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Healthcare Workers: How to Avoid the Flu Shot and Not Get Fired (Part 2)

Healthcare Workers How to Avoid the Flu ShotHealthcare Workers: How to Avoid the Flu Shot

With the flu vaccine controversy still going strong on whether or not health care workers can be forced to get a flu shot, I was excited when an opportunity came knocking on a nearby door, literally…

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So I was at last weekend’s Wise Traditions conference in California chatting with some friends when I heard a loud banging noise. I looked over and saw that someone needed to be let in an obviously locked hotel door.

You’ll never guess who it was!

Leslie Manookian, filmmaker of the vaccination information movie, The Greater Good. (Watch the trailer at the end of this post.)

Is that a “God thing” or what? I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to help all of you who have contacted me or commented on the above posts and are struggling with what to do. I wanted to give you some concrete steps to take to stop the madness at your workplaces where you’re being forced into medical procedures (flu shots) against your better judgment. Many of you do NOT want to get the flu shot, but employers are threatening loss of employment or making you wear a mask for 6 months of the year if you choose to exercise your right not to comply.

LUDICROUS!Greater Good

So running into her was just what we needed and she had some super helpful advice for you! This tidbit was especially interesting…

The flu vaccine is actually quite infamous in that it is not known to work. The rate of it actually preventing someone from getting the flu is 1-2.5%. The vast majority of what we call the flu is actually ‘non-specific respiratory disease’ – something like 90% of what we call the flu isn’t flu at all.

Watch the video interview with Leslie Manookian:

Links and advice mentioned in the video:

  1. Contact your health care (or other) unions and organize!

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The Greater Good Trailer:


  1. Thank you, Kelly, for posting this. Great advice! Action is certainly required in order to turn the ship around, and it is helpful to have some guidance on how to plan action that is positive and as effective as possible.

  2. This isn’t related to healthcare workers but still vaccine related, I wanted to get a part time job at my daughters’ preschool and when I went to apply they told me I must update my pertussis, diphtheria, etc vaccination and get a rabies shot which I of course was against. I decided not to even apply for the job for these reasons. This was at Headstart, the government run preschool for low income families.

  3. The hospital that employs me requires the shot or be immediately terminated for “job abandonment”. That means no unenployment benefits would be approved by the state.

    My objections are based on personal freedoms, personal health convictions (we KNOW the shot is not effective and may even be more detrimental having it than not having it), and finances. I’m in my 60s and made decision years ago to not get flu shots. I don’t do any shots. I don’t do medicines. I don’t even go to the doctor. If I had some terrible or painful issue I might then see a doctor, but maybe not even then. I am not so fanatical about never taking medicine, but I intentionally avoid all meds and choose to just wait it out if possible or find an alternative and natural way. I have succeeded in that for the past 40 yrs or so.

    Anyway, it seems doubly coersive to me as I am hoping to retire in one or two months AFTER the shot requirement. I would do an earlier retirement to avoid the shot, but spouse’s employment contract ends so that we would both be suddenly unemployed.. with no medical ins for emergencies and no unemployment benefits.

    Adding to the insult, I’m an IT guy and work many blocks away from the actual hospital where patients are – and I enter the hospital maybe one or two times in a year for a mtg and never is it really necessary.

    I cannot express the anguish and struggle this puts me through mostly because it is such a terribly unAmerican thing they are doing.

    The one thing that saves me is in Mark 16:18 – speaking of Christians. “…if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;” This will not be a case of me doing something stupid like testing the scripture for the sake of testing it. The shot is being forced on me by leaving me the only option of ‘take the shot’ or myself and spouse will both hurt in potentially harmful ways in finances and health.

    My employer now has my full disdain. I’ve never been one to hold a grudge over anything, but this is beyond the pale and I find i now despise my employer. They are (were) a top name in the nation and you would know them.

  4. Okay, can someone help me get my head around this? Here in WI, the State Assembly has introduced a bill that would prohibit employers from firing or discriminating against employees who refuse flu vaccination. See . But follow the “Government Accountability Board Information” link. GAB regulates lobbying in WI; the GAB link provides lobby group info on the bill. No surprise that a bunch of Big Med groups are listed as “Against”. But then the Wisconsin Nurses Association comes up as “Against”! Huhhh? Isn’t an association like this one that exists, in part at least, to protect the rights of nurses as employees? This bill would PROTECT their members from being FIRED for doing what they know is right. Why would they register to oppose it?

    Anybody here who has worked with similar legislation, and has encountered a similar (apparent) paradox?

  5. Check NVIC’s vaccine ingredient calculator to compare ingredients to different types and brands of flu vaccines: Be aware that all multi-dose vials contain mercury, and that if they are not shaken before each use, the last person to get a vaccine from the vial is likely to get a lot more mercury (since it is heavy and sinks) than the first user. Also, no study has ever been conducted on the effects of latex particles (which get into multi-dose vials from repeatedly pushing the needle through the latex top) injected into people. So I would advise avoiding multi-dose vials, though it can be challenging because most single dose vaccines are saved for pregnant women. Consider supplementing with broken-cell chlorella as well as eating fresh cilantro, as both bind to heavy metals and carry them out of the body. Bentonite clay is also used to detox heavy metals, though I am not sure of dosage (mixed with water and drank). Never get a vaccine if you are sick, as your immune system will not handle it as well. The day of and for a couple/few days after a vaccine, always take it easy and eat very clean, as your body is working very hard to detox and deal with the antigens injected.

  6. If you take a little time to explore the flu evidence you may come to these conclusions on “the flu”.

    The bottom line on the “Seasonal Flu” is you do NOT want protection from ONLY the seasonal flu virus. You want protection from ALL VIRAL infection. The “Seasonal Flu” is a minor, UNKNOWABLE apriori, subset of VIRAL INFECTION.

    Vitamins D and C, in ADEQUATE AMOUNTS will protect you from ALL VIRAL INFECTIONS.

    It is just this simple and difficult.

  7. I am being force to get the flu shot tomorrow, theh are letting me go on Thursday for 6 months without pay if I don’t get it. Please help.

    • I don’t know if this will help detox from vaccines also, but this is what my biological dentist recommended for me to detox from 2 teeth extractions during which I had local anesthesia and nitrious oxide (laughing gas). She recommended I take 1/2 the bottle as soon as I got home and the other 1/2 the next day. (someone else was doing the extractions but they had to be done – no choice). This is what I used: Quicksilver Scientific etheric delivery vitamin C with R-lipoic Acid. The first 1/2 I did straigh ‘cuz I didn’t know any better and it gagged me! The next time I cut it with water and it was much more tolerable.

      This is a great article by Kelly! I’m sure it’s on your blog, Kelly, but this is the link I have for it:

    • I would seriously consider a new job if I were you. I know it is a big decision but getting a needle, any needle at this time could be very bad.

      The “flu shot” is proven to be totally worthless.

      “There are many other viruses besides influenza that can result in influenza-like illness* (ILI) that spread during the flu season.” CDC

      Simple vitamin D will wipe out ALL viruses without a “flu shot”. The CDC KNOWS this why are they pushing the needless and toxic “flu shots” on hundreds of millions of people? One possible reason is that “flu shots” are an ideal method to distribute ANYTHING. When you look at how Ebola is being handled you have to wonder.

  8. Thank you so much for this information. It is sickening how these employers can mandate us to take the flu vaccine or get fired, especially since it is a known neuro toxin, and I work in the healthcare industry! go figure! Isn’t there something in the Constitution that protects us? Bill of Rights? I am in this situation with a new job and if I want to be exempt I need a letter from my clergy if I am going for the religious exemption or a letter and proof from my doctor if I am going the medical route. RIDICULOUS ALL THE WAY AROUND. I

  9. “The vast majority of what we call the flu is actually ‘non-specific respiratory disease’ – something like 90% of what we call the flu isn’t flu at all.“

    I am 65 years old and have known this for decades. We live in a filthy world and are inundated with caustic unknowns on a daily basis. We are constantly in a state of detox and when it becomes an overwhelming situation to our bodies we show it in expressing through our lungs, sinuses, skin and bowels. This often mimics “Flu” symptoms and often the reason why those who have received a Flu shot will say they came down with the Flu from the shot. Poison is what it is and the body does NOT like it!

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