Fermented Lemonade Punch from Nourishing Traditions


With summer coming, you’ll want to try this refreshing fermented Lemonade Punch recipe from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. It’s a simple recipe, and my family loved it. We rarely have anything besides milk, water, or homemade kefir soda pop these days, so it was a big treat!


I Love Fermented Vegetables!

fermented carrots (4)

I *really* wanted to like more fermented foods, knowing how good they are for me, but a couple years ago I tried a couple recipes from Nourishing Traditions and just didn’t care for them. Thankfully I didn’t give up!


Comparing a Low Fat Menu to a Weston A. Price Menu

Today I wanted to share with you an interesting comparison of a Nourishing Traditions/Weston A. Price menu (which will be served to the lucky dogs at the WAP conference in San Francisco this weekend), vs. a low fat menu served at another conference. (FIRST: if you’re looking for the info on FERMENTED VEGGIES, look down […]


Health & Nutrition Guest Interview: Lynn Cameron

I can’t wait for you to “meet” and learn from Lynn. I first connected with her through this informative site: WeWantOrganicFoods.com, where she is a contributing author. She’s full of knowledge about anything related to health & nutrition! (Note: if you are a beginner to eating healthier, don’t let the information here overwhelm you. Lynn […]