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Kelly’s Popcorn Recipe with Coconut Oil

popcorn recipe with coconut oil

This popcorn recipe with coconut oil is not just a good-for-you snack, it’s also filling and nutritious…

Today I’m reposting this popcorn recipe with coconut oil because it was one of my very first recipes here on the Kitchen Kop blog and many newer readers may not realize what a simple, yummy and healthy snack it is! Kids love it, too, and of course it’s great for movie night. :)

If you’re trying to get more coconut into your diet, and you’re like me and don’t like the flavor in certain recipes, here’s a recipe for people like us. Everyone loves this and it reminds me of how old-fashioned movie popcorn used to taste before they stopped using coconut oil (because it was more expensive than the cheap heart-killer fake oils they use now), and don’t worry, the flavor isn’t overpowering. It also keeps very well in freezer baggies for many days without becoming stale. (I don’t know exactly how long because it doesn’t last long around here.) I’ve even sent it to our friend, Nick, in Iraq and it travels quite well! By the way, some have trouble digesting popcorn, so keep that in mind just in case it doesn’t set right with you.

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  1. Scoop 2-3 T. organic virgin coconut oil into your heated stove-top popper.
  2. Add 1/2 to 3/4 c. popcorn and cook. Get the popcorn wherever you can buy in bulk – I get it through our local buying club. I like the small white kind. Or get popcorn here.
  3. After popping, add plenty of real, melted butterfind pastured butter here (about 3T. per batch or so, more or less to taste) and sea salt, mix around well.

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW if you have coconut tips or more recipes with coconut – the more we can get into our diets, the better!

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  1. Kelly, I can’t get the popper link to work. I am curious what you use. I never thought of popping corn in coconut oil! I love the flavor of coconut. Does the oil taste like that?

  2. Holly, this oil does have a coconut flavor, but there are others (more about that in a future post) that do not have the flavor or smell. In the popcorn I think it tastes great though, and I normally can’t stand the taste of coconut. You’re lucky that you love it, it is SO good for you! Check back in a few minutes and I’ll fix the link – thank you for letting me know! I was going to double check those after I got the kids to bed!

  3. I have a popper like that one. I will have to try it again. As for coconut, the only way I have ever had it is in yummy baked goods and stuff, so if I try the oil, it will be interesting to taste. :-)

  4. Holly,

    Thanks again for your comments, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the popcorn – don’t forget plenty of real butter and sea salt!

    By the way, since you love coconut, you’d love the book about all its benefits called, “Eat Fat Lose Fat” – there’s a link in the “About my favorite books” post.

    God bless!

  5. As someone who doesn’t love popcorn, I must admit I really love Kelly’s recipe! It doesn’t have the artificial and overwhleming flavor that you get from microwave popcorn. It takes delicious _and_ natural!

  6. A note about coconut oil: if you want to use it as moisturizer, just use the plain organic unrefined coconut oil. Buying the stuff that’s labeled ‘moisturizer’ just means there are other things in it and you’ll pay a ton more. It’s a little oily when you first put it on but it absorbs relatively quickly. I’ve been using it for nearly a year and it’s been great for me.

  7. Is there aluminum in this popper? The description states it has “a steel-clad aluminum plate for optimal heat dispersion”.

  8. Hi Natalie,

    This brand of popper also comes in an all aluminum version (less expensive), but this one has stainless steel around the aluminum on the bottom, so there’s no aluminum by the food.

    And trust me, the popcorn is SO delicious! :)


  9. Kelly,
    I agree! This popcorn is delicious! However, I’m wondering how to heat the oil. Unfortunately, I have a cheap aluminum pot, and am hoping to purchase the stainless steel version. Today I made this recipe, and when I heated the oil on medium over the stovetop, the oil started to bubble. I am nervous that I heated it too much, and am never sure if I’ve ruined it. It didn’t smell burnt, just very coconutty. Do you have any advice? Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Meredith,

    I’m glad you liked it! I’m not sure if you got the oil too hot, but mine also bubbles right before it pops the corn. (Medium heat should probably be fine.) Mine also tastes coconutty, which I love along with all the sea salt and butter I put on, too!

    I love feedback, thanks for commenting!


  11. About the popcorn popper~~~does it come from Wal-Mart? I keep getting the Wal-Mart site and it says it is a Steel-clad with aluminum plate. Is that the one I want to order?

  12. Hello,
    Yes, it comes from Walmart, and that’s the right one. See the comment above about the stainless steel & aluminum. :)

  13. I wanted to let you know that we used this recipe to make some yummy popcorn balls for our weekend treat. Very tasty with just a hint of coconut. Thanks!

  14. Hi Kelly,

    You are assuming that I follow exact recipes. :)

    Spread plain popcorn on buttered cookie sheet. Stir together over medium heat until melted: A couple of tablespoons of brown sugar, a couple of tablespoons of water, tablespoon or so of butter, big pinch of organic sea salt, and big fistful of marshmallows (I’ll have to investigate a healthier version). Remove from heat and add vanilla. Drizzle mixture over popcorn and mix up with a spoon (or your hands if you let it cool slightly). When it cools somewhat (not completely), form into balls with buttered hands. Let cool and enjoy!


  15. Question about coconut oil – I purchased some, but it says “freshest when refrigerated”. I did that and now it is hard and not easy to use. Do you refrigerate your’s?

  16. I’ve never refrigerated mine. I go through it pretty fast in the kitchen, but even the coconut oil that I keep in the bathroom (as a moisturizer), has never gone bad for me – never an off smell or anything. I’ve actually never heard of any going bad, but I wonder if keeping it cool retains more nutrients? Maybe I’ll post it to a coconut forum I belong to and see if anyone knows. I’ll get back to you!

  17. Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t heard back yet with an answer to this question. My guess, though, is that unless you go through it very slowly, not refrigerating should be fine. Sorry I don’t have more definitive info for you.

  18. Try adding nutritional yeast. I make mine like your recipe (coconut, butter, salt) after adding the butter, sprinkle nutritional yeast before serving. Adds a depth and saltiness plus the bonus of b vitamins.


  19. I made your popcorn recipe last night! It was delicious thank you! I made it in a plain old heavy stainless steel saucepan with the lid on and I think it turned out perfect…Have you compared making your popcorn in a regular pan versus the popcorn popper? Is there a noticeable difference?

    My Boys’ Teacher

  20. No, I’ve never tried that, because I love my popper so much, and also I remember as a kid how terrible it was cleaning out those pans after popcorn!

  21. YUM! My son got his braces off and I’d promised him homemade popcorn. I’m so glad I found your blog with the link for this popcorn maker. I ordered it online and just had to drive to my local WalMart to pick it up. No burnt kernels and virtually no “old maids” at the bottom! Can’t wait to try the caramel corn!

  22. We started making popcorn with coconut oil a few months ago. The first time I made it everyone came in the kitchen and we all agreed that it smelled like a movie theater! It is our favorite way to make popcorn. So yummy! I just use a big stainless steel pot with a lid and shake. The pot is all dented from making popcorn so it is now officially our popcorn pot! I’ll have to look into the popper. It looks fun too. Thanks for posting about it!

  23. This is REALLY good with nutritional yeast sprinkled over it. Adds a cheesy flavor and gives you those great B vitamins! We’ve gone through 2 of those popcorn poppers in our life time! :-)

  24. We LOVE popcorn made this way.

    However, I’ve been thinking. . . My jar of unrefined coconut oil says that it is made for cooking at medium heat (280F). I’m sure that the oil gets hotter than that when I make popcorn. Should I use the refined oil (labeled for medium high heat) instead. I wonder if I’m essentially refining the oil myself by subjecting it to high heat? If so, does this oxidize the fats or do anything else evil?

    I could really use some input on this one.

    • Good question, hmmmmm, I have it that the unrefined smoke point is 350*, so I just keep it at medium heat and don’t scorch it. Maybe I should check and see how hot I’m actually getting it, though, and possibly use the refined coc. oil instead (that smoke point is higher). But I love the flavor of coc. oil in there!

      If anyone has time to check the temps that it takes for popcorn to pop and could let us know here, that would be great as I’m gone all weekend and buried in “catch up” next week.

      • Wikipedia says that the corn pops at 356F, close enough to 350 to make me happy. I’ll try lowering the heat to medium next time; I’m generally an impatient cook and turn everything up as high as possible.

  25. The palm oil shortening from Tropical Traditions works very well for popcorn too – especially if you don’t want the coconut flavor. You can always add butter after it’s popped.

  26. Hi Kelly!
    I started reading your blog recently when it was recommended by a friend. This is the first time I’ve posted here :o) As a baby real foodie, I just wanted to tell you I LOVE this popcorn recipe! I made it with a regular stainless steel pan and moved it around a bunch and none of it burnt! I was so proud of myself-last time I tried popcorn in that pan it burnt really bad and we all know that’s an awful smell…

  27. Hi Kelly. I absolutely love all the wonderful information I’ve found here on your blog. I tell my ‘real food’ conscious friends all about it (and try to convert my other friends – lol).
    This is my first time posting and I just have a couple of questions about popcorn. Where can you find organic popcorn? And the ‘Back to Basics’ brand is about $200, but I found a brand that seems exactly like it called Lindy’s that is under $45 ( Is this a case of ‘you get what you pay for’, or do you think the Lindy brand is ok?

    • Youza! I’ll have to go check that link, the Back to Basics one I got was $30!

      If you can find one that is for sure made with stainless steel and not aluminum, then yes, that’s just fine! :)

  28. I love popcorn with coconut oil – I do it differently. I pop regular popcorn in a brown lunch bag…just cover the bottom of the bag with corn, roll the top closed, and microwave for 2 minutes…perfecto with no fat or mess then I melt a tablespoon of coconut oil in the microwave, and add it to the popcorn with a little salt. or add cinnamon sugar and a bit of salt.

    • But the thing is, I *want* to get more of this healthy fat in our diets. Plus we try to avoid the microwave as much as possible.

      That does sound easy, though.


  29. Can I use coconut oil in a nostalgia old fashion pop corn machine ? My daughter got one for Christmas and this is her second the first was used loving for five years but we cleaned after each use and still it was hard to keep up with I’m thinking coconut oil is less fat

    • Hi Lorie,

      Yes, you could for sure, and it’s much better for you than whatever nasty vegetable oil they probably recommended.

      It’s better not because it’s *less* fat – it’s the TYPE of fat that matters. Healthy fats are traditional fats like coconut oil, butter, lard or tallow from pastured pigs or cows, olive oil, etc. These healthy fats are protective in our body against inflammation. We use them liberally around here! :)


  30. Hubby can’t have dairy so when I make (organic!) popcorn for him, I drizzle it with melted coconut oil and then sprinkle it with nutritional yeast. He LOVES it!

  31. I learned about. brewers yeast, often labeled as nutritional yeast from La Leche League, the support group for nursing mothers. a spoon full in glass of orange juice good for relaxation….so my kids grew up with brewers yeast on their popcorn. other favorites with brewers yeast are stephen gaskins gravy (the farm cookbook)’ basmatti rice with brewers yeast, butter and tamari. , on salads, on steamed veggies with melted cheese….protein and B vitmins aplenty

  32. I love it this way but always have an allergic reaction to nutritional yeast. Anyone else have a reaction to yeast & anyone know why? Always wondered… Have no other allergies!

  33. This maybe a silly questions, I looked thru all the comments and didn’t see anything that mentioned whether to melt the coconut oil first before you put it in the old fashion theater popper. My coconut oil is like lard. Anyone know?

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