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Chili Lime Almonds – My New Favorite Real Food Snack!

chili lime almonds roasted

IMG_2286If you love snacks that have a lot of different flavors going on in your mouth at the same time, then you’ll LOVE these Chili Lime Almonds. There’s a touch of sweet, a medium-ish spicy “bite” (which you can adjust to your taste), saltiness, and a sour tanginess all dancing around in your mouth – TASTY I tell ya! My friend, Theresa, had a bag from the store and I knew I could make them myself only without the high fructose corn syrup and MSG.

NOTE: I have tweaked this recipe after making it again and using some ideas from the comments, and from Jenny’s recipe for Toasted Pumpkin Seeds with chili & lime.

Chili Lime Almonds



Once the almonds are about 3/4 oven dried (at a very low temp) or dehydrated, mix together the rest of the ingredients and brush on the almonds. (You could also just toss the almonds in a bowl with the mixture, then spread back out onto the cookie sheet.) Use parchment paper on the bottom so they’re easy to get off the pan when they’re done! Continue drying or dehydrating until they’re as crispy as you like — taste-test. If needed, sprinkle more salt, chili powder, and/or palm or coconut sugar on top until they’re bursting with flavor, however salty, spicy, or sweet you like them. Good luck keeping out of these. :) Let me know if you try these chili lime almonds and tell me what you think. Find more healthy snack ideas here.


chili lime almonds

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  1. This just looks great. I also like the combination of sweet and spicy–it’s nice to find a good healthy snack that has some personality to it!

  2. These look yummy! Thanks for the recipe. Where do you get your almonds? I’ve had a hard time locating local raw almonds that are truly non-pasteurized. The local raw almonds I’ve found are from California, and California’s laws state that they can be labelled “raw” and still be steam-pasteurized. The only ones I’ve found are imported from spain, certified organic, and unpasteurized, but are a tad spendy:

  3. Oh, awesome. My husband and kids love the store bought bags of chili lime almonds. He was honestly trying to figure out how to make them, but not figuring on the soaking factor. I’ll have to make some of these for him!

  4. These sound delicious and healthy. An employee at my parents health food store crisps almonds by dehydrating them and she talks about how much healthier this is and it makes the almonds easier to digest. She has been trying to get me to try it, perhaps I will with this recipe, the spice sounds good.


  5. I tried these with a little stevia in with the juice instead of sugar. I also added just a touch of citric acid for more of a bite with the salt and chili powder. Yummy!

  6. Kelly I love the idea of flavoring nuts! I do this to popcorn but nuts are so much more nutrient dense! I’m trying this as soon as I get my next Azure Standard order in! Thanks for linking up to Simple Lives Thursday. :)

  7. I’m finally answering Alanna’s question way up there (can’t get my stupid ‘reply-to’ plugin to work on here again),

    The answer is that I don’t get truly raw almonds, unfortunately, but yet I usually dry my nuts in the oven, and it only goes down to 170*, so I wouldn’t be preserving the enzymes anyway. I do have a dehydrator now, so I would like to find raw nuts…

  8. mmmm I will so have to try these! I need another handy snack besides popcorn! I found truly raw organic almonds at the raw food world store:
    they also have lots of other raw plant foods. Before finding out about Dr. Price, I used to be a raw foodie which is how I know about the raw food world. I also thought I saw truly raw almonds at Whole Foods, but who knows there are so many regulations now on food its disgusting!

  9. They took a lot longer to dry than I expected – but, YUM! They are SO good! Everybody loved them! You need to print a cookbook for gift giving.

  10. Hi, I don’t know if this helps, but i just asked today at the local healthy grocery store, and the guy in the bulk department said that the nuts that come from California must be pasteurized. so they’re never really raw. But nuts that come from other places outside the states are raw. Correct me if i’m wrong!!!

  11. oh, and btw we’re going on a weekend trip so i’m planning to bring a long as much healthy (wapf) food as possible. Any ideas on traveling healthy, cause it’s just so easy to backslide. (but i cringe at the thought of it…)

    • Onna,
      Somewhere I have a post on that topic (healthy travel food) but heck if I can find it, does anyone know where it might be????

  12. I think I would zest the limes before juicing and then add the zest to the nuts when I was done dehydrating them. It would be another lime kick ;o)

    • Pat,
      I’m making these again right now so I’m going to try this with the lime zest! (Then I’ll tweak the recipe, thanks!)

    • I’m making these again right now, so I’ll tweak the recipe and make it more clear as soon as I’m done. I keep trying different things. :)


  13. Well I have to report mixed results – my almonds were nearly crispy when I tossed them with the lime, chili mixture (I used maple syrup) and then they become so soggy that it seemed to be nearly the same amount of time again before they were getting done – so I bumped up the oven temp to 200 since I was on a time deadline. I think that may have been what caused the chili powder coating to burn a little. That didn’t stop me from eating a whole bunch but not everyone this weekend liked them. I will try again and use more lime and maybe use sucanat instead of maple syrup and see how that works out. I didn’t get very much juice from my limes, they were pithy. :(

  14. We are peanut and pecan eaters.Honey roasted pecan and boiled peanuts are our favs. I can about 50 quarts of peanuts every year.

  15. Oh my goodness… I JUST ate a few of those, literally two minutes ago. The new baby loves them! 😉

  16. Angie, I’ve heard great things about boiled peanuts… would love to get a good recipe!

    • I don’t know about that one, but you might try googling. If you figure it out come back and let us know. :)


  17. I tried some from Sacramento. They also added onion powder and some garlic powder….thought I had died and gone to heaven!!!! Wonderful!

    • No problem!

      Capital T is always Tablespoon and lowercase is always teaspoon, but I get this question so much that in my new recipes I write the whole thing out now. :)


  18. I made a big batch before going on vacation. They made really good car snack food! The batch I made turned out really well. The extended family wants the recipe. YUM!!

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