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Who Wants Some Health-Building Goodies?

RL giveaway

(Note that this giveaway is over, but you still might enjoy learning more about the health-building products below.)

If you’ve decided that 2014 is YOUR year to regain (or retain) your health, then you’ll love this giveaway. Especially if you’ve recently gotten Cara’s GAPS Diet beginner kit or Joette’s Good Gut Bad Gut package, either of which will help you rebuild your immune system by healing your gut, and this can change everything! Part of that process includes introducing more superfoods into your routine.
Infused coconut oil
Radiant Life is one of my very favorite companies because Kathy and Norm sell so much of the stuff that we use ourselves, and these are the products I’m always raving about here on the blog and in real life — friends and family must be sick of me asking them if they’re taking their cod liver oil! Here are some of my most-talked-about topics:

(Note that affiliate links are included in this post, but it is not a post sponsored by Radiant Life.)


  1. If I won this giveaway I’d either put the money towards an earthing product or get some fermented cod liver oil.

  2. Hi, Kelly! I’d definitely get some earthing stuff, Nourishing Traditions, and Cure Tooth Decay. Have been wanting some of this stuff for a while! Thank you!

  3. Looking through radiant life was really fun, so many great products! I a really interested in getting a chlorine filter for my shower. They sell one that I have heard of before and it does not have a cartridge that gets refilled.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I have been wanting the Nourishing Traditions book for some time and I think that is one of the things that I would order.

  5. Hi Kelly,

    I was unable to get the links to Radiant Life’s website to work. When I clicked in the links it took me to a page on your blog and said the page was not found.

  6. The link does not work for me, it takes me to a page on your blog. But, I am very familiar with their products. I would like the infused coconut oil or healing teeth decay.

  7. So much good stuff to choose from. I would start with the Nourishing Traditions Book and for fun probably get some Bariani White Truffle Olive. I subscribe thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Hi Kelly, When I clicked on Radiant Life it didn’t take me there. However, I’ve been there countless times and plan to return. My purchase would include Butter Oil, Cod LIver Oil, probiotics and/or coconut oil.

  9. Our six year old son came back from the dentist with 7 cavities and I would like to have him try the kid friendly cod liver oil. I am concerned about his oral health. Thank you Kelly for this opportunity.


  10. Hi, Kelly! I love Radiant Life! We purchased their 14 stage water purifier and love it. Since we just recently moved to Northern MI and have a deep well, I think I would apply the money towards their whole house water conditioner or filter. I would also like to try the infused coconut oil.

  11. Just bought some of the mega-blend, so I would go for the probiotics for adults and infants and a cod-liver/butter blend that kids like. I am pregnant with my second and my midwife recommends taking probiotics and I haven’t been able to convince my 20 month old to take the plain or cinnamon flavored mega-blend. I hope that a different flavor might work for him. Suggestions from other moms with little ones welcome.

  12. It would give me the opportunity to try the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend. I have been wanting to try it. I would put what was left to purchase a set of the Kyocera Ceramic Mills for fresh ground salt and pepper.

    I am already prescribed to your emails and enjoy the posts. I to live in Michigan near Ann Arbor in Brighton so your info is local for me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. I would get Nourishing Traditions for sure! And probably some CLO. My family and I have been taking CLO for about a year and I have wanted Nourishing Traditions for a long time!

  14. I’ve always wanted a stainless steel ice cube tray! Beyond that, I would stock up on sea salt and some good oils

  15. The link to Radiant Life didn’t work for me, but l would love to try the Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil. l have Sally Fallon’s book, and and already subscribed to Kitchen Kop…thanks!

  16. The link to Radiant Life is not working. I have visited their site before though. It’s a totally easy choice… FCLO and HVBO…!

  17. I’d like to (finally) try fermented cod liver oil, probiotics, dulse flakes, chia seeds.

    (Although lead Radiant Life links aren’t working, the ones below to specific products do work.)

  18. I would buy the Nourishing Traditions Baby book as a gift for my best friends daughter’s baby shower & would love to try Green Pastures infused coconut oil!

  19. The Radiant Life link is not working. It says “page not found” but I went to the RL website on my own and browsed around. I would use the money towards the SS Drinking Water Gravity Filter. I have always wanted one of those. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  20. I would get the fermented cod fish oil for sure. I am desperately trying to heal my three cavities. :-) thank you for the contest!!!

  21. I use a few things from them already. But I’d probably get some of the stainless steel containers. Thanks for all you do Kelly.

  22. Hi Kelly, your Radiant Life link is broken. By the way, I want to buy some grass-fed ghee. It sounds like it might make for a delicious dip. I will also buy stainless steel water jug, for making cold tea. After that, I need to figure out what to do with the remaining amount.

  23. OK, this is an easy one! Hubby has been wanting me to order FCLO for a while now. So I would definitely get the FCLO :)

  24. I really want to try some of there products. I have used coconut oil from new seasons but never tried fermented cod liver oil.

  25. I would go for the cod liver oil. Up to this point I have not had the money to buy it. This would give me the chance to try it and taste it and introduce my husband and two daughters to it. I think having a sample would make it not such a “hard sell”. Thank you for this opportunity.

  26. We have tried the Infused 4 in 1 blends recently, but the cinnamon fermented clo is still my favor, so I would stock back up on that and probably more magnesium flakes.

  27. Infused Coconut Oil and Liver capsules are the top #1 and #2 on my list. I have the Fermented Cod Liver oil and it is great, but I would like to step that up.

  28. I would get the Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Desiccated Liver & Magnesium Flakes!! I’m needing to be feeling better and these would do the trick!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  29. If I won, I would apply the $75 towards the purchase of the butter oil/cod oil blend, and the earthing mat! I’ve been dying to try both!!! I hear nothing but great things about them!

  30. I would get the cod liver oil/butter oil mix, probably the chocolate cream flavor. I’ve got some tooth decay that needs fixin. Not a lot, but just a little start of cavities, and I think this would clear those right up!

  31. I want to try the Max B ND and the HVBO. I already use the FCLO and Desicated Liver capsules And Turmeric capsules and really like them. :) great company!

  32. I really don’t like the texture of liver, so I’ve been wanting to try the Desiccated Liver capsules! I’d also like to try the High Vitamin Butter Oil.

  33. I would love the SS Gravity Filter – probably put the money towards that. Already purchase FCLO form this company – they’re great!

  34. I was making milk kefir for my probiotics but it got to be too much and by the time I was ready again, I killed it. :( So the probiotics would be really useful to get started on. I’d also love to try the fermented cold liver oil. Where I live, I can only get fish oil capsules which are just not the same. Thanks so much for the opportunity. xx

  35. Finallllllly found a source for FCLO in Canada…just before ordering ready your 4-in-1 article=good call. A good article would be how to get your kid to take it. Ended up having her do above, honey and warm water and downing it like a shot. Anyway, next is to read Ramiel’s book. Husband is interested in getting me liver now that I’ve assured him that it is a “sure thing” every time he brings it home. Thanks.

  36. I would get a bottle of Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend, a pint of Radiant Life Virgin Coconut Oil, and Radiant Life Dessicated Liver capsules

  37. I’ve been wanting to try Green Pasture’s infused coconut oil, but there’s not room in my current budget. Winning the gift certificate would make this happen!

  38. I already take FCLO but would like to start giving some to my children and I have been really wanting to read the Cure Tooth Decay book!

  39. So many things to try! Goji berries, chia seeds, nutritional yeast, dried anchovies and manuka honey to name a few. Or I might just stock up on nut butters, tumeric and goji berries! Then there are books that I do not own, but would like to, like the Cure Tooth Decay and the Nourishing Tradition books.

  40. I would love to have the Fermented Cod and Dessicated Liver, most of the others I already use or have used….I really look forward each day reading Kelly the Kitchen Kops’ post .. it is so helpful with the info put forth.

  41. Fermented cod liver, Coles Portuguese sardines, coconut flour. Would loooooove to get the water filtration set someday!!

  42. Since it’s only a year since I have taken our family to the healthier side with no GMO, healthy oil cooking no plastic etc…, I would hit the book section to learn more!

  43. I love Radiant Life and already get my Vitamin C and Liver pills from them but would LOVE to try the earthing–just haven’t had the money.

  44. I’m taking my family (6 year old son, myself and my husband) on the GAPS diet soon, i’d love the guide and the goodies! What a great giveaway.

  45. I would really love to have the cod liver oil/butter oil mix by Green Pastures, or the Cure Tooth Decay book for sure, thanks for the opportunity :)

  46. I’ve really wanted to order the Blue Ice Royal FCLO Butter Oil combo for a while but haven’t brought myself to spend the money, so this would be a lovely win to help that! And I’d get some of their Bariani olive oil too!

  47. I would definitely get some FCLO. Since my husband has been out of work we can’t afford it. I really miss it & my kids could use some!

  48. I would buy the butter oil/ cod liver oil supplements. I’ve been wanting to try this for my family! Thanks!

  49. I love ordering the infused coconut oil from them…as well as other supplements. Their book store is awesome too!

  50. I think the Cure Tooth Decay book and the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend – Chocolate would be my choices. Since last November my front two bottom teeth have chipped off a bit and I’m hoping to remineralize the remaining teeth so I don’t have any more problems.

  51. I would stock up on Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Then I would get my family of 6 started on taking it!
    What a great contest Kelly! Thank you!

  52. If I win this giveaway. I would like to try the Mega Blend Infused coconut oil and I would like to try the X-Factor High Vitamin Butter Oil. I am really interested in the bodies ability to cure cavities through nutrition. Thanks

  53. If I win the Giveaway, I’ll be like a kid in a candy shop. Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend would be the first stop, followed by liver caps…or….or….(sky’s the limit!)

  54. I loved looking around the site. My Mom used to have those metal ice cube trays. LOL! I would invest in some earthing products. I am not very good about going outside barefoot and I think I would benefit from those. I did find something I need right away so I am off to order.

  55. I would buy the virgin coconut oil and the fermented cod liver oil in the mint flavor. Or maybe the hight vitamin butter and cod liver oil mix capsules.

  56. There were a lot of things that I’d like! I would love to try the Fermented Cod Liver – Cinnamon Tingle Liquid and would love the book “Real Food Fermentation”!

  57. I would either apply it to a few bottles of the Blue Ice FCLO I need to reorder, or to the earthing sheets I really want to try! :)

  58. I’m at the bottom of my bottle of fclo. I would use the $75 to reorder what we need. We have been taking faithfully for a number of months and it’s been great. Would also be interested in trying the liver pills bc it is something I never cook with.

  59. I need some fermented cod liver oil! Also, I really want a gravity water filter, and a shower filter, so that $75.00 would be great to put toward those items :)

  60. I would like the CLO because I do not eat well like I should. I am such a finicky eater. Am trying. Would also like the liver capsules also. I am low on iron.

  61. I would love to get another Austin air purifier. I LOVE the one we have now but could use another one for the boys’ room. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  62. My husband and I take Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Organic Coconut Oil daily. I would like to try the new Blue Ice Infused Virgin Coconut Oil. Thanks!

  63. Thanks for this giveaway!! Would love to try the earthing sheets, didn’t even know they existed! How cool :) it was fun to look around at their catalog

  64. If I won this giveaway I would love to try the desiccated liver powder. I’ve never eaten liver myself, but I have been learning more and more about it’s amazing nutrient content, and with my three young boys I’d love to introduce this into their diets. They love soup and it would be a great way to give this to them! The Better Than Roasted Nut Butters look great too! My boys love peanut butter (and so do I), but after reading your post about toxins in p.b. I’m trying to find alternatives for them. I’d love to try these nut butters.

  65. The mega-blend of FCLO/butter oil/skate liver oil/coconut oil is what I have my eye on! :-) Thanks for this giveaway! I also just signed up for your monthly newsletter.

  66. I would definitely get some of the Blue Ice FCL/Butter oil combo caps!! Just got one recently and I’m very pleased–no odor and an easy-to-take capsule.

  67. Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend and a shower filter plus grassfed Ghee would be on my initial list. I already have the Nourishing Traditions book. Thank you

  68. I would get FILO, infused coconut oil and Nourishing Traditions Book. I have been wanting to try coconut oil and FILO to try to heal a tooth issue.

  69. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the GAPS Starter Package. I have the GAPS book, “Nourishing Traditions” and “Cure Tooth Decay;” but it would be WONDERFUL for someone to hold my hand and tell me EXACTLY what to do. Also, I would stock up on fermented cod liver oil. What a great give away!

  70. If I won this giveaway, I would buy the premier probiotic capsules and fermented cod liver oil. My son just went through a round of antibiotics and I am working diligently to get his gut healthy once again.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  71. Absolutely the Radiant Life 14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System would be the most helpful in my household as I am stuck in a rut buying bottled water because when I turn my tap on all I can smell is chemicals.

  72. I think the Butter oil fermented CLO, the water filter, and probiotics would be the things on the top of my list…Hard to choose between them all! :-)

  73. I would finally try out some earthing products. Its been on my “things to check out” list for quite some time now.

  74. I have a 22 year old daughter who is trying to get her health re-claimed and has been though unbelievable struggles. She wants so much to be able to be healthy so she can return to college. I never heard of the Earthing products until I read about it on radiant life pe your suggestion. I am very excited to tell her about it since she has alot of trouble sleeping these days. I use alot of radiant life products already. If I won, I would totally give her the money towards the earthing sheet so she can improve her energy and overall health. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  75. I would get the fermented cod liver oil. Some of us are already taking it and have noticed a difference, so it would be nice to get some more for the rest of the family.

  76. Good morning! Thank you so much for directing me to the Radiant Life site.. I never saw it before!!! I would love to get the Prescript-Assist Probiotic….and many other things :) I would look into water filters..the FCLO..oh so many things… Thank you again!

  77. I’ve been wanting to get more liver in me, so I’d probably go for the liver capsules. Of course FCLO and BO are always great choices!

  78. I would get some of the Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil and Cod Liver Oil. Also, I would either purchase Nourishing Traditions or Curing Tooth Decay.

  79. I would definitely want some FCLO but the earthing sheets sound interesting also. How does the grounding rod work since the outlets in our house aren’t grounded. (Old house.)

  80. I am trying to follow the Cure Tooth Decay protocol but can only afford FCLO, I would use the $75 to buy butter oil, and maybe skate oil also.

  81. fclo, maca, or the probiotics, or one of the many books(compromised generation, super nutrition for babies etc.)

  82. I would definitely order the Cod Liver Oil. I’m also interested in the detoxification and improving my circulation. Actually, I’m interested in a lot but there is just so much I don’t know! So, I signed up to receive emails from Radiant life!

  83. oooh! I would love a copy Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions I saw was available on the site or I would like to try this:
    KIT-016 Super Nutrient Trio with Liver Capsules

    Thank you! :)
    Oh I changed my mind…so many awesome products!!!
    Premier Vitamin D3 Serum 1000 IU in just 1 drop!
    ~or this:
    Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops

  84. I could surely use it for fermented cod liver oil. I think I might try the desiccated liver as we just don’t get organ meats in our diet.

  85. I want everything on there! :) The stainless cube tray looks awesome and I have always wanted to try the butter oil/ FCLO combo. The water filter would also be great!

  86. My WHOLE body loves FCLO and I’m running low and not taking it as regularly. I’d also like to try the Premier Max B-ND Live Source B Vitamins. What is the source for the B’s I wonder? God bless you and Radiant Life for this lovely giveaway.

  87. Coconut oil and probiotics would be my first choices! I have their fermented cod liver oil and love it…well, as much as you can love that stuff :)

  88. I am anxious to try the Ancient Minerals magnesium oil or the flakes. I have heard that it is a good way to get enough magnesium. Or the grain mill.

  89. It would be such a hard decision! I have been wanting to get some cod liver oil, so I would probably get that and maybe some probiotics or krill oil. :-)

  90. I would love to try out the cod liver oil and get some Himalayan salt. I love that stuff! But I’m not sure. I would probably change my mind about the salt and do something else. antioxidants maybe?

  91. I love the Himalayan Salt but am also very interested in their skin care line. I also like the looks of the olive oils and sunflower oils!

  92. I would love to try the royal butter oil/cod liver oil blend, ocuven, probiotics, and the vitamin D3 serum. These products sound wonderful!

  93. Wow, so many things to choose from! After a little searching I know that I would get some fermented cod liver oil and the purple lifefactory-bottle-16oz-classic lid. Also eyeing the probiotics but the vitamin D grabbed my attention, too. I think I have a good start. :) Thanks!

  94. Oh Kelly! There are soooooo many things I would want, I don’t know how I would decide! Definitely the FCLO mix w/ butter oil….but I also really need a point of entry water purifier….haven’t been able to afford that….but even the shower dechlorinator would be great! and I’m almost out of my Gelatin…..I could seriously take at least one of everything on their site!! Ya gotta love Radiant Life!

  95. Wow, a lot of great products to choose from….and $75 would be spent fast. I would start with the “Wheat Belly” book as that has been on my “to-do” list for some time. The wonderful bath salts would be next. I loved the bottles…vitamins, oils, etc. OMG!

  96. I would love to win this. I would pick the fermented cod liver oil and I may chose the butter blend cod liver oil because I would like to try it.

  97. As a mother of six and a Nutritional Consultant I’d LOVE the ‘Nourishing Traditions’, ‘Four Roads to Healing” & ‘Earthing’ books to benefit me & my family & clients. Thanks for your interesting & informational posts! :)

  98. Oooh how I hope I win this one! My family could really use some butter/fclo blend, dessicated liver, and nature’s cargo bath salts!!!

  99. Such a hard choice! But I think I would get either Fermented Cod Liver Oil or maybe the dessicated liver capsules!

  100. Kelly, I just adore your blog! You always have so many helpful tips. :)

    If I could try anything, it would certainly be the high-vitamin butter oil (or maybe the fermented cod-liver oil/butter oil blend). I’m in my late teens (a junior college student still living at home) and my parents insist that pasteurized, homogenized non-fat milk is good for me – ick, I know I can’t have that! They’re also super leery of raw milk (which I love!), but I know my body does need real dairy goodness someway — especially now since my bones won’t absorb calcium as efficiently as I age. I’ve actually browsed the Radiant Life online store on several occasions, lamenting the price as I’m scrimping pennies and all. :) But alas. Maybe I’ll be more financially independent in the coming years?

  101. Help. I am in the middle of McDonald’s and Cod Liver Oil. That’s how I feel. Like I can’t QUITE jump on over to the healthy side, but I feel HORRIBLE. I have 6 paleo cookbooks and they scare me! I have coconut flour waiting for me to form it into something. My first purchase from Radiant Life would be Liver Capsules, because I can’t imagine drying the liver and pulverizing it and encapsulating it on my own. (My family would disown me for sure just due to the smell.) I’d follow that with the “Cooking with Coconut Flour” book, the “Magnesium Miracle” book (because I seem to feel a bit better when I get more of the mag), and “Nourishing Traditions” for SURE. I would have already overspent the gift card, but I would dig into my budget for” Stop Alzheimers Now”, because currently my cousin and I plan to share a unit; we are almost certain we will be there following our grandmother. I’d sure love it if I could find a way to avoid that. Thanks!

  102. I would get coconut oil and the juicing book for my mom. She loves to use her Ninja blender and her juicer to make delicious and healthy smoothies and juices :)
    I think if I could, I would get multiple coconut oil, I have heard of so many health benefits of it.

  103. There are so many great products from the company, it would be a hard choice. I’ve been wanting to try the fermented cod liver and butter oil. Thanks for the contest offer!

  104. I was actually planning on ordering some FCLO soon, so this would help. I would also like to try the liver caps. Thanks!

  105. A couple of the pictures are a little wonky, but not out of control, just not aligned to the right or the left exactly. Doesn’t detract, really.
    And as for me, I’d love to get some of the earthing stuff, the starter set or whatever I can get that will get me sleeping better and functioning better at work. Good stuff! Thanks SO much for hosting a giveaway–you do SO much for us readers!!!

  106. I would definitely buy a copy of the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook & then use the gift card for high vitamin butter oil, clo, & lactose for my wap baby formula.

  107. Hi Kelly, I’m leaving a second comment because I was able to use your link to get to Radiant Life this time. Cod liver Oil is so important so I would get that and maybe ghee or butter oil if that would cover it. Thanks again.

  108. I already use FCLO but I’ve been longing to try the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray. So that would definitely be my go-to if I win!

  109. Love this company! Stocked up on homemade baby formula ingredients before having my son just in case. Would love the gel capsule CLO, the Better Than Roasted macadamia nut butter and probably some coconut flakes… To start.

  110. OK, I would spend my $75 on fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. To help in the healing of my child’s tooth decay, I’d put the money toward Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend – Chocolate Cream Gel.

  112. I would spend it getting the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend. I’ve been wanting to try this for a very long time.

  113. I have been using the FCLO /Butter oil blends in capsule form and now my son and husband want to use it also!!! Would help to win!! I love your posts and learn so much from them !

  114. I would purchase FCLO and Butter Oil capsules. I’ve fallen off the wagon and can’t get back up… LOL! I really need to start eating better!

  115. I would get the earthing mat and probably the olive oil (think it’s Bariani brand?). Thanks a lot, this would be awesome to win!

  116. I need the Radiant Life Desiccated Liver! I just can’t manage to eat it, but I know it would help me so much!! THANK YOU!!!

  117. I’d love to get some of the stainless kitchen items (ice trays, bowls, food storage) and also the Radiant Life Virgin Coconut Oil. Thanks Kelly!

  118. Premier Max B-ND
    Live Source B Vitamins, I love the ConcenTrace Ionic Minerals and could use some more, I also would love a LunchBots Stainless Steel Leak Proof Container Sets.

  119. I would just love the Cure Tooth Decay book and a bottle of fermented cod liver oil I have read a lot about both of these items and would just love to try them, thank you so much for the opportunity.

  120. Well I’d love to say I’d try so many of the tempting things that they sell but honestly I’d use it on the fermented cod liver/butter oil capsules because we can use all the help we can get providing it for the 9 of us at adequate levels. So FCLO it is!

  121. I would buy the butter oil/cod liver oil blend. I think that might be a better way to take it than the liquid which I am doing now.

  122. i would get the liver pills for my hubby and the filter straw they both sound great hubby has liver problems so willing to try something different

  123. oh, where to start? I have found out I have ulcerative colitis and desperately want off the meds! I could use any of these products, probiotics (the prescript-probiotic) I could use a new way of cooking so would need the cook book. My daughter also has colon issues, ADHD and Severe anxiety. I also have fibromyalgia, thyroid, osteopenia, all because of dirty gut(I assume)that I can clean up and reverse or put into remission with the right diet. I am overwhelmed and could use some guidance.

  124. I know how much we like the FCLO cinnamon tingle gel. But I’d love to try the cinnamon and caramel infused Virgin coconut oil. That sounds fab!

  125. My first pick would be The Truth About Children’s Health. We recently removed all artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives from our diets and have been amazed at the difference in our children’s behavior and overall well being, particularly that of my 10 year old son. I want to continue down the road we are on. I would definitely also get The Diet Cure because I have been struggling horribly to lose the weight I’ve gained over the past 2 years.

  126. I would love to win this giveaway! I have started my journey to healing my gut and these items would be so beneficial to this process. Thanks for posting.

  127. We have been out of the FCLO and coconut oil for quite some time. We need the butter oil, too. No need to look around. I already know what Id spend it on. 😉

  128. We have been out of the FCLO and coconut oil for quite some time. We need the butter oil, too. No need to look around. I already know what Id spend it on. 😉 Oh, and gelatin, too. We’re out!

  129. So many good things on the Radiant Life site!! The $75 gift card would be such a huge blessing for our family. We have used the FCLO in the past and really seemed to be helping our health but ran out and are working to budget it back in. I would also love the Cure Tooth Decay book. With 6 kids, dental bills can get expensive and would love to see how to better care for our teeth! Thanks for the give-away!!

  130. I would either put the money toward the purchase of a water filter, or buy a few books. We need Cure Tooth Decay for our daughter.

  131. Fermented cod liver oil and butter oil for sure. In my last month of pregnancy, so I have to keep up with those supplements!

  132. I would love to try the desiccated liver and B vitamins for many hypothyroidism and the fermented cod liver oil/butter oil for my cavities.
    Thank you!

  133. I would use this gift card towards purchasing more FCLO/HVBO, Vitamin C, and Liver capsules. I have found that these supplement are really helping me fight my illness and I’m sharing them with my mom and now she is benefitting from it too.

  134. I would love to read the Cure Tooth Decay book, and try the sardines. I had the Nutrition and Physical Degeneration book, but my doctor borrowed it and then retired. So, that might be on the list. Much appreciado!

  135. I would love to read the Cure Tooth Decay book, and try the sardines. I had the Nutrition and Physical Degeneration book, but my doctor borrowed it and then retired. So, that might be on the list. Mucho

  136. We could always use more fermented cod liver oil! I wish I had found the site sooner since I just bought the Nourishing Traditions book from somewhere else!

  137. I have osteoarthritis which is degenerating the cartilage in my joints. I am wanting to try the butter oil/ fermented cod liver oil and the Great Lakes gelatin. I also have dental issues so I would like to read the Curing Tooth Decay book. Thanks for all the work and time you put into the nutritional information you give us!

  138. My husband and I regularly use fermented skate oil and I want to start my 5 month old on a regimen of cod liver oil. I am also curious to see for myself how earthing products affect my daily life.

  139. On Dec. 8th of last year, my 19 year old brother was involved in a very serious car accident and suffered a TBI. He is still unconscious but we have been learning about the benefits of cod liver oil in aiding healing for the brain. What we would be most interested in trying now that his doctors have given permission to try is the is the butter oil/cod liver oil blend.

  140. I have been wanting to get fermented cod liver oil & butter oil for a long time. THAT would def be on the top of the list.

  141. I am about to take the leap and try out cod liver oil, so it would be awesome to win some! Possibly dessicated liver too. Trying to take baby steps here…

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