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First Line 2010 Blog Recap


Jo-Lynne does an odd blog carnival, where she asks us to post a blogging recap, using the first line of the first post of each month of that year. (Isn’t that a cute picture she made?) I cheated a little, using a different line only if absolutely necessary, and added some dumb comments after each one in italics, so here goes…

  • January: Two New Year’s day questions for you today… Yep, I really know how to draw ‘em in with a grabby opener don’t I? NOT.
  • February: OK, Reader Friends, I need your help, and please be bare-bones honest with me. Thank you to everyone who participated in this, there were a lot of you!
  • March: Antibiotic use, ground beef recalls, chlorine on U.S. chickens, YOU can make it stop! Wonder how? Click over to find out!
  • April: How much do you think infertility and nutrition are related to each other? This is one of my VERY FAVORITE posts ever published on my blog, if not THE most favorite.
  • May: I’m writing this in a rush on Friday as I get ready for the company I told you about yesterday. I was tempted to cheat with that boring line, but didn’t.
  • June: I have to show you something GROSS that Kent found buried way back in our downstairs refrigerator…you won’t believe it. You know you want to know what that was!
  • July: A few years back in a moment of clarity, my husband and I made a decision to vote with our food budget for a more humane planet. That was a good opener, eh? Probably because it wasn’t written by me.
  • August: New scoop! Yep, that really was the first line.
  • September: It’s that crazy time of the week where you entice us with your links and comments to go check out your blogs and your great REAL FOOD tips and ideas! Gee, you’ll never guess what post that belongs to will ya?
  • October: If you’re getting more and more into the traditional foods lifestyle, and you’ve started eating grassfed meat, then you’ve probably figured out that it cooks differently than conventional meat. This was by one of my favorite guest-poster friends!
  • November: It was a much better week around here, so no whining today! Phew!
  • December: Before I tell you about the Chaffin Family Orchard sales on Mandarin oranges, olives for curing and their award-winning olive oil (OK, I don’t know if they’ve won any awards, but in MY mind they should have, it’s so mild yet packed with nutrients!), first I tell you what a blast I had at the conference hanging out with Chris from Chaffin Orchards. That really was ALL in one line, geesh.

Part of Jo-Lynne’s end of year recap carnival!


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