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How Do YOU Do the Post-Holiday Detox? (Hint: Mine Involves Bone Broth)

In many recipes you need REAL bone broth. And sometimes you need it on hand when it’s time for a detox…

How do YOU detox after the holidays?

As many of you know from Monday’s post, we’ve been back in our hometown all week for Kent’s Dad’s funeral. So we’ve had more than the normal amount of Christmas sweets, because along with all the goodies at both Grandma’s, we also had gads of wonderful people bringing delicious temptations to the family after Ron died. So what does that mean now that we’re home?

Time to detox!

One way we do that is to start thinking of ways to get more bone broth into our meals. Bone broth/stock is loaded with nutrients and just the nourishing food our family needs right now.

Here are just a few of the recipes that I use broth in:

I love to just drink it plain sometimes, too.

Whether it’s for detoxing and nourishment or just for great flavor in your recipes, bone broth is always nice to have on hand.

Bone broth / homemade stock is really easy to make! This is especially great for those who are on the GAPS Diet when you go through a LOT of broth, or maybe you have joint issues or digestive problems — those are just a few examples of someone who might need a lot of real stock on hand.

Or if you want to buy it, you can click here for that from a great source.

How do YOU detox after a week or more of too much junk?

Besides the bone broth, here are a few more things we do to detox:


  1. Thank you for your soup recipes! I make bone broth every week and my husband and I drink a cup every morning. It is wonderful and I love it but with the cold weather, soup would be lovely. And I know from past experience, soup tastes so much better when you use homemade broth as a base!

  2. I’m so excited to hear everyone’s detox methods. We just got home from over a week vacation and we are ready for some real food again! I am going to make a bone broth today! Also on my list is getting some epsom salt for baths, stocking up on real foods, and getting our first round of our winter CSA veggies today!

      • This is the first year we have done it. I think it is mostly hearty greens and some winter squashes, but it is great to have the greens for soups and smoothies! We got baby arugula, chard, some sort of other green I didn’t recognize, parsley, and a spaghetti squash this week. We were supposed to get kale as well, but it froze!

  3. My local farm sells chicken backs/necks, and feet, and I love to use those to make bone broth in my crock pot. I need to be more diligent about making it often though, I tend to make it about once a month, then we drink it all up within a week. This coming year I want to try to always have a crock pot going, and then freeze it so I always have a supply for soups and for drinking plain.

  4. I am new to this. What other foods should I focus on? Are there any specific no-nos for a detox (other than non-real food!). I am thinking specifically milk/dairy products (raw milk or homemade raw milk products in our case) and eggs (from local, pastured chickens). Thanks!

    • I will add a little more to the post above with more ideas, I was in a hurry when I got this post up!

      I’ll work on it right now…


      • Thanks! Good to know my eggs and milk are still okay. Made your French onion soup last night–fantastic! Leftovers were even better today for lunch.

  5. Hi Kelly, I think I am going to try and make a garlic butternat squash bisque. It is what I have on hand instead of sweet potatoes! It sounds good to me right now : )! Have a wonderful day and thank you for all of your hard work! We reap the benefits.

  6. Since we were planning on Christmas Day dinner at my mom’s and got snowed in, we ended up eating really healthy on Christmas Day from what we had on hand :). We had homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch and my version of hutspot (1/2 pound organic potatoes; 1/2 pound organic carrots; 1/2 lb grass-fed beef and I can’t remember what else I threw in the pot). Not your traditional Christmas meals! I also ended up sick the following day with a sinus/ear infection so I loaded up with bone broth and homemade lemon/ginger tea with a few drops of peppermint oil. So… I guess we were detoxing as we went along. I kept pushing the broth since they were eating junk and sweets and they never balked at it – I think they realize that they feel better with nourishment.

  7. No detoxing for me because I don’t really over indulge during the holidays, I sort of just eat as much as I normally do (which is A LOT)… Ah ha ha! I am a bit of an odd character, but it’s true. I typically eat a pound of salmon in a sitting, that’s not just a bi yearly thing, lol – Eating that much salmon as opposed to say, cake is FAR healthier! LOL! So again, no detoxing for me! But that doesn’t mean I won’t try out a few of these soups :)

  8. The bone broth is great for you and delicious to boot. It is filled with collagen and not only detoxes as you mentioned in this article, but is great for your skin and hair.

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