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Save Farm Freedom Friday!

Are you fed up with the injustices happening on small family farms, where good people are trying to raise food to nourish us? Are they selling drugs? Are they involved in some heinous crimes? NO! They are farmers, and many are raising food the way it has been done for thousands of years.

Some are being punished severely for it.


  • If you don’t have a blog, Facebook and Tweet this up like CRAZY!
  • Bloggers, I hope you’ll write a post on this and link up below (and share a link on your blog back to this post so others can find us and join in, too!) so we can show that we are STANDING TOGETHER to help our beloved farmers. If possible, use these bolded keywords and tags in your post so we can BOMB GOOGLE: “Save Morningland Dairy“, “Save Estrella Family Creamery”,Stop FDA Tyranny Against Dairy Farms“, “Save Family Farms”, and “Save Farm Freedom”.
  • Also, please link to this Weston Price Action Alert somewhere in your post. You also may want to embed the trailer for the soon-to-be-released Farmageddon film!
  • Help us RAISE MONEY for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, who are such a source of hope for these farmers. I am proud to be a member.
  • Bloggers, I hope you’ll add a Pledgie widget to your sidebar, and in your posts, too, so we can help our farmers in a tangible way. Here are the links: For Morningland Dairy, donate at To learn more, go to; for Estrella Family Creamery, donate at To learn more, go to I made a donation and I hope you will, too!


There are 4 posts that I want to bring to your attention on this issue before you add your links below:

1. Kristin Canty, Farmageddon filmmaker, shares how she started on this mission, don’t miss it!

2. tender-grassfed-meat Kimberly Hartke, Weston Price Foundation publicist, has been a tireless advocate for Real Food farms, read her latest post here: Wanted: A Crop Mob of 50,000 to Save Artisan Dairy Farming.

3. Stanley Fishman, author of Tender Grassfed Meat, has written on his blog about the latest SCARY legislation that is working it’s way through the senate right now. Find out what YOU can do: Save Our Food Freedom and Right to Privacy! Stop S510!

4. One of my readers, 19 year old Erica, is a persistent fighter for these farmers. She emailed me about this over and over and between her and another faithful reader, Paula, they came up with the idea for this farm media blitz. Read Erica’s guest post today and feel her passion: Hey, Where Did My Food Go?

Now link your posts up here, and be sure to use a grabby title!


  1. I wish I had time to post a blog of my own, but I’ll at least be linking to one of the posts (both at my blog and fb page) some time this afternoon.

  2. I included a link to an earlier guest post on a friend’s website, Hip City Kid. While most of her readers aren’t WAPFers and follow very different food values, this fight applies to everyone who eats and I wanted to bring attention to this important subject. I’m not sure passionate real foodists will find the article more than absolute baby steps in protecting food freedom, but we all had to start somewhere.

    Thank you for coordinating this, Kelly. Truly.

  3. Many of my friends do not drink raw milk, and probably still think I’m a little crazy for being so passionate about it. But, what they can understand is their sushi. And, what’s left after raw milk? Sushi? Raw vegetables? Our home gardens? This is a fight that applies to EVERYONE, even those who don’t pick their groceries up from their farmer!

  4. I don’t drink raw milk
    … but if you took it away from me, I’d be pissed.

    I’m more pumped than ever to help out family farms. After hearing the Estrella Family at Michael Schmidt’s talk, I think I finally became emotionally invested in this cause. I hope today we get a significant showing for raw milk in the online community and media.

  5. We need an official twitter hashtag for this. This is all I’m tweeting about all day and would like to see if not only can Google get bombed, but if we can also make the trends list on twitter.

  6. This really is so important. Fresh food is what this nation needs. We have so much disease caused by the unhealthy foods we eat, and the government is behind those companies and their money. We all need to support the little farmers in as many ways as possible.

  7. There is a #rawmilk hashtag for those on Twitter. Might I also suggest using #foodfreedom as this affects all food not just raw milk. I’ve just started using #foodfreedom for these posts. Open to other suggestions.

  8. I just put about 7 or 8 links to FDA issues and saving the small dairies. I hope that the widgets on my blog get someone to donate as well. If we raise awareness, these small farms can get more help!

  9. Hey all, thank you SO much for getting involved! I just crawled out of bed, I’ve been sick with the flu all day (fairly mild, thankfully, but it still stinks), so I was excited to get on here and see all the action…

    Love the #foodfreedom hashtag Kat & if we have room we could use #rawmilk, too. (None of my tweets will show up though, because I’m still not showing up on Twitter search, dang it!)


  10. Thanks for all you’re doing. I didn’t have time to write a blog, but called my senators and reposted on fb!! Please give us an update to the vote and what we can do from here on out!

  11. I have posted on my personal and my business FB page about the Morningland situation several times over the last couple of months and I have seen other people pick up the articles and repost them! Word is getting out! Thanks for the big event today, I hope a lot of good will come from these bloggers!

  12. Hi Kelly! I’ve been buying cheese from the Estrella’s for a few years now and was greatly disturbed when I learned what happened to them. I’ve posted on my blog and linked above. Thanks for your effort in raising awareness!

  13. Saving local, natural food production and distribution means stopping S.510, the fake “food safety” bill just a few days away from being adopted by the “lame duck” Senate.

    A coalition of farmers, gardeners, health & food freedom advocates, tea partiers and patriots have been holding off this Federal take-over bill with hundreds of thousands of messages to Congress (reaching over 5,000 an hour earlier today through our system alone).

    Please go to this link and scroll down to the “take action” links there. Let your voice be heard!

    Information here:

  14. I also attended the WAPF conference for the first time; it’s amazing how much better food is when it’s properly raised and prepared! I’ve practiced Yoga for many years, and Ayurveda for only two; these methods have helped to make me healthy but adding the Weston Price principles to the mix is helping even more. It mystifies me that anyone would even THINK to make real food illegal. It’s the one conversation lacking in our quest to lower “health care costs”.

  15. Please, all bloggers run the pledgie widgets for both farms on your sidebar. That is a critical piece of this effort. Keep doing posts and linking them to the blog post Kelly has done here! This is an ongoing campaign, and we need to reach millions of folks to find our special 50,000. Here is the post I submitted, which explains the whole idea behind this Crop Mob fundraiser!

  16. We have posted info on our blog re: the farm raids and will be recording our podcast featuring this issue this weekend. We will also be discussing my fight with Senator Barbara Boxer’s inbox and voicemail over S.510, the “Food Safety and Modernization Act.” NOTE: I use the term “Food Safety” very loosely in that statement. Please check us out at Thanks for your support and for getting involved with this critical issue!

  17. So great to know so many out there care.
    We are a small family farm in Iowa, where raw milk is illegal and of course dangerous. It’s time to put a stop to the controlling government food system-it doesn’t feed us very well.

    We can make a difference with our voices, Hurrah!

  18. These farms are source for the blogging that we all do. Without them…there is no REAL food. Without REAL food there is no real health. Keeping them alive, without a doubt, keeps us alive! “I have a dream…” once said by a great man, rings true for this cause as well. Carry on bloggers! Hold that torch high.

  19. Bloomberg and NPA got it wrong about S.510 and small farmers!

    Earlier today Bloomberg reported, and the Natural Products Association (NPA) spread it around and about that:


  20. Hi Kelly,

    Thank you so much for posting this! People really need to hear what is truly going on with our small farmers, and our very limited rights to consuming whole foods. Today, our congress members will have the final say on whether or not we have the freedom to consume real food, or should I say “our” food. This is such a critical situation that affects everyone! No human being can ever thrive on man-made, adulterated “food.” Our Heavenly Father breathes life through the soil. Without good soil, life simply does not exist.

    Thank you,

  21. The start of today’s [11.29.10] Senate session was delayed, indicating the lame-duck “leadership” doesn’t quite have the votes to pass the fake “food safety” bill S.510. But Harry Reid hopes to bring the amendments to a vote between 6:30 PM and 9 PM.

    Opposition running many thousands of emails an hour… peaking earlier today at about 15,000 an hour through our system and quite a few groups putting out their own eblasts and response systems.

    Latest from us, with links to Senator phone numbers, email system.

    And, you can watch the action here:

    Finally, I’m twttering via with hashtags #farmfreedom and #foodfreedom

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