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Low Fat Diets Lead to Pornographic Foods

Since you’re here reading this blog, you probably know at least a little about which dietary fats are good for us and which we should avoid, but most people in the mainstream still don’t have a clue. However, very soon many will be learning all of this and more about the nutritional principles taught by the Weston A. Price Foundation!

Remember I told you the exciting news a while back about the PBS show, “Healing Quest“, and the series they’re working on about the WAPF? Today you’ll get to watch a sneak preview. Doesn’t it make you positively giddy to see this information finally coming to greater light ‘out there’ in the world?!

Here’s how the show begins:

“Low fat” and “no fat” have been a big part of the menu in our lives for decades now. But despite that, obesity continues to be a bigger and bigger problem, along with chronic diseases. So we’ve been looking at a U.S. foundation that’s been looking at nutrition for well over a decade. They have some very strong opinions about how a different kind of diet can make all of us a lot healthier. They also have enthusiastic grass roots support across the country. So hang on. These folks could change your diet for the rest of your life.

“Enthusiastic Grass Roots Support”

That’s us! You and me, out here in our local chapters and in our communities, living the truth and spreading it far and wide. I love being a part of this movement to change our world and restore health! Here are ways you can be in on it, too:

  • Spread the word and share this post using the social media buttons above or below!
  • Find your local chapter and get involved! (West Michigan readers, here’s our local chapter.) Having like-minded friends to share kefir grains or sourdough starters with is priceless. They don’t even think I’m a weirdo. Well… they might still think I’m a weirdo, but not because I have kefir grains or sourdough starters in my car.
  • Become a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and receive the quarterly journal, Wise Traditions, which I love to devour as soon as it hits my mailbox. It’s full of the latest health and nutrition news and common sense. That’s something you can’t find much of these days.
  • Call your local PBS station to request that Healing Quest be added to their line up if it’s not already. (Thank you all who called our local PBS station late last year when I asked for help. Shortly after, they announced they were adding it and it’s been on for a while now.) Be sure to tell them that you want it so you don’t miss the WAPF shows and all the other great topics they cover!

Sally says it best, as usual — here’s an excerpt from the preview below:

“We have this situation where people are trying to be good, they’re trying to be on a ‘virtuous’ low fat diet. They try and after a while the body is so craving fats, because your body really does need fats, that they end up eating what I call the ‘pornographic foods’ — all the junk foods full of the worst types of fats. So the low fat message really pushes people into eating the wrong kinds of fats. The right fats are the demonized fats. What’s really serious is the children being brought up on low fat, low cholesterol, nutrient-deficient diets, lacking the nutrients that we find exclusively in certain types of animal foods like animals fats. These are the nutrients they need to form their brain, their nervous system, to form healthy bones and joints, and to form the second brain, which is the digestive tract. And what are we seeing today? An epidemic of children with learning disorders and digestive problems, and so they are the ones taking the brunt, who are paying for this bad advice.”

Sneak Preview!

Watch the sneak preview, and once there are a good showing of comments, I’ll send this link to Roy Walkenhorst, Healing Quest co-producer, and Sally Fallon Morell, WAPF President, to let them know what you think, so please share! (Be sure to thank Roy and his wife, Judy, for bringing this information to television!)


  1. Just want to make a point that low-carb diets do the same thing! Any sort of restrictive diet will lead to major cravings because the body is telling you what it needs. The best thing I ever did was give up worrying about what I “should” eat and instead just listen to my body as a guide. One absolute truth is that restricting leads to binging, and when you listen to your body it guides you amazingly well.

  2. Thank you Roy & Judy for bringing the work of Weston A. Price & Sally Fallon to television! I can’t wait to share with family & friends. I am enjoying optimal health since I switched to a nutrient dense traditional diet.

  3. So glad this is getting attention! Fantastic information, I am so thankful for the Weston A Price Foundation and all their work and research, it has greatly benefited my family and really changed our lives :) Thank you Healing Quest for airing this! How can we let Healing Quest know we want more?

  4. Adele Davis’ Let’s Have Healthy Children, then Sally Fallon Morrell’s Nourishing Traditions, helped shape my eating habits. When I begin to listen too much to what’s ‘in’ at the time, I find myself scurrying back to my sprouted grains and healthy fats. (Love my pastured eggs fried in good lard!) I am very glad PBS sees this is a worthy issue to put out there.

  5. Thank you Roy and Judy. I am in my late 60’s and by continuing to follow a traditional diet recommended by Weston Price Foundation, I hope to remain healthy and totally drug-free for the rest of my life. I feel good, have lots of energy, and so thankful for the good food and nutrition that God has provided for us. It’s a shame man has to modify and spoil God’s plan for our health.
    I am not a TV watcher, so not sure if I can catch this program or not. But thanks for making this public.

  6. Ever since I heard that the Healing Quest TV show would be airing WAPF info, I’ve been tuning in, and it’s a great informative show. I’m so thrilled!

  7. I can’t wait to watch it! I have been on a food journey the last 1 1/2 years and feel so much better since I have incorporated WAPF principles into my life. I hope to share it with friends and family. Thanks.

  8. It sounds wonderful. I will definitely watch. I am glad for any chance for people to hear the truth about what a healthy diet really is. Thank-you for making this !


  9. I’m just thrilled that this message is getting out via PBS. Based on the clip above, it looks like they’re doing an honest job and really trying to be accurate. Thanks so much to those bringing this message to the airwaves!

  10. It is dedicated bloggers like Kelly that are helping to educated more people about the advantages of real food. I am so grateful for this blog and the fact that this common sense approach to food is finally getting mainstream attention. It is vital for not only our health but the health of our children and planet.

  11. It is wonderful to see PBS taking a stand against the commercial processed food industry. By showing these programs it will open discussion. This discussion can bring about change in the approach to feeding our bodies. I would love to see the day that “pornographic food” is not even considered, even as some kind of treat.

  12. Glad to see that the social media tools will help to get some of this important information out there. We have been following the WAPF since about 2003 and have an extremely dog-eared copy of Sally’s book Nourishing Traditions.

  13. The show’s website has a schedule at It shows that WGVU airs it at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

    Thanks for posting this; looks like a great introduction to the Foundation’s work, and a good teaser for the upcoming episodes featuring WAPF. Now … Does anyone know if Healing Quest is available for online viewing? I live TV-free.

  14. Great information- I just wrote my local pbs station to request it here. Also going to lookup and see if we have a local WAP chapter. Thanks!

  15. So glad the word about healthy fats is getting out there. I’m hopeful that real nutrition info will be mainstream one day, we are making that a reality!

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