaller containers upon arrival and keep one out and freeze the balance for smarter long term storage. If you use a high volume, you can take from the large container at room temperature. The product will oxidize from the surface.

2. Are you saying we shouldn’t use the top layer after it’s been stored? Is this only for room temp tallow or for frozen tallow, too?

There is no effect on frozen tallow. If it is sitting on the kitchen counter, the top 1/4 inch will turn color as it is exposed to oxygen. You simply scrape that off and get down to a fresh white layer. If you use off of the container daily, you will not see the oxidation. Keep in mind our pioneering ancestors did not have refrigeration.

3. Does it need to be stored in an airtight container?

No, Tupperware containers will work fine.

4. How many times do you recommend that it can be safely reused?

I reuse mine 3-4 times, but don’t have any research to show how many times is “OK”, and what exactly happens when it “goes bad”…? The food safety rule is “never”, but our pioneer ancestors sure did. Use your own judgment based on your own experience.


  1. Ooh, this is GREAT giveaway! I did #1, already subscribe to your RSS feed, just friended you on Facebook, and emailed 5 friends.

  2. Thanks for the info on storage!! I actually ordered this product last month, and wasn’t sure how to store it. It took FOREVER, and a LOT of work to get that lid off… my poor husband. :) It’s sitting on the floor of my pantry closet now, but I’m going to aliquot it and freeze it now that I’ve read this.

    I made french fries, and they are sooooooooo good!!! I strained the used tallow through a paper towel, and will reuse it a few more times.

    On a final note, US Wellness has the most excellent customer service! I had the wrong products shipped to me, and received a credit, while keeping the wrong product. Then the exact same thing happened again, twice in a row. They are letting me keep the wrong items again, and have immediately shipped the correct products this time, instead of issuing the credit. Plus they have assured me that they are working to avoid this issue in the future. I have received such crappy customer service so often, that this was experience was awesome! So I’m not trying to scare anyone from ordering, but commending their commitment to keeping their customers happy! Plus, we have absolutely LOVED everthing we’ve purchased from them… very high quality products!

  3. Ooooh, nice giveaway! Good information in the post, too.

    I’ve entered on the US Wellness site.

    I subscribe to your blog, I follow you on twitter, and I’m your friend on FB.

    Thanks, Kelly!!

  4. 1 is done. Already follow the rss and have you friended on twitter and fb. Working on more.

    I’m actually hoping to put in an order from US Wellness meats soon. Do you still have a promo for first orders going with them?

  5. I would love to enter this. Number 1 has no link even though javascript is enabled and no ad-blocker. So, not sure what else to do, except let you know that I’ve subscribed to your feed. Can I get at least one entry for that???

  6. I friended you on Facebook, subscibed by email and sent out 5 emails to friends with links.

    Thanks for all the valuable information. :)

  7. I emailed five people, added your link to my facebook what am I thinking page (alreay friends), already am a subscriber to your RSS, went to the Wellness page and signed up. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. I subscribe to your RSS reader. Thanks for all the work you do in helping me learn how to eat healthier and feed my family so much better so they aren’t in the position that I am when they get this age!

  9. Added you as a friend on Facebook and posted your link there. Entered via your link to the Wellness page as well. Great giveaway!

  10. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! I did #1, I get your RSS feed through blogger (#3), I am your FB friend and I posted about the giveaway on FB (#5).

  11. Wow, so many comments already – you guys are so stinkin’ fun! I love it when others are freaks over things like BEEF FAT as much as I am. :)

    Keep in mind if you don’t win that you could always go in with friends for the big one, or buy the small one OR you *could* render it yourself. You can’t just go without french fries, onion rings, fried fish or whatever you want to make!

    Soli, no more coupon code, but after the contest is done I think there will be a coupon for those that didn’t win (not positive yet), so you may want to wait to place your order.


  12. Entry #1: I entered at the link

    Entry #2: I already subscribe

    Entry #3: I e-mailed the link to 5 friends (and promised to share with them if I get it!)

    Thanks! Beth

  13. I’m on your RSS feed.
    I linked to this in my facebook status.
    I tweeted.

    Thanks for linking to this great giveaway! We just had great fried chicken in home-rendered, grass-fed tallow, but I would love to try US Wellness Meats tallow.

  14. Oh my goodness what an amazing giveaway! I’ve never actually cooked w/ tallow before but have been wanting to order some! This would such a blessing for our family! So I have entered the giveaway, friended you on FB, posted about this on FB, followed you on Twitter, retweeted, emailed 5 friends, and signed up to receive your blog updates. So I think that should be 5 entries. Thanks so much!

  15. Hello – I entered the contest on the US Wellness site, I posted an update on facebook and friended you, and I am sending out emails to 5 friends.
    I need the tallow for Thanksgiving pies!

  16. Hope I win! I love tallow fries! So… I’ve entered the competition, friended you on FB and posted about it, signed up for blog updates, follow you on twitter and retweeted, and emailed 5 friends. 5 entries!

    Thanks for all of the great information!

  17. I just made sure I was signed up for your email list, followed and RT’ed on Twitter, hit you up on facebook and did a status update, stumbled you up, and linked you on my blog.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!
    My Q is do you just do small batch frys of things or do you put the tallow in a deep fat fryer and leave it there (straining it occasionally like a commercial fryer)?
    Thanks again!

  18. Woohoo!! I would love to win a bucket o fat! But I do have to say that I can’t get much cheaper than an organic grass fed beef farm giving me 12 lbs of fat for free that I rendered myself. Course that was a one time deal.

  19. Hi, Kelly! Great give-away! =)

    I entered, blogged about it, already RSS follow you, twitter mention/follow, facebook post, emailed 5 friends, and stumbled it too!



  20. I don’t know how to do all the entries. I’m just not that smart.

    I ordered some beef fat from my local farm. I will render it next week. I just finished the last of my beef tallow last night when I made some yummy fried potatoes. I didn’t have to think about reusing it because the potatoes soaked up all the tallow and we just ate it. Hmmm, maybe this isn’t normal. Oh, well. On second thought, I guess it’s normal since I didn’t make fries and used only 6/7 tablespoons to make the fried potatoes. I’m simply rambling. I need to find something to do…

  21. Hi Kelly! I friended you on FB, e-mailed 5 friends and and already subscribe to your RSS feed. Oooooooooh I hope I win!! :)
    Love love love the blog – keep up the good work!

  22. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    I already subscribe to your RSS feed on my google homepage, I just friended you on facebook & updated my status, and I emailed 5 friends about it. I’m about to blab about it on the forum I frequent daily in the whole foods section – I don’t know if that will count for anything, but all the mamas there will love to enter! So if you see a bunch of first time visitors hop on over from you’ll know I sent them. :)

  23. Hmmm…well, I already subscribe…but I DID share you in my blog’s sidebar under my “assigned reading” section.

    Thanks for this! I am so happy to know of an affordable source of this type of fat. I’ve been wanting to venture out beyond coconut oil…

  24. What a great contest! I entered on the US Wellness Meats web site, followed and tweeted, which also simultaneously FB status updated… thanks!

  25. I did the first one, already subscribe to your emails, friended you of FB, and emailed friends:) Thanks so much for this contest.

  26. OK! I entered on the giveaway page. I blogged about it and linked back to you. I already subscribe to your updates via Google Reader. I follow you on Twitter and I just retweeted. I’m a friend on Facebook and my Twitter will post on Facebook too. So excited!

  27. Let’s see if I did this right.

    Entering the contest is one.

    Adding you to my facebook is two. is the link to my page.

    Signed up for your RSS feed on my google reader is three? Not sure how to prove it, though.

    Emailing five friends… hang on… that’s four…

    I don’t stumble or follow anyone on twitter, that would have been five and six, but I don’t get those. But what’s number seven? Oh, blogging… hang on…

    There we go, five! :) Thanks!!!

  28. Hey Kelly, I agree that rendering your own can be a pain, but it’s the only way I’ve gone, so far. I got a bunch of pork fat for cheap from my meat guy, cut it into big chunks, then ran it through my food processor (with the S blade). It was super gross and looked like–get this–peppermint ice cream. But it was pureed when it went into the stock pot and rendered very quickly.

  29. I would love this tallow! I have a local source for lard, but can’t find tallow anywhere. I tried to get my own fat to render when I bought my portion of the cow, but I couldn’t even get it that way. Pick me, pick me! (I’m a subscriber, too).

  30. Hi, Kelly, I signed up for the giveaway at US Wellness Meats and since I don’t have a facebook page my daughter Heather signed us up for the drawing on her page . She added you as a friend and posted about the drawing.

  31. Yum! We’ve been rendering our own but this would be much easier, as we just had baby #4!
    I signed up for the giveaway over there, and I am a subscriber over here!

  32. I friended you on Facebook and put the link up there. Told my kids if they couldn’t imagine using tallow, enter anyway and they might win my Christmas gift! lol

  33. I entered the contest, I followed on twitter & retweeted, I friended you on facebook and posted the link, I sent email to 5 friends, I stumbled and I subscribed to email updates.

  34. I entered the contest, I followed on twitter & retweeted, I friended on facebook and posted the link, I sent email to 5 friends, I stumbled and I subscribed to email updates.

  35. I entered, tweeted, facebooked and stumbled your site. Great stuff! When I get a second I’ll post a note on my blog. I am way behind in my entries there, but will be catching up this week. FIGHT ON!!!

  36. JoAnna,

    Here’s what I found at Wikipedia:

    Lard can be obtained from any part of the pig as long as there is a high concentration of fatty tissue. The highest grade of lard, known as leaf lard, is obtained from the “flare” visceral fat deposit surrounding the kidneys and inside the loin. Leaf lard has little pork flavor, making it ideal for use in baked goods, where it is treasured for its ability to produce flaky, moist pie crusts. The next highest grade of lard is obtained from fatback, the hard subcutaneous fat between the back skin and muscle of the pig. The lowest grade (for purposes of rendering into lard) is obtained from the soft caul fat surrounding digestive organs, such as small intestines, though caul fat is often used directly as a wrapping for roasting lean meats or in the manufacture of p

  37. Hi, here are my points:
    1. Entered at your site
    2. Subscribed to your email subscription
    3. Tweeted and follow you
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    6. Sent link to 5 email friends
    7. Added you to my blog post

  38. Hi Kelly – don’t know if I’ve ever commented before, but I read your blog all the time. I just entered the contest, and I friended you on Facebook. Thanks for doing this – you rock!

  39. I recently added you on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway. Please add to my previous 2 entries posted on 10/31. Thanks!

  40. I enter the contest and subscribed to your blog. This looks really interesting! I’ve been using coconut oil and olive oil and would love to branch out a bit more. If for some chance I actually win, could you please give me a few more days to get back to you? My father in law passed away a few weeks ago and the service is November 12 out of state. We will be traveling and I won’t have accesss to a computer until at least the 16th. I normally wouldn’t sign up under these circumstances, but this is such a great giveaway. Thanks.

  41. Hi Kelly, When I read this post I actually had my US Wellness meats shopping cart open in another window. I had 3 small tallows in my cart so winning this would be fabulous. I entered the contest and I’ve already signed up for email updates long ago. I blogged about the contest and stumbled this post. I also emailed 5 others to spread the word.

  42. I’d really love to try this stuff. It sounds fabulous.
    I :
    1. entered the giveaway,
    2. signed up for your email updates,
    3. am now following you on Twitter and tweeted the contest and the URL to this page,
    4. friended you on Facebook, posted about the giveaway on my Facebook status, and included the URL to this page in my status update.
    5. emailed 5 friends about this giveaway and included the URL to this page
    6. and Stumbled this post.

    For a grand total of six entries. Did I say that I really want to win?

  43. 1. did it

    3. Signed up for my email updates or RSS feed
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    6. Email 5 friends about the giveaway, did this
    7. Stumble this post and comment telling me that you did, signed up for this trying to figure out how to stumble it, but I will get it done.
    Thanks, I am so hoping to win this, we love our beef fat!

  44. Hi Kelly – this looks great. I subscribed in google reader (1), entered on the site (1), and now follow you on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway (1) for a total of 3 entries. Thanks!!

  45. Awesome! I love all the response! who knew there were so many fat-lovin girls?!

    I added you as a facebook friend, and posted it to my page.

  46. Awesome! I love all the response! who knew there were so many fat-lovin girls?!

    I added you as a facebook friend, and posted it to my page, and subscribed to your blog

  47. Kim,
    Stumble is another social networking thing – if enough people “Stumble” you, it can bring a lot of traffic! Google it and you can download the toolbar so you can stumble posts when you like them. :)

  48. Entered contest.
    Already subbed to email updates.
    Already friended on Facebook.
    Already follow on Twitter.
    Emailed five plus friends about give away!

    WOOHOO! Keep up the good work KKK!

  49. Well, I don’t tweet or facebook or link or blog, but I sure would love to cook with this prize!!! I’ll have to take my chances with one lucky entry! So while I may not have the technological prowess of some other entrants, my fingers and toes are flexible enough to ALL be crossed.
    Thanks for the chance!

  50. Alright, I got a new stumble account, just so I could stumble this (for some reason it kind of confused me).
    1 – entered at the site
    2 – tweeted about it
    3 – did the facebook one
    4 – stumbled it
    5 – signed up for updates
    Thanks! :)

  51. OK, Took Kyle’s lead there and signed up for Stumble just for this contest. I think I have Stumbled this…I clicked the button anyways!

  52. I’d love to win this wonderful fat! I entered, blogged about it, subscribed to your RSS feed, have been a follower on Twitter for some time, and stumbled this entry.


  53. Wow!!! We were hoping to get some tallow recently but it didn’t work out :(… So, we were excited to see this. Now we can have those french fries we’ve been waiting for.

    1. Entered the giveaway at U.S. Wellness Meats
    2. Posted about the giveaway on our blog….
    3. I get your email updates
    4. Already follow you on twitter and tweeted the giveaway
    5. Already friends on FB and shared about the giveaway
    6. Emailed 5 friends

  54. hi,
    love your blog… i’m a lurker, a fairly newbie, former raw vegan turned totally nurishing traditions and will be starting gaps intro next week. i sure would love all that gorgeous tallow for my program!
    i just ordered some food from us wellnes a couple weeks ago. yummiest braunsweiger ever!
    i did one entry -followed the link and entered the giveaway.
    thanks, sheri

  55. I did 1 entry and followed the link for the giveaway.

    My wife loves your blog, it has been an amazing tool for our family, thank you kindly…

  56. Hey Kevin, I’m glad to hear from a husband who *likes* the changes after their wife began reading my blog! :)


  57. Hi Sheri & all others who came out of lurkdom to comment and enter, I’m so glad to finally hear from you! :)

    Closing comments now, I’ll announce the winner next week!

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