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Gettin’ Real About Coffee Enemas with a Q & A – Coffee Enema Benefits

Coffee Enema Benefits

One afternoon last November at the Wise Traditions conference, a few of us bloggers had a little chat. We weren’t talking about anything innocent like the delicious food at the conference or how to grow blog traffic, though. We were gettin’ the real scoop on coffee enemas from Christine and Amy!

(Pictured: Me, Amy from Real Food Whole Health, Christine from Butter Belle, Jami from Eat Nourishing, Wardeh from GNOWFGLINS, and Brenda from The Well Fed Homestead – at the 2011 Wise Traditions Conference in Dallas, Texas.)

Apparently they’d been doing (or is it “taking”?) coffee enemas for a while and the rest of us were fascinated. We’d heard that they were done to detoxify and that there are other coffee enema benefits too: they can also really help some cancer patients, but personally, I didn’t know anyone who did them.

So when I decided to put up a post on this topic, I knew just who to ask, and they both agreed to share their experience with coffee enemas today in a little Q & A. :)

1. What made you first decide to do coffee enemas? What are the benefits?

Christine: I started doing coffee enemas under the advice and guidance of my nutrition coach Pam Killeen. I have been working with Pam for almost two years on a Nutritional Balancing Program. Essentially this program helps to re-balance your biochemistry and detoxify heavy metals from your body. Coffee enemas are an essential part of this program because they help the body to remove these metals and other toxins while cleansing the blood. These are the main benefits of coffee enemas, but others are to heal the colon, rebuild the liver, reduce headaches and pain, increases energy and mental clarity, enhances bile flow and relieves constipation.

Amy: I’ve been involved in the alternative health & healing world since the mid 90s, so I have certainly been aware of coffee enemas (and enemas in general) for some time. Being raised in the US, enemas weren’t something we grew up with, like in other countries where it’s commonplace, so just like anything new or unknown, it can seem weird. So I didn’t try it, despite hearing about beneficial results. It was actually working with clients who were on the GAPS protocol and training to be a GAPS Practitioner with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride that convinced me to try them myself.

During a training session with Dr. NCM, she talked about how beneficial enemas are, especially to those on GAPS (or any gut healing protocol), and how, in Europe, almost every home has an enema kit. She said that a parent would never even dream of taking a child to the doctor for routine constipation, because they would just do a small, safe, easy enema at home (but not a coffee enema- these aren’t recommended for kiddos) and like magic, the constipation would clear immediately. She also impressed upon me that clients would benefit from my personal experience and being able to talk them through the process step-by-step (and be able to answer those kind of questions you only know the answers to by doing). So, that’s how I began doing them, and indeed, it has helped me numerous times with many different clients and their questions. It’s been extremely helpful to know about enemas when dealing with babies and constipation, because it’s helped me to empower parents to easily assist their child with that uncomfortable issue and help the baby pass stools easily within minutes, with no pain and no need for medicines that can have side effects or be irritating.

As far as I’ve seen, the benefits of enemas, and coffee enemas are far-reaching. Not only are they beneficial for clearing constipation and helping with detox, but coffee enemas especially help with liver and gallbladder support- and whose liver couldn’t use more support these days, right? People have reported everything from headaches clearing, fatigue lifting, skin issues clearing up, better digestion, clearer thinking, an easier time losing weight, reduced pain (especially like pain related to fibromyalgia symptoms), and more.

I should say, however, that coffee enemas aren’t for everyone, and those with an extreme burden to detox (like a huge heavy metal issue), those who are in extremely poor health or have active gut inflammation (Crohn’s, colitis, etc.) might want to start very slowly with plain water enemas, or consult their physician about the appropriateness of any enema in their condition. Although many U.S. physicians aren’t well versed in enemas, this would at least give you more information to choose what is best for you. Coffee enemas are also contradindicated during pregnancy and are not appropriate for young children. Regular water enemas (with a bit of sea salt or some probiotics) would be more advisable in those situations.

2. When did you begin?

Christine: I have been doing coffee enemas for close to a year now.

Amy: I guess it’s now been close to two years since we started doing coffee enemas. I really wish I hadn’t waited so long- it probably would have been very beneficial to me years ago when I was struggling with so many health issues, and it could have helped ease constipation without drugs, especially since that constipation was a side effect of pain medicine! Oh, the things we didn’t know…!

3. How did you get over the ‘ick’ factor?

Christine: I didn’t find it that hard to get over the ‘ick’ factor. Pam just told me that the results of my nutritional balancing program wouldn’t be as good if I didn’t do the enemas. I have been unwell and feeling horrible for so long, that I was willing to do just about anything to get better faster. And guess what? I love them! I can’t imagine ever stopping. I will honesty continue doing them for the rest of my life. Coffee enemas are an essential part of some alternative cancer therapies such as the Gerson and Kelley protocols. If someone with cancer can do coffee enemas twice a day, so can I!

Amy: Alrighty, so let’s get real. LOL. Honestly, the “ick factor” was a BIG one for me, and that “ewwww” was the reason I had never done enemas to begin with. Like many in the U.S. who are unfamiliar with enemas, it just seemed a little too invasive for my taste. I sort of had a no entrada policy regarding the hind end if you know what I mean. I also thought it would be so gross, and honestly, messy. I don’t know what I thought was going on but I just imagined a big mess. And I thought it’d be terribly embarrassing – like you’d have to go to the drugstore and buy the kit or you’d go to a colonics therapist and there’d be that whole interaction. So, there were several reasons I didn’t want to even consider it.

But once I learned a bit more about it, and that a lot of people in other countries regularly employ this easy, safe, painless home therapy, and that enemas are a traditional remedy that’s been trusted by cultures around the globe for centuries (and almost 100 years for coffee enemas), I began thinking it couldn’t possibly be THAT bad. So, I was already a bit more open to the idea when Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride explained it, but I wasn’t convinced yet. During her talk, she even had a drugstore enema bag out so that we could see it and she went over the basics. That helped a lot. And then I realized that you just go to the bathroom afterwards, so it’s not like there was this tremendous, gross mess in your house (again, who knows what I was really thinking happened!!!) The final thing that helped me feel comfortable was to watch a (very tastefully done) video, on a medical website, where they explained the process in a much more thorough (but discreet) manner. I could easily see that it was no big deal. (Just a note, you might not want to just Google this one, because you could end up with some, shall we say, less-than-credible, links. You can find the link at my site if you want to see it.)

People get really worked up about the whole insertion thing. Honestly, it’s a super small tube and it’s inserted into the rectum a teeny bit, about the length of your pinky finger (much less for children), so it’s not like you see in the movies with these crazy machines and huge attachments and all. It’s not painful or really even uncomfortable. And, no, you won’t be walking funny afterward!

4. How often do you do them?

Christine: I do a coffee enema just about daily, but at the very least 2-3x per week.

Amy: At first, we did them a couple times per week or so. But they can be time intensive, so its been a lot less often, especially recently. However, I think it would be wise to start doing them again on a regular basis, especially to help support my liver and encourage cleansing. The thing is, if you do them on a regular basis, you can retain the coffee a bit longer, about 15-20 minutes, and that is a bit more effective than just a few minutes. Before doing an enema with coffee, however, you do a couple rounds with just water so that you cleanse the colon before introducing coffee. Otherwise, if the colon is full, the coffee can not be properly absorbed.

People always ask if they are doing them too often or if they can become addicted to enemas (or hurt their body to where regular elimination will not happen correctly). From what I understand, while on the Gerson therapy, a nutrition-based cancer treatment, the patients do four or more coffee enemas per day with no ill effects (and to much benefit). I am not involved with the Gerson therapy as that is outside my scope of practice, but I have researched it and have spoken with several people who have had fantastic results.

I do have experience with clients doing coffee enemas as often as once or twice daily during critical times of health challenges or detox, extreme constipation or to ward off migraines (say for a week or two at a time) and to my knowledge, no one has ever had any side effects or problems and they certainly still effectively eliminated on their own once stopping the enemas. I am sure that like anything, enemas could be overdone, but a proper application of this centuries-old technique has been nothing but beneficial in my experience and research. Certainly, to keep this therapy in your back pocket for use during times of constipation or ill health by a family member, it is a means of empowerment – to be able to help your family at home with a safe therapy always makes us feel more secure!

5. Does anyone else in your family use this form of therapy?

Christine: After I had been doing coffee enemas for some time, my husband tried them and has also turned into a firm believer of them. He won’t go more than a few days without doing one!

Amy: My husband and I both have done coffee enemas. At first, he wasn’t on board with the idea or open to trying it. However, once understanding the history behind it, the benefits, and also watching the same medical video, he agreed that it might be worthwhile. I did it first and once he could see how easy and painless it was, he had no issues with it. We plan on keeping enemas as part of our home remedy toolbox, and for use with kiddos (plain water only when they are little) when needed.

6. What benefits have you seen in yourself?

Christine: The benefits I have seen in myself include: mental clarity, increase in energy, headache reduction, bile release, stress relief and relaxation and release of toxins and heavy metals (as shown on my hair mineral analysis tests). Here is my blog post on coffee enemas: I’m addicted to coffee and no, I don’t drink it.

Amy: I definitely did experience the overall cleansing and detox aspect. It seemed to just clear out the junk and improved fatigue, some little nagging health stuff, supported my digestion (especially liver/gallbladder function) and has cleared headaches and a skin rash. I am prone to migraines and it was actually through a client that I discovered that coffee enemas could help with migraines. So, I’ve been so thankful to have this drug-free remedy in my toolbox. Luckily, since changing to a real food diet and addressing the rest of the Essential Elements of Whole Health, I haven’t really experienced migraines or fibromyalgia pain anymore, but once you’ve suffered from them, you do fear they could return, so it’s nice to know I have another method to handle that unbearable pain!

One thing I want to make sure I mention is that you can’t exactly just go down to Starbucks and pick up a special blend, pop into Walgreens and grab a discount enema kit and start doing these enemas. Well, I suppose you could, but it’s not exactly ideal. First of all, the coffee needs to be a lighter roast than we generally use for drinking in the United States. The roasting affects the acidity of the coffee and the lighter roasts are generally better tolerated and not as irritating. There are coffees sold specifically for enemas, or you can order low-roasted coffee. I am not a coffee connoisseur, so I can’t speak too much to the roasting issue, but from what I understand, a roast around a 2 is preferable for enemas and most people would drink coffee roasted to a 5 or 6.

The equipment you use is also important, as most of the drugstore stuff is going to be plastic (or PVC) and, as we know, plastic carries its own health risks. Not exactly something I want to put directly in my colon! The acidity of coffee also may contribute to leaching these chemicals from plastic bags or tubing, so we use a stainless steel enema bucket (it’s like a big measuring cup) with silicone tubing and nozzle. For infants and young toddlers, you would be able to use a bulb syringe- and remember, just water, not coffee. There’s more detail that we could go into, but not exactly enough time, so if you have specific concerns, I’m more than happy to try to help you one-on-one during a consultation or Q & A session.

Finally, I’m so glad that Kelly is doing this post because coffee enemas are certainly something that I think should be talked about more often in health circles, and it really is the fear of the unknown and the “ick factor” that stops people from using this safe, easy home remedy. I talk clients through this process quite often and answer a lot of questions in the beginning, but once people have done it, they see how simple it is and that it’s really not such a big deal after all.

Thanks Amy & Christine!

Have YOU ever done coffee enemas? Did you notice a difference in your health or specific coffee enema benefits?


Christine Kennedy writes Butter Belle , a food education blog where butter trumps all, and local, seasonal, organic ingredients are prepared the traditional way.

Christine has been interested in health and nutrition (with a special emphasis on cooking!) since grade school. She earned a B.A. in Kinesiology & Physical Education at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. Never satisfied, and hungry for learning more, she ran across the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon Morell. It has since changed her life and the health of her whole family. As a wife and homeschooling mother of three children, she spends much time in the kitchen nourishing them all with traditional foods. In addition to this, you can find Christine visiting her local organic farmers, de-stressing in her garden, taking long walks on a summer evening or sweating it out in the sauna.

Passionate about real food and raw milk, Christine became a Local Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation in 2006, excited to teach others and share the wealth of knowledge.

Amy Love, NTP, CGP, CILC is a board-certified nutritional therapy practitioner, natural
fertility support specialist, certified GAPS practitioner and owner of Real Food Whole
Health- an online resource for real food nutrition, traditional food recipes (all gluten-free!), holistic wellness, education & nutritional therapy consultations. Amy offers support
for the whole family with a special emphasis on digestive wellness (and the GAPS diet),
natural fertility, pregnancy and post-partum care.

Amy is available to work with nutritional therapy clients via phone and internet
worldwide. She also speaks on nutrition topics, leads cooking classes and workshops and
offers a series of online classes available at



  1. I am very familiar with coffe enemas, as part of the Gerson Therapy protocol. These types of enemas are not for colon cleansing, but strictly for liver detox, so there is no need to “rinse” with water before using coffee. Also, when choosing the coffee, the most important thing is to make sure it is organic, you don’t want to be introducing any harmful substances into your liver. Lastly, this therapy is absolutely NOT contraindicated during pregnancy, toxins are neutralized in the bloodstream and excreted thru the intestinal tract. This actually cleans the blood flowing to the placenta. You can find detailed instructions at

  2. Hi Stephanie! Yes, it is absolutely essential that the coffee be organic. I did mean to make that notation. Coffee is one the most highly sprayed crops and all coffee for any use should be organic (and preferably fair-trade too!). The coffee I recommend and use (see my site for the link) is organic, fair-trade, air roasted coffee specifically for enemas, with a higher caffeine and palmitic acid content.

    The rinsing with water first is to allow the coffee to be held/retained longer. If the colon is full, the pressure will inevitably cause someone to need to release sooner than the recommended 15-20 minutes. However, if you are doing coffee enemas regularly, as in the Gerson therapy, then you may not need to do the water enemas first because the colon will be relatively empty.

    I have been very cautious with using this during pregnancy with clients, because I don’t feel it’s wise to detox during the pregnancy at the risk that all elimination pathways are not working at their best. The mother’s body is actually predisposed to dump toxins in the fetus (unfortunately) and this can absolutely happen if her detox pathways aren’t open fully (this would include digestion functioning normally, lymph and sweat, respiration, etc). While many toxins MAY flow out, it’s not a guarantee. And, not all toxins can be neutralized in the bloodstream. However, it would be an individual choice to consider both sides of the discussion and for a mother-to-be to decide which path she’d like to follow.

    Another thing I did mean to mention is that coffee enemas can be very helpful for hemorrhoids, because it clears the portal vein (and helps unclog the liver). Of course, hemorrhoids are sometimes experienced during pregnancy. My professional advice to my clients is to wait until after delivery and the first bit of breastfeeding before undergoing ANY kind of detoxification therapy. Plain water enemas, however, are super helpful to deal with pregnancy related constipation.

  3. I thought of another question this morning that I should’ve asked in the post: WHY does this work? Specifically, what is it about coffee enemas that make them so helpful? I’m curious just because of the controversy over *drinking* coffee.

  4. I spent a week in Tijuana at the Gerson hospital. I also spent two weeks at the facility in Sedona, AZ. I have benefited from personal counsel from Charlotte Gerson and many of the fine doctors at both facilities. We did five enemas a day on the therapy.

    At no time did any of the Gerson people say that these should be done every day or on a regular basis as a part of a health routine. They were a specific adjunct to the therapy, but something to be used only when needed after that.

    I have nine autoimmune conditions and use the enemas for pain relief mostly. At one time I was doing two a day and at critical stages every two hours. These help move toxins through that are released due to a therapy or detox plan that is already being done. But I do not do them daily or even regularly.

    I don’t believe, from all the literature that I have read over the last 20 years on this issue, that these coffee enemas should be used daily or or on a regular basis but, rather, as an adjunct to a detox therapy to encourage more rapid elimination of toxins.

    It is possible that there has been new research, but the Gerson hospital (and Gerson really brought these enemas to the forefront) never indicated that coffee enemas are effective for chelation.

  5. awesome post, thanks for sharing. been wanting to try coffee enemas but hadn’t had time to do a deep dive and figure out the who, what, when, why of it. i think i know what my project will be when the guys go on their fall camping trip! liver detox here i come!

    Dr NCM recommends adding probiotics to enema water for kids too, thought that should be mentioned here. For about 3 weeks we did enemas for three people every other day last summer, oh what fun. my sons are such troopers, and so much healthier now. no more asthma meds, yahoo!

  6. The active constituents are the caffeine and the palmitic acid. The caffeine travels through the portal vein to the liver, and stimulates the bile ducts to release bile, which is a primary means of detoxification in our body. The theobromine, theophylline, and the caffeine in coffee dilate blood vessels and bile ducts, relax smooth muscles, and increase the bile flow. Bile is sort of a river by which toxins may flow out. (Bile is also what helps us dissolve our fats, and healthy bile depends upon good intake of proper fats, and is hindered by ingesting hydrogenated oils, polyunsaturated fats in high amounts and a low fat diet. I would say that at least 90% of my clients had biliary stasis (thick, viscous bile) when they started working with me. Poor digestion is at epidemic proportions)
    But back to the enema question:
    When coffee is taken in enema form, an enzyme in the liver (glutathione S-transferase) actually is raised by over 500% (some report as high as 600-700% increase). This enzyme helps neutralize free radicals in the bloodstream. These free radicals move out through the bile via the intestinal wall.

    When you ingest coffee, it simply doesn’t work the same way as the caffeine is then absorbed systemically and the beneficial effects are muted by negative effects, especially in cases of adrenal fatigue (also epidemic!)

  7. I am breastfeeding and I have some ppd. How long do you recommend waiting before trying this when you are breastfeeding? And do you think it would help with ppd? Part of my problem is being very fatigued. My little one is 2 months old now.

    • Hey Ruth! It’s hard to issue blanket statements as everyone is of course different and PPD can have many causes, but I don’t see why trying this would be unwise, especially as the liver handles the conjugation of hormones, and hormones are certainly involved in PPD. I think it would probably be fine for you to go ahead and try it since you’ve been BFing for 2 months already. You might aim to do it at night, or a time when you won’t be BFing for a least a (few, hopefully) hours, and that would be short introduction. Of course, if your little one does not tolerate it for some reason, you’ll know you need to wait a bit longer. If there is more to the story (a complicated health history or your little one is having health issues at this time) then feel free to contact me personally and we can set up a free consult to talk further to determine if now is a good time.

  8. Kelly,
    I just love this blog! You aren’t afraid to talk about the Good, the Bad or the Icky…Apparently!! LOL And I love that you always seem to have a positive spin on things. (At least as much as possible! Some things just make me mad, too and it’s hard to be positive about it all!) But, another blog that I used to follow (no need to name names!) has become SO NEGATIVE in her posts that I can’t even read it anymore!! Basically, she’s lost all credibility to me. I just want to say THANK YOU for doing what you do, the way you do it! Honestly and Positivity goes a long way!! Keep up the GOOD WORK here!!!
    All that to say…..
    After this encouraging (and frank!) Q & A post, maybe I’ll finally open that box of coffee enema stuff that I bought more than six months ago but still have never used! Why, you ask? HA! I don’t really know! I have wanted to try it for a long time. (Enough to order all the stuff!)
    So now I ask myself…..what are you waiting for?? Hmmm….maybe it’s the ick factor? Or the fear of the unknown? Yes! and (most definitely) YES!! But, no one ever said that being healthy would be EASY (or fear-free), right?! Time to GET OVER IT and JUST DO IT!! 😉
    Thanks for the nudge, Kelly!! And thanks to Christine and Amy for all their helpful info!
    Many Blessings,

    • {Warning} While the video is done in a totally inoffensive way, there is a *behind* shown on camera, ACK! I couldn’t wrinkle my nose enough as I watched… And I used to be a nurse, too, LOL!

  9. Wouldn’t an enema be at least somewhat disruptive to the bacteria in the colon? I’m very skeptical of doing anything that would purge organs which should already be doing that kind of work. It’s an interesting concept, so please enlighten me. But my personal approach would be to support and nourish the liver with herbs, like dandelion, yellow dock, chicory or nettle.

  10. This is a common question. And do I have 100% bulletproof, empirical evidence that enemas do not affect gut balance- no I do not. But here’s how I see it after doing years of research and seeing the results of client experience:

    If we were pristine beings in a completely non-toxic world and eating pure food, drinking pure water and our bodies were functioning completely optimally I would say why introduce an enema (even though I don’t feel it would particularly imbalance you). However, we know we are NOT doing any of those things. Our bodies have been exposed to hundreds of thousands of chemicals for generations now, diets have been industrialized, antibiotics and steroids are rampant (even if we don’t take them, we are exposed through food and water) and the biological “stuff” that our bodies create now is very different- meaning gobs of stress hormones, increased free radicals, etc. Even those of us on very clean, real food diets, using natural remedies, avoiding EMFs and as much stress as possible are still wildly exposed to these things in our environment, no matter what we do. There is SOME compromise to health in everyone living on planet Earth now, I would seriously assume. So I honestly think enemas (coffee or otherwise) are one thing that can help (not the only thing).

    Enemas have a very, very long traditional/ancestral history, using mostly water. Coffee didn’t come about until around WWI. Of course, we know that they also ate a lot of cultured/fermented foods and were in contact with the Earth more than we are today (and picked up more beneficial microbiota because of this) and were not exposed to anywhere near the toxins we are today.

    Due to the toxicity in our world, ill diets, generational health issues, etc, most people today do not have a good balance in their gut to begin with, which is one reason they are so toxic! Most people have impaired liver & gallbladder function – these organs are not doing the detoxing they should on their own and while nutritional support is great, the added assistance of enemas (or coffee enemas) helps the body to flush toxins.

    I certainly see no reason why herbal support, glandular support or digestive nutrients would be harmful to the detox process- quite the opposite. I use all these in my practice with great success. The coffee enema is just another tool in the arsenal against the onslaught of a toxic world. And, the body is still doing the work, the coffee is just providing the motivation.

    There is nothing inherently antibacterial in the coffee that I know of that would kill bacteria in the colon. The colon is also not a static environment as things move in and out daily.

    So, though you are helping to induce a detox response, you aren’t wiping out mass amounts of gut flora (microbiota to be more correct), and you would be replenishing with cultured/fermented foods in the diet. Also, some water enemas are given with probiotics added in- this is often for those who are on a gut healing protocol and have an imbalance or improper microbiota anyway.

    That was a bit rambly- but I hope it makes sense.

  11. Would be very interested in trying this out if I can find a way to just buy a kit. Amy, do you have links for anything like this? I have been having massive acne outbreaks for the last 6 months or so, even though I suspect just as much of it is MRSA as it is acne. This would go along well with my goals for August to get my bowel issues under control. I can eliminate on a daily basis, but it’s normally hard and painful. Although hemmoroids don’t cause any discomfort, would be nice to alleviate those as well. I’d be curious to see what the cost is like for the coffee if I only did this 2-3x/wk.

    I actually just read a natural mommy post the other day recommending water enemas for little ones in assisting to bring down high fevers during the cold and flu season. We have heavily chlorinated water, would you suggest warming filtered water for this purpose?

    Kelly, thank you for the post – this is a very intriguing and informative topic!

  12. I think there is a miconception regarding the coffee enemas an pregnancy. Drinking coffee during pregnancy is definitely not a good thing, but there is no danger in using coffee enemas. I personally know someone who is using coffee enemas during her pregnancy and it has been ok’d by Dr. Wilson himself. I decided to contact my health coach, Pam Killeen about this. Here is what she said, and I agree! “Laxatives are unsafe to take during pregnancy. My guess is that whoever said that is equating laxative use to coffee enema use. But laxatives are working differently than a coffee enema. In general, people need to be cautious when taking laxatives because they can irritate the gut lining (that’s how/why they work). I think there’s a belief that laxatives can induce a miscarriage. I’m not sure if that’s true. But in general I caution people about laxatives because they’re irritating the gut lining….and because they can throw off potassium in the colon. Coffee enemas are needed to make sure the bile is being produced and that the heavy metals can take their exit. If the heavy metals can take their exit, this is not just beneficial for mama, it’s also beneficial for the baby. So, one has to ask themselves, even when pregnant, “if the heavy metals can’t take their exit, what kind of effect will this have on me and/or my baby?” 
    I don’t think the long-term use of laxatives is a wise idea — pregnant or not. But I see so many benefits to the coffee enemas…..I’d say, what’s good for mama, is good for baby…..I use that mantra quite a bit…..
    There are lots of people who dismiss coffee enemas and say they’re bad for us. Again, I’d have to ask these people just how they plan on getting rid of the heavy metals. It’s pretty tough without stimulating bile production…….”

    • I understand there are two schools of thought on this, but my stance is that I am not sure it’s totally safe. It’s not related the laxative effect at all, just that once toxins (especially heavy metals) are freed in the body- can we be assured they will leave or is there a chance they could deposit in the baby? Are we stirring things up that might have stayed put until after delivery when we can deal with it without a baby in play? Heavy metals can hide in the body, and be “safely” stored in fat until the body is ready to deal with them. I just don’t feel completely confident that it’s the right time to undergo a detox.

      Now, obviously I think coffee enemas across the board are pretty darn safe and fairly gentle. Is it absolutely going to cause problems if a woman does a coffee enema while pregnant? No. COULD it be helpful? Possibly. Is it better than some sort of systemic detox- absolutely! That would be disastrous. I just have a personal policy against detoxification during pregnancy- just to be on the safe side of things.

      I am certainly open to learning more, however, as things are constantly evolving and more information becomes available quite often. I am totally on board with water enemas (with sea salt and/or probiotics) during pregnancy to ease constipation, etc.

  13. So then, this is the question: If the metals are stored deep in the mothers tissues and not mobilized, will they affect the baby or not? Here’s Pam’s answer : “They will still affect the baby, yes. After the child is born, he/she will still have to get rid of metals. It would actually help both the mother and the baby to start moving the metals….the sooner the better…..Remember that when the metals are sequestered deep in the tissue, they’re still wreaking havoc on the body. So, not only will they adversely affect the health of the mother, it will also affect the fetus.”

  14. It’s best if there is a pre-conception health plan in place and the mother has eliminated a heavy metal burden more than 6 months prior to conception. However, that is not always practical, so the issue, in my opinion, in my practice, is that we wait until after the baby is here. Yes, the metal burden will cause issues for both mother and child, even stored deep in the tissues. But, I think there will be LESS damage done than if metals are mobilized during pregnancy. To me, that is a recipe for disaster. I will not work on detoxification protocols with an expectant mother. It’s just how I operate in my practice and other practitioners are welcome to practice as they see fit :)

  15. I have really tried getting into them, but I don’t find enemas all that pleasant. I usually lean toward teas, juicing, detox baths, dry brushing, and oil pulling for my go to detox methods. I’m going to keep trying though, so I hurry up this last part of my healing journey!

    Thanks for reminding me why I should really suck it up and incorporate them into my routine more often. Great info ladies!

    • Those are all great methods, Jennifer :) Sometimes trying different positions, different formulations (water with sea salt, with probiotics, a chamomile tea, or with aloe) can make a difference. If you would ever like to brainstorm some thing to help, feel free to contact me and we’ll see what we can figure out. Of course, not every therapy is right for everyone, so maybe this will just end up being one of those things that isn’t the best fit for you :)

    • Hey Karen! It’s not usual for it to do so. I know plenty of folks who don’t tolerate drinking coffee, but its use in enema form does not bother them at all. If the coffee is retained for longer than about 30 minutes, the caffeine can be absorbed systemically, and could cause some jittery feelings, similar to when coffee is consumed. It’s not advised to retain it for that long as the benefits are really when the caffeine is affecting the liver and gut only. If even retaining coffee for a short time causes side effects, then you can try diluting it, holding it less time or you may simply not tolerate coffee at all. I would suspect there would be other symptoms when you drank coffee (more than being jittery) if you were intolerant to coffee, like irritability, pain, headaches, digestive upset, etc. The jittery feeling is typically related to caffeine, so avoiding the systemic absorption should prevent that. Hope that helps!

  16. I had a coffee colon cleanse in Thailand while fasting, way back in the 1990s… I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine, so this just didn’t go well for me. It made me very sick so I quit the fast early. Didn’t have bad reactions to water cleanses at all. My understanding is that an enema only washes out the rectum, not the colon. I’m really surprised at the idea of doing this daily… wow.

  17. Hello – I’m usually pretty conscious about plastics & my food in general but do you really think there is enough time for the coffee to absorb the bad stuff with only a few minutes of exposure???

    In the last couple of years I have been warned that stainless steel contains nickel & chromium – so under the premise of the container leaching wouldn’t using the SS buckets also pose a similar risk of flooding the colon with these heavy metals?

    “The most common austenitic alloys are iron-chromium-nickel steels and are widely known as the 300 series. The austenitic stainless steels, because of their high chromium and nickel content, are the most corrosion resistant of the stainless group providing unusually fine mechanical properties”.

    • I do think that that amount of time is enough to get us too much exposure – especially since I often keep adding hot water and sip on it for an hour. Your SS comments have me thinking…. My SS cup JUST broke, too, I wonder if I should find one of those ceramic cups with the plastic and handle around them for a travel cup. Probably something wrong with ceramic, too, though!

      Maybe I’ll put this on FB and see what I can find out.


      • A this rate, it seems wood is about the only nontoxic and natural material left to use…maybe taking us back to really ancient times 😉

  18. Thanks for the reply…. are we both talking enema vessels??

    I am seriously questioning my own vessel but at most it holds the coffee 5 minutes. Reading up on website it states that the Stainless are the safest – mostly because of cleaning abilty. Curious, does a magnet stick to your SS bucket? I’m thinking I may have to rig something myself with a ceramic water crock & sure – there is that question since everything seems to have its issues.

    I have old stainless steel pots & pans that magnets do stick to – the interesting thing is last year I was gifted a new pan from the same line and a magnet does not stick it. Stainless has become too popular and quality suffers.

    So…….. you’re doing enemas for an hour?

    • Haaaaaaa, nooooo!! I have coffee cups on the brain because mine just broke and I need to get a new one. :)

      LOL! Guess I didn’t *drink* enough coffee yet today to get rid of my fog brain!

      • Ahhh Ok! At first I thought you were kidding with me but then I felt maybe we we’re not on the same page. I personally do not drink out of any stainless or plastic products, especially not hot liquids.

        Above Amy mentions aversion to the use the Walgreen’s rubber enema kit b/c of issues with plastics leaching but since reading here last I was on Dr. Wilson’s website and he does not take issue with the same kit. I’ve also researched time with issues with plastics and do not believe there is enough time for a leaching reaction or that my temp is high enough to cause one either. I’m not endorsing the product, just realising I’m most likely not causing any harm.

  19. Do we need further proof that everyone associated with the Weston A. Price is both mentally ill and overweight?

    • Shame on you! I went to Mexico for the Gerson Therapy treatment and left after the week pain free, due in part to the 5 coffee enemas we did every day. There is solid science behind this. Do some research before you start slinging insults.

      • Does anyone here have a thorough knowledge on the physiology of the body? – as there is an interesting link i found supposedly debunking some of Dr Wilson’s theories on coffee, enemas and the way the body works. Would really love some input to this guy’s response to Dr Wilson’s claims. So far it sounds very thorough in relation to the body’s physiology but then i am no expert in anything that has to do with science.. Cheers

  20. I am having trouble getting all of the coffee enema inside of me. I wait for a minute or so after the bucket is empty, but some coffee remains in the tube and won’t go in………..any idea why this is happening? Also, I’m only usiing 1/2 of the desired enema(Gerson Therapy Coffee Enema).

    Thank you kindly,

  21. Lazmos – it could be that your bowels are full. You could try doing a plain water enema first to clear some space before doing the coffee enema. Try this and see if it helps.

  22. Thanks Marge, I’ll give it a try! This is however my 4th enema and I don’t believe I was full everytime……ya’ never know……..we’ll see! Thanks again!

  23. Lazmos – it depends on the condition & health of your colon. A person may have old impacted stool taking up space – not necessarily “full” like you might be thinking. Also, some people just have to work their way up to being able to take the full amount. Maybe their muscles are not strong enough for example. Be patient with yourself and with time, the C.E.s should help with both. But my thought is – if you cannot take anymore in it is because there is not space. Up above Amy is mentioning doing several rounds of water before doing the coffee. Some people do recommend doing plain water enemas until the elimination is clear. The issue with this method is TIME!

  24. Marge,
    Thanks again, I understand and have had issues in the past where I had 16 lbs of blockage. I was very ill at the time(on pain/musle relax meds.) and this only added to the problems, but I was eventually able to evacuate. I think you may be correct and I shall follow Amy’s protocol.

  25. I never really knew the point of coffee enemas so I appreciate this interview. I really think I may have to try this! I have a lot of colon issues that then cause brain fog, fatigue, etc… It sounds like coffee enemas might help me!

  26. I found out about coffee enemas a couple of years ago whilst researching vegatarianism (I know!) I even went to a medical supply store and bought a bag/kit for doing them after I got all excited to try them at home. Haha, it’s been collecting dust ever since I brought it home. I took it out of the box, looked at it, and put it back in the box. The ick factor is totally what gets me as I am we’ll aware of the health benefits (from previous research). However, something I am doing now that I wasn’t doing then is breastfeeding. My daughter is 3.5 months and the whole ‘toxin release’ thing is a concern for me. She already has a major intestinal thing going on and I am trying not to agrivate it further. ((She, like her mother, has flatulence issues…especially in the evening. She screams and wriggles so hard some evenings it’s bothersome. It’s obvious I have issues and need the cleansing quite a bit since my issues have followed me since childhood.))

    I noticed someone mentioned the water quality as it was on my mind….my municipal water tastes like a swimming pool. Gack! I only have two options and would like to know the best one Amy or Christine. First would be to fill a pail with tap water and let the chlorine evaporate before using it, or second, buying a 5 gallon jug of filtered water. Now at $5 a gallon, those enemas could get pricey in the long run and we are not even at the point of buying organic fruit and veg yet.

    I will have to get to your link to watch the video though and hope the ick factor becomes a lot less ‘ick’. :)

    • Ok, so I just finished watching the first link. It does look easy. I didn’t mention it before but I have gone to someone who performs enemas. Something different from the video and the treatment I had was that there was a ‘release’ tube as well. Is that something different?….are colonics and enemas different or the same thing?

      So I went and looked at the kit I have just collecting dust and its practically the same one used in the video, although mine doesn’t have the surgical rubber (its white). (The receipt was in the box and I paid less than $10 for it :) )

  27. I started doing plain water enemas to clear out colon before starting ce’s. I was doing some other things to detox at the same time. I ended up with anxiety (die-off, I assumed). Does this mean that I have a “heavy burden” to detox or that something is keeping the toxins from coming out of my body? Since then I have tried other things to do mild detox, and anytime I go to fast I end up with anxiety. Would doing coffee enemas rather than plain water help or is there something else I need to do first? Thanks for all the info!

  28. I’ve been doing coffee enemas every other day for about a year. My acupuncturist recommended them for pain relief for Rheumatoid Arthritis. At first, I was skeptical, but they have become an important part of pain management. Also, they help with mental clarity, fatigue, and pms. Occasionally I’ve stopped them for about a week, but each time my symptoms return.

    • Sharon, the fact that your symptoms return means nothing has changed. Get rid of the cause of the pain – don’t just use pain relief for them.

      i have had R.A. For 21 years and much of that time I have been in remission. Please check your library for The New Arthritis Breakthrough, by Henry Scammell. I did the treatment and went into remission. Also find information and doctors who do the treatment at this site:

      The symptoms are returning when you stop the enemas because the cause of the symptoms is still there. R.A. is an infection and can be treated.

      Best to you.

  29. If I may, regarding water issues. While it used to be that you could set water out and boil it to remove the chlorine, in most municipalities this won’t work. The form of chlorine used in sanitizing water at many treatment plants is chloromine or cholromide. This is a compound of chlorine bonded to ammonia that is not easily removed. It cannot be boiled out nor will it evaporate. That being said, the expense of removing this substance is very high and we are left to what is within our reach. You might try digging a hole in the ground and placing a smaller container inside it and covering it with plastic wrap. On top of the plastic wrap in the center place ice cubes which does two things. It creates a temperature difference to create condensation and also adds weight in the center that will cause the condensation to run and drip into the container inside the hole. There needs to be at least two inches of space around the container. This water is processed and filtered through the natural soil particles as it has accumulated as rainwater. While our rainwater picks up the impurities in the air as it descends, this water has been filtered naturally. I will tell you that it will only yield a little water at a time. Do not do this on lawns that have been chemically treated for pests and disease, of course. Too this process also works as a homemade low temperature distilling method to make some herbal extractions. (Some herbs require alcohol to breakdown the cell walls while others require more heating than this method.)

  30. I was wondering what you thought about my case. I am breastfeeding my 10-month old and am fighting Candida. I am experiencing very bad “die off” symptoms. From what I have read, it seems like coffee enemas are helpful to detoxify your body while treating Candida. I have noticed over the last 3-4 days that my baby’s skin has these rough, dry patches. It seems to coincide with my “die off” symptoms peaking.

    Would you weigh in on the safety of trying coffee enemas to help expedite the expelling of the toxins in my system and whether it’s safe if I’m breastfeeding? Specifically if it’s advisable, how often should I do it?

  31. My naturopath was worried about my liver and said I needed to detox it. I didn’t want to do enemas but my liver is overtaxed from pain meds following a botched surgery so I decided it was worth the ick to try it. It was actually warm and comforting. I was able to retain it for @ 30 minutes and I felt great after! I am thinking of adding probiotic suppositories to my supplement regimen also.

  32. About the coffee enema during pregnancy… I’m 15 weeks along and get headaches every day. My nutritional chiropractor told me to do a coffee enema to see if it would help. I’ve tried a lot of other natural things too. Now I haven’t done the enema yet but am now worried about it affecting the baby. Do you think it would be better to do the enema than taking pain meds for the headache?? It’s a tough call…. thanks!

    • Definitely consult a naturopath about this or someone trained in this stuff. Amy may be able to comment here with her advice, too.


  33. OK. So, I went ahead and tried my first coffee enema.(about2 cups) it completely flushed me out and I felt great. However, (this may sound gross. Sorry but I have to ask) its been about 3 days since I did it and now whenever I pass gas I find myself leaking a small amount of orange fluid. Kinda like grease or something. its really strange. Any idea why this might be happening to me? is something wrong or is this just my body still flushing out “junk” Thanx in advance.

  34. I currently use a rubber bag, but worry abt the toxicity. I tried the ss bucket, but felt it to be cumbersome, big, and didn’t hang well. The Silicone bags are awfully pricey.

    Any suggestions as to what to use? Thoughts on the plastic bucket and any links u can provide to inexpensive safe kits?

  35. How young is to young for a child to do a coffee enema? My 9 year old has had a problem with anxiety which his dr told me is from him always being on fight or flight (he had nasty reactions to vaccines and he thinks it messed up his nervous system). He also has skin rashes food allergies and major environmental allergies as well. I know for myself I have benefited from them tremendously (digestion and seasonal allergies especially). Assuming he will let me do it would it be safe for someone his age?

    • I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe check with a naturopath or holistic doc?


  36. Hi

    I’ve been doing coffee enemas for about 3 months, twice daily. Since about 3 days, whenever I do an enema nothing will come out after, or barely nothing. What could be the problem? Did anyone of you ever had that problem of not evacuating after your enema?

  37. Did doctor Natasha Campbell or anybody else (trustworthy) ever mentioned about the depletion of beneficial flora from the enemas? Does the flora washes out completely or does it leaves “seeds” behind to continue growing? anybody with reliable info please?

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