New Simple Fish Recipes You’ll Love, Including: Baked Fish with Tangy Lemon Garlic Cream Cheese Sauce

fish baked lemon sauce

Need some new simple fish recipes?  There are tons below (scroll down), but first, I’ll show you which idea I used:  Baked Fish with Tangy Lemon Garlic Cream Cheese Sauce…fish pesto  The flavors explode in your mouth!

I’ve told you before that I stink at planning out meals, but once in a while I’ll think ahead maybe a day or two.  This week I made Parmesan Pesto Pasta with Seasoned Chicken recipe (I ate it without pasta since I’m trying to watch the carbs again, more on that soon), and made a TON of pesto, so we would have leftovers for this yummy fish recipe the next night…  (Pictured on the right.)

However, I learned that someone ATE it, so I had to come up with a plan B.  I posted this to my Facebook page:

My dinner needs your help! Does anyone have an easy idea for making some yummy cod tonight? I was going to use a recipe from the blog with our leftover pesto but someone ate it, so I need a new idea! (Something that doesn’t include breading, please.)  THANKS!

Further below are ALL the responses, and here’s the recipe for the one I used…  (Thank you @LeahWood!)

Baked Fish with Tangy Lemon Garlic Cream Cheese Saucefish label

  • Butter a 9×13 glass baking dish and place cod fillets in the bottom, cutting pieces to be evenly sized.  (So they’re all done about the same time.)  I found preservative-free cod at Trader Joe’s with only ONE ingredient!  (Most at local grocery stores have nasty chemical preservatives.)
  • Season fillets with sea salt and pepper (lemon pepper is really good!)
  • Mix together the following with your stick blender:fish cream cheese topping
    • 8 oz. cream cheese (I use organic) – I made it with 2-8 oz. packages, but that was too much and we ended up eating the leftovers as a veggie dip – so good!
    • Liberally add sea salt and pepper (lemon pepper is great, too) – about 1/2 tsp. of the salt and 1/8th tsp. pepper.
    • Add about 3-4 cloves of crushed garlic.
    • Add the juice from 2 lemons and the zest from one.  I love my over-the-cup strainer, but can’t find that one, something like this one would work just as well.

    fish and lemon juice

  • Spread it around the top of the fish and bake ’til fish is flaky (done!) – I baked it about 30 minutes on 425*.

It sure doesn’t come out of the oven looking too pretty, but when I put it on the plate I was able to get a better picture for this post!

fish done

Want more ideas and recipes for fish?  There are a lot below!

Here’s what came through on my Facebook page:

(Keep in mind that, obviously, I don’t recommend the recipes mentioned using “vegonaise” – ick.  Read more about healthy fats here.)

  • Diane Harding Balsamo Sprinkle with salt and pepper, several slices of butter, fresh lemon slices and fresh bay leaves if you have them, bake at 400 for 20 minutes
  • Kelly Garrard Smith What about something like this??

    Flavorful recipe for this farm raised fish that is easy and done in minutes!
  • Liz Ferguson I like it with salsa on top. As it bakes the spices kind of seep into the fish and it’s moist and delicious. Serve it with some spanish rice and a salad.
  • Donna Arens Ellis Even if it’s low-fat, gluten free breading? I love this recipe (I use Barramundi, and I leave the fillets whole )

    Gluten-Free Mustard + Old Bay Fish Fingers  Who doesn’t love fish fingers? But a…See More
  • Tiani Heider We like our cod fried: Turn into season flour, shake off excess. Pop pieces into the freezer for about ten, 15 minutes. Meanwhile, heat up oil, and assemble two bowls-one with whole eggs and a splash of milk, and the other with straight Panko. When the cod is very firm to the touch, but not completely frozer through….dip into egg mixture, toss into panko to coat, and then into the fryer-350 degrees until they are golden brown. We serve with home made zucchini relish made up into tartar sauce.
  • Andrea Mérida Fish stew?
  • Kelly the Kitchen Kop Oh. My. Gosh you guys, you are AWESOME! I’m going to have to turn all these replies into a post so I don’t forget to try more of your ideas!!!!!! Keep ’em coming and I’ll include them all. If you have a website (and/or a link to your recipe idea), add that here, too, and I’ll include it in my post.
  • BetteAnne Camagna olive oil, crushed garlic, basil, squeeze fresh lemon, capers, seasalt, parsley, butter. Place all ingredients on cod, bake until white a flaky – side dish Ferro Grain. Arugala side salad with parmesean shavings and lemon dressing.
  • Rachel Yoder I always bake it with lemon juice and butter, and a hefty sprinkling of lemon pepper. A bit of chicken broth if more liquid is needed.
  • Lorene Foster Fish tacos:) we just fry the Cod then top with homemade coleslaw in a tortilla
  • Kristin Humphrey Benini Thai Red Curry Fish stew is one of my fallbacks. Will get link…
  • Margie Buchwalter I like to put my fish in foil, sprinkle with garlic powder, lemon pepper and a touch of dill then put lemon slices on top and close the pouch and put on the grill. Fish is done in no time and is so moist and tasty.
  • Jill Krantz I butter a shallow baking dish, lay the fish in there. Sprinkle with salt, and a nice green curry blend (Thai is great), and then pour a can or carton of coconut CREAM over the top. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Cook rice with garlic, chile flakes, lime juice and cilantro. Serve fish and coconut curry cream over the rice.
  • Leah Wood Cream cheese, lemon juice & zest, salt & pepper, chopped onions and/or garlic. Mix into a cheese sauce and stuff/ cover fish. Top with a melty cheese and bake/broil. Best. Cod. Ever.
  • Melissa Raye Patterson Blackened on the grill, by itself or in tacos … Divine!
  • Sherry Morris make a parchment packet with cod, lemon slice, salt, butter, and let everyone pick any other herbs/flavors they want in their own little packet and bake in the oven.
  • Temi Howard Coconut flour batter fried in palm oil. Yum!
  • Jennifer Clare it might have been me. I made pesto ice cream – and it was absolutely smashingly delicious!
  • Temi Howard Top with butter, onion, tomato, cayenne and a little salt. Bake to perfection.
  • Jamie Brummel Sorry I don’t have a recipe per se with exact measurements, but I often cook from feel. Mix @ 1/2 c. mayo with 1/2 c. regular sour cream. Add (to taste) southwest or Cajun seasoning, salt, paprika, a little onion powder, marjoram, and fresh lime juice. Whisk to combine. (I try to balance the lime with the kick of the southwestern or Cajun seasoning.) Cover a jelly roll pan with aluminum foil for easy clean up. Add frozen fillets. Baste with sauce liberally, covering fish. Bake according to package directions. About 2/3 of the way through, carefully drain liquid from pan, rebasting fish with sauce. (It tends to slide off.) Before returning it to the oven, grate fresh Romano cheese on top. Finish baking, browning cheese under broiler at end once fish flakes easily with a fork. Enjoy!
  • Peggy Thompson I love cod in chowder with lots of herbs.
  • Kristin Humphrey Benini

    Light coconut milk works well in this fish stew, and prepared Thai red curry paste, found in most supermarkets, makes it a snap to put together.
  • Jodie Hagan We like to eat fish Ghanaian style (my husband is from Ghana, and the YUMMY foods are sooo good for you – lots of fermented grains mmmm). Fry the fish with salt and pepper. In a separate pot make an oil based spicy tomato “stew.” Cover the bottom of the pan with olive oil and add a large chopped onion to soften. Then add a can of tomato sauce or diced tomatoes (or both) and turn up to a boil – careful not to burn. The sauce should have a lot of oil, so the spices that are added can incorporate evenly without being grainy. You can either add fresh or powdered, garlic, ginger, and cayenne pepper to taste, and of course, salt. We like it a bit on the spicy side (it is not a sweet spaghetti sauce). After cooking the stew for 15 minutes or longer, you can add the fish to the pot to warm the fish up and serve it over rice.
  • Felecia Berg crushed pistachio crusted cod.
  • Carrie Hoult Perez Olive or coconut oil on a piece of foil,season as you like before you set the fish on the oil, too( I like dill, salt, pepper, garlic, even onion…whatever) and then season the top also, put lemon slices on top and wrap up for the grill or put in the oven. I do this with any fish and it always tastes great! You could use chopped nuts of some kind on top for those recipes above, instead of bread crumbs depends what seasonings you use.
  • Sharon Marks And onion.
  • Sharon Marks Put a slice or two of slightly cooked bacon on top with some lemon and sea salt and bake until done.
  • Wendy Vickery Thyme, fresh or dried is great on baked fish.
  • Becky Marshall Pioneer woman has a great fish recipe (I think she uses cod for it-we use whatever fish we have on hand). But you fry on one side on high heat and throw it in the oven for a bit and then make a garlic lemon butter sauce. So delish!!
  • Jennifer Ostermeyer We’ve been making them on the grill lately. I let everyone make their own, top it with veggies of choice, butter, olive oil, s&P and garlic. Wrap in foil, and its done fast. No clean up!!!!
  • Kierstyn Floyd Bristol Cod is such a yummy fish! We baste it with butter, sprinkle with Himalayan pink salt and cook in a pan or the toaster oven. Amazing flavor and soooo easy.
  • Carol Horrell Coleman We like our cod with vegenaise on the top with some kind of crumb topping. Pop in the oven for 30 minutes. So delicious… even the gkids love it.
    Pwp Thatsme Fish tacos!
  • Laura Norman Soy lime ginger garlic marinade
  • Karen Didriksen Tucker Onions, Greek olives tomatoes chopped put on fish filets drizzle olive oil add salt and pepper. Bake.
  • Ginger Morrison Gehly Season the cod with salt and pepper and saute it in butter. I serve it on top of whole wheat linguini that has been tossed with butter, dill and whatever veg you like.
  • Leela Gupta This is delicious.

    This tarragon cream sauce is so good that it literally steals the show.
  • Allison Milano Preiss I just made some last night on the grill and turned them into fish tacos.
  • Erin Tucker Young yesterday I just baked mine with sea salt, pepper, olive oil and dill weed.
  • Jeanne Darby Hubbard I just like to bake it with lemon juice on top….or lemon juice and butter….
  • Diane Berry Puente Grill it w/Cajun spices…or even Indian spices…yum!
  • Valerie Stuch Johnson Probably too late now, but if you go to Faithful Provisions and look at her recipe for fish tacos, that seasoning is excellent on the fish! We don’t care for the tortilla part of fish tacos, but I do like to bake fish with that seasoning.



  1. Sarah says

    Getting ready to start GAPS intro in a week. Full GAPS to follow so I am very excited to have a source of fish recipes!

  2. joleigh says

    Thanks for the post. I’m not able to get out of town to hit the good places, but my GF goes to the city regularly, so I’ll have to start a list for her to pick up for me and add the cod filets to it. From Trader Joe’s, can you recommend vanilla extract, cocoa powder and choc. chips?

    • KitchenKop says

      And they have good shrimp there, too, with no preservatives!

      I answered you in the other post, but I’ll say here too, that Amazon does have that stuff you mentioned in organics: – yay!


  3. Fish Recipes Lover! says

    You have so many amazing Fish Recipes on this page, it was hard to decide which one to make first. My favorite was the Baked Fish with Tangy Lemon Garlic Cream Cheese Sauce. One of the best fish recipes I have tried. It was so delicious!

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