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Do You Have the Right to Know? See What Celebrities Say

Even celebrities are getting in on this action and helping to get the word out – everyone knows we HAVE to get Proposition 37 passed in California next month!

(Before you read the post below, you may first want to read a basic GMO definition here.)

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  1. I really don’t care what a celebrity thinks. Too much focus these days on celebrities. They are just regular people. Their opinion is no different than a stranger. After all that is what they are. To answer your question …YES we have the right to know about GMO’s and every other secret that we are clueless about.

  2. But if a celebrity helps sway a voter that is on the fence about the issue… I am glad they are helping lend their voices to the cause. I wish I were in CA and could vote yes.

  3. We may not like it and I agree the celebrities have to much influence but it works because they have way to much influence on people. In this instance, because I so want prop 37 to pass, I say whatever gets people to vote yes is great. Reading what I just said should probably concern me but I really, really, really want labeling. Maybe then I could get non gmo feed and non gmo other things that right now I can’t find or touch because they r prohibitive in cost. Go “Vote Yes on Prop 37”!!!!!!

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