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Monday Morning Mix-Up 1/28/2013 – Real Food Politics, Are You An Unconventional Mama, and More!

Good morning reader friends! For once I’m getting this post ready ahead of time so you get a treat today: no rambling. :)

  • Have a great week everyone! I’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday! (Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!)




  1. I used to love the interaction between friends on the far left and far right when I was actively blogging. During the election, though, every issue became “the hill to die on” for somebody and nobody was paying attention to longer-term issues. All seemed content to consider only those issues that would get THEIR man to the White House. Eating is something we all do everyday regardless of political affiliation and it should bring us together not divide us. If ever there was a topic for bipartisanship, it is food.

  2. The left sees a disconnect between Libertarians and small organic farmers because they don’t understand the issues, and what is happening in our country. Freedom from a tyrannical intrusive government is the real issue. The more power the government has, the less power the individual has. The more government regulations, the less freedom people have. Is choosing what we eat really a kooky far-right issue? Or is it just common sense?

  3. My mother fondly remembers that when I was a child I would adamantly say “I do it myself.” I believe all children start life with an earnest desire to be self-sufficient. But somehow over the course of 15-20 years we lose that orientation. I see a lack of self-sufficiency in education, politics, food, everywhere. The political climate is at the foundation of all this. In the food arena, the government must tell us what is safe and what is not safe for us and control access to things deemed unsafe. In education, the government controls access, content and delivery. Gone is that rugged individualistic, self-sufficiency that founded our country. Politicians are just giving us what we ‘want’— dependency. It doesn’t matter what party is in control, the same actions arise. I think we should all try to do more for ourselves!! And vote with our dollars by spending money on things that foster independence.

  4. I’m sorry Kelly – this has nothing to do with anything you’ve posted today – but I thought w/ 4 kids, you might have a natural, effective stain remover for laundry that you use. I have tried everything and nothing takes stains out!

    Somebody, help!

    • I soak stained items in oxygen bleach. It takes everything out… even set in stains. I dissolve 2-3 scoops in an old kitty litter bucket, add the stained clothes, and soak overnight. The next day, I dump the whole thing in the washer, and wash as usual. Works great!

      • I’m glad Jen had an idea, because I didn’t! I can put it up on Facebook tomorrow too and see if we get more suggestions.


      • Thank you, Jen! Actually, you are right. I have used oxygen bleach in the past and it does work well. I guess I got lazy and was looking for a spray-on product, instead of having to mix and soak. Ironically, I purchased an Oxi spray-on product some time ago, and it didn’t work! So back to soaking I will go.

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