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Farmageddon Filmmaker, Kristin Canty – the Beginnings of Her Real Food Movement


Last year when I met Kristin Canty at the Weston A. Price conference, she totally impressed me as a get-it-done person. If I were a farmer, I’d LOVE having Kristin on my side in the fight to save Morningland Dairy farm, Estrella Family Creamery, and others like them, and to stop FDA tyranny against dairy farms. She’s an absolute sweetheart and I enjoyed getting to know her more at this year’s Wise Traditions conference, too. I can’t wait for her movie, Farmageddon, to come out! Today Kristin was sweet enough to share her story with us, including how she originally got into the Real Food movement…

Sniffing, coughing, wheezing and crying all night screaming “Mom, I can’t breathe!” This was a normal night for my son Charlie when he was three and four years old. Doctors told me he was allergic to “the world”, which meant grass, dust, trees, flowers, bees and animals. Hard to stay away from all of that. He had deep circles under his eyes, a red nose, didn’t eat much, and had a moderate middle ear hearing impairment due to fluid in his ears.

I had high stress levels as I followed him around with an inhaler and made sure he got his medicine every morning and every night. The medicine however, didn’t help much and was very strong for a small child. I finally stopped giving it to him. I spent my time spraying dust mite killer around my house and vacuuming. I had HEPA filters in every room. I tore up the carpets, got rid of our pets, took down the curtains, and wrapped his bed in plastic.

Kristin I started doing some research and was so lucky that research led me to the Weston A. Price Foundation, and raw milk.

After drinking several glasses a day of raw milk for a few weeks, Charlie’s allergies started to abate, then they disappeared completely. Charlie is 15 now, and a six foot tall healthy hockey player who has zero reaction to grass, dust, trees, bees or flowers, doesn’t need a bed wrapped in plastic and can sleep with our dog as his pillow at night.

Two years ago I was asked if Sally Fallon, the President of the Weston A Price Foundation and the author of Nourishing Traditions, could give a speech at my house as a fundraiser for both the Northeast Organic Consumer’s Association (NOCA/MA) and the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. I said yes, but had no idea what the FTCLDF did, so I had to research it before my event. I went to their website and saw a page for farmers that said, “What To Do If Your Farm Gets Raided.”

I was horrified that a legal defense fund had to be set up because so many farmers were being raided.

I read about a Mennonite farmer, a private food buying club not too different from the one I belong to, and a small private dairy that had started a member’s only club, and other homesteaders and farms that had all been shut down in raids by government agencies. No one ever became sick from any of the foods provided at these farms or co-ops, yet their food and often cell phones, computers and other items, were taken away from them, in some cases at gunpoint. What country was I living in? I was sure that if Americans knew that this was happening, there would be outrage. Don’t we have the right to consume the foods of our choice? Don’t we have the right to choose where our food comes from? Why are we allowed to consume alcohol, sugar, chemicals, tobacco, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and many prescription and non-prescription drugs that can all be dangerous, but not raw milk full of healthy probiotics?

I worked hard for a while to try to get some news outlet to cover this story…to care. I couldn’t find anyone to pick up the story. So, long story short, I decided to try to tell the story myself. I set out with a talented crew and traveled the country to film the farmers and the consumers that had been attacked, as well as some farming experts and some government officials to try to tell the whole story of a steady loss of freedom to consume foods directly from farmers we know.

I hope that you watch, and I hope that you care.

I hope that what you see isn’t a glimpse of what’s to come…of the America we are turning into, but rather a short mistake that will stop very soon and turn itself around. After watching, even if you don’t want to ever drink raw milk or eat pastured meats, or chemical/gmo free vegetables, I hope that you believe in my freedom to do so. I hope that we can come to realize that America’s farms, farmers, and homesteaders deserve a place here, and should not be under attack by our own government.

Watch the Farmageddon Trailer:

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  1. I’m going to meet Kristin later this week at my 30 year high school reunion. I heard about Kristin because she’s married to a high school classmate of mine who recognized our similar interests via Facebook. Honestly, I’ll probably have more in common with Kristin than with the people I went to school with 30 years ago (who are now strangers to me). LOL

      • Kitchen top I too have a 30yr reunion coming up. I can relate with you. I had the honor recently of meeting Kirsten. She is an incredibly talented gal. I met her at the black moon tavern during the show of red pill politics. I have been trying to spread the word ever since.
        I hope to have some information to bring with me next year to our 30th reunion.In about 2 weeks we will have a meeting to begin to make arrangements. I hope I can enlighten some not just about farmageddon but other issues as well regarding our freedoms. Regards Rick Morrow

    • I’m sure Kristen would be happy to have you spread the word by putting the video on your site. If you can’t upload it from here, you can always get it from YouTube.

  2. I am just learning about Farmageddon and Kristin Canty, and among the first things I found online were interviews with Alex Jones and Kevin Trudeau. Appearing with those individuals does serious damage to her credibility, and I am automatically skeptical. I figure she either is not careful about how she gets her message out or that she has a screw loose.

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