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Mandatory Vaccines for Healthcare Workers: How to Refuse Mandatory Vaccines and Not Get Fired

Mandatory Vaccines for Healthcare Workers… It’s so WRONG!

At our local Weston A. Price chapter meeting last week, a woman named Becky came up to reintroduce herself. A while back she told me that the hospital she works for was now making flu shots mandatory, and she didn’t know what to do. She wanted to let me know how that all turned out — you’ll be shocked!

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You’ll be amazed at how well written this letter is and how well thought out Becky’s arguments are.vaccine risks

And you may want to check out this DVD: Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices

Here’s Becky’s letter to the higher-ups at the hospital:

(Full name withheld), RN

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to formally defend my decision to decline the influenza vaccination. I have made this decision based on strong moral and ethical convictions that are supported by my religious beliefs, medical research and legal precedent.

Medical research indicates that the efficacy of the influenza vaccination is grossly exaggerated (1).

The British Medical Journal has questioned the validity of studies claiming efficacy and stated that “evidence from systemic reviews shows that inactivated vaccines have little or no effect on the effects measured.” (2)

Another journal has proven influenza vaccinations have not changed the amount of doctor visits or hospitalizations in children (3,4,5), and another shows that vaccinations have not impacted the mortality rate of the elderly population. (6,7)

There is also a lack of supporting evidence to show that vaccinating healthcare workers prevents influenza transmission. (8)

I believe that these vaccinations are providing a false sense of security and therefore putting our patients at risk.

An even greater risk exists for those that receive the vaccination. The CDC lists the following as being found in the influenza vaccination: Neomycin, Polymyxin B, formaldehyde or formalin, thimerosal, embryonated chicken eggs, egg albumin, gelatin, Gentamycin, Polyoxyethylene 9-10 Nonyl Phenol (Triton N-101, Octoxynol 9), chick kidney cells and Taurodeoxychoalate. (9)

Many of these are known carcinogens and detergents that have unknown effects on the human body. Chronic over exposure to antibiotics has also proven to be detrimental to overall health. (10)

Some of the potential side effects from the vaccination include anaphylaxis, allergic asthma, redness and discomfort at the injection site, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, vasculitis, body aches, paresthesia, neuopathy, seizure, facial palsy, facial paresis, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, headache, sore throat, muscle aches, cough, chills, fever, encephalitis and meningitis. (11)

Thimerosal has been shown to potentially increase the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, brain damage and nervous system injury. (12,13,14)

This is especially alarming to me as my grandfather passed away at the beginning of the year as a result of Alzheimer’s Disease. Package inserts also state that the vaccination/mist “has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or its potential to impair fertility.” This clearly states then that very little is known about the long-term health effects of receiving this vaccination. There is also no guarantee of protection from influenza or potential temporary or permanent injury or even death.

I believe that vaccination is an invasive medical procedure and based on the above, is an experimental procedure. While I support the hospital’s desire to maintain safety for both patients and staff, I cannot support the use of mandatory vaccinations to achieve this goal. The mandatory administration of this is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code which states in article 1 that consent should be voluntary and allow for “free power of choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.” Article 6 states, “the degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.” And article 9, “During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.” (15)

As a Christian I believe I am to treat my body with respect as it is a gift from God (see 2 Corinthians 7:1 and 1 Corinthians 6:19 and 20). I believe that destroying life and knowingly injecting myself with toxins is a contradiction to my beliefs and unacceptable. Health is of great importance to me and something that I do not take lightly. I choose to maintain my health by following The Weston A. Price Foundation’s recommendations on nutrition. 916)

I also adhere to regular exercise, proper vitamin D intake (17), adequate rest and stress management, and appropriate preventative health care. My desire is to continue to do the above and to partner with (hospital name withheld) in providing excellent patient care.


(Full name withheld), RN (See references below.)


Becky was able to keep her job and not get the flu vaccine, pretty impressive, huh?!

A note from from Becky to all of you, my readers:

I was originally supposed to go before a committee from the hospital and defend my position, but we were unable to find a time that worked for all of us. The way the mandate is presented to the employees makes it seem as though the only exemptions they allow are medically based, and that even those are rare exemptions. You can be sure they don’t like to heavily advertise the fact that you can stand up for yourself and not follow their mandates. So in the end I presented this to the HR representative from the committee, who then brought it back to the committee and then contacted me. The meeting I had with him went well because I had prepared this calmly and rationally the night before, so if anyone is asking advice on how to approach a situation like this (besides with lots of prayer), clearly stated knowledge is the best thing you can have. The other thing that I learned from this is not only to arm yourself with knowledge, but to be consistent. That’s what the committee was looking for; they wanted to know that I hadn’t just grabbed this off the internet because it sounded like it might work. I want to encourage people that read this letter to make it their own. Please, feel free to use the ideas and references, but make sure it means something to you and put it into your own words. The chance of success will be better if there is palpable passion behind the words. And truly, for me, I wanted to know I had given it my all, even if I did lose my job.

If you have any similar stories to share, please do in the comments!

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  1. Two words: BECKY ROCKS! No seriously, she does. I would know because she’s a dear friend of mine and she’s devoted herself to getting healthy personally, and now plans to help others do the same as a naturopath and chiropractic physician. She was able to claim this victory with her employer because she fought for her convictions. Well done, friend!

    • Hi everyone. I agree with all that this vaccine for flu and have to wear a mask is outrageous. I have been with interior health for 16 years. Out of those 16yrs i got the flu shot once and was sick. Never again. Now i have to wear the surgical masks in which i am allergic to the fibres. I get headaches and have to fight for air once i take it off. So now my option is dont work for the next 3mths or find another mask. I ended up going to emerg and talked to the dr how they are going overboard on these flu shots and mask wearing. I know 4 people who came to work sick and had their shots figuring that their ok because they have got their vaccine. Mean while their hackin and coughing around residents with no masks on while at work and were the ones wearing them when not sick. Doesnt make sense. Sick yes major outbreaks yes mask up. Our rights as humans on what we say or decisions with our bodies are swept under a rug and stepped on.

      • Blah, blah, blah, blah. We can write, complain and post all we want. Where is the action people? I’ll tell ya what. When the teachers in Wisconsin didn’t like what was going on in Madison, they rallied together and protested for days and weeks. When Senator Thiesfeldt and congress got together to discuss this mandatory flu shot, guess how many people actually showed up to listen …. less than 20. Unless healthcare workers actually take action, mandatory flu shots are here to stay whether they work or not!! Stop your belly-aching unless you’re actually going to DO something about it!

      • If the reason a person is wearing a mask is because they have qualifying religious objections to vaccines (doesn’t require church membership, doesn’t matter what church if you do belong to one), then a mask policy based on immunization status, as opposed to symptom status as recommended by the CDC, violates federal civil rights law. My most recent legal argument on this point resulted in a hospital changing their mask policy and apologizing to employees. I can’t say what any other hospital’s response may be, but I’m hoping this will fix some of these outrageously punitive and coercive mask policies.

        • Wow, I’ve heard of ambulance chasers, but vaccine chasers?! LOL, this is a new one for me! Telling health care workers and especially nurses that they either need to be vaccinated or wear a mask to stop the spread of airborne and droplet viruses, is not unreasonable. Nurses and doctors wear masks all the time: when performing procedures as invasive as surgery, to something as simple as a sterile dressing change. If you can’t perform your job according to the Nurse Practice Act in your state, then you need to find another job as you are incapable of performing your duties as a licensed/registered nurse. If the mask bothers you, find another one. If you’re supposedly breathing in fibers, buy masks from a reputable U.S. medical company because the one’s you’re using are clearly flawed and/or not properly constructed. If you refuse to wear a mask, what next, refusing to wash your hands on religious grounds?! Don’t disgrace the nursing profession like that.

  2. Congratulations Becky! Unfortunately in my neck of the woods, the outcome Becky had does not seem as likely. I work in a small hospital in Central IL, many of the major hospitals are firing employees (they have been notified) for failure to get vaccinated for influenza. At my hospital we had the option to present a medical or religious exemption and wear a mask if there was a flu outbreak. It sounds like next year I may not have that option. As it was presented to me I will have the choice to get the flu shot and contiue to work or not get the shot and lose my job. Unfortunately I don’t really have an option not to work and many hospitals are adding the flu shot into terms of employment with new hires. I would love to be able to stand up for what I believe in but it may not be possible, if I rock the boat, I may be targeted in another area and lose my job anyway.

    • Sarah, I am an RN in Central Illinois and face the exact same threats from Hopsital administration. So far, if I refuse the vaccination I must have physical exam and medical documentation stating the life-threatening contradiction. Then I must wear a mask at ALL TIMES when I am working, regardless of if I am symptomatic. I work in a newborn nursery and postpartum unit. New mothers are very suspicious of a worker in a mask and do not want me taking care of them or their babies. The hospital now says that the vaccination is mandatory NO MATTER WHAT! I feel so bullied. This is just creating a greater divide between the conventional medical community and the rest of us. This is exactly why my son hasn’t seen a doctor in 4 years because I always felt like I was being bullied and judged on my decisions. Sarah, just curious if we are near each other. Email me privately at

      • The mask policy is the same at the hospital my husband works at, and will be enforced next year. In my opinion, the whole mask thing is punitive, rather than a practical means to prevent flu, a version of a “dunce cap” meant to humiliate and make an example out of employees. That would seem to violate the Nuremberg Code as well. At the hospital my husband works at, the policy states that employees must have a written letter from their doctor stating why the flu vaccine is medically contra-indicated for them, or a letter from their pastor, explaining how receiving a flu vaccine is violating their religion. Ridiculous. We wonder, how is a person’s doctor or pastor more qualified than the individual him/herself, to make personal decisions for them? Becky’s letter inspires me, and makes me think that now is a good time to begin drafting our own letter, so that we are prepared in advance.

        • I put together a religious exemption to get my kids into public school. In Illinois, the religious exemption clearly states it does not have to be tied to the tenets of one’s church. I wonder what the law says in your state? If it is written the same way, your employer cannot enforce this policy.
          This is SO crazy.

        • i can’t recall ever in my life getting a flu vaccine nor do i recall there being a big fuss over it. i also don’t recall ever getting the flu growing up except a handful of times. so in my 9 years at the hospital where i work (at an off-site office now) i have never gotten the flu vaccine nor been hassled about it until this last winter. i was notified by our employee health rn that beginning next year i will have to wear a mask if i opt out for the vaccine.

          there is an outpatient clinic downstairs, but i am rarely down there. other than that, i have no direct contact with patients. i agree that the mask is more punitive than for preventive measures. i pray someone out there is brave enough to start this movement and reclaim our rights over our bodies WITHOUT APOLOGY!!!

          thanks for the post – this one’s a goodie

          • Does it say WHERE you have to wear the mask? My hospital is doing the same, but the new ‘policy’ states we have to be vaccinated by the ‘peak’ of flu season or wear a mask. Of course who knows when ‘peak’ is until AFTER flu season. DUH! And it did NOT specify WHERE I needed to wear the mask, so it will be on my ARM. TFB work! Next year you might rewrite the policy, but the ONLY time I have EVER had the flu in my 48 years was the ONE year I got the flu shot! pffft. Nuff said. RN who prefers taking the “natural” approach to health care!

            • I work in a small town in NY State. I’ve been opting out of the vaccine and explaining that I take plenty of vitamin D, which is 500 times more effective than the flu shot, and I haven’t been getting the flu either. This year, however, the NY State Dept of Health has mandated that all health facility staff must get the flu shot by Oct. 1st. If not, we must wear a procedural or surgical mask from that date until May 1st! That’s more than half the year. And the hospital must maintain records of who is vaccinated and who is not with proof that it was done per the NY State Dept of Health, who will be monitoring the whole fiasco. There goes more tax dollars. If I don’t wear my mask, I’ll be subject to termination, I’m sure. Meanwhile, patients who end up with the flu are not going to be required to wear a mask? Absolutely out of bounds regulations and ridiculous, so I’m in search of a new line of work. When something bad happens, I’m of the mindset that something much better is about to happen. Yay!

              • I’d also like to add that obviously the heads of the NY State Health Dept are not only ignorant, they are uneducated.

                • Re the mask requirement if no flu shot – If the rationale is that patients must be protected from any caregiver that has the flu, then ALL caregivers, whether they’ve had the flu shot or not, should be required to wear a mask, because the flu shot is only estimated to be about 60% effective and last year the CDC reported that it was only 9% effective in those over age 65. So, all those elderly hospital volunteers that have had their flu shots better be wearing masks, because the flu shot hardly protects them at all! Then, of course, there are all the other flu strains that circulate that the vaccine doesn’t impact, and all the flu like illnesses that go around.

                • Yeah, already seeing those who got the shot are getting sick. But we un-vaccinated ones are dangerous. sheesh. I only know of 3 of us that didn’t get it and I’m not sure of the reasons for the other 2. Still expecting something wonderful to happen from this! I’m now using ho oponopono for whatever is in me that has created this issue worldwide. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you. Every experience is another chance to better yourself, and in turn a chance to help the shift of consciousness.

              • It’s not about health, it’s about money, and probably at least one or two other non-monetary agendas. Multiple studies and mainstream sources say that flu shots don’t work–can lower resistance if you get them 2 years in a row, and cause 4x the rate of non-flu respiratory illness in children compare to non-vaxed children. But DHHS plans to vaccinate *all* employees, not just healthcare workers, so get clear about your rights now, because changing careers will probably buy some time, but nothing more, unless we become legislatively active and demand laws giving us the right to choose. In the meantime, learn about your right to refuse legally:

      • hospital policy or corperate policy is not law . they are trying to scare you with terminology . deplorable . tell em to suck an egg !!

    • i think you do have more hope then you think. I just went through this this year. I contacted Alan Phillips a lawyer I found on the net. All he does is vaccine law. Very good. Or contact the lawyers that are helping people for free like the one dicussed in the movie Gods not Dead. Look up bonus feathers and watch the real cases they have covered. Good luck.

    • The hospital does not get to decide whether or not you can refuse on religious grounds, that’s a right under federal law. See, follow the exemption links. Also, you don’t have to belong to any church, nor does it matter which one you belong to if you do. See this article on employee vaccine mandates by an attorney who is an expert in this area of law:

    • I agree. It’s an awful situation. I’m lost myself. It is a condition of employment anywhere where I live and if you don’t say yes you will never get a job. I want to cry. No one in the industry cares because you say no the next applicant will say yes and they don’t care.

  3. This is fantastic. Well done, Becky. As a mother who will shortly be faced with another set of “required” vaccines, this gives me hope!

    • I have ONE question… where the heck is the union on this issue? All of you nurses have to get together and put a stop to this. By now there are some solid stats on employee call ins due to illness. Join the already established groups and get busy!!!

      I’ve got to be honest here… I don’t take my children to places where there are vaccinated people. I’ve had enough, recovered one vaccine injured child with no help from the mainstream quackery. This has got to STOP. VOTE FOR LIBERTARIANS.

      • Not every facility has unions available for their staff. Good luck to the person who attempts to establish one when the administration gets wind of it. I don’t know of any employer in my general vicinity who has union representation for their nurses.

  4. Has anyone done the same type of letter to present to our Dr’s so the kids don’t have to listen to me and the Doc argue about vaccinations? I’d love to send the Dr. one like this. Blessings, G

    • I wonder if this will make a difference. Many doctors do not own their own practices. They are employees of a larger company. They need to meet certain job performance goals, just like most of us in our jobs. Vaccination rates are part of those goals. Some of this gets back to insurance companies and is used for determining whether the doctor should still be in-network.
      Even though there is discussion here about drug company profits, I think many people who set up these guidelines really think vaccines are the cure. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. (Most of the time I don’t understand that cliche, but it works in this case.)

    • I know this is a year and change late, but I saw nobody replied so I wanted to. I’m a college freshman in nursing with a religious exemption from immunizations, and I’m dealing with fighting mandatory vaccinations as well. Unless it is state law, or it is in that particular hospital/clinical policy where you are required to be vaccinated, there should be no arguments coming from your children’s doctor, because then that argument is based off their opinion. Furthermore, it is an opinion that isn’t truly based on safety and maintaining patient well-being, which is part of a doctor’s job description. Even if it is in policy, it can still be questioned, go in prayer, and just support your declination firmly as Becky did, using a breakdown of the horrible ingredients and scriptures from the Bible. You can find the ingredients of all vaccinations here:
      For most substances in the vaccination it should not be hard to explain why it should not be injected in the body. Also know that the first ingredient listed is normally the most prevalent ingredient in the vaccine, so if the first ingredient is formaldehyde, and the 9th ingredient is the viral strain, this should be seen as an obvious problem and a toxin instead of a “beneficial medical substance”. Believe it or not, many doctors and nurses who promote vaccinations are unaware of the severely harmful and inhumane ingredients in them, such as the use of formaldehyde in the Tdap shot and aborted human fetal cells (MRC-5) in the MMR vaccine. There are also numerous studies that reveal the inefficiency of vaccinations and supports the claim, voiced by the minority in this fight, that those who decline the vaccinations are not the catalyst for the spread of the viruses. The vaccinated beings are often the sicker beings. Hope this helps some.
      May the Lord Bless you and your family

      • My long comment was in response to Glenna, and I guess people did reply though, lol. I did not understand the format. But, everyone can use the information.

      • You’re potentially overlooking a serious point, that is, how does the law define religion? If you’re in a situation where the authorities involved have the authority to scrutinize your religious beliefs opposed to vaccines, and if they exercise that authority, concern about vaccine ingredients causing harm may be seen as a medical, and not a religious, concern; and once you put something out there, it’s very difficult to change it later. So, to have the best chance of success with a religious exemption, find out first what qualifies legally. Anti-vaccine sites and other well-meaning people have unintentionally caused some to lose exemption rights. The law is just more complicated than most people understand, and often not consistent with our common sense ideas about how to approach the matter. It’s a legal question, so seek out legal answers, and if necessary, legal advice. Alan Phillips, JD,

        • Okay, and thank you for the information you’ve provided Mr. Phillips. As part of my argument with specific administrators in my college, I intended to use the unethical ingredients, such as the use of aborted human fetal cells as the reason why I cannot take the vaccine. It is part of my beliefs to not be in support of abortion and by taking a vaccine containing remnants of an aborted fetus, to “protect” myself, would be the same as saying that I support it. The harmful ingredients would just be used in the argument-if I had to- as a point for my opponent to possibly reevaluate their stance, or at least give a moment to think about what they’re going to say next, instead of just trying to force their agenda on me. If they cannot provide a sturdy rebuttal then their argument will not stand. Most people that I run into don’t know the ingredients in vaccines, so when I tell them, even if they initially supported vaccination without question, they end up beginning the reevaluation process, right in front of me. There is no law in my state that requires me to receive the vaccinations that I was told to get. As far as hospital policies go, there are a few hospitals that are partnered with my school that I may be able to work out an agreement with if I can explain myself correctly. From speaking with the nursing administrators in my particular college (I attend a university), I’ve found that they have no problem with my stance, and are in fact trying to help me find my way through this; it is the RN from the Health Services building that is giving me grief and barring me from selecting my next semester classes; he is creating the problem. If I have to, I may need an attorney, but so far, it seems that I can get through this without one. I just need to be more organized, do some more research, and utilize the support that I am receiving from the nursing administrators.

          • If you’re referring to vaccines required of nursing students (and med students, EMT students, etc.) for clinical rotations required in a college nursing program, no–there aren’t state laws requiring this, just as most healthcare worker influenza vaccines are required by the employer and not by the state (but increasingly, states are passing laws requiring vaccination of healthcare workers). For that same reason, though, there are no applicable state exemption laws, either–the vaccines are required by the clinical sites, and not the school or state. The mistake many make is that they think these requirements can be addressed by the science–that all we have to do is bring to their attention the “flaws” in their thinking, and they will see the error in their ways and remove the policy. But it doesn’t work like that, because this isn’t about health (though they surely package it and pretend like it is), it’s about money–Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements for hospitals, and probably separate kickbacks and bonuses in many instances. So, it’s virtually impossible to address this successfully on that level. I know of many who have tried and failed. Worse, when you address it on that level with hospital administrators, you potentially undermine your prospects for a successful legal exemption, which for most is under federal civil rights law due to religious objections. So, the moral here is that if you see the serious medical flaws, take those concerns to your **state legislators**, and not school or hospital administrators (who can’t do anything about it even in the unlikely event that any of the actually agree with you); and find out about your rights before you put out anything to school or hospital administrators, because once you put something out there, you can’t retract it and fix it if it needs correcting; and in my experience, the vast majority of people who approach this on their own without first learning about their rights do fall into one or more legal “pitfalls” because the way the law works in this area is not consistent with most people’s common sense approach. As to religious exemptions, what qualifies is a complicated arena, but for starters, it doesn’t require membership in any organized religion and doesn’t matter which one you belong to if you do belong to one, there’s even a narrow category of beliefs you could hold as a atheist that are protected by law. But as to specific beliefs, there are many pitfalls to avoid, so again, best to get help with that anytime you’re in a situation where you have to state your beliefs and the people on the other side have authority to scrutinize your beliefs. The issue is further complicated by most hospitals adopting polices that violate federal law–they tend to be unlawfully restrictive (so even if you do everything right, you end up getting rejected). Another reason to work with an attorney *before* you put anything out there.

  5. THANK YOU for posting this. I am an RN and thankfully the position I have is outside of the hospital setting and therefore does not REQUIRE a flu vaccine (in fact, many of the nurses in the office I work in never get the flu vaccine for a lot of the above reasons that Becky mentioned). I hope this will begin to set a precedence and give others the tools they need to stand up for their rights!

    • Melissa, I am a nursing student and this is all very scary, sounds like Nazi Germany. What type of job enables you to not have to get vaccinated against your will.

      • AND, guess what? The great, Christian organization I work for once a week as a nurse (in an office position, no patient contact), just forewarned all of us that they will soon be requiring that ALL employees get the flu shot. I am thankful, Kelly, that you posted these resources which will be a great assistance to me as I politely refuse this…..I’ll keep you posted on the outcome, which unfortunately could be NO JOB for me (which ultimately makes me sad, since I love my job!)

  6. This is excellent, and a great encouragement to me, as my husband will be facing this issue head on next year with his job (in a hospital). Becky, you’re an inspiration, and I hope and pray that others will follow your proactive example, rather than bowing down to intimidation and threats and violating their own conscience.

  7. This is part of a concerted effort to take away individual choice where it conflicts with the profits of the big drug companies. In addition to filling the body with deadly toxins, flu shots do nothing but spread the flu and provide profits for Big Pharma.

    I remember when New York State mandated flu shots for all health care workers, the workers organized, and fought back, publicizing the dangers of the flu shots and the attack on their freedom of choice. The state backed off. Interestingly enough, the publicity this conflict caused convinced many New Yorkers not to get the flu shot, with vaccination rates in New York city being down to thirty percent. The rate of flu cases in New York City was very low that year. What a coincidence.

    Becky, your wisdom and courage is inspiring !

  8. wow!! awesome.. my wife is in the med field.. were planning our attack for when this hits her employer..awesome work becky!!

    -jason and lisa-

  9. One of the problems I face is the retaliation, if I rock the boat, I will guarantee I will be weeded out some other way even if I can overthrow the mandatory vaccination. Right or wrong, it happens, and I’m not in postition to jepardize my job. Also, I’m not sure that there is a law protecting us in IL from vaccinations…because they are in fact giving us a choice….choose vaccine retain job, I can refuse but it will also terminate my terms of employment.

    • @ Sarah: Hey, you were looking for a job when you found the one you’ve got, right? ! Well, there are all kinds of things a nurse can do besides work in a hospital. I imagine each individual State has their own policies, but nurses can always find self-employment opportunities. For instance, I provide infant day care. A couple of the babies I watch have neurological issues. One of them was a year old in mid-Fed (2012) and doesn’t yet hold his head up or even attempt to play with toys. I’ve repeatedly mentioned this fact to the Mom since the baby was about 6 months old and showed no signs of rolling over or wanting to crawl after a toy, etc. This baby is obviously not getting any respect from the pediatrician (who has said nothing to the Mom about being concerned with the child’s lack of motor skills) so I advised her to look around for a nurse or retired nurse who could also serve as a day care provider whilst working with the child on physical therapy type issues or whatever. March 2 is his last day here.

      And then there’s the other end of the spectrum. When my Mother was still living, I had a heckuva time trying to find someone to help me with some of her basic daily needs. She was in assisted living but I needed someone to check her BP every morning, make sure she took her 2 meds and a few supplements, and weigh her. Assisted living provided none of those “extras”. I run my own business and could not be there on weekday mornings, but I handled the weekends or holidays.

      So, there are other options, you just need to find / create them. Tell the hospitals to kiss off. When they start losing all their personnel, it might start opening a few eyeballs.

      • D…. your ideas sound great, if I lived in an a city they would probably be very realistic. But….I have no desire to be self-employed (grew up in family owned business). My town is less than 4K people….not a whole lot of oppourtunities for what you write about. I finally have a job close to home (used to travel 60 miles to work 1 way).

        • Oh hey, my SIL is a newly retired RN and they live in a town of about 850 people. She has no problem staying busy and well paid. Lots of the older folks there have children who don’t live in the area who are more than willing to pay someone to help keep a watchful eye on their parents health and safety. When she was planning her retirement she had no idea she’d find a niche market, which actually sorta happened by accident.

          My brother is a veterinarian who has been trying to retire for a decade already, but the area ranchers are so dependent on him he just can’t. And he has never learned to say no to them. He was looking forward to my SIL retiring so she could help him! She fooled him though!

  10. I’m so glad your protest worked! Hopefully it will give many others the courage to do the same thing and word will get around how unsafe flu vaccines are. Kudos on a job well done!

  11. I think another question for people to ask their employers is whether they are willing to accept liability for mandating a vaccine. If they are forcing people to get it, they are responsible for the short-term and long-term effects that may result. Seems to me like they are asking for lawsuits. If they won’t listen to people’s basic rights, maybe they will listen to a bottom-line argument.

    • The pharma companies, hospitals, doctors, clinics, ER’s, etc., HAVE NO LIABILITY. They were recently exempted from any form of liability in regard to any “effects” which might result from vaccinations or any other drug. It’s not easy to find the truth about this information, but it’s out there.

      Here’s a quote from an article I found from Feb 2011: “The law says in part that no vaccine manufacturer shall be held liable for a vaccine-related injury or death “if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.”

      Products liability law establishes three grounds for potential liability – if there is a defect in the manufacture, if there were inadequate warnings, or if there is a defective design.”

      Taken from this link:

      The trouble with that last sentence is that they’re ALL defective by design!

      • I know the pharma companies are not held liable, but I’m not sure this would translate to an employer that forces people to be vaccinated. With pharma companies or doctors providing vaccines, there is still the assumption of informed consent.

        • Amy, the way I understand it is the employer is not held liable because they are infact giving employees a choice. It kind of reminds me of a forced consent….they’re not going to hold you down and give you the shot, they’re making an offer (keeping your job) many can’t refuse. Ultimately though it is still a choice….by choosing to work for the company you will get vaccinated.

          • I may be wrong here, but what do you think “mandatory” means? Mandatory means you take the shot or you don’t have a job, not you have a lesser job, right?

            In this case it means they give you a choice but they give you no choice? I mean, really – it’s take the shot or lose the job you HAD. That’s not really a choice. They are not, in fact, giving you a choice. Even if they agree to move you to a “different” job, you can bet it will be a crap job – so you’ll be employed but you’ll probably have to take a cut in pay and whatever else just to keep any job. Yeah, that’s really not a choice. The hospital knows it, the drug manufacturer knows it, and the court system knows it. They put a lot of time and effort into figuring out how to play the system.

            If they were giving you a choice to take the shot or NOT (and it doesn’t affect your job) that’s a true choice. But I suppose they are getting away with this, legally, because the court system already knows how to play that game, too.

            • I still think there’s room for a lawsuit in this. After all, they cannot “prove” that the flu shot is necessary to do your job properly so it shouldn’t stand up in court if a really good lawyer took the case (and the judges aren’t fixed, etc, etc.)

              • It is not that the flu shot is necessary for us to do our job. They say it is for the protection of their patients, that we do not spread the virus to them.

                • Right, I get that, I just thought that in order to force something as a condition of employment you had to show that it was necessary to do the job (i.e., justifying not hiring someone with disabilities for a job requiring heavy lifting). Not sure of what loopholes may exist, though. But it’s pretty easy to dispute the proof that patients need this to be protected, if you had a good lawyer. Even the threat of a lawsuit might make an employer back down. I once had a job in HR, and the company would go to great lengths to shut down any possibility of a lawsuit. I would think unions would be helpful here, too.

                  • And in that respect, one should have the right to at least refuse the shot and wear the mask. Above someone was saying they don’t even get THAT choice anymore.

                  • most states have at will employment. Which means the employer can let employess go for any/no reason. Unions would be helpful in the case of force vaccination. I unfortunately became a flu shot expert when I almost died from the shot I received in Oct 2005.

    • Amy,

      Vaccines are not mandated at my hospital (yet) but a co-worker had a reaction to a TDaP (the new tetnus, diptheria whooping cough vaccine for adults). She was at work, reacted and was sent ot the ER. The hospital would not pay for her ER visit because when she signed consent for the va cine, she also was signing a release of of liability for any adverse reactions.

      Employee Health at my hospital also gave a different co-worker the Flu vaccine instead of the TB skin test (a med error). They were not in any way liable/responsible either. So far, other than a localized reaction, there was no adverse response. I would have beeen livid–since the staff nurses are constantly preached to about avoiding med errors and are continually given new procedures to use to minimize them.

      When I go for my TB test now, I ask to see the bottle and watch them draw it up.

      J inVA

  12. Fantastic post, thanks to becky and kelly. I have come across a similar letter for parents refusing their child’s vaccine…cant remember where…basically the letter says that the dr. Is responsible for any and all adverse reactions….the parent brought the letter to the doctor and as of course the dr. Would not sign the parent would not vax….sorrythis is vague, if i find the details i will repost

  13. (Continued from above…) “Not sure if I should stay and fight and lose my pension or resign before it hits next year. I want to stay and fight, but I have an adopted daughter I am rasing and need to think about her. I hear that no one is hiring people 50 years and older. Ignorantly, I took the flu shot one time in 22 years. I was sick for 2 months. Headache, nasusea, everyday. That’s when I started to investigate what was in the shots. When I found out, I asked my Father in heaven to forgive me for putting such toxic chemicals in my body. I haven’t taken any shots again. When H1N1 was mass produced I read that aborted fetal cells were used to put this serum together. I need guidance and prayers if anyone can assist me in that way!

  14. That’s a really interesting idea, Kelly! She obviously should never get another flu shot again–with the severe reaction she had in the past, who knows what it might do next. I would think it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a Dr. who would write out an exemption recommendation (or whatever it’s called) for her, and surely her employers couldn’t argue with that! My husband will be facing this issue next year and he too has had only one flu shot in his life, which resulted in the worst flu he’s ever had. For that reason, and many others (not the least of which is the amount of horrendous toxins in the vaccine) he refuses to ever have another one. Of course the policy at his workplace is that it’s either a flu shot or having to wear a mask, which of course looks unprofessional, and is surely meant as a punitive measure (dunce cap) to humiliate an employee into getting the shot. I don’t think he’d wear a mask for months either, so we’ll see what happens!

    • Why would it be “unprofessional” for your DH to wear a face mask? I wear one every single day, almost all day long and no one has ever said anything humiliating to me. If it was a choice between wearing a mask and shooting toxins into my body, it wouldn’t even require any thought. And so what if it’s meant as a “punitive measure”? He’s protecting himself – and he can laugh all the way home every night!

      Sometimes no matter what you do you’re going to get the flu. It’s a fact of life. I haven’t had it in years, but if I ever get it I think of it as nature’s way of recharging my immune system. Not a bad trade-off, really.

      • Maybe unprofessional was the wrong word…out of place for his area of work is more like it. He spends part of his day in management, and the other part treating patients–he’s both a therapist and department manager, and spends a portion of his day in meetings with administration, doctors, therapists, and others as well. Unless a therapist is treating a patient who is in a special circumstance (where everyone who sees them must gown up), it would be pretty unusual. The management areas of the job involve a lot of relational/communication aspects and having his face covered every day, all day, for the entire flu season would certainly be unnatural and could be very awkward at times.

        I agree that no matter what we do, we can get the flu–I always think that touching grocery carts, or the payment machines at the checkout at the grocery store are probably more common culprits, not walking past people in hospitals.

        • The rule at my workplace is that you must wear a mask if you are within 3 feet of a patient. So perhaps it might not involve wearing one all day? I know institutions vary widely on their policies; I read a lot of them while researching, and there are some out there that state you have to wear a mask at all times for the flu season. Just an interesting thought on transmission of the flu…I’ve read that there are some studies out there that suggest the ear canal is the entry point for influenza and colds into the body. So maybe our patients should be wearing ear muffs?? ;o) Kidding of course, but my point is, I’m not sure how effective or what the point of mask wearing all day is (unless you truly are ill, but then I would hope you wouldn’t be at work). I agree with you that it seems like a punitive measure to mandate mask wearing and would like to see studies that solidly support all of these institutions’ policies. Proper hygiene practices? Yes. Empowering your staff to be able to call in sick when they are ill? Yes please! In my perfect world, I would love to see staff and hospital management be able to interact as a team, where questioning attitudes are encouraged and the goal is the same for both parties– safe patient care and healthy staff members who are appreciated and valued. And to me, being appreciated and valued means not being punitive when a staff member has valid reason for not complying with a harmful mandate. So much of this falls back on education and being willing to look beyond the way it has always been done, in my opinion. The more we live out what we believe and encourage continued learning, the more people will hopefully see, question, understand and put into practice in their own lives.

          • So agreed! The earmuff thing is funny! Actually, it would be interesting to research and include THAT (or earplugs or something similar) in a letter explaining why you choose to opt out. Maybe even making a proposal for a more effective way of preventing transmission! Hilarious! As we understand it, the rule where he works would translate to wearing a mask at all times throughout the flu season, whether symptoms are present or not. If he wasn’t so busy with so many responsibilities with his job, and if he had a more defiant personality, the mask thing might even be a creative vehicle for protest. Unfortunately, the insane amount of work and long hours he puts in to get everything done doesn’t leave much time and energy for idealistic protests. The bummer is that with all of the federal cuts to healthcare reimbursement (medicare), healthcare is getting more and more difficult and even thankless in many ways to remain in (greater demands with less financial reward), and policies like these can be the tipping point for many healthcare workers to leave it all behind. I believe that these policies will do nothing but contribute to the healthcare crisis.

            • I understand exactly what you are saying. It’s sad how “traditional” healthcare is killing itself. That is, in part, what lead me to pursue integrated medicine. I can see how the current system is letting us all down and want to be a part of making a better way.
              I wish you and your husband the best when it comes time to make decisions for the next influenza season!

        • The problem with the mask is that it creates a barrier between me and my client. I have worn a mask for a few days when I have had a cold but doing it for 5 months isn’t going to work. If I am symptomatic, which I don’t ever remember being, I would call in sick and not work. I wash my hands so much during flew season they hurt. I’m not going to wear a mask for 5 months!

  15. Both my daughters work in hospitals…where my older daughter works, they forced her to get the flu and pneumonia vaccine or else she’d get fired. Where my younger daughter works, it was up to her if she wanted to get it. She opted to get it and wound up getting sick anyway. Last time I got the flu and pneumonia shot, I wound up in the hospital with pneumonia. I agree that she should contact a lawyer, but even if she wins her case, the hospital might retaliate and look for other ways to fire her.

  16. Thanks so much for this. Bookmarking under “Very Important Resources”. My husband is a resident in family medicine and is also “mandated” to get the vax. Last year he fought it — and it took hours and hours out of his already ridiculously busy schedule. This year, he caved (I was disappointed for sure, but I understood his reluctance to fight again). Within a month or two of the shot, he got a terribly bad flu. He otherwise doesn’t get sick. He hasn’t used sick days in all the time that I’ve known him EXCEPT seven years ago when (before we knew the truth about vaccines) his employers offered a free flu vax. That year too he suffered from a horrible flu. This junk clearly affects his immune system and he knows he will not cave again. Thanks for the helpful resource of your letter. It will also serve as our kids grow should we need to defend our right to refuse vaccinations.

    Many thanks to you both for sharing!

  17. I agree, Kelly. Michael Farris usually only works on parental rights cases, but it’s worth a try–at least he might be able to point her in the right direction.

  18. this kind of makes me laugh and not in a good way. My mother was a nurse and a midwife for 20 years in the UK and then in america and she only just recently got her FIRST tetnus shot. Vaccinations in hospitals were never manditory before.

  19. I am an RN in ICU in Metro-Detroit. I was given the option of getting the shot or not getting the job (I am doing agency right now, but at my former hospital same thing). I think it is ridiculous! THey also pressure us to pressure the flu and pneumonia vaccinations on our patients. I ask if they want it and if they refuse I just document refusal. I never give my opinion but I never encourage it either. I cannot get in trouble for doing what the patient wants!

  20. I had the. Flu shot about 13 years ago and got sosick thought I was going todie then read the letter and it has neomycin which is a. Sulfa drug I’m ALLERGIC my doc knew I was allergic to sulfa I’m not takingany more vaccines ever trying to convince my daughter not to let them vaccinate her children

  21. Bravo Becky!! You have set yourself apart by putting action behind your words. It takes great courage and conviction to stand up for right principals and you surely have both.
    May this letter be used by many as a template to stand against intimidating and misleading vaccine policies and demonstrate that there is a better way to maintain good health.

  22. I’m fighting the same battle now, but in regard to mandatory testing for TB with the Tubersol vaccine which contains potentially harmful additives of polysorbate 80 and phenol. I was told it is not an option, it is a requirement. They will not even consider any other form of testing. Tb is not a problem in this area, and I have not been exposed. Our entire dep’t is scheduled to be tested in April, 2012. We will see where this goes, when I refuse to sign the consent form. This may end up in court for coercion or unlawful termination…..

  23. Thank you for the great example of an objective letter of facts and reasons that could be used to present refusal of a “mandatory” vaccine at the place of employment. This has been a large topic of discussion at my chiropractic office. This is the first year that Great River Medical Center in West Burlington, Iowa is making the flu vaccine mandatory and a lot of employees are wanting to refuse but feel that their backs are up against the wall. If I worked there I would be fighting this with everything I have. I will share your letter of hope with the employees that have expressed concern. My sister worked at GRMC and jumped through the hoops every year with an religious exemption but the employees keep telling me this isn’t going to be allowed. I just don’t see how that is possible. Surely, this is absolutely wrong. I should have the right to refuse a possible harm to my body. Thank you for sharing.

  24. I will be facing this in the coming months. I was told by our employee health nurse last year when I decline the vaccination that if I decline again this year, I will HAVE to wear a mask. Thankfully I’m in a separate building from Administration, so their ability to enforce this will be limited. Imagine how I’ll sound answering the phone w/ a mask on. By this mentality, I should wear a mask every time one of my co-workers comes to work sick and sits and hacks and coughs at her desk for weeks on end b/c her OTC drugs and even z-packs from the doc don’t work. I am not a clinical person and I do not have contact w/ patients, so to me, this is a no-brainer.

    Our employer has recently issued a Health Assessment survey (elective) as a chance to enter to win cash and other prizes. No thank you! Just them being nosy and snooping into my business and, IMO, overextending their authority on my health.

      • Went and had my face-to-face w/ the employee health nurse this morning. This week they’re having the Employee Health Fair. I’m so mad about the mandatory flu shot, I’m not even going to have my blood read. I know this sounds foolish, but I’m not too eager to get in for my pap either. I may pay out the ear just to go to another facility for that.

        I was glad I didn’t have to defend myself, she just (gently and courteously) gave me the run-down on the policy and procedure. Unless I have an allergy or other condition which prevents me from having the shot, it will count as a warning which will go on my record and I MAY be ineligible for a raise next year. They’ve been pretty pitiful the last few years so I’m not too upset about that. I just got my whopper of a raise w/ my new job title, so as long as there aren’t any demerits involved, I’m content w/ my paycheck, thank you very much.

        So as soon as the local health dept. declares flu season, I will be donning my mask. This may actually work to my advantage to prevent ME from picking up my co-workers’ illnesses. Funny how a mask may actually be a better preventive measure than a shot!

        • “May be ineligible for a raise next year” – if they actually don’t give you a raise because of your decision, how is that NOT discrimination?!

          (I’m asking out of frustration, not because I expect you to have an answer to that, because no one does!)


          • You don’t know how badly I want to mouth-off in writing on my declination form, but I don’t want to raise any more flags and make things harder for myself. I wanted to write “I understand that the flu shot is not a guarantee that I will not contract and/or spread the virus to co-workers and patients. It is my understanding that my co-workers who come to work ill will not be required to wear a mask, will not be subject to a warning on their permanent record or be made ineligible for a merit increase in 2013 so long as they have a flu shot, however ineffective it is.”

            Before I sign my paper, I have to clear something with our employee health nurse. It states in bold letters that a co-worker who becomes ill will not be allowed to return to work without clearance from employee health. So what if she’s on vacation or out sick herself? Will I go without pay until it’s convenient for her to meet with me? What about my shot-taking co-workers who become ill? They don’t have to meet the same criteria?


            • I would write that, actually. You should protect yourself. Or provide some documentation on flue shot effectiveness (studies, etc.). It may actually be helpful to have those notes in your file if you ever have an issue later. Also, can you assert that this is religious discrimination, if you have a religious reason for declining the vaccine?

  25. We recently learned that Texas has been added to the list of states (California and Colorado being two others I am aware of) that now has a flu shot mandate for all health care workers. My husband has had one flu shot in his entire life, which resulted in the sickest week of his life for the week following. Also, his dad had Guillian-Barre syndrome a number of years back and was left with permanent neurological damage. Of all vaccine induced cases of Guillian-Barre, the flu shot is by far the most common trigger (about 2/3rds), and in case there is any chance of a genetic predisposition to Guillian Barre, my husband feels that he needs to take that last flu vaccine reaction as a warning to never repeat the mistake in case the next time could be far more serious.

    The hospital he works for does not allow for a philosophical exemption, and we’ve heard that getting a religious or medical exemption is extremely difficult. So, we may be faced with the possibility of having to move out of state in order to protect my husband’s health and follow our convictions (and have an income).

    It would be quite the upheaval to move our family right now–our daughter is in college and can’t afford to stay at her college at this point without living at home, our son is very plugged into his youth group and his martial arts group…

    I just wish that every health care worker who opposed this mandate would stick to their guns because if over half of the health care work force refused, they couldn’t fire THAT many people and keep functioning. The whole system would come to a screeching halt. And I wish that everyone else, even if they feel fine about getting the flu shot, would speak out against this and fight it on principle. It is just plain wrong and a blatant over reaching and abuse of authority to enforce this ridiculous rule. Even if the flu shot was safe (it is not) and effective (many studies prove it is not), the “greater good” is no longer “good” if it leaves countless people unemployed and persecuted for holding to their convictions.

    And it’s not like we’re talking about the bubonic plague here… (can you tell how much this is bothering me?)

    • Can you try a letter like the one above? Or maybe even get an attorney involved?!!!!

      Please keep us updated and good luck, I can’t believe we have to even worry about this. What’s even more shocking is the number of people who still dutifully go in for their annual flu shot. A good friend just yesterday said that she’s heading off next week with her toddler for their shots for no reason except their doc told them it was “time”…

  26. He learned that if he doesn’t have the shot, he will have the option of wearing a mask from the first day a flu case shows up at the hospital till the end of flu season in the spring, or of course being fired. So it could be any day now. He’s been a therapist for 19 years, but is currently looking for positions outside of direct healthcare. So sad too, because he has so many years of experience and is very skilled in his area of specialty (hand therapy).

    He will wear a mask only until he finds another job, which I hope very much will not require our family to uproot to another state.

    He had a conversation with a pharmacist at work the other day about this whole flu shot mess, and was encouraged to hear the pharmacist’s take on it, which is exactly the same as ours. He’s been a pharmacist for more years than my husband has been a therapist and he will also be refusing the shot and joining my husband in wearing a mask, and is equally furious about this whole thing. He told my husband that the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly stacked against the flu shot as being effective or safe and that the whole flu shot mandate thing is a scam intended only to make obscene amounts of money for the drug corporations–veiled as a health initiative. He also said that there is an agenda behind it that will not stop at the few states it has captured now, but will spread to all health care workers in the country, and probably expand to other fields as well. At that point he told us that he will retire. It was nice to hear someone whose entire career is centered on drugs who “gets it” too.

    I told my husband that for whatever amount of time he will have to wear a mask to wear it as a badge of honor and to know that it will give others courage to stand against the current as well. Plus, what a great conversation piece, right? When patients or their families ask, “Why are you wearing a mask”? He can answer, “I’m so glad you asked….” It can be a platform of education that might even save someone else’s life.

    Still, his job is extremely demanding and he works very long hours and conducts at least two meetings a day with his staff (is is the department manager as well as a treating clinician), so you can imagine how having to wear a mask will add difficulty to all of that. He is looking for jobs in the education administration sector now, at two different local colleges, both in health care departments. As far as we know, there is no flu shot mandate in that area, and if there is the state of Texas still allows philosophical exemption for students, so hopefully faculty can benefit from that as well.

    I’ve lost a lot of sleep and battled some anxiety over this, but I am a little more encouraged now than I was. The other day I flipped open my Bible (I’m not a Bible Bingo gal, really!) to Hebrews 7:18, which even though I know is about the contrast between the old and new covenants, really spoke to me about our current situation: “The former regulation is set aside because it was weak and useless (for the law made nothing perfect), and a better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God.”

    • I have an idea (unless this would get him fired): have him write in marker on the mask, “Ask me why the mask?”

      Then he’ll for sure be able to get conversations going!

      Be sure to take a picture of him in the mask, and then I could feature him in another post on the topic, because this is all SO WRONG.

      Hang in there, and hold on to that awesome Scripture verse.


  27. Thanks, Kelly! Love, love, love your idea. What a rip that would be! For real! I’ll ask him about getting a photo of him in the mask to send to you! And thanks for the encouragement!

  28. Thank you so much for your letter. I am using it as a starting point for my own letter of defense. I have added a few more references and change the wording to reflect my own life. You inspired me that I can stand up against the system!

  29. Had to share this excellent article from B.C., by a flu vaccine researcher with Cochrane Database. It is a bit lengthy, but an excellent, thorough look at flu vaccine effectiveness, risk, and specifically, effectiveness at preventing spread of flu with healthcare workers. It would be a good one to print and share with co-workers and employers!

  30. Off subject here, but strep’s going around and yesterday about noon I could feel it coming on and DH complained of the same thing. I lay down and rest after work and then got up and thumbed through my ‘Nutritional Healing’ book a friend gave me and luckily I had what I needed on hand (that NEVER happens). I took zinc, vitamin c and ecchinacea w/ goldenseal along with raw garlic spread on toast. Gave myself a bit of a belly ache, but I feel so much better today than I thought I would. Still congested, but not feeling like crap and throat doesn’t hurt so bad. DH on the other hand refuses any of these treatments and will likely opt. to the dr and whatever he prescribes. That man . . .!!!

  31. I work in a skilled nursing facility in the social service department. Like many of you I was just informed this week that I either get the vaccine or wear a mask. I love my job but I WILL NOT have this vaccine. I am in a position to put my job on the line and I will: not only for me but for all the health care workers that are working in fear. I’m in the process of putting my letter together and finding an attorney. You have all inspired me with your wisdom, your sacrifice and your courage…

    LuAnn Smith

    Isn’t it odd how quiet the ACLU is on all of this?

  32. getting ready to wear my mask of shame from Nov 1st to March 15th. I have religious exemptions for my children and I am preparing to have my counseling session with the higher ups where I work (hospital setting) I’ve been there for over 25 years, never had a flew shot. My mother in law on the other hand has been getting the flew shots for 25 years. Eats very natural and healthy. Unfortunately has dementia and I know it stems from the flu shots : (

  33. Wow, education, as in the way the Chinese government educated their citizens during the cultural revolution (brainwashing)? I think it could be a wonderful opportunity to educate them on the politics and science behind the flu shot push. I think you are the real counselor (educator)!

  34. Our CEO presented more tidbits to us today about the shot: many hospitals had implemented mandatory shots for the last few years, and although it isn’t required by Medicare facilities yet, we’re going ahead w/ the implementation of it in anticipation of the requirements for FY ’14. So I don’t know if it will be a condition of employment starting next summer, or the following summer.

    If employees are not compliant, Medicare will withhold reimbursement. Then she mentioned that at one facility they only had 9 people refuse and when they were informed of the consequences later succumb to this garbage policy.

    I literally feel sick. This is the best-paying place in our small town and my boss is flexible with my schedule which allows me to care for my children and volunteer at the church and school. I feel like I would be betraying my husband and family to take such a stand against this as to be faced with losing my job. I LIKE my job! Until things work out for DH and he finishes school in the next couple of years, I GOTTA walk the line with all of this (hoping at that point to stay home full time). Not to mention DH is getting ready to take a job with a 30% paycut so that he can get the experience he needs for the better paying job when he gets his degree.

    Jesus, mercy. We trust in your Divine Providence!

    • I feel your pain Leigh. I have gone around and around with it in my mind. I am in the fortunate position to leave but I don’t want to. I love my job! We get a new administrator at the end of this month and my hope is that he’ll be on board with letting me work without a mask. Otherwise, I’m hoping to get through until after Christmas (money comes in really handy about then) wearing a mask and then I will resign a job I love. It’s just insane! Good luck to you…


      You have to do what’s right for you and your family! I would do the same thing in your position…

    • Wow. This is just like how schools lose funding for not pushing “mandatory” vaccines, now hospitals are forced to play the game, too. Big Pharma is so smart!

      I’ve got another post coming out about this soon, it’s SO WRONG!!!!!!!


      • I guarantee you Kelly that the dots connect between this mandate, lobbyist and pharmaceutical companies. You would have to have a boat load of evidence to convince me otherwise. It makes me sick!

  35. I am a current RN working in Colorado (lucky me right?) and our skilled nursing facility just notified us by text (how professional) that we must comply with the flu shot by Oct 31 or have a “valid note”. I texted back and asked what constitutes a “valid note” and got no response. I have left messages with my DON the ADON and the head of HR. Crickets…not a return call, nothing. It is my right to privacy and right to informed consent to refuse an experimental procedure, which I believe the flu shot is. I will keep you posted on my struggle and I think we need a support group in Colorado, maybe a yahoo group devoted to protesting the flu shot. We are not organized and cannot fight without being organized!! Thank you for keeping this issue up front because the battle has just begun for many of us.

    • Barb,

      Here’s what I suggest:

      DON’T push them on what constitutes a “valid note” because then they’ll get more specific on you, just find a professional looking exemption form online or make one yourself, sign it, and turn it in to them.

      They probably haven’t replied to you because they don’t know themselves what a valid note IS. Just document *everything*, including the date you received the TEXT (that’s so odd), the dates and who you asked about what’s a valid note, the note you gave them and date, etc. etc.

      Good luck!


    • Hi Barb, I’m in Northern Colorado… where are you? The rumor at work this week is that those of us who do not get a flu shot will have to not only wear a mask but something will be put on our name badge to indicate we have not had the shot… How crazy is that?

      • LuAnn I’m in Colorado Springs. We are only allowed a medical exemption with an approved letter from Dr. stating a previous reaction! CRAZY! I’m trying to get a letter, here are my two angles….one: from my GP because I do have a very mild skin allergy to latex that I’ve developed over the years, but he isn’t too excited to go with that one from how he sounded yesterday. AND he is a huge proponent of the flu shot. Two: heavy metal accumulation. If I can get tested by a holistic doc and have heavy metals in my system then I shouldn’t get an annual shot full of mercury, another heavy metal. That angle is taking me a bit of time due to the fact that I don’t actually know a doc like that, and I’m looking for one. Those sorts of things take time! And I only have until Oct. 31. I work weekends and so I do escape the management who are, of course, so smug ordering us to do these things. I am looking into moving my career away from nursing (too bad I’ve done this for 26years now) and in to holistic health. I might be bullied into a flu shot this year, but I sure as hell won’t be bullied again. Healthcare will lose good nurses over this I think.

        • As I mentioned to an above poster, try the religious exemption route. At least with that, you could later charge them with religious discrimination. What are they doing about Christian Scientists?

        • Most DO’s can do heavy metal testing for you. Do the urine challenge it is the best indication of metal levels. I got mercury poisoning from a flu shot.

  36. I encourage everyone to take this frustration to the voting booth next month too. These enforcements by Medicare are all a part of Obamacare. There are many aspects of my job that have been and will be further affected by Obamacare. In order to pay for the “free” healthcare, they have to find reasons not to reimburse hospitals. This is only the beginning.

    I am in the same boat as all of you facing termination. I am working on drafting my own letter for religious exemption. I would love any and all links to research that may aid me in this. I am a new “convert” to whole-food living as of a few months ago and any resources for my defense are much appreciated. I have only EVER taken the shot twice in my life. We just never believed it was necessary. I only took it those 2 times in the past because of pressure in my job and by my docs.

    Write your congressmen too! We need to effect change.

  37. I am also from Colorado and wish there was an organization fighting for our rights to say NO. I am so sick with anger and frustration over this violation of my rights. I am an extremely healthy nurse who washes her hands, practices great hygiene, and would rather have the option of wearing a mask (if necessary as a compromise) than to inject toxins into my body. I can’t afford losing my job over this and feel like a sheep following the herd because I have NO CHOICE.
    In our hospital, the only valid note allowed is documented proof from a physician showing anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine, no other excuse is allowed. Religious exemption is not even glanced at. How is this fair and what is next to be forced upon us?
    I would love to be part of a lawsuit against this personal violation.

    • T, our employer is the same way, religious exemption is not an option, only the physician’s documented proof of reaction. I’m in the same boat as you, can’t afford to lose my job, but mad about the unfairness of this policy. You can bet if I got a lawyer and won, even if I was permitted to keep my job, they’d make me pay for it in other ways.

      The thing that ticks me off is how snarky our CEO was about it as if those of us refusing the shot were trying to ‘call her bluff’ and the threatening message she sent that those who’ve tried it before succumb to this idiocy when faced with the consequences.

      A nurse friend of mine has always been able to refuse the shot so long as she wore a mask, now even that is not an option. It’s my understanding the reason for this policy is that Medicare will withhold reimbursement from facilities whose employees do not comply. Whether or not this is true or it’s just being overstated to invoke fear, I’d like to see some research on this.

      I will remember you in my prayers.

  38. Girls that is exactly what I’m facing as well! I feel that I’m being forced to choose between my career and income and my principles!! Anyone want to start a yahoo group so we canmeet and discuss options?? I could set it up and it would be private and moderated. It looks like I have no choice, get a flu shot or face termination within the next two weeks! I’m so very, very mad at this blatant abuse of power. And you better believe I’m going to vote! And it sure isn’t for Obamacare. We have had three meetings recently about how we cannot sent pts. out to hospital twice within 30 days ( I work in a skilled nursing home, mostly rehab) but some of these chronic conditions need a re-hospitalization, we just don’t have the staff or equipment to handle acute care of CHF, COPD and pneumonia. I worked at the hospital until two years ago when I moved into the SNF over a flu shot mandate!! The writing is on the wall, comply or get out. My boss told me that I needed to comply or get out of health care and that I shouldn’t have gone into health care if I didn’t expect to comply with regulations! WHAT?? Talk about brainwashing….I’m a very health middle age woman, I run a small farm and offer raw milk shares. I am totally into my own health and that of my children and husband. I will continue to wash my hands, take my vit D, drink my milk from my own goats and grow my vegetables and I’ll put that against the flu shot any day of the week.

  39. I would be interested in a group. The problem I’m facing is a lot of people (nurses) in my area pissed off but feeling that they have no choice but to comply. Our families and our lives depend on our job and it’s not as if we could just quit and go to another hospital. Yes, the dreaded feeling of negative repercussion at rocking the boat is dense in the air. The higher-ups stress that this movement is “necessary and for the greater good” making those that oppose feel “evil and heartless” for not wanting to inject ourselves with foreign substances.
    Our hospital is also facing this horrendous Obamacare rule of not being able to re-admit patients within 30 days for the same admission diagnosis. Whoever is making these rules have no concept for chronic patients, esp CHF, COPD, etc.
    Barb- your life sounds fascinating. I own chickens and also live a very healthy nutritious and disease free life. There should be nothing wrong with individuals having a say in their own healthcare and not be made to feel ignorant or heartless for standing up to those pushing against our beliefs.

    I wish I had a lot of money so I could hire a lawyer, get a ton of signatures signed for a petition, and take this mandate to court! This is not right.

  40. I am being forced to get a flu shot also. Since I did not go when they were doing the Health Fair I now have to pay $22.00 for the shot or lose my job. This is getting worse all the time. I am being mandated and now because I did not go along I am being made to pay for something I don’t want. Unbelieveable. We do need an organized group so this can be challenged and settled finally. It is like the door opened slowly and the employers were asking us to do it, then we had to but could get exemptions, then no exemptions and now we have to pay if we don’t comply in a timely manner.

  41. The flu vac is now mandatory at all Department of Defense schools overseas for teachers AND kids!!!!!! I will NOT allow govt or big drug companies to on troll what goes I to my child. Thank you for posting this letter, it gives me the knowledge I need to sign that waiver and defend my rights. Not only as a parent, but as an American. While gay rights are being thrown across the media, why are we not seeing the fight against “mandatory” vaccines played out on tv and social media….MONEY! Because big pharm companies control our healthcare….it’s sick (literally). I hope everyone continues to fight for their rights. I will be opting out of the flu vaccine and the mengecoccial (sp?) vaccine for my child. I once served in the military and you would not believe what we were injected with. Now that I am a civilian, you better believe I will fight for myself and my childs protection. Unfortunately, my husband belongs to Uncle Sam, and there is no option for him. He gets sick every year from the flu mist vaccine. I look forward to following the post and I am wishing everyone else luck in their journey to health freedom!

  42. I work in NICU for 12 hour shifts. My hospital is now requiring we either take the flu shot (which I am highly allergic/anaphylaxis wise to) or to wear a mask when in patient care areas…again, I work in NICU, which is ALWAYS in patient care areas…to top this off, I have asthma. Wearing a mask for 12 hour shifts will have me using an emergency inhaler non-stop! I was told this was for JCAHO compliance, and JCAHO says it is NOT their rule, but a recommendation and that it is my hospital’s policy. Help!

    • Denise, rules for these things are hard. But you should qualify for a medical exemption. You will need a doctor to state you have had a reaction to the flu shot in the past.

  43. I, too, am at a hospital in Central IL. We have to get the shot or wear a mask (in all patient and visitor areas) or be fired. And in every hospital I’ve worked at, nurses are considered “at will” employees, which basically means they can be fired at any time for any reason – and that reason does not have to have anything to do with job performance. I don’t consider wearing a mask a valid alternative, especially for 12+ hours. Neither is getting fired. Therefore, my only option is to get a useless and potentially dangerous shot against my will.

    • While I am interested in changing policy and empowering people to stand up against these mandates, there are definitely situations where it may not be possible to fully take that stand. I think your next best option is to seek out a naturopath in your area that can help you make sure your constitution will be able to withstand the insult and help you balance your determinants of health before and after as a way of doing your best to minimize insult. I would seek out every other possible avenue first, but the bottom line is that you need to find a way for your health, happiness, and sanity to remain intact. And find a way that you are compromising the very least.
      Good luck!

  44. Congrats to Becky.

    Just remember- we have the right to refuse under the Patient’s Bill of Rights. Once we are offered a medical procedure (ie. vaccine) we legally have the right to refuse this under federal law.

    This will end up at the Supreme Court before it’s all said and done.

  45. You forgot to mention that the vaccine sheds, which means the flu virus will be coming out via your snot and saliva, and thus you will be giving the flu to your already sick patients.

    • I believe one of the references I used stated that. Thank you for mentioning it specifically; it’s an important point. I always found it ironic that after receiving the vaccine there’s quite a long period of time that you shed the virus and no one is required to wear a mask after being vaccinated! (I think the mask rule is a false sense of security anyway, but that’s a whole other point…) the other sad irony is the fact that we are caring for sick, sick patients and brand new babies in the hospital, which means immunocompromised patients are being exposed to this shed virus. The logic just isn’t there for me.

  46. I am submitting a application letter similar to this tomorrow to my Human Resource & Employee Health department. I will know in one week what decision was made. If denied, I will be suspended without pay on the 16th of November. I am told I will then have until December 1st to make my decision to “receive the flu vaccine or seek employment elsewhere”.

    *praying* !! :)

  47. I too am a nurse and our facility has put this idiotic policy into effect. I believe it’s time for all of us to get a petition started and take it to the top. This policy is UNETHICAL & UNNECESSARY! And we should all walk out together and leave the hosp. unstaffed until they give us back our RIGHTS! I take care of everyone that has received the Flu vaccine and is now sick! It’s all about Gov’t, drug companies and $2.8 bil. dollar profits, at our expense! And our next generation of kids, poor things, increased ADD, ADHD, Autism. Is it coming from the water? I think NOT! Read about the ingredients in vaccines and what it does to the myelin sheath of the nerves! And kids now get DOUBLE the shots that my kids had. Babies don’t need vaccines in the delivery room but they’re getting them! America WAKE UP!

  48. I find comfort in that I am not the only one with questions…

    21 years on the job in facilities… no patient contact and never had a flue shot.

    Director called me in today with a pen in his hand and a form in the other saying he understands I refused the mandatory vaccine and now must wear a mask at work… said it was a directive from county health department.

    I called the and left a message for the county’s public health officer and his assistant called me back and said the order does not apply to me and sent me an e-mail citing the section…

    Didn’t do any good because now the company line is it is company policy irregardless the reasoning given prior that it was a Health Department order.

    I was tempted to sign the declination under protest and duress subject to the attached letter from the county chief medical officer… was given till the end of the week to comply…

    21 years of exemplary service… hard decision for sure.

    Anyone know if termination for refusal bars unemployment?

  49. Wow, these stories are just SICKENING, what all of you are dealing with!!!

    Here’s what I think needs to happen:

    You all MUST start calling your attorneys and then the attorneys can figure out how to all band together on this. It must be done!!!

    Once you get someone super competent mobilized, they can come back here and give contact info to reach them about working together.

    And of course I’ll write more posts on it to get more people aware.

    What do you all think??????


  50. I spoke with a dear friend who is a healthcare attorney. He says legal action on this is a long-shot at best.

    Here in Texas we(RNs) are already required to have certain vaccinations (such as hepatitis) to even be considered for hire. I had that series (and all other vax) before I was crunchy… Except flu because that one has never made sense to me. Is this legally any different?

    • But that’s just one opinion, this is so wrong & worth all of you at least consulting with someone, see what they say, then let us know here.


  51. Fantastic post, Kelly! Thanks so much. I get so much agrument- even to child abuse – for my vaccine related decisions. Lots of good info in this.

    Way to GO, Becky!!!


  52. Check this out from Scott and White in Texas (and I work in research!):


    The consequences for non-compliance are serious. Anyone who fails to receive a shot by November 30 will be removed from work, suspended without pay, and issued a final written warning. They will not be allowed to work in any capacity until they have received their flu shot. If they don’t get a flu shot within 30 days, they will be subject to termination. Obviously, this would be extremely disruptive and disengaging for everyone affected, so we encourage you to follow up and make sure no one misses the deadline.

    • I really would not have believed this to be true had a not experienced it.

      Management called me today at home and said they will accept a declination… so taking a stand seems to have worked for now.

      I really don’t enjoy being the odd one out… on the other hand… don’t require me to do accept meds and not expect due diligence on my part…

      Years ago… I applied to Law School… the timing was not right financially for me… often wondered what if???

  53. I used this leter as a template and turned my letter in to employee health a couple of hours ago. I am hoping and praying it works, I am an X-ray tech and have worked at my hospital for 11 years. It stated out with us signing a form a couple of years ago that we declined, 3 years ago I had to attend a class where they tried to “talk us into” (or scare us) into getting the shot. Two years ago it became “mandatory”, and I had to get a note from my doctor stating I could not get the shot due to “medical reasons” (we are on the same page about the flu shot). This year they have gone one step further and there is a form that must be signed by a doctor stating specific medical history about WHY you can’t take the shot. It even says gastrointestinal upset is not a good enough reason (for an egg allergy). It’s all so ridiculous!!! I wore a mask the past 2 years when within 6 feet of a patient (which is all the time, because I work in an ER X-ray department). I have so many coworkers who are upset at the mandatory flu shot, but they gripe and get it and then gripe when they are sick all winter. Last year 4 people from my dept got the flu and were out of work for 1 week minimum. In fact, I was the only person in my whe dept, consisting of 42 employees, who did not call out sick a single day the entire winter. I have had 3 call out “sick days” in the 11.5 years I have been here and one of them was because I was in labor having a baby! I wish I could quit, but I carry the insurance for my 4 kids (it’s too expensive on my husbands work plan) and I work of shifts (evenings and weekends) to keep my kids out of daycare. There are no other jobs for X-ray techs in my area (all the hospitals are in the same network). I just hope they take this letter and let me keep my job, because I am NOT getting that shot!!!

    • Brooke, I’m expecting my 4th next summer and I too carry the ins. for our family. We just barely meet the criteria for a 40% discount on my ins. premium next year (a new perk). DH’s schedule has been flexible allowing him to stay home w/ the kids, but he’s starting a new job in a couple of weeks which changes all of that (paycut PLUS higher sitter fees – YIKES!). I have a friend at work who is expecting her 4th in May as well.

      We CANNOT afford for me to lose my job either. I just found out last week that I will be required to leave the premises to eat lunch b/c it means the removal of my mask which is a violation of the policy. Fine by me, I can’t tell you how many people sit at their desk for lunch – you need to physically get away from your desk and take a break everday, just not looking forward to the inclement weather.

      Adding you to my prayers.

  54. For the last 3 years, the hospital I work for has mandated that we get the flu and TB shots as a condition of employment as well. I work from home and have no patient contact of any kind. I also do not want to put something in my body that doctors don’t know what kind of damage it can do. The first year it wasn’t bad. The 2nd year, in it’s infinite wisdom, the hospital combined the seasonal flu with the H1N1. I was so sick that I missed 2 days of work and got written up for my trouble. If we don’t get the shots, we are put on “decision-making leave” until we either get the shot or lose our jobs. I have talked with my family doc who tried to get me a waiver. However I guess hospital bean-counters know better than a doctor. The hospital knows it has us over a barrel because it has thousands of resumes on file and will fire us without losing any sleep over it. I WILL lose sleep over it because I am the sole means of support for my family. There are no legal avenues available, so I am going to try sending a variation of this letter to our medical staff office and see what happens.

  55. Hey everyone, get this: I’m getting ready to head home from the Weston Price conference in CA, but while I was here, I snagged an interview with the filmmaker of The Greater Good (about vaccine dangers) and was able to ask her advice for all of you. Watch for that soon!


    • Great job Amanda!!!

      After reading the story, it sounds like they’re still making you wear a mask, though?

      One obstacle down, thankfully you can keep your job!

    • Praise God! That is HUGE, Amanda!!!! How encouraging to hear! Way to go, being the catalyst for good! Who knows how many you may have even protected from serious injury, and certainly from human rights violations! Woo Hoo!

    • Congrats Amanda!

      I am submitting my exemption letter this week. I am a speech and language pathologist and work at a hospital in Southern Michigan. They are enforcing the flu vaccine mandate this year. I would love to see your letter and references to the Civil Rights Act and the constitution if you have time to post it. Thanks!

  56. It worked, it worked!!!!!! I was given “approval” and now just have to wait until flu season starts to get my mask ready :/ Good thin about my hospital, is that I only have to wear a mask IF the hospital is hit real hard with the flu and I’m within six feet of a patient. So when I’m in my dept not doing a patient or walking around the halls or in the cafeteria, I don’t have to wear the mask. Of course that was last years rule, so this year might be a different story! At this point I am just so happy the letter worked! Thank you soooooooo much for writing this letter and letting others “make it their own”, I don’t know how I would have pulled this off without it!!

  57. Here is the letter I submitted (with fictitious names to protect privacy):

    To whom this may concern,

    As a Christian and believer in the entire Holy Bible being the inerrant Word of God for my life, I cannot be involuntarily subjected to the flu vaccine. According to I Corinthians 3:16 and Leviticus 11:44, my body is “the temple of God” and “should be kept clean in order to be holy.” For me, being injected with a virus, live or inactivated, is not being kept clean. However, according to secular standards, it is becoming the norm. As a Christ follower, I realize that I am not going to always be “the norm”. The Bible teaches that when man’s law contradicts God’s law, His people must always obey God over man (Acts 5:29). Just as I am able to make a choice not to take over-the-counter or prescription medications or to consume processed foods at home, I must be afforded that same choice. If not, to threaten my continued employment over such a matter is a direct breach of my civil rights, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act:

    “It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.” SEC. 2000e-2. [Section 703]

    As you can gather, what I put in my body is very important to God and to me. I remain very careful about what I put in my body: adhering whenever possible to home grown foods and clean water, participating in fasts and cleanses as spiritual acts of worship. Consequently, I have never been subject to the influenza virus in my six years at Centra. To threaten my employment is unconstitutional and I formally demand alternative means to be taken.

    It is simply my desire to continue serving THE COMPANY at DRAMA GALORE HOSPITAL, as I have been for the last six years, without further reprimand or repercussion over this issue now, or in the future. I only wish to further provide the critical care that is so needed on MY UNIT, where I was recently promoted to RN III, Chosen for the national Ad Campaign for THE COMPANY and pictured in a news segment regarding a special patient outcome here at THE COMPANY. My desire is to carry out my nursing duties without being inappropriately viewed as an outcast for choosing not to participate in unwanted vaccinations. I formally submit this application and ask that my religious, constitutional and legal rights be honored. Please advise me, at your earliest convenience, that this will not be a matter which unlawfully jeopardizes my continued employment. Thank you for your time.


  58. I am a research dr. in the field of Vibration Medicine and a consultant which requires me to work in various hospitals. Many people forget just how many medical conditions can be a way out of required vaccinations. If you have ANY history of various allergies or autoimmune diseases (incl. Crohn’s, ulc. colitis, arthritis, etc.), even to a mild degree, it may well be possible to have an understanding primary care physician (a holistic one, hopefully) write a letter detailing how a vax is contraindicated in your case. Some hospitals just need medical documentation on file (it is always ultimately about CYA’ing), so this is worth a first try. One can also offer to sign a “release” of sorts, which sometimes satisfies the Legal Dept. In my experience, it is well worth trying these approaches, letters, etc., because too many employees just assume “they’ll never make an exception.” That is definitely not true.

  59. About 10 years ago in the Seattle area a local hospital tried to push the mandatory flu vaccines and were challenged in courts by the unions. Health care workers rights to refuse was upheld. Each year my hospital presents the vaccines more and more like they are mandatory without actually enforcing it. I had to ask for the declination form this year as it was not readily available where it has been in the past with the policy and procedure. I was allowed to decline but anticipate at some point I will use Becky’s letter.

  60. Well done! Becky followed a legal strategy everyone, everyone should become aware about and practice whenever and every time they are threatened to do something against them.

    It is called a “default process”. It is simple, and as you can see, efficient. Why? Simple, it is based on common law and sometimes on statutory law (wherever and whenever the common law of England is in effect in that state).

    Serve the paperwork with your human resources person giving them 10 days to answer or rebut. After the 10 days, if they do not rebut the affidavit or paperwork, they have lost.

    In the eyes of the court they would have acquiesce to what you stated in your paperwork…period…they have contracted with you…and we should all know, the contract makes the law!

  61. I completely understand where you are all coming from. I refuse the flu-shot now (I don’t work in Healthcare), but if I had to choose between losing my job or just ‘playing along’, I’d probably choose playing along. There are many ways we already play along with the Luciferian system in place including being exposed to every other slow kill method put in place. Being a true believing Christian myself, continue to look forward to my new body and have less regard for my current one.
    Although there is the possibility that the ‘shots’ are even more sinister than even a well informed individual isn’t even aware of. The dumbing down of society already has chemical methods behind it, perhaps the shots take it to a new level. Why else go though so much effort to force them on people? Just for profit and even control don’t seem quite good enough reasons alone.

    At some point in time all those still alive at the time will have to choose between who their allegiance is to via a mark. Maybe a little chemical persuasion will be needed. Remember, even the elect (believers) would fall for the great deception if it were possible. It’s not possible because despite any chemical influence, having the spirit of God inside of you will easily trump it.

  62. Thank you soo much for this. It is helpful to know that I am not alone in my struggle. I will use this information and hopefuly come out unscathed.

  63. I just found out from our most recently hired employee that even though she has an egg allergy, she was required to get the flu shot. She had reached out to her childhood allergist for records, but since she couldn’t provide them timely, she had to get the shot so she could start working. She had to take it in 2 doses, heavily medicated on Benadryl and passed out once.

    Both my friend and my director had a reaction where the shot site turned bright red and was very sore. I’m sure this is among the ‘acceptable’ side effects, but ANY side effect to me is grounds for future refusal.

    I just got mad all over again.

  64. Oh, Leigh, that is so outrageous! Her employer was literally willing to risk her LIFE just to have a high rate of compliance! It is completely unthinkable, how far institutions are willing to go! And for what? The vaccine barely works if at all! I am fired up right with you!

  65. I had to go over to HR to sign my written warning for not taking the shot, and not having had a written warning before in 10 years, I was curious how many written warnings I can accrue before they terminate me. I couldn’t find our employee handbook online, but I did see that new hires starting work during the flu season are required to have the flu shot as conditions of their employment. It makes me wonder if I’m just being ‘grandfathered’ in and next year is the final straw.

    The HR rep asked me (very politely) if I might change my mind next year. I just shrugged and said I don’t know, we’ll have to see. Like I’m going to talk to HER about it!

  66. All of this drama over flu shots completely ignores that actual issue at hand. Employees that spread flu to their patients or one another, costing hospitals millions in staffing and risking patient lives. The vaccine at only 60% efficacy is a poor solution to this problem. A much less invasive solution is available. Optional vaccination and termination of any employee found to be endangering patients while working with the flu.

    The problem is that many won’t like that rule either. They want to save their PTO for vacations and work sick. 😛

  67. Or they have administrators that demand we come in sick…

    We have to use 3 PTO days before sick time kicks in and then only with a physician note.

    We have several that have been sick for weeks… in and out of work and they sound terrible… everyone that has been out sick also had the vaccine…

    So far the 4 people that refused have remained healthy and we are being watched…

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence…

    One of the nurses has had perfect attendance over 19 years… no one can ever recall her being sick… must be superior genes or hygiene… she is one of the 4 that refused…

    My body me rules…

  68. Thank you Becky for the excellent post. You have done an excellent service to humanity. I appreciate the info here and I just got it out to several others. In 2009 during the Swine Flu Scare my employer attempted to introduce mandatory vaccination into our contract. Now with the coming squeeze with the JAACHO standards and Obamacare the Vaccine pushers will not back down unless we stand up. As a Gulf War Veteran I am acutely aware of of the damages vaccines can do. If anyone is interested in the story of the Anthrax vaccine I would like to recommend the book “Vaccine A.” Meryl Nass has done some excellent research as well. Although our military may find it more difficult to get exemptions. They do NOT have to submit to any Non FDA approved vaccine. As nurses and health care providers I would like to remind others that we also have a duty to truly make sure the patients we are giving these vaccines to have true informed consent. I do encourage everyone to see the movie “The Greater Good,” also. For serious researchers and others that want to learn more I would also recommend, “Lethal Injection, The Story of Vaccination.” Please let me share some research links I have compiled over the past few years. Just click on the above name, (Tyranny) Thanks! Stand Up For Liberty!

  69. I’m a vaccine rights attorney, I worked with 150 healthcare workers in 26 states this past fall and early winter and learned a lot about this problem. Many times, what works one time later doesn’t work, as hospitals are becoming increasingly sophisticated about their understanding of the law. Above all, I’m for whatever works–I went back to school after 17 years and picked law school because of my concern about vaccines. A complete explanation of the law and how to write a religious exemption letter takes a couple of hours (which is why I do consultations), but there are risk factors one can avoid, things that don’t necessarily get you rejected, but that can if the employer knows the law–and I’m seeing employers do that over time. For example, if you copy a letter from someone else, federal legal precedent says you can be rejected as “insincere.” So, you give yourself a better chance of success if you don’t copy anyone else. Also, this is not a good place to address the medical controversy. Employers will disagree, and scientific discussion and disqualify you for a religious exemption. Finally, it’s important to understand that this is not about state law–state exemptions apply to students, not employees (with rare exceptions). This issue concerns federal civil rights (w/re to religious objections), not state law. There are legal pitfalls to avoid that most people wander into when they approach this on their own. One hospital system had over 1,000 exemption requests and allowed only 4. Hospitals are making up their own criteria that violate federal law most of the time in my experience. So, it’s a difficult arena. Good luck, and all are welcome to email questions to me about this.

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks so much for weighing in on this, “our side” needs more people like you to help us fight back! Too bad someone with deep pockets doesn’t hire someone like you to take this issue ON.

      “One hospital had 1000 exemption requests and allowed only 4.” THIS IS SO WRONG!


  70. Excellent letter. I am FORCED to get the flu shot where I work or be fired. This has been mandatory for two years now. Many of my co-workers, who at first were so against this, have become accepting to “what is.” I, however, remain strongly against it. I continue to search for others that are too. Thanks for this well-written letter. I’m going to use it next flu season and see if I can be exempt. I live in Wisconsin and am amazed that I haven’t seen any kind of protests at our Capitol regarding this mandatory decision.

  71. I actually have tears in my eyes, this letter and outcome gives me so much hope. I am a nursing student slated to start my clinical rounds in September and am being told that I MUST get a flu shot. I haven’t had children yet and want to, and additionally trust in my God-given body and how I take care of myself to fight off any infection that may come along.

    I don’t know if the hospitals will give any consideration to a nursing student they’ve never met, but I am going to give it a shot once I found out my placement. Boston can be a tough crowd, but I hope with our history of patriots, there’s something on my side.

    THANK YOU for posting this and sharing Becky’s story. Please wish me luck.

  72. The only way to fight back is if every single nurse refused the vaccine. If we all stand together as one that will give them no choice but to give of our freedom back. If one nurse fails to stand it won’t work. Teachers do it all the time, you see it on the news. Whats happens every time the teachers go on strike…they get raises and better benefits. If we stand together we will win, all we have to do is DO IT! They forget that we keep the hospitals going, it will not run without us. I will STAND with anyone who wants to fight. If we did this nationally we’ll make history. We are standing for whats right and when we took that oath we made a promise to do this.

    • I agree, Joshua. We are actually at a pivotal place historically, in this country, where our so many of freedoms stand on the edge of an abyss. Once given up, they are incredibly difficult to get back. If you give a mouse a cookie… The time is critical right now for healthcare workers–nurses, therapists, doctors, nutritionists, all hospital employees including administrators–to stand against this usurping of individual rights and responsibilities.

      Healthcare workers are part of a social experiment–it’s not just about flu vaccines. This is about the direction of our nation and our world. These mandatory flu vaccines are only a piece of it. Will powerful industries and the government dictate every detail of our lives, or will we take back responsibility and authority over ourselves? In the end, who gives an account for our individual lives? Who is responsible?

  73. Remember this is not about employee health or patient health. it is all about the Medicaid reimbursement rate. The hospital gets extra money if they have a 90% vaccination rate.

  74. DO NOT BELIEVE ME! BELIEVE THEIR EVIDENCE THAT VACCINES DO NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED AND ARE DANGEROUS! ALL WORK IS CITED! Be fully informed about vaccination! Learn more than 99.99% of all physicians know! I have created a 127 page Power Point using Government documents from the CDC, FDA, EPA, WHO, NIH and from the highest regarded Journals like JAMA and Lancet proving that vaccines do not work and can have dangerous and deadly adverse effects. Want to learn the truth about Autism from a secret meeting held by the CDC, FDA, WHO and 5 pharmaceuticals in June , 2000 where they admit mercury in vaccines increase the chance of autism by 250% and 12.5 mcg of mercury causes ADD. There are 25 mcg of mercury in each flu shot you give to your child. These documents were obtained by the freedom of information act. You will learn how to prevent infections and the flu safely and naturally without dangerous pharmaceuticals. Learn about the ingredients and the many vaccine failures throughout past history and present history and how vaccines are causing disease and that your true chance of an adverse event from a vaccine is 1:4,000 not the 1:1,000,000 you always here. Learn about a valid evidence-based study of vaccinated children versus unvaccinated children taking place now and how you can contribute to the study. Learn that the H1N1 flu vaccine of 2009 caused an increase in fetal deaths by 4,250%. Why the lead researcher of Gardasil (HPV) says you are much better off getting pap smears every year for prevention of cervical cancer than taking a series of 3 Gardasil shots. In a severe flu season 3 out of 100 are culturally confirmed to have influenza. In a mild flu season 1 out of 100 are culturally confirmed to have influenza. What does the medical community mean when they state 67% efficacy with the flu shot. It does not mean 67 out of 100 are protected by the shot. It means 2 out the 3 culture confirmed flu is protected out of 100 patients that receive the Flu shot. That is 2 out of 100 people receiving the vaccine may be protected. How polio statistics were decreased by redefining polio and that the vaccine had nothing to do with eradication. How the oral polio vaccine caused 47,500 non-polio acute flaccid paralysis in 2011, more deadly than polio and how the SV 40 virus that causes cancer contaminated all the polio vaccines. Why the Hep-B vaccine is totally unnecessary and very dangerous. Why Herd Immunity is a myth when it is applied to vaccination and much, much more. Please contact and place the word Power Point in the Subject Heading. I will send it to you ASAP.

  75. I was grateful to learn (on my first day back from maternity leave) that the mask will be an option this year. Again, as last year, when I sign my declination form, the consequence is no raise. I really hope I can realize my dream to be a SAHM before things get really ugly here.

    • No raise, wow, I know this is what’s happening now, but it takes me back everytime I read it, I just can’t believe they can get away with this!!!!

  76. I’ve mentioned this here before, but one of our new hires was required to get the flu shot last year despite having a mild egg allergy. It was given to her in 2 doses, during which she passed out. Her allergy dx was established when she was young, so she would have been required to show documentation from her pediatrician to be exempt!!! Religious and Philosophical exemptions are not an option at our hospital.

      • Exactly Alan, you spoke my thoughts. It is a Federal law and with a well written religious exemption, hospital or any other institution can not overwrite your rights under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.
        We are not vaccinating our kids since birth. My first newborn, after first combo vaccine, had some neurological reaction, with high pitch crying on the day following the vaccine. My baby was always happy, calm, breastfed, changed timely, there was no reason for his scream/high pitch crying that lasted for hours. It freaked me out. I did my research then and no more vaccines. I started submitting religious exemptions for the last 7 years, in kindergarten, first grade, then sixth grade again. My spouse is eating 100% raw organic food for few years now, myself and the kids eat as much raw and mostly organic as well. (We are attending every March against Monsanto organized in every town in the world, check facebook as all need to be involved in fighting for the right to know what is in our food. They are poisoning us with GMO and pesticides, vaccines…until we stand up to it. More than 50 countries around the world has banned GMO’s, it is time for USA as well.)
        I am a Christian, however I am spiritual and believe that God has designed our bodies to naturally build their immunity, and no chemical ingredients can be compared to that. One can use inserts of the Bible, Mary Baker Christian science book Science and Health. She was a healer herself, helping the ill with simple prayers.
        I love this website/blog and am very excited to see that many healthcare employees are believing their own research and feeling of what is right, than to obey the “rules” which in today’s society are only protecting the laws for control, power and making money. I strongly believe that one day the world will live by the Venus project designed by Jacques Fresco. Till then, we have to educate our own kids, so in their generation, they won’t allow injustice to the humanity as a whole.
        Do your research also, that it is hard to believe any government institution these days, as the leaders of those institutions are the same people, they switch positions between Monsanto, FDA, government, Supreme Court etc. Lately my motto is: I consume only things that are not FDA approved, fresh organic produce, from the grocery section of many stores. It heals diseases, from diabetic to cancers.
        I was looking at possibility to take classes for health administration, but I am not sure if they would consider hiring a new employee that is submitting resume with religious exemption, or will they throw the application right away. It is different for the employees that are already working in the healthcare field I suppose.
        I send the love energy to many and don’t give up, as you know in your hearts it is the truth.

        • Legally, a prospective employer can’t refuse to hire you because you have religious objections to vaccines, that would violate federal civil rights law. Whether or not you need an attorney to help you if you’re in that situation, as a practical matter, is a separate question. I had a client once who was offered a job, then the offer was retracted because she had religious objections to vaccines required for the position. When I wrote to the hospital and explained the law, they gave her the job and paid her for lost wages, and the hospital attorney actually complemented my letter. So, it is possible to win in these situations, but you do need to understand your rights, and when dealing with difficult situations, may need an attorney to help.

          The Venus Project’s home page refers to putting “quality of life over profit,” an idea similar to what I’ve said in the recent past, that we need to redesign our society so that health is the somehow the currency (priority), and not money. In our current capitalistic system, profit is the top priority, and as long as that is the case, everything else is necessarily secondary–health, the environment, etc. Anyway, the Venus Project sounds very interesting, I’ll have to look into that further.

  77. So my Hospital has come out with a new way to make you get a flu shot , they tied it in with the insurance. If you don’t get the flu shot you don’t get the $700.00 discount on your insurance.

  78. For 20 years I have been able to opt out because my job has zero patient interface.

    Last year I was told to report to the Director of Nursing and she said roll up your sleeve and I said for what???

    No notice, no information and none available… apparently all the medical staff received info and none to the engineering dept.

    I was able to go another year because I told them I would be unable to give informed consent.

    I expect this year to be very difficult… the latest is everyone is getting crossed trained and engineers are to be available to assist with patients if necessary including the OR.

    Time will tell…

  79. Additional information…

    The previous year my facility posted a directive from the county public health nurse requiring health care worker vaccinations.

    At that time… much to the displeasure of my facility, I contacted the county public health nurse and found it very helpful.

    In a nutshell, the directive was targeting health care workers and through our discussion I learned I fall outside the definition of health care worker since I have no patient contact… per the official that signed the directive.

    I presented this information to my boss and he was not happy I called the county on my own time to question the directive.

    The Public Health Nurse was very helpful and provided a direct number for my administrator to call should clarification be needed…

    As mentioned… not sure what will happen this year since mandatory cross training has started… engineers helping with patient placements/transport…

    Two nurses opted out last year and dutifully wore face masks for the duration without complaint… not a day went by without patients questioning why these nurses wore masks and if patients should be provided similar.

  80. HELP!!!! Long story short, I have a true allergy to ingredients in the flu vaccine….my job is MANDATING I get the vaccine or WEAR A MASK for 12 HOURS!!!! If I don’t comply with either of these 2 options I will be TERMINATED! Is this legal????

  81. HELP!!!! Do we have any legal standing against a hospital that we work for when “they” say either get the vaccine or wear a mask for 12 hours?? Some of us have a true medical condition against the vaccine….it’s called an allergy!

    • After working with hundreds of healthcare workers around the US, I’ve seen hospitals narrow what they allow for medical exemptions well beyond reasonable. There may be a legal right there, but consider requesting a religious exemption (but get help with that!)–doesn’t matter whether or not you belong to a church, or which one you belong to if you do. But since most hospitals have unlawful exemption policies, and due to the legal pitfalls involved, it’s advisable to consult an attorney experienced in this arena. See for more information.

    • If the reason you’re wearing a mask is because you have religious objections to a vaccine, federal law requires that they “reasonably accommodate” your religious beliefs. An excessive mask policy is punitive and coercive in nature, and therefore, is arguably discriminatory (federal law). It might also constitute harassment or otherwise pose a problem under state laws, if it’s unreasonable medically (which it is) and is causing significant harm or interference with one’s health or work, but I’m much more familiar with the religious angle on this issue.

  82. Mr. Alan Phillips,
    Dear Sir,
    I am considering your services, you did write me a very kind email last year when I was in dire straits concerning the flu shot mandate in the state of Colorado. I was able to circumvent the shot via some creative paperwork at that time. I was not able to do the same this year and recently resigned my position as staff RN at my place of employment. I am extremely fortunate in that I was a part time employee with enough resources to be able to retire from my position by having my family budget constricted a bit. I am very much aware that my fellow nurses and CNA’s were not afforded the same luxury. My entire life has been one of service to my family and fellow man, and I hate to see the govt. dictate our futures by this immoral vaccine mandate. I am currently pursuing a career in herbalism and alt. health. I with all the best to all the healthcare workers. This is a battle and one that we are poorly organized to fight. Thank you Alan Phillips for helping us out!!

  83. Thank you for this great story from Becky. My hospital has just made the flu vaccine mandatory. I will consider many of these fabulous ideas here. I have hope now.

    • I appreciate Becky’s sincere desire to help, but having worked with a couple of hundred healthcare workers around the country, most of whom were successful in avoiding flu vaccines at work, I can tell you that Becky’s letter is one of the quickest ways to be DENIED an exemption from an employer. I believe she means well, but with hospital administrators, this is not a scientific or medical issue, it’s an economic issue–Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement is reportedly being made contingent in some degree by achieving 90% immunization rates. And while federal civil rights law provides an “out” on religious grounds, vaccine safety and effectiveness issues will not qualify you for that. Respectfully to all concerned, Alan Phillips, JD

      • Hello,
        I’m so grateful for all the information that has been posted here. I too am dealing with a new mandatory policy this year. I’m attempting to obtain a medical exemption on the grounds of being a nursing mother, as the FLUARIX package insert states that “caution should be exercised when administering FLUARIX to nursing women.” I haven’t submitted it yet- waiting to see if my OB will sign my form. Do you have any opinion on if this will be a valid argument for me? Thank you so much! I feel like I am grasping at straws right now and do not want them to win! Also, I feel that wearing the mask, as a speech pathologist who works with children on articulation and the mechanics of forming sounds, will negatively impact my ability to do my job well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

        • Holly, as my husband is also a healthcare worker and is in his second year of dealing with this ridiculous mandate, I will say, just to prepare you, that if you are given an exemption you will almost certainly be required to wear the mask. There is no logic involved in any of this, and no science either–it is purely political and monetary (massive bucks for drug companies, and of course they hugely fund political campaigns, so that doesn’t help). Among the powers behind it, no one cares about the flu, whether or not the shot works (notice no one is keeping track of lab-confirmed cases among HCW or patients before and after the mandates?) or about how well you can perform your job or the suffering caused from wearing a mask. It is $$$ and nothing else. Sorry to sound so cynical…

          My advice: Consider consulting with Alan Phillips, a vaccine rights lawyer (he commented above you and left a link to contact) if you want to fight for your rights within your current job. OR, begin searching in earnest for another job outside of hospital healthcare systems (private clinics, schools possibly). You may want to begin doing that now anyway, just in case.

          My husband is keeping his eyes open for another job–he was 1 of 5 out of 1800 employees at his hospital who were given an exemption (not sure how many others applied, but I’m guessing more than 5) and he wore the mask last season, but is unsure if he can do it again. As a speech pathologist, I can’t image you being able to do your job under those circumstances. Not only is my husband looking for a job outside of hospital systems, but he is working towards leaving the industry altogether.

          We had already been disillusioned with the conventional healthcare system and how drug companies absolutely run it (creating customers, rather than true wellness), but this flu vaccine fiasco was the last straw. It sort of epitomized the corruption of the whole thing and he came to a place of feeling unable to be part of it any longer. He is taking the last two prerequisites needed for naturopathic college so that, through a second career, he can hopefully not only escape the tyranny, but also help fill a gigantic healthcare void and become part of a solution.

        • As crazy as it sounds, I’m hearing from healthcare workers around the country that pregnancy is not being accepted as a medical exemption (but perhaps sometimes it is?) I see no harm in trying, but if turned down, a religious exemption under Title VII may be your best bet. See for more information.

  84. It’s that time of year again…

    The Governor refused to make it mandatory and that did not stop the county from declaring a Public Health Emergency…

    The thing that really gets me are the Hospitals that take it one step farther.

    I have no idea how it will go this time around… last year I said I could not give informed consent until provided with and having time to read the vacine insert…

    And… they never provided it.

  85. Thank you very much this is excellent. This help put it in to the best and most professional terms both as an advocate of good health by good nutrition and as a Messianic Believer. As an IT Contractor primarily for Healthcare Systems, I have declined to take one System’s “offer” of a flu vaccine for the past 6 years. I took my first (and last) flu vaccine 7 years and ago, and after having a mild reaction, I believe once was more than enough for me. This year they have made it mandatory for their staff or they will not be placed on the work schedule. I am now better prepared. Regardless, Adonai is in control!

  86. Well, if this isn’t a case of “the shoe is on the other foot”, I have never seen one.

    You complain about being forced to get a vaccine that will protect everyone, but you turn a deaf ear when a patient tells you he/she doesn’t want a particular drug, but you give it to them anyway.

    Maybe next time a patient asks that you NOT do something, you might remember how it felt to be forced to take the flu vaccine.

    • Wait, patients don’t have the right to refuse drugs/medical services AMA? I don’t think I’ve heard as many people complain about being given something they didn’t ask for as much as NOT getting the medical treatment they DO need.

  87. As an RN with almost 25 years of experience I can tell you, Monty, that patients absolutely do have the right to refuse medical treatment! I have personally had some that refused a particular drug/treatment and I respected that request. It is their right to decide and healthcare workers should also have the right to decide for or against a medical treatment without it being mandated by their hospital.

    I want to say a big THANK YOU to Alan Phillips for the legal advice he gave me this season. With his help I was able to obtain a religious exemption at my hospital where they have now made a flu vaccination a condition of employment. No word yet regarding a mask policy but I’m sure that’s coming next.

    If there are any of you out there contemplating a career in healthcare all I can say is just don’t do it. I’m sorry to say my profession has changed so much since I started and not for the better. Jean is not my real name. I fear retribution should my employer discover my posts on this matter.

    • I worked in a heart lab handling bloody trays all the time . Vaccinations were never mandated . As I begun working more closely with patients directly, I just always wore scrubs and a mask . The only time I ever missed a day of work was when I voluntarily took the 1975 swine flu vac and that was the last time I ever took any vaccines . That vac made me morbidly ill for a day. Trust nobody but yourself .

    • I have been in nursing since 1982 and have seen a lot of those changes you speak of. Our large hospital system is making the shot mandatory. They are giving declinations, religious exemptions that have to be signed by pastors, and medical– which gives like 3 options — I had an anaphylactic reaction to eggs, latex and something else I cannot think of right now. Check boxes. No “other”. If you did not almost die, well, thats not good enough. My hubby also works for same said system and is non-clinical. The mask protocol says to wear within 6 ft of anyone!! Roumers are floating possible termination if not wearing mask. Well, if they really wanted to “protect” all pts, then all visitors and patients should have to wear a mask if not vaccinated as well. Well see how they plan to enforce it, and it will be bad PR too. Has anyone heard about hospital reimbursement rates being slashed if 91% compliance has not been reached?? I always say “follow the money”.

      • Policies requiring a member of the clergy to be involved or that require masks above and beyond CDC recommendations are discriminatory. You may need an attorney to help you fight it, but many have done so successfully. I’ve worked with 100’s of healthcare workers around the US, and most were successful, even though most hospitals have unlawful policies like this. Alan Phillips, JD

  88. I worked in a heart lab handling bloody trays all the time . Vaccinations were never mandated . As I begun working more closely with patients directly, I just always wore scrubs and a mask . The only time I ever missed a day of work was when I voluntarily took the 1975 swine flu vac and that was the last time I ever took any vaccines . That vac made me morbidly ill for a day. Trust nobody but yourself .

  89. I refused the flu shot this year and subsequently was treated to “LA county mandate to wear a mask” I was complying with that until today when I had had enough of being ridiculed/interrogated by staff and patients as to why I was wearing a mask. Forcing me to divulge my personal medical decision. One patient asked me “is there something wrong with you? Are you sick?” at that point I took off the mask and was immediately suspended by my director. I have not had a flu shot in 8 years and have not had the flu. the one and only time I did get the shot, I had a horrible reaction to it. I am at a loss (literally) as to what to do now, but this issue is very important to me and I feel that by exercising my right to refuse the vaccine, yet forced to wear a mask which discriminates and announces to everyone that I have done so. I don’t know what to do but I will continue to stand up for myself and fellow HCW against such violations of our civil liberties.

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have a civil right to refuse vaccines in the workplace, unless you have a qualifying religious objection. That doesn’t require membership in an organized religion, nor does it matter what church you belong to if you do–there’s even a narrow category of beliefs one could hold as an atheist that are protected religious beliefs. However, when it comes to what specific beliefs qualify, it gets tricky–most people’s common sense approach gets them into trouble; and many hospital policies violate federal civil rights law as well. So, this is an arena where one is well advised to work with an attorney experienced in this arena. Also, many mask policies are punitive and coercive, and may be violating civil rights of workers with religious objections to vaccines as well.

      • How would we take action, or even know if our hospital’s masking policy would qualify as punitive or coercive? Who would we file a complaint with?

        From what I could find, the CDC does not make any recommendations for an across the board masking policy, even for unvaccinated employees. It only states that employees with symptoms of respiratory illness should mask whether vaccinated or not.

        TX SB7, passed in 2011, requires hospitals to make and enforce vaccination policies for vaccine preventable diseases and states that hospitals can implement PPE (masking and gloving) policies and such policies would not be considered retaliatory. However, this law does not give any guidelines for the PPE, therefore does the extended period of masking (December 1-March 31 in my case) qualify as excessive or punitive?

        Is there any possible recourse?

        • These are not short-answer questions. If there are qualifying religious objections to the vaccines involved, one answer lies in federal civil rights law, and complaints can go to the EEOC. Depending on the specifics, other state and/or federal laws may apply. Rights vary from place to place (jurisdiction to jurisdiction), and situation to situation. Some generalizations can be made about rights, but ultimately, every situation is unique and has to be looked at individually, as rights can vary with or depend on the specific facts and circumstances of each unique situation. It’s probably best for anyone with a serious concern to consult a knowledgeable attorney to find out what the rights and options are for their particular situation.


    “Utah mother faults flu shot in 19-year-old son’s death”
    Sadly, in the news – a 19 year old stricken with encephalopathy from a flu shot died. The above article is from the Salt Lake Tribune. There is also an article today in the online paper Age of Autism: “Flu Shot Induced Encephalopathy: Chandler Webb’s Death Raises Vaccine Safety Questions”

    Public health officials are denying in this case that encephalopathy can be caused by the flu or any vaccine when of course, encephalopathy is listed as a potential side effect on all labels and on the CDC website. I don’t know how any employer can legally mandate this dangerous medical procedure.

    • My thoughts exactly. And the symptoms the boy had before slipping into a coma and eventually passing away are extremely common–I know MANY people personally who have experienced the same severe flu-like symptoms after flu vaccination as Chandler Webb, including healthcare workers. I just read this excellent article by Dr. Kelly Brogan (holistic psychiatrist) on the subject: She pretty much hit it out of the ballpark!

      Flu vaccines are only considered safe because “professionals” refuse to recognize obvious reactions and adverse events when they are staring them in the face, thus they don’t get reported. How did the flu vaccine become the untouchable god-like idol that it is now? Mind boggling (though highly lucrative). Intelligent people become instant victims of Groupthink when it comes to influenza and the flu vaccine, with a total paralysis of their critical thinking muscles…

  91. I wrote a letter very similar to Becky’s. Unfortunately, I got word today that my request for exemption has been denied. I must be vaccinated or I will be fired from my job as a RN tomorrow (12/5/13) at 5pm.

    • Oh, Kayla, I am so sorry! The healthcare industry is absolutely destroying its credibility with this stuff. It is making for itself a legacy if shame that will take a long time to undo and regain the trust of people like us who value our freedom and take time to research before making healthcare decisions. Have you considered consulting with a vaccine rights lawyer? Alan Phillips, who has commented above, might be a good person to talk to before giving up.

      • A coworker went to an attorney and was told that there is some loophole since our employer is a non-profit hospital. I found a way to “get the shot” without actually getting it :) but now my employer thinks they have won and forced me to be vaccinated. I am breastfeeding my 2 month old, and they wouldn’t even give me an exemption for that reason! Absolutely ludicrous!

        I wish we could all take a stand against these forced vaccinations. If every healthcare worker who is against these mandatory vaccines would stick together, maybe we could make a difference. I don’t think think they could keep running these hospitals without all of us. It’s sad that our country/healthcare system has come to this.

        • I agree, Kayla, that if every healthcare worker stood their ground, this nonsense would have to stop. Until sanity returns, you might want to look at a different job setting that doesn’t require the flu shot–home health, nursing homes, or something else?

          Since you are breastfeeding, that adds a whole other element to consider before submitting to any drugs going into your body. Here is an interesting page that classifies drugs, by specific name, and their safety for pregnant and nursing mothers:

          Every pregnant woman (and I would image this applies to nursing a well, but may need to research it out more) needs to know that flu vaccines are Category C drugs, which means that their safety during pregnancy for human fetuses has never been studied, or that animals studies have shown them to be harmful. It is shocking that a Category C drug is now routinely recommended for all pregnant women (and even mandated for pregnant healthcare workers), when technically Category C drugs should be contraindicated for pregnancy (and breastfeeding, maybe?) unless the situation determines that the benefits outweigh potential risks (of course, if it’s NEVER been studied in that population group, how can anyone know the answer to that?). It shows how far healthcare has strayed from a true mission of healing and “first do no harm”.

          Here is an article by Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D. on flu vaccines and pregnancy–in my mind, this should also apply to breastfeeding, but I’m no doctor 😉

        • Kayla,
          I’m glad that you were able to get it “figured out” this year. I considered the same, but decided against trying to find someone who would do that. I too didn’t want them to have “won”. I applied for a medical exemption, as I also am nursing my 9 month old. They denied it, as the follow the CDC guidelines and its not contraindicated! I heard that they were upset with my OB for writing me a letter excising me from it! So, my last day was last Wednesday. I was shocked that they didn’t approve it and am very disappointed that they feel like this is ok! Good luck to you in the future.

        • To the best of my knowledge, I’m the only attorney in the US whose practice is focused on vaccine exemptions and waivers, and the only attorney who has worked with hundreds of healthcare workers around the U.S. All employers who have the minimum number of employees (which would probably include all hospitals–public, private, for-profit or non-profit) are required to follow federal civil rights law, which requires qualifying employers to accommodate their employees’ religious beliefs and practices. There is no “loophole” that I’m aware of for non-profits (I’d like to know what this lawyer was referring to!). The only thing that matters is that your request for a religious exemption meets federal legal requirements, the legal definition of ‘religion,’ which is so broad that there’s even a category of beliefs you could hold as a atheist that are protected religious beliefs (however, with respect to specific beliefs, there are several legal pitfalls to avoid…) I have seen, however, widespread overreaching by hospitals throughout the country–most in my experience implement unlawfully restrictive policies to exclude exemptions that qualify so that they can maximize their immunization rates due to this being tied to Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements. So, I recommend that anyone with serious questions or concerns on this issue contact an attorney experienced in this specific issue before drawing any conclusions. In my experience, attorneys not familiar with vaccine exemptions and waivers often guess incorrectly about it.

          • Mr Phillips: Any chance I could email you the letter I submitted and get your opinion? I see that you’re in Asheville… I work in Johnson City TN.

            I’ll have to ask my co-worker exactly what the attorney told her.

            • The attorney wasn’t completely wrong, just incomplete. An “at will” employee can be fired at any time for no reason–sounds like that was his point. But, an employee can’t be fired for an unlawful reason; and if you properly request a religious exemption under federal law, they have to “accommodate” your religious beliefs and practices. Now, there is the possibility that one demands a religious exemption under federal law, and the employer grants that, but then “makes up” a reason to fire the employee in what is really an act of retaliation against the religious exemption (which would be unlawful), but the employee is just not able to prove that this is what is really going on. But in my experience with healthcare workers nationally, I’ve only known of one employee who got the exemption (with my help) and who was later let go, where the employee adamantly believed he was let go because he asked for the exemption. That would provide circumstantial evidence of discrimination, and he could have challenged that, but it could be difficult if you don’t have objective proof. Anyway, I’ve seen that only once, far less than 1% of the time. So while it’s a potentially legitimate concern, I rarely see that in my work, which tells me that most employers understand that it could backfire on them to do that.

    • My experience dealing and researching this over the last 2 years is, the only sure way to get an exemption is by purely religious reasons. The more you argue science or philosophy (as this letter mostly does) the more likely you are to get denied.

      Kelly has posted about a product called VacciShield and I would probably get the vaccine at work and sign the consent “under duress” so that if I attempted to become exempt the following year at least it is documented that I was only vaccinated because I was forced to be.

      Good luck, I hate that it has come to this!

  92. I really don’t think they care…

    My facility receives resumes daily from new grads that will do anything to get hired.

    The attitude seems to be the more mature Health Care Worker asking question is a trouble maker.

    Everything is geared towards compliance… 100%

    The only way to have a fighting chance is to become more of a problem… as in seeking outside council.

  93. look I’m retired cardiology tech and NHL patient . no one has remarked as I will . following my dx of NHL plus 2 more node surgeries I begun to online research and examine my medical hx. my position is that AIDS is pretty much a lie to cover up an old problem , the induction of monkey polyoma viruses into humans , en masse .the salk’s vaccine was known to be contaminated with sv-40, a cancer causing monkey dna . the meaning of the initials AIDS was taught to us in 8th grade biology class in 1966.AIDS does not date to the 80s or the 70s but even earlier . now there is a standard latency period of around 10 years for AIDS symptoms. I received salks antipolio shot as a 7y kid and developed the NHL by age 17 .to this day I test HIV negative , but look , you will see there is a thing called “nonHIV aids” . and the type of NHL I had was the same type as seen as AIDS associated lymphoma(follicular B cell) . you should all know MERCK druc co got its startup money from Hitlers warchest as proviced in the Martin Bormann plan . the US military airliften many NAZI scientists out of postwar Germany and gave them jobs in America , allegedly so Russia would not get their advanced bioweapons and etc. technology . if your employer is mandation on you its obvious they want rid of you one way or the other .go and look and learn the things I remarked on here .in 5+ decades no doctor has yet to confirm my position , but its the real truth . who do you trust ? al

  94. its important to note the law protects the vaccine makers , so if you are injured there is no compensation as of the mid 1980s . we are talking genetic manipulations here . no one has any rite the change the genome god endowed you with / al

  95. I left my job over a lot of things back in Sept of this year, the flu shot being one of them. However, I did not tell my boss my real feelings. I have discovered that much to my dismay, we are unable to be as frugal as I thought we could be and I need to work at least one shift a week. I called my old boss and they were excited to put me back on the schedule, however; I pointed out that last year’s mandatory flu vaccine had made me very ill. I believe the flu vaccine is very detrimental to me, I am allergic to MSG and Penicillin (msg is in flumist and cephalospirin antibiotics are in injection). I told her I was seeing my doctor this week and would get his letter to the effect that the flu vax is dangerous. She was ok with that. However, she is not the DON but a sweet young nurse who is our ADON, so I’m a bit unsure if she really has the power to grant me the ok for medical exemption. If so, I’ll be so excited. I work in a SNF and love my old people. I can’t believe they are taking older and more experienced nurses out of the work pool with this nonsense. I cannot work home health, I tried and the on-call requirements were too much for my family schedules. I have a large family and I worked weekends so I could homeschool them and the extra next was so helpful to all of us. I HATE that they have taken good and competent nurses out of the field. I’m actively studying to be an herbalist. Here’s hoping I get a medical exemption! I’ll know more at the end of next week, and I’ll update you all.

  96. recently the nurses of ny state sues to protect their exemption rights and won their case . this should be looked at / al

  97. who do you think is behind the vaccine pushers ? / Operation Paperclip was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program used to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment by the United States in the aftermath of World War II. It was conducted by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA), and in the context of the burgeoning Cold War, one purpose of Operation Paperclip was to deny German scientific expertise and knowledge to the USSR,[1] the UK,[2] and the newly divided East and West Germanies themselves. as I said the martin boremann plan was to invest in corperate America to fund the next , 4th reicht . this is how merck got startup money . you should all be more vigilant and study / al

  98. Does anybody know how to get around getting vaccinations if you want to work as an EMT in Michigan? Please respond if you do!!!

  99. I want you all to be aware of Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt from Wisconsin. He is standing up for those of us who don’t like this mandatory flu shot. He has taken his stand to the Capitol of Wisconsin (Madison) and representatives listened to him and others regarding their concerns. For more information Google Assembly Bill 247 Wisconsin

  100. I work for a City Hospital in New York. New York State has mandated flu shots for employees, keeping close records, and those who decline are required to wear a mask. I had signed the declination, intended to wear the mask until one day last week, I had signed on to work at my regular hospital but through an agency. We are very short staffed and over the years, through union negotiations, working OT at the hospital means you have to wait an average of 6 weeks before you see your OT pay and when it eventually comes, it is included in your regular, semi-monthly check so it is gouged by taxes. Most hospital RNs are doing OT because they need the extra income so after working your tail off, you have to wait and then about half of your check has been taken by taxes, pension contribution, etc. and no one wants to do it. Instead, staff RNs elect to do their OT at their same hospital but through an agency because they get paid the same week they work and it’s a separate check so you actually feel like you’ve earned something for your exhaustion and hard work. Now, the Corp. who owns these City Hospitals has made a rule that RNs can only work 1 OT shift through an agency per week, any other OT must be done through the hospital leaving us dangerously understaffed. So, it appears that NY City Hospitals have chosen to put $$$ above patient safety when it comes to patient/nurse ratio. Well bully for them…the well dressed number crunchers have no interest in quality of care, safe practice or, my favorite and biggest farce, our assigned motto of the year… “patient satisfaction”! Anyway, I went in to do my agency OT shift last week, went up to the nursing office to sign in and i was told that the sign in book was in the conference room at the far end of the office. When I got to the conference room, I had apparently been followed by two high up administrators from the Nursing Dept. They requested to see my ID which I promptly showed them. Because I had declined the flu shot, my ID did not have a flu shot sticker on it and I was told that I could not work agency, that I could work hospital staff OT but Agency workers were REQUIRED to have a flu shot. I said I had signed a flu shot waiver and couldn’t afford to wait 6 weeks for my OT as it’s christmas season. They said, in that case, if I didn’t get the flu shot, I’d have to go home and not work. I couldn’t believe it! I told them that it was my day off, I had been called directly by the Head Nurse to come in because they were so short staffed and didn’t that matter to them (the administrators of nursing)? They said no. I asked why I couldn’t wear a mask since that was my option every other day when working staff…, they said no, that it was Corporate policy that all agency workers be vaccinated for flu! The double standard floored me. The tactics astounding. How can this be legal? While working staff, I have the option of wearing a mask but in the same hospital, if working agency, I am FORCED to have the flu vaccine!!!!! It was like being corned by flu shot gestapo and with these types of tactics, I can’t help wondering where the buck stops. Are these people getting bonuses for how much flu vaccine compliance they can achieve in each of their departments in any way they can, however underhanded their approach? Who is driving this flu vaccine train and is it the State of NY who is pressuring for these tactics? I am an adult and I am insulted that despite our critical staff shortage and dangerously high patient ratio, that Nursing Administration, who state they are working under NY State guidelines, would rather send nurses home if they decline a flu shot over making an effort to safely staff the hospital even if it meant they had to wear a mask. Something doesn’t make sense here…any thoughts?

    • In the Spring of 1944, Merck and Company, Inc. received a large cash infusion from Martin Bormann…. This at the time Merck’s president, George W. Merck, was advising President Roosevelt, and initiating strategies, as America’s biological weapons industry director. According to CBS News correspondent Paul Manning, the lion’s share of the Nazi gold went to 750 corporations, largely including Merck, to secure a virtual monopoly over the world’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This was done not only for Germany’s economic recovery, but to assure the rise of “The Fourth Reich.’

      Merck, then, along with Rockefeller partner I.G. Farben, received huge sums of money from the Nazi war chest to actualize Hitler’s proclaimed ‘vision of a thousand-year Third Reich (and) world empire. This was outlined with clarity in a document called ‘Neuordnung,’ or ‘New Order,’ that was accompanied by a letter of transmittal to the (Bormann led) Ministry of Economics. ‘Bury your treasure,’ Hitler advised Bormann, ‘for you will need it to begin a Fourth Reich.’11

      Bormann apparently ignored his Fuhrer, and in a momentary burst of Christianity, heeded Christ by not burying his treasure, but investing and increasing it.

  101. Dear Bullied. I’m so sorry for your experience. I am not working for the winter months. No flu shot, no work. But I am afraid that I won’t be ABLE to find work come March either. Here in CO the flu shot police are very vigilant! I read the other day somewhere that similar laws are coming for school teachers and day care providers. Interesting that they picked primarily professions staffed by women to force into the flu vaccine. Keep us posted on your fight. Didn’t you govenor just mandate flu vaccines for ALL New York children? Wow. I never was one to see conspiracy everywhere, but with all this forced FLU vaccine crap I’m starting to!!! Why the flu vaccine? It doesn’t work!

    • Totally floored by NY’s flu vaccine mandate for babies and young children–like Barb says, it doesn’t work, particularly in that age group. A Cochrane meta analysis of all available data showed that for children ages 2 and under, the flu shot was literally no more effective than a placebo! And on top of THAT, another study (double-blind, placebo-controlled at that!) showed that among school aged children the flu vaccine INCREASED respiratory illnesses, INCLUDING H1N1, by a rate of about 4.4 times for at least 9 months following vaccination. The people behind these mandates are either incredibly stupid, or there is something very evil going on, to force babies and children into being injected with toxins when the vaccine is proven to 1. not work, and 2. make them significantly sicker. Good Lord, and we’re talking about influenza here, not the plague.

      Cochrane study:
      Study showing increase in respiratory illnesses with flu vaccination: (This one is shocking, when you read the abstract of the study itself. The authors’ conclusions still kowtow to drug companies by claiming it was effective, but the data comparing rates of respiratory illnesses, including influenza, between vaccinated and unvaxed children showed exactly the opposite of what they concluded. It’s very revealing of the industry’s modus operandi.)

  102. JUST SAY NO! IF FIRED, SUE . THATS THE ROPES KIDS . / Before working at businesses that are in the health-care sector, employers often have their workers go through pre-employment medical screenings. Having them get the flu shot would fall into the same category, Wright said.

    Even a consulting firm or retail business would be able to require workers to get the shot, she said.

    “However, there is less of a ground for employers to terminate you if you choose not to get a flu shot,” in those industries, Wright said.

    Employees do have the right to refuse getting the shot, and if they are refusing for religious reasons, or moral grounds, may even have means for a lawsuit if they are terminated and do not work in an at-will state, Wright said. At-will states, including New York, certify that private employers have the right to terminate workers “at-will” and do not need to give cause

    • At will employers can terminate employees for no reason, but not for an unlawful one. However, there is no absolute right to decide what goes into your body. A SC nurse tried suing on that theory and lost. So, you have to be prepared in advance with a clear understanding of your rights, and how to approach this successfully. From what my clients tell me, most who try this on their own lose. Employers routinely overstep their legal authority, and employees don’t understand their rights and so often shoot themselves in the foot, undermining the rights they do have. Education is key–learn about your rights first. A good starting place:

  103. new York / Judge Halts Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Health Care Workers October 16, 2009, 12:58 pm A judge on Friday morning halted enforcement of a New York State directive requiring that all health care workers be vaccinated for the seasonal flu and swine flu.

    The temporary restraining order by the judge, Thomas J. McNamara, an acting justice of the State Supreme Court in Albany, comes amid a growing debate about the flu vaccine. On Friday afternoon, the State Department of Health vowed to fight the restraining order, saying that the authorities “have clear legal authority” to require vaccinations, and noted that state courts had upheld mandatory vaccinations of health care workers against rubella and tuberculosis

  104. as nurses you are expected to be a role model for all in your care . if you don’t believe in these vaccines , YOU MUST OPPOSE. you can only boast though that you do not take the vaccines , if asked . lecturing could be a disaster .

  105. Hello all,

    Seeing a new comment on this thread in my inbox on a frequent basis gives me hope because I know I am not the only one fighting this fight.

    I’m writing with a question for Alan Phillips. I am a student nurse at Simmons College in Boston. One of my clinical sites for this coming semester is requiring to see proof of my medical exemption in the form of a letter from a health care provider. I may have shot myself in the foot saying it was a medical exemption, but my school originally told me that was the only exemption students can submit. I now know, if I have it right, that under my federal civil rights, I can refuse the flu vaccine under religious exemption also, and possibly under the philosophical or personal exemption as well–though I’m not 100% positive MA is one of the 20 states that grants the P&P exemption and I had a hard time finding that.

    What I’m wondering is should I ask my doctor if she will write such a note? OR, do I make a different move, such as say I’m exercising my civil rights and refuse it under philosophical and personal exemption?

    I dodged getting it last semester as I was lucky enough to be placed at a site that didn’t require it. (My school didn’t offer this option, I just dug my heels in and was happy to find out that that hospital (BWH) doesn’t require student nurses to get the flu vaccine.)

    I just got email today that they want a letter from a health care provider saying I have a medical reason I cannot get the vaccine and that they want my letter by January 8, 2014. So, I have less than a week.

    Any way you can steer me in the right direction here?

    MUCH thanks in advance to Alan and anyone who can help me out with this next move.

    Happy New Year to all.

    • Kara,

      To the best of my knowledge, state exemption laws apply to vaccines required by the state, and not clincal sites, so you have to fall back on federal civil rights law, which arguably provides an out on religious grounds. However, I’ve not yet seen a school or clinical site that is aware of this application of civil rights law (which generally applies to employees), so there is an education (of the school and clinical sites) component to this as well, which makes this a more difficult arena than most other exemption contexts. Please email me directly for more information on this, Alan

  106. the vaccine controversy has deep roots / Historical[edit]

    The influential Massachusetts preacher Cotton Mather was the first known person to attempt inoculation on a large scale, inoculating himself and over 200 members of his congregation with the help of a local doctor. While his pro-health view became standard, he also caused the first reaction against the practice. Several Boston clergymen and devout physicians formed the Anti-vaccination Society in 1798. Others complained that the practice was dangerous, going so far as to demand that doctors who carried out these procedures be tried for attempted murder.[1] The Commonwealth of Massachusetts was the first state in America to make vaccination mandatory, in 1908.[2]

    Iceland in 1816 made the clergy responsible for small pox vaccination and gave them the responsibility of keeping vaccination records for their parishes; Sweden also had similar practices.[3]

    When vaccination was introduced into UK public policy, and adoption followed overseas, there was opposition from social cranks and trade unionists, including sectarian ministers and those interested in self-help and alternative medicines like homeopathy.[4] Anti-vaccination proponents were most common in Protestant countries. Those that were religious often came from minority religious movements outside of mainstream Protestantism, including Quakers in England and Baptists in Sweden.[5]

  107. I used almost the exact same letter in November of 2010 and was still let go from my job. I filed a complaint with the Equal Rights Division, and after an investigation, it was found that my employer likely violated statutes regarding discrimination. We will see what will happen from here.

  108. This e-mail came out today from my employer, note that it says CDC is reporting increased levels of “influenza like illness” (ILI) in our area.” Are you kidding me? Force you to wear a mask and it is not even the flu??

    Subject: Employee Masking to Begin Jan. 13


    ü FLU IS HERE. The CDC is reporting increased levels of influenza-like illness in our area.

    ü MASKS ON. If, for any reason, you have not received a flu vaccine (including if you have submitted a religious or medical exemption or personal declination), you must begin wearing the approved mask effective Mon., Jan. 13 according to the masking protocol.

    ü WHEN TO MASK. If you are subject to the masking protocol, you must wear an approved mask when working indoors in any facility within six feet of a patient, member, coworker, or visitor. Be sure to review the masking protocol document for details.

    ü HOW LONG? Masking will continue through the end of flu season, normally the end of March. You will be notified when masking can end.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting increased levels of influenza like illness (ILI) in our area. Therefore, beginning Mon., Jan. 13, we will implement the influenza masking protocols for all employees who have not received the flu vaccination.

    Please remember that any employee who has not received the flu vaccine, including those who have submitted a religious or medical exemption or personal declination, must wear the approved mask as specified in the masking protocols.

    The masking period will continue through March 31, 2014 unless otherwise notified.

    • I always wore mask, flu season or not . people come thru the clinics with active TB sometimes . remember its all patient contact work. no flu shot is going to protect you from TB so you might as well wear the mask anyway . its all patient contact work .

  109. ok a few links . this may be key to regious exemption . now in the old days smallpox prophylaxis was done with real smallpox scabs and so a full 1/3 of recipiants did die from the procedure . btw ed jenner had admitted eventually, he was a charlatan . here is how vaccines are base on superstician Shitala (Sheetala), also called Sitala (शीतला śītalā), is a Hindu goddess widely worshipped in North India, West Bengal, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan as the pox-goddess. She is the Goddess of sores, ghouls, pustules and diseases in Hindu mythology./ and so you can clearly see the technology is far older that most people realize . from this garbage we have evolved modern medicine ? I think not .

  110. Vaccines, What the CDC Documents and Science Reveal by Dr Sherri Tenpenny Published on May 14, 2013

    Information contained in this presentation could spare adults from further vaccine-induced injuries and spare innocent children from a lifetime of mental, physical and immunological limitations. This lively, 120-minute studio presentation is a must-see for everyone who is considering vaccination, who has been vaccinated, or those who want scientific backing for choosing not to vaccinate.

    “Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has excellent insight and a unique ability to organize and present material regarding the very complex picture of vaccine safety.”
    -Dr. Steven Cave

    “Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny’s reputation as a leading expert on vaccine issues is well-deserved. This presentation contains truths you absolutely need to hear to protect your health and health of your loved ones.”
    -Dr. Joseph Mercola

  111. Thank you so much for sharing this letter! I am facing a situation right now where I am entering level 1 fieldwork in a pediatric setting and they are requiring me to get the Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) vaccine in order to “work” in this facility. I was not vaccinated as a child and I strongly believe that vaccines are not right for everyone, nor should they be forced upon anyone.

    I have been doing a lot of research from “credible” websites such as the CDC in order to make sure that the information I am loading myself with comes from a source that can’t be denied. (I don’t want my stand to be rejected because they think I got my info from a random source–you seemed to mention the same idea in your notes.)

    I wasn’t how to present the information that I found in a clear and convincing way, but now I know what to do thanks to your letter. Since I am not an employee and this is a voluntary placement (although I do need it in order to graduate) I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I’ll be sure to let you know when it is all said and done. Again, thank you for sharing this!

    • Daisy, that won’t work, because the policy isn’t about science, it’s about money. The only thing that can work in these situations is having a solid, valid *legal* argument. In fact, if you argue the science, you potentially undermine your legal rights–in this situation, to refuse on religious grounds. I’ve worked with hundreds of healthcare workers and dozens of students doing clinical rotations, and I’ve seen what does and doesn’t work all over the country. I recommend you do some further research with this in mind before proceeding. Good luck!

      • Thank you for your response, although now I have more questions. I hope someone here can help me find the answers. First of all, in Washington (where I live) there are religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions; I can only find their use in daycare and k-12 school settings. What about work places, or do these exemptions only apply to children? I thought they are for everyone. Following that, what about daycare workers and school teachers/staff. Are they required to be vaccinated because they are working with these children? Do they have the right to sign a waiver and exempt themselves from being vaccinated? What about other work places, such as hospitals?

        I also can’t find any information on the effectiveness of the pertussis vaccine. One of my professors recently contracted H1N1 (swine flu). I asked her if she had been vaccinated and she said no, but her husband had been vaccinated and he got even sicker than she did. They were told that the H1N1 vaccine is only 75% effective. So that led me to wonder, how effective is the vaccine they are trying to force me to get? I know a family who had 4 children diagnosed with pertussis last year following a superbowl party which my family attended with them. They were all sick and coughing (of course I wouldn’t have gone if I knew they were sick!) and they went to the doctor the next day and got diagnosed. My kids and I are not vaccinated and we did not get sick. So what is the point in getting the vaccine?

        Finally, I have a question about the difference between a religious exemption and a philosophical exemption. I am a Christian (nondenominational) and I strongly believe that God has given us an immune system to protect us against illness and it is our job to take care of our bodies and our immune systems. (Our body is God’s temple). I believe that modern medicine is wonderful and God uses doctors and medicine to heal people. However, I believe that God also works miracles every day and he does not rely on modern medicine–He uses it as a tool when He chooses to, and we should not rely on medicine alone. My religion (I hate to even call it that sometimes because of all the stigma that goes along with it) does not “require” anything of me, other than accepting Jesus Christ as my savior. I am supposed to do a great many things, follow the ten commandments, love my neighbor, etc…, however, my salvation does not depend on these things. How can I claim a religious exemption when I feel that it is more philosophical in my case?

        • According to the CDC, 3 states have state exemption laws that may apply to healthcare workers (MD, ME and NH). So generally, no–state exemption laws don’t apply to employees, only students. Healthcare workers, and college students doing clinicals as part of a nursing, pre-med or other healthcare program (where the clinical sites, and not the state, require vaccines) have to rely on federal civil rights law. I do 2.5 hour consultations explaining how the law works and how to write a legally sound statement of beliefs; these are not short-answer questions. In my experience, most hospitals have unlawful policies, and most employees who write their own religious belief statements shoot themselves in the foot because the way the law works is not consistent with most people’s common sense approach to this. So, this is an arena where having an attorney’s assistance is advisable. 3 different nurses from different parts of the country have told me that their hospital system got over 1,000 exemption requests–one said they allowed only 4, the other two few or none (but did not have specific numbers). There’s not a clear procedure under civil rights law like there is with state exemptions, and no basis in law that I’m aware of for philosophical exemptions in the workplace at all (instead, we have to lobby our legislatures to get laws passed prohibiting the mandating of flu vaccines like they did in OR). Anyone interested is welcome to email me for more information: But in brief: It doesn’t matter whether or not you belong to a church at all, or which one you belong to if you do–there’s even a narrow category of beliefs you could hold as an atheist that are protected religious beliefs! But there are also several legal pitfalls to avoid when it comes to writing belief statements, and if you’re also dealing with an employer with an unlawful policy, well, either one or both of these are good reasons to get help from a knowledgeable attorney if this is a matter that is really important to you.

  112. The latest research with baboons clearly showed that the pertussis vaccinated baboons became asymptomatic carriers that infected others. There is actually a very good scientific basis for not vaccinating so that if you do harbor the virus, everyone will know to stay away from you. But as Alan Philip states, it isn’t about science, it’s about money. No amount of citing the best scientific argument will win. They are ignoring the science and have been for a very long time.

  113. My mouth dropped when our RN/Director of Employee Health sent out a mass email naming everyone who had not had their flu shot. She also named those of us who had refused the flu shot and why (medical, religious). I was the only one listed as ‘personal reasons.’ I’m hoping the exemption is still available next year: everyone keeps talking about the flu shot becoming a condition of employment.

    • Sounds like a violation of federal law to me! Can’t treat those with religious objections differently from those who are vaccinated unless it’s a “business necessity” under federal civil rights law as I understand it!

        • I’m not well versed on HIPAA, but have seen language in that law that suggests to me that this may not be a HIPAA violation. I’ve not heard of anyone making a successful complaint based on this. But if anyone has information to the contrary, please let me know. But if someone has religious objections to vaccines, that fact should be kept private to avoid a possible discrimination issue–treating them differently because of their religious beliefs, which could potentially violate federal civil rights law. Just saying “personal reasons” might not be a problem legally, if still a personal violation.

  114. I am no expert on HIPPA either. But, it is my understanding that under that law a person’s medical history is to remain private and not to be divulged without the person’s written permission. Since vaccination is a medical procedure, it seems logical that whether or not an individual has undergone that procedure should remain private the same as with any other medical intervention or aspect of medical history. Distributing a list naming employees and their health or vaccination status seems a clear violation of HIPPA.

    • be careful what you sign . trust no one . you may have already signed medical release permissions to the employer . you may have been slipped the permission as a matter of standard protocols for employment never realizing it could be used in devious ways . these systems are becoming very divisive / al

    • The problem is that the vaccination status of employees in this instance is not coming from a medical record (though one’s vaccination status may also be in an employee’s medical record, of course), but in some other kind of record that is not protected by HIPAA. Perhaps this information is protected by other state or federal privacy or other laws, but I don’t have information on that.

      • o I dunno . maybe there are records at nic / ft dietric Maryland . the citizens just do not know how easy it is for the military to experiment on civilians . I read up some on this biological testing on humans . military and civilian populations . the citizens need to know about this , but its really in the realm of biowarfare r and d . generally and I say foolishly not of much interest to the civilian population. I recently had a dr apt and the 1st history form asked about all the vaccines I had received for the record , so I know its considered risk for many health problems . / al

      • So if an employer learns the HIV status of its employees, formally or informally, that employer can issue a memo listing each employee and whether or not they have HIV (or Hepatitis or a history of warts or whatever)?
        That doesn’t sound right.

          • I think the whole flu shot issue is relaxed. You can throw you arm out a car window and get a flu shot. I bet if you were a bug on the wall informed consent with flu shots or vaccines is minimal at best. I have to follow HIPAA and would not dream of sharing a list of employees and their flu shot history to others. I think that there could be a problem with this but then I don’t think that flu shots and vaccines hold to the same standards and somewhere they became the exception to the rule.

            • ahh tell em you already got it at the supermarket . that should throw em off . yea here giant eagle gives them ha ha / aL

        • A person’s disease status will be documented in the person’s medical record by the healthcare professional who diagnoses and/or treats the condition, and medical records are protected. An employee’s vaccination status may be part of a medical record created by the person administering the vaccine, but it may also be part of a non-medical, administrative record because vaccines are (increasingly) a condition of employment as a matter of company policy or state law. To the best of my knowledge, HIV, Hepatitis and warts are not required as a condition of employment, so they are not likely to show up outside of medical records.

    • al,
      Forgive my French. That website and it’s message is complete Bullshit. I hope that’s why you are pointing it out. I hope you don’t mean that Barbara Loe Fisher is evil, that any of that propaganda is true, for Heaven’s sake.

      • I think it deserves investigating . where are marge grants member rosters ? I contacted ms fisher about this and she became extremely pissed . why ? remember my views on vaccines comes from studying the whole history of all the technology from several hundred years . i have read it , Jonas salk himself was prominent in eugenics . I read his own authored books and I say he was nuts . no you are both wrong . I don’t post bs / al

        • I am generally open minded, but I am 1000% certain that there is no way that Barbara Loe Fisher is lacking in integrity or is insincere and there is no way that she is any kind of double agent working for anyone with a secret agenda to push or promote vaccines. The suggestion is beyond ridiculous.

  115. ok linda be very careful here . I’m old enough to remember and aware enough to see what has been unfolding before my very eyes . Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States from 1953 until 1961. he warned us of the military industrial complex . and JFK warned us of the neoNAZI party . just what do you think these men were talking about ? I myself had some bad vaccines and never really compensated except retired on social security at age 20 . I have signs of cancer damage in 5 organ systems, as visualized on ct scan, and have lived with it most of my life . its all about what you don’t know . get to work . / al

    • I agree with you that there are a lot of bad actors, many wolves in sheep’s clothing. However, I am no spring chicken myself and I have observed Barbara Loe Fisher for decades. She definitely is beyond reproach. She is one of the good (in fact, best) guys. Absolutely no doubt.

      • just remember the millions of damaged kids who will never be compensated or cared for . I’m living proof of it . like I say . look at the history . I worked for the cardiologists in charlotte nc and I’m not brain dead . I have done much study into molecular biology and the sv-40 issue . its a wrecking ball . go ahead and research it yourself . dr ferri at upmc cancer center tells me I have convinced him . my cancers extend from impure vaccines . I also worked with dr nobel’s research monkeys at the university of pittsburgh . its very dangerous work . flu vaccines are now being made with vero cell technology , essentially grown on monkey kidneys same as the contaminated polio vaccines . they are not sterile products . / al

        • I’m sorry that you got cancer. I’m not arguing any of your points, except that you are making Barbara Loe Fisher out to be a villain.

          • 0 blood ppls are generally more resistant to cancers . so in fact I should be the last to get it . however I picked this stuff up as a vaccinated kid . also some people don’t seem to get aids but do get cancers instead . some get aids but no sign of hiv . others presenting hiv don’t develop aids . something here is amiss . my concern is over the monkey viral dnas in the polio vaccines . look up iatrogenic zoonosis . worse than my cancers is the severe lack of candor by the medical community . here is a recent comm of mine via facebook -response from tetyana obukhanych ph d @Harvard : Thanks, Allen, I’ll look up the studies that you recommended. I haven’t looked into HIV-related research myself very deeply yet, however I am aware of profound oxidative stress that accompanies AIDS (and possibly drives some of its pathology) and therefore the mitochondria connection would make sense to me. What makes you interested in HIV research? / the hilman cancer center here in pgh confirms lotts of aids patients display cancers . I don’t have the risk factors of being gay or a junkie so now I’m going to figure it all out myself . I got 7 y or more of research work into the situation . I will say vaccines are a wrecking ball .

    • they are going to realize we ARE SERIOUS ! the local pa health dpt in my region is a die-hard vaccine advocate . being shes a doctor I’m very suspicious of her . she does claim she gets routine vaccines . I don’t know if I believe her . you would think a physician would be more educated . uhhh / al

  116. Hi everyone. A couple of weeks ago I was hired and sent an offer letter from a hospital. I accepted the position, went through a physical demands test and a health screening. I wasn’t cleared to begin work because I refused two vaccinations based on my religious beliefs. I filled out a religious accommodation request for both – it was denied. I called and appealed my decision, and the person handling my appeal told me that one of the vaccines could be accommodated but the other was a year-round requirement that couldn’t be. I told her I would research the shot and she told me she would push my start date back while I did that. In the meantime, I also sent a letter similar to the one that worked above as well as a letter from my pastor. After a few days, I contacted the person via email to ask for an update. She said she’d have a decision the next week, which was the week I was supposed to start. I emailed back and asked if there was anything I could do to help expedite the matter since my start date was that week, and she emailed back that my offer had been rescinded so that if an accommodation for the second vaccine was found I would have to start the process all over again, meaning I wouldn’t be able to start on my original start date.

    Well, I was really frustrated, and devastated, so I fired off an email to her attaching a letter from my attorney friend regarding religious rights to refuse vaccinations according to the EEOC. I also found a record showing that I’ve had the vaccination I question within the past 4 years. I emailed her to let her know this and asked if that reinstate my offer and the woman said she couldn’t talk to me because I was represented by an attorney. I tried to tell her the attorney only did research for me and did not represent me in any way. She insisted that the hospital’s attorney would be in touch with “my” attorney. My attorney friend spoke to the hospital attorney and confirmed that he didn’t represent me. I am now dealing with the hospital attorney on my own. He sent me a letter saying that he was waiting for the hospital to give him options for accommodating the vaccine the woman had already told me could be accommodated. I let him know that the issue was not that vaccination but the one that I had gotten 4 years ago. He hasn’t responded and it’s been a week. I’ve emailed and I’ve left a message for him. What do you all think is going on? Is the hospital stalling, hoping that I go away? If the issue was the shot I already got, shouldn’t this be resolved by now? I guess what I’m asking is does anyone think the hospital will reinstate the offer? Somehow I think I messed this up and I don’t know how to fix it.

      • I do not know if the attorney friend you are referring to is Alan Phillips but if your friend is not Allan you need to hire him so that they will obey the federal law and accommodate your religious beliefs. I retained Allan Phillips for a religious exemption to clinicals and he is very reasonable, professional and thorough. Do yourself and your future a favor and at least talk to him

        • Hi Jon – unfortunately, my friend isn’t Mr. Phillips. Wish he was! Thank you for the link! I’ll definitely check it out.

    • A primary problem in this arena is that no one–administrators, employees, and even employment law attorneys–understand the details of the law as they apply to vaccines in particular. If you can work with an attorney who understands how EEOC regulations apply to the specific issue of vaccines, and how accommodation here is different from other kinds of accommodation, then you have a better chance of succeeding. I’ve had correspondence with the EEOC’s Office of Legal Counsel 3 times regarding how Title VII and EEOC regulations apply to this situation (ironically, it seems that no one, not even EEOC offices handling complaints, are looking up this information that is readily available), and have worked with a couple of hundred nurses and other healthcare workers around the country. In my experience, the typical situation involves a hospital that is overstepping legal boundaries and an employee who misunderstands her rights (for lack of having looked into how the *law* defines ‘religion’, which is very different from how most of us think of it in common sense terms). It’s critical to find out the legal boundaries *before* you take any action, because most people’s common sense approach to this gets them into trouble (e.g., it’s unlawful for an employer to require a letter from a member of the clergy). Add to that the fact that most hospitals don’t know what they’re doing (no offense, but that’s my experience with clients from all over the U.S.), and you have a prescription for disaster.

      • we are in the midst of a disaster alright . I see Obama made mention of more vaccines in his state of the union address , did anyone else catch that one ?

    • There is no simple, concise legal definition of “religion.” The legal definition is defined, to the extent that it is defined, in an ongoing line of court cases over time (Supreme Court and others) that, case by case, provide rulings on specific sets of facts and circumstances. Understanding and applying these cases to a present legal concern requires understanding what precedent is relevant to the present concern (and why/how), and that requires some knowledge and understanding about how our legal systems work. It is an art, a skill to develop over time, which is one reason that the business of law is referred to as a “practice.” The legal definition of “religion” is continually evolving as more court cases’ final rulings generate legal precedent (most cases do not generate legal precedent), which adds new points of reference to clarify more lines in more situations (and occasionally overturns or reverses prior precedent). So, if you’re looking for a simple, clear definition from which to determine if you have qualifying religious beliefs, say, opposed to vaccines, or how to determine which of your beliefs qualify, or how to write a legally sound statement of beliefs, unfortunately, there’s no simple definition or solution for that, no bullet-point list that tells you what works/qualifies or how to do that. Also, if you are looking at religion and the law with respect to a specific context, say, vaccines, then you need to review the precedent on that point–on vaccine religious exemptions–as that may be more applicable then other cases about religion in other contexts. This is because there are aspects of the vaccine issue that are unique to vaccines. In the vaccine arena, distinguishing between beliefs that are religious for legal purposes and those which are not is a critical concern. In my experience, most people who write their own statements of belief opposed to vaccines run into trouble on this. If legally avoiding vaccines is important to you, consider consulting an expert you would for any important concern. The law is just more complicated than most people realize.

  117. Speaking of Obama, does anyone know if the Affordable Care Act includes any vaccine mandates as part of the coverage? Are any of those strings attached?

    • linda that’s a very relevant conscern . being he advocates for big pharma and more vaccines and development of new vaccines , I’m pretty likewise worried they will try that . it seems to me these vaccines has caused a lot of health problems and the pharma/ medical community answers with MORE VACCINES ? I believe al Phillips iois rite we all need to understand the law and our rights perfectly . there will be no room for mistakes .

      • The reason why I’m suspicious is because of all the mandates everywhere else. The hospital/health care worker mandate really originated from the gov’t threatening to decrease Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements, so it follows that the ACA would have some built in requirement too. Twenty years ago, I never would have believed that we would get to this point. It’s very sad. Does anyone know the answer though? Is there an actual mandate?

        • I was told by a hospital attorney that Medicaid and Medicare require 90% compliance rate for hospitals or they lose up to 2% of reimbursements. However, when I looked this up, I only found a reporting requirement, not a minimum % requirement (that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not there, though, I didn’t have time to research this thoroughly…) DHHS’ Health People 2020 has a goal of vaccinating 90% of healthcare workers with the influenza vaccine, and 80-90% of the rest of U.S. adults. I was told by someone who contacted CMS (Medicaid and Medicare) that they were not able to confirm a mandate. However, states around the country are passing laws mandating flu vaccines for healthcare workers (at least 3 so far), and individual hospitals or systems may mandate flu shots as a policy requirement. Either way, federal civil rights law provides an “out” on religious grounds. I’ve also been told that hospital accrediting agencies may be implementing requirements for hospital accreditation. This is something that has been in the making for years, a carefully planned program that bypasses science and public opinion, and this is not the only arena where this is happening. Meanwhile, there are over 270 vaccines either already waiting for FDA approval or in clinical trials…healthcare workers are a “door” to the rest of the adult US population, and the flu vaccines is a “door” to an endless lineup of more and more vaccines. Once the adult market is opened up, pharmaceutical profits will multiply. The flu is the start, with the CDC recommending annual shots for everyone 6 mos and older (despite research showing that it has no benefit for children under 2; in fact, there’s research showing that unvaccinated children have 3 to 4 times the rate of respiratory infection compared with unvaccinated [with influenza vaccine] children, and vaccinated kids have 3 times the hospitalization rate). The takeover of government by corporations is disturbing. Esp. big pharma, where *criminal* fines in the $100’s of millions are common–I know of at least 3 $billion *criminal* fines for pharma companies, and the behavior is recurring over a period of many years, worse in more recent years. Profit trumps all; wealth over health.

          • there may well be more sinister thing going on here besides the greed . after studying the complete history and eugenics and biological warfare , my opinion is there is a destruction / culling ongoing . the true signs of hate are all around us if people would just get wise . most are in denial cause the reality is just too horrible to believe . we sill have some tools to fight this thing and we need to use them . like I have said I been opposed to vaccines since 1964 . jons salk had a book “survival of the wisest “. the wise ones are the few who were told . everyone else is marked for disposal . you can stll buy his books used online . you really should examine this character . its nothing you have ever been told .

    • There is no simple, concise legal definition of “religion.” The legal definition is defined, to the extent that it is defined, in an ongoing line of court cases over time (Supreme Court and others) that, case by case, provide rulings on specific sets of facts and circumstances. Understanding and applying these cases to a present legal concern requires understanding what precedent is relevant to the present concern (and why/how), and that requires some knowledge and understanding about how our legal systems work. It is an art, a skill to develop over time, which is one reason that the business of law is referred to as a “practice.” The legal definition of “religion” is continually evolving as more court cases’ final rulings generate legal precedent (most cases do not generate legal precedent), which adds new points of reference to clarify more lines in more situations (and occasionally overturns or reverses prior precedent). So, if you’re looking for a simple, clear definition from which to determine if you have qualifying religious beliefs, say, opposed to vaccines, or how to determine which of your beliefs qualify, or how to write a legally sound statement of beliefs, unfortunately, there’s no simple definition or solution for that, no bullet-point list that tells you what works/qualifies or how to do that. Also, if you are looking at religion and the law with respect to a specific context, say, vaccines, then you need to review the precedent on that point–on vaccine religious exemptions–as that may be more applicable then other cases about religion in other contexts. This is because there are aspects of the vaccine issue that are unique to vaccines. In the vaccine arena, distinguishing between beliefs that are religious for legal purposes and those which are not is a critical concern. In my experience, most people who write their own statements of belief opposed to vaccines run into trouble on this. If legally avoiding vaccines is important to you, consider consulting an expert you would for any important concern. The law is just more complicated than most people realize.

    • Obamacare includes a lot of language in support of vaccines, including grants to states to have people go door to door pushing vaccines. (This has reportedly already been done in some states, though I’m not sure if it was from Obamacare grants.) Obamacare also has a religious exemption for the individual insurance coverage mandate, but the language blatantly violates the First Amendment by requiring membership in an organized religion. The statutes delegate the details to DHHS, but DHHS has only complete a proposed rule at this point, and not a final procedure. So, it’s a mess in this respect, like so much of the rest of the law is and implementation has been.

      • yes al this administration is a wrecking ball . big govt intrusions should not be taken lightly . so the record of the courts has by case law been “not to force vaccines on religious objectors ” is that what you were reflecting ? I have taken a lot of time to teach my doc how the polio vaccines cause cancers . he’s convinced . since I have that condition , should I ask him for exemption letter due to cancer ? he had told ne he advised his patients against the flu vacs . hmmm you see cancer is also in ways an immunologic condition too . it boils down to genetic tampering . / al

        • Different hospitals have different requirements for medical conditions, but the trend I’m seeing is a progression to more and more strict requirements, toward “anaphylactic shock following vaccination or Guillain Barre Syndrome within 6 weeks of a vaccine.” I had one nurse client with letters from three doctors and they still told her to get the shot or lose her job. There may be a legal argument in support of an employee who has a doctor’s support, I haven’t had time to research that yet, but what anyone who wishes to have an exemption should do is find out what their employer’s policy is, what their requirements are. From there, the next step could be to determine whether or not those requirements are lawful (especially if you can’t meet them!), and whether or not you can meet the requirements. Beware, though; if they say that for a religious exemption you have to have a letter from a member of the clergy (which many if not most employers have done in my experience), that is not only an unlawful requirement, they usually reject people who get such a letter anyway, because they’re looking for proof that you’re a member of a church with tenets opposed to immunizations, which few people are (but again, that’s an unlawful requirement, so you don’t have to; you may, however, need help convincing them that it’s an unlawful requirement). I even had a Christian Scientist client who was rejected, though she eventually succeeded with my help, I’m happy to report. While I’ve met some hospital attorneys who want to do the right thing, I’ve seen only one hospital administrator who appeared that way. Many will force the issue to whatever extent they can get away with, legal or not. For those, it’s probably a financial question. If breaking the law won’t cost them, or will gain a profit or other advantage, that can, apparently, be the deciding factor. The hubris within the healthcare industry is both widespread and disturbing.

  118. Hi! Just wanted to add a comment. My husband, who rarely gets sick, was talked into having the flu shot years ago, when the swine flu broke out. He received one, and a few days later, was admitted to the I.C.U. He got Guillain Barre Syndrome due to the flu shot. He almost died. The worst part was no one knew what he had. A doctor, who was just at a seminar regarding GBS happened to be in the ER when he was there. Talk about timing. He recovered with no effect. Another male from this same area was diagnosed with GBS at the same time, and to this day, still has partial paralysis. Flu shots are a personal choice. I have never had a flu shot, nor will my son have one. The pediatrician tried talking me into my son getting one, but I refused. I could not live with the fact if he got GBS from a flu shot while trying to avoid the flu. You cannot prevent everything.

    • Thank you for sharing that, Lizzie. I’ve heard similar stories from healthcare workers around the country. There are no 100% safe options, which is why govt and employers should not impose a one-size-fits-all mandate. But the agenda goes forward. NYC just mandated flu vaccines for all NYC-regulated childcare and daycare facilities. Research shows about 4 times the rate of upper respiratory illness in kids who got the flu shot compared to those that didn’t. The flu vaccine looks more like a cash cow (from treating the increased illness) than a public health policy. Anyway, these stories reinforce my commitment to help people legally avoid vaccines, but what is needed over the long term is laws allowing us to make informed choices.

  119. Some call it AIDS : I call it murder : the connection between vaccines, cancer AIDS, immunizations and genocide

    Eva Lee Snead

    San Antonio, Tex : AUM, 1992.

    Book : EnglishView all editions and formats


    University of Pittsburgh Health Science Library

    Pittsburgh, PA 15261 United States
    Book Book

  120. Really wanted to become an RN, but these poisonous vaccines are making me not want to pursue the field anymore. It’s sad, as I like helping people.

    There is a higher power behind these vaccines that intend to make and keep the population ill, as healthy and vibrant people have no need for intervention. Vitamin D, preferably from the sun, keeps the flu away and is why the winter is notorious for people getting ill (less sun). Money is valued more than human life. Sad.

    • You are not alone, Steve. I’ve talked to both those who are wisely choosing a different academic pursuit (away from healthcare) and others who are leaving the healthcare industry after many years, because of this nonsense. It’s tragic on so many levels. The industry is truly, and in some instances literally, killing itself by bowing to the Corporate greed monster (Big Pharma). After 21 years in healthcare my husband is working on an exit plan as well. It’s been a big reality check on the sad state of healthcare in this country and a reminder to our whole family to keep ourselves healthy so that we don’t need conventional healthcare services at all!

      • right you are, Jill. I wish you and your husband good luck on whatever it is you choose.
        Good Health. Good Life.

    • Steve, I also highly recommend another career. There are other ways of helping people! Truly helping them via naturopathy, chiropratic, herbalism, accupunture, massage therapy, etc. I’ve been a nurse for 28 years this June. Let me assure you it is not the same field I choose all those years ago. And I would NOT choose it were I young now. I’m working on my exit strategy as well. Sadly, and I’m sure I’m not alone here, I have college age kids, a mortgage, and bills. I am finding it very hard to transition out of healthcare. My last flu shot made me extremely ill and my autoimmune disease has been in a constant state of flare since then. I do not want to receive the flu vaccine again. Ever. Keep yourselves healthy by staying far, far, far away from conventional medicine!

      • Barb, I contemplated going the chiropractic route as my friend is one of the top up-and-coming chiros in Brazil. I’m 25, so it’s not entirely out of reach, though it would have been wiser of me to have gone into it younger rather than deciding to get a Bachelors in another field. I think it’s more the debt that most health professions, natural or conventional, leave you with by the end of school, not to mention the amount it costs to start your own practice with all of the equipment and such, that keeps me from pursuing. Thank you for your response.

    • Hey Steve, I am a young nurse and I was fired two years ago now for refusing a flu shot! I would HIGHLY recommend taking another route. One reason I didn’t really care for “healthcare” is because you really don’t help people get better that much. Most of nursing is assessments and passing pills. In nursing school you learn all about drugs (except vaccines) and talk very little about nutrition and alternative therapies. I would be happy to talk with you about what I am doing now and some other things you might be interested in taking a look at. You can e-mail me: Also, check out my blog: I love what I do now and am truly helping people get better naturally. Helping their bodies to heal on their own through lifestyle changes. Best wishes on whatever path you choose!

      • Oh I already knew that conventional health care was not the way to health. Outside of liking to help people, I simply was looking to go into it for the most part because of the so-called boom of more nurses being in demand and it being a reliable job in the long run with a lot of room to grow and venture into different realms of the field. Then the other day I thought to myself, “no matter how much i’m paid, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy that money and what I can do with it if my health is bad,” – which is what in my opinion (based on extensive research) is what vaccines contribute towards in the long run.

        I believe every end makes room for a new beginning and it seems as that mantra holds true for you, Becca.

        I will be emailing you shortly and thanks for your response.

  121. What does Christianity have to do with refusing to get vaccinated? For the fundamentalists in the crowd, vaccines didn’t exist in Biblical times so there is no Scriptural basis for refusal. For all Christians, Jesus’ admonition to turn the other cheek is a call to be willing to sacrifice oneself rather than harm others. Vaccine refusal repudiates that, and repudiates Jesus’ commandment to love thy neighbors as thyself. Vaccine refusal is not Christian, it’s selfishness, at the expense of herd immunity and those who are medically at-risk. Shame!

    • To Q,
      First of all, “Thou shalt not kill”. That’s #1. Vaccines kill some recipients who would have otherwise lived. Second, there is Old Testament scripture which forbids combining species. In the case of vaccines, injecting humans with the DNA of dogs, pigs, monkeys, chickens, insects, viruses, bacteria, in whole or in part, live or killed, is not kosher. Then there’s the problem of injecting a human infant with aluminum, mercury, MSG, formaldehyde, etc., things that if fed to the same baby, would send a person to jail for child abuse. Also, not kosher. Love they neighbor as thyself doesn’t mean playing Russian roulette with your children’s lives for the theoretical chance that another’s life may be saved. That’s man trespassing on the Divine’s territory. Not kosher.

    • The problem is, that’s the wrong question. This issue here is not a theological one concerning the proper interpretation of anyone’s religion, the issue concerns the legal definition for legal purposes. If your beliefs fall under that definition, your beliefs are protected by law; if not, they aren’t. The legal definition of ‘religion’ is something that requires lengthy consultations to explain in full, but for starters, if your beliefs are religious in nature and sincerely held (as the law defines those phrases), they are protected beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether or not you belong to any organized religion at all, nor which one you belong to if you do. So, if you sincerely believe that the Bible prohibits vaccines, then that’s a protected belief. If you don’t, that’s also a protected belief. Government (or employers under federal civil rights law) can’t decide if your belief is “correct”, or even if it’s logical; they can only look to see if it’s religious in nature and sincerely held. So, there’s no one correct interpretation of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, etc., for legal purposes, only *your* interpretation, whether anyone else on the planet agrees with you or not. On the flip side, however, there are legal pitfalls to avoid when it comes to stating specific religious beliefs opposed to vaccines. In my experience (with over 300 healthcare workers, and many hundreds of other clients in other exemption areas), most people who do this on their own fall into one or more “legal pitfalls” that can complicate the matter or cost them the exemption. This is because the way the law works is not consistent with most people’s common sense approach. But with respect to the starting place, virtually anyone can potentially qualify for a religious exemption. There are even beliefs you could hold as an atheist that are protected religious beliefs–moral and ethical beliefs about right and wrong held with the same strength as traditional religious beliefs regarding ultimate concerns about life, purpose, and death. A federal court ruled in late 2012 that being a vegan could, potentially, qualify as a protected religious belief (if it were based on a qualifying moral or ethical belief…) Alan Phillips, Esq.,

    “New Jersey court rules for nurse who refused vaccine on non-religious grounds
    GREEN BROOK N.J. (Reuters) – A New Jersey appeals court ruled on Thursday that First Amendment protections allowing people to refuse medical procedures on religious grounds also extends to those opting out of treatment for secular reasons.

    The Superior Court of New Jersey’s appellate division said the state’s Department of Labor erred in refusing to pay unemployment insurance to a nurse fired for declining to receive a flu vaccine out of personal conviction, rather than on religious or medical grounds.

    “The Board’s ruling unconstitutionally violated appellant’s freedom of expression,” said the three-judge panel.

    June Valent was a nurse at the Hackettstown Community Hospital in September 2010 when the company issued a policy requiring employees to get a flu vaccination. The rule allowed workers to claim an exemption on religious or medical grounds provided they submitted a note from a religious leader or a doctor.

    Valent refused the vaccine, opting to wear a protective face mask during flu season. But she did not have a note and was later fired. The New Jersey Department of Labor, at the behest of the hospital, then tried to deny her unemployment benefits on the grounds she had been fired for insubordination, the opinion said.

    Valent, who argued on behalf of herself, rejected that claim, saying she agreed to wear a face mask, which was part of the new policy for those who chose to forgo the vaccination on religious grounds.

    “The religion-based exemption irrefutably illustrates that the flu vaccination policy is not based exclusively on public health concerns,” the opinion said.

    Lee Moore, a spokesman for the state’s attorney general, declined to comment on the case, other than to say: “The decision is under review.”

    Valent could not be immediately reached for comment.”

    • After having read the court opinion, I find the legal analysis here is good, though the assertions about vaccines disturbingly erroneous:

      In brief: This was not a free speech issue, and the religious exemptions absolutely does NOT mean that the flu vax policy is not based on health concerns–religious exemptions are tolerated because the herd immunity theory tells us that all are protected if most are vaccinated–so, religious exemptions strike a balance between public health concerns and religious freedom.

      What this case does do, however, is encourage hospitals to drop their religious exemptions. HOWEVER, whether or not a hospital offers a religious exemption, if an employee requests one, they hospital is required by federal civil rights law to allow it. Some will need an attorney to get the hospital to actually follow the law, but the law is there in any event.

  123. Here we go again. I pull up my emails and we’ve all been notified of our annual employee health requirements. No mention of exemption. I may wait for a response here before I start prodding to ask for an exemption so I don’t go about it all wrong. I’m hoping and praying that it’s still available and they’re just not advertising in hopes that some may not ask for it. Here’s my concern: for the past 2 years I’ve claimed philosophical exemption. Should I keep this as my reason for exemption, or is it safe to switch gears and go for religious? From what I’ve read here is that religious exemption is harder for the employer to negate. Added bonus: they will not be having an employee health fair where you can come and go as you please and sign off on a few things just being seen by an RN. This year, you are REQUIRED to have an annual physical at your expense. “Utilize your health benefits” is the terminology (*some fees may apply*). Just more prodding, which is precisely why I haven’t been in 2 years. My stomach is in knots.

    • Hospitals are not required, legally, to offer exemptions, but if you request a religious exemption, they are required under federal law to “accommodate” your religious beliefs. However, most employees, when writing their own statement of religious beliefs, shoot themselves in the foot, because the way the law works is not consistent with most people’s common sense approach to the task (hint: this is NOT the place to educate your reader about vaccine harm). Worse, most hospitals that do offer religious exemptions implement unlawfully restrictive polices (in my experience with over 300 healthcare workers nationwide). So, it’s best to work with an attorney experienced in this arena if the issue is really important to you; and to meet with your state reps if you want to have the right to make an informed choice (I’d be happy to help anyone with that!). As for switching exemptions, sure, that could look disingenuous, but why would someone divulge personal religious beliefs about something as controversial as this if they didn’t have to? Objecting on philosophical grounds doesn’t mean that you *don’t* have religious objections. And when you do have qualifying religious objections, you have federal statutory and Constitutional rights backing up your objection. So, switching isn’t necessarily a problem, it could even be a huge advantage, even though it could also potentially raise a question or be confusing to administrators if they’re really paying attention. The best advice is to get information about your rights before doing anything, so you don’t unintentionally do something that undermines your rights. For more on this, see this article:, or go to [not intended to be legal advice; for educational purposes only]

  124. I am a former high school graduated going to college next semester and looking to become a nurse and while I read all these comments, I feel more motivated to become one than before. Surely there has to be some place that listens to reason.. would you think that a homeopathic physician would not require their nurses to get a flu-shot or any other vaccinations that might come along?? and if not, wheres the loop hole in this messed up scheme? This is obviously all about making money off nurses because they have to pay to get the flu-shot and if they don’t they get fired.. but aren’t their good christian people out their that support the same ideals we all share? I know this world is messed up but there has to be a light in this darkness, we really should make an organization that supports these ideals we firmly believe in, that way we can be recognized and then maybe the nursing employers would undergo a change of heart about the flu-vaccinations. I may be younger than most people here on this commentary but I know what is right and what is wrong and I know that God is on our side, and if people loose their jobs or not God will provide. Bless you all because you’re all standing strong in the faith by standing up for what you believe in and that will not be forgotten by God.

    • Erika,
      I love your passion! Unfortunately, most health care institutions don’t care. I am a young nurse who was fired for refusing a flu shot, and that was after I had filed a religious exemption. Most facilities do not care. There is some hope as there are states and legislators trying to pass laws to make this illegal, but it’s going to be a fight. There is an organization called nurses against mandatory vaccines that is working to support healthcare worker from mandatory vaccination and also to put legislation in place to protect healthcare workers. You can find them here: please contact me if you have questions ( There are other options out there besides traditional healthcare. Best wishes.

    • In college healthcare curriculums that require clinical trainingl, the clinical sites require vaccines, so state exemption laws don’t apply (they exempt you from state-mandated vaccines). Federal civil rights law arguably applies and support religious objections to immunizations, but schools and clinical sites are unfamiliar with this. So, people in nursing school, pre-med, EMT training, etc. will usually need an attorney’s help, and even then, this is a difficult arena. More information about this is available at

  125. At my multi facility hospital in central brevard county, FL…. We are being mandated to get the shot or “not be on the work schedule after dec. 15,” so it looks like we are giving up our jobs… we arej ust being fired though. Last year, I found a work around.. it was the first year and so it was not required when I accepted my position 5 years ago. This year, I am looking for a new job! I refuse to let my employer who doesn’t care about me as an individual decide what medical procedures I am to have. This cannot be legal!?!? We dont even get the option to wear a mask…a nd get this: I work in medical records!! I sit in the back of an office away from patients ALL DAY!

  126. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Many thanks

  127. Book – Saying NO To Vaccines, By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

    Found it in this article – Doctors Against Vaccines: The Other Side of the Story is Not Being Told, Health Impact News, Sept 25th, 2014 – See more at:

  128. What I love about this is that she probably had several who reviewed the letter (decision makers) start to think twice about their choice. Kudos, Becky.

  129. I read this entire thread and am sickened. I was aware of these things before though, and have an absolute distrust for corporations and government. I dispise corporations so much I do not watch any commercials. Anyway, I just graduated from a respiratory therapy program, an associates degree, and I did my clinicals in NJ, where there was a recent victory in this story, and I was a part time student so I did clinicals for 2.5 years and all of the workers could at this point could just sign a release. I am sure this is about to change. I am taking my board exams in Jan and will be looking for a job. I will not get e flu shot. I will do what allen says and apply for religious exemption, and it is no excuse as I am a manor Faith and believe it is wrong on spiritual and scientific fronts as well. I had to have a MMR vaccine 3 years ago to do clinicals and was very very sick within 6 hours. All flu like symptoms with a low grade fever. I have never had a flu shot and after the MMR will never get one. One time I would seriously consider damaging my body for f¥%king money, but I couldn’t do it year in year out. I know it will be tough and my wife has been very supportive, I just hope she supports this as well, I mean it is only my body. Thanks for reading this and staying vilagent all.

  130. How do I get a job as a nurse if everywhere I go has this mandatory flu vaccine rule that disqualifies me from ever obtaining a position as an RN. I am at a loss in life and don’t know where to turn. The world is failing me. I don’t want to be forced to get a vaccine I don’t agree with but I need a job desperately. What is wrong with this world??

    • I know, Anna, it’s so wrong!!!! I will pray you are able to find a loophole to slip through or that somehow it works out for you!

  131. I haven’t read the entire threat, but many people share comments about their best understanding, but since flu vaccines mandates in the workplace is a new arena for all–hospitals, staff, and attorneys–most (based on my experience with over 300 healthcare workers nationwide now) misunderstand the rights involved. The truth is, a number of mainstream medical sources conclude that flu vaccines don’t work; fed govt VICP website statistics report payouts for flu-vax-caused injury and death; and some 90-95% or more of my clients’ hospitals implement unlawfully restrictive exemption policies that will most likely require an attorney’s help to deal with–unless you think they will change their policy based on your opinions. 3 different nurses from different parts of the country reported that their hospital system allowed few to no exemptions despite having requests numbering over 1,000 (1500+ in one instance). This is a difficult arena to navigate successfully on your own. But the absolute LAST thing you want to try is what the recommendation that started this thread suggests–in my professional opinion and experience, it’s the QUICKEST way to have an exemption request denied. I don’t know if the poster knew that and was trying to mislead everyone s/he could, or it s/he was just making it up from a misinformed “common sense” perspective. But it is completely erroneous (no offense to anyone intended).

  132. There is no credible evidence that flu vaccines absolutely “don’t work”. It’s well known that flu vaccines NEVER work 100% due to the ever mutating flu virus and no public authority has ever represented that it’s 100% effective. Every year, the makeup of the vaccine is predictive but long term statistics support that, year to year, it’s about 50-80% effective. Consider what the incidence of flu would be without an aggressive flu vaccine program! Even when it fails to totally protect flu victims, it’s documented that the episode of flu is usually milder.

  133. This is typical of people who parrot what they hear without bothering to look for themselves, because they have a financial, career, or psychological investment in proving vaccines are safe and effective–that is, the opposing view poses some kind of threat, so they don’t (and possible can’t) investigate objectively. Tom, you got it exactly backwards; here’s a quick primer (list of studies). NOTE: Scrutinize any responses to this post carefully. Trolls employ psychological tactics to evade engaging with the issue–they viciously attack posts they oppose (but don’t explain an opposing view); ridicule, demean or criticize the poster (but don’t engage the substance of the post); etc. The truth is, there is abundant mainstream information discrediting flu vaccines, so at best, one might argue that they find pro-vax studies more persuasive, but curiously, the independent reviews find fault with the pro-vaccine studies, and not the other way around. Perhaps most telling of all is the documented death and disability from flu vaccines (see VICP website). E.g., the official view is that Flu shots cause 1 GBS case in a million, or two million, shots. However, I had one client (MD) with 4 patients that got GBS from the flu vax, and 3 of them died–and I doubt that this MD had 4 million patients. So, we are being lied to, plain and simple. Some studies to get your started:

    A. A 2010 review of the flu vaccine literature by the Cochrane Collaboration, an independent, international consortium of medical researchers, issued a WARNING stating that “reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions…” The review also found that “vaccine use did not affect . . . working days lost” and “had no effect on hospital admissions or complication rates.” That this problem is limited exclusively to influenza vaccines is doubtful.1
    B. The AMA and the CDC endorsed non-mandatory flu vaccine policies during the 2009-2010 swine flu pandemic. 2,3 Clearly, these agencies contemplated at least some non-vaccinated employees, even during a declared pandemic.
    C. A recent Lancet study revealed that flu vaccines are 60% effective. However, the 60% figure was the “relative” risk reduction (rounded up); the “actual” risk reduction was a trivial 1.5%. 4 Accordingly, flu vaccines are of questionable benefit.
    D. In a September 2011 Position Statement, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stated that it “believes there is insufficient scientific evidence for the federal government to promote mandatory influenza vaccination programs that do not have an option for the HCP [healthcare professionals] to decline for medical, religious and/or per¬sonal philosophical reasons.” 5
    E. In November of 2012, a critical review in The International Journal of Family Medicine concluded: “The arguments for uniform healthcare worker influenza vaccination are not supported by existing literature. The decision whether to get vaccinated should, except possibly in extreme situations, be that of the individual healthcare worker, without legal, institutional, or peer coercion.” 6
    F. A 2013 BMJ article documented that public health authorities’ aggressive promotion of the influenza vaccine is not supported by the medical literature and fails to acknowledge serious vaccine risks. E.g., contrary to wildly mistaken claims, only 16% of tested respiratory specimens are positive for influenza, and serious vaccine adverse events are well documented internationally. The U.S. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program documents injury and death caused by the influenza vaccine as well. 8
    G. In 2013, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota reported on studies showing that the influenza vaccine provided “little or no protection” in 2010-11, and that getting a flu shot 2 years in a row may actually lower protection. 9
    H. A recent study revealed that vitamin D supplements protect against the flu better than flu shots. 10

    1 Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults,
    2 AMA meeting: No flu shot mandate for doctors; hand sanitizer pushed,
    3 Vaccine News and Commentary from the University of Pennsylvania Centers for Bioethics,, citing 75 Fed. Reg. 35497 (June 10, 2010)
    4 Flu Shots, Fosamax and Pharmaceutical Fakery: The Common Use of Misleading Statistics in the Medical Literature, Gary G. Kohls, M.D., Dec. 3, 2011,
    5 National Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes, September 13-14, 2011, APPENDIX B: OSHA Position Statement, as submitted by Mr. Borwegen, representative of the Service Employees International Union,
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