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Who Do YOU Want to Thank Today?, My Scary Mullet, Why Not Canola Oil, the Lazy Composter, and More in Today’s Monday Morning Mix-Up 5/26/2014

Monday coffee

Good morning! I wanted to find a neat video to share today for Memorial Day, but wow, there are a lot of cheesy ones out there. I found one, though, a really good one:

So I’m not sure how many are even reading today (some of you crazies like to camp this weekend), but those who are, will you share in the comments who you want to thank today for their service in the military?

I want to thank my Dad who served in the Army, even though he passed away many years ago. Also my brother-in-law, Kraig, who served in the Marines. I especially want to thank Kyle, who has sacrificed a huge chunk of his health and his life in this past couple of years because of his service in Afghanistan. (Read more about Kyle here.) And finally, I’d like to thank my Hubs, who actually joined the Marines when we were dating, when he was almost done with college, and all without telling me ahead of time! Then when we’d been married 2 years, his unit was called up during the Gulf War and he was overseas for 9 months. I’d show you our picture of his homecoming, but then you’d have to see my mullet, and that would just be wrong. Oh wait, I forgot I already shared that. If you click over, be forewarned, it’s scary, LOL.

Here’s what I’ve got for you this week…


  • The issue of whether or not to do cancer screenings is SUCH a sticky one — Sue and Janice have asked questions in the comments here and I just didn’t know how to reply — can you help? Click here: Are Cancer Screenings Safe?


  • While I believe that what we eat matters more than how much we exercise (would you agree with that?), it’s still very important to have a good amount of movement in our lives. I thought this was an interesting info-graphic. (Source)SedentaryVsExercise
  • canola-oil-whole-foods70% of the “freshly prepared” food items at Whole Foods contain canola oil. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Here are 7 VERY wrong things — and I’ll add a potential #8: if canola oil is not certified organic or GMO Project Verified, it is most certainly GMO.
  • What’s your favorite bedtime snack? I don’t often eat at bedtime, but this is yummy now and then: Organic apples with organic raw, soaked nut butter on top.
  • Do you have a Smart Meter? Has your power company announced that one will soon be installed? Read what to do
  • RealFoodWednesdaysI’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday! Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!


  1. Dear Kelly,

    I have couple of different thoughts. One, I imagine, mullet or not, you were one of the most beautiful longed for sights that Kent was waiting to see! Two, composting post was hilarious. The last is not so much about Memorial Day but about Veteran’s Day. This applies to both though. I have always appreciated our Veteran’s but not gone to the extra step of showing it. The attendance at a Veteran’s Day parade had been so small that they had not filled the steps of City Hall. I was horrified. Houston is the fourth largest city in this nation and only a handful of people showed up. They were threatening to not hold a parade the following year due to lack of attendance and how disheartening this was for our Veteran’s. There was a significant amount of advertising for the parade with people calling in to pledging to attend. Over 200,000 people showed up at the next parade. Kelly, it was an amazing sight to behold. Jayhawks (I may have the wrong helicopter) were flying between the skyscrapers, oh it was impressive. I was so ashamed that I have been one of the people to not show my appreciation. God laid it upon my heart that day with a vengance about the importance of showing our appreciation, whether it be through going to a parade or stopping to say thank you directly to these gentlemen and women who have served. We are a nation quick to forget amidst our great physical comforts of what is sacrificed for us on a daily basis. I pray that my children see a mama who is willing to act not just talk because action is what makes a difference and that they will follow in all aspects of their lives.

  2. Re composting: look into keyhole gardening. You garden right on top of the compost and then keep feeding the garden as you put scraps and gray water into the center tube.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll look into keyhole gardening. I’m not sure if my suburban yard would be the place for it (our homes are in pretty close quarters), but if my neighbors can put up with me throwing food scraps into the yard, maybe they’ll be even more accepting of this. : )

  3. Thanks for the shout out Kel !!!! I think I may have come up with an even more revolutionary idea than lazy composting. I’m calling it “Slingshot Composting.” It’s pretty self-explanatory. I haven’t tried it yet, but you’d better believe I’m going to.

    • Oh my gosh, I love this idea, Bob! Even better, how about you shoot from your deck, and we’ll shoot from our front porch, and maybe we can get our banana peels and coffee filters to land in each others’ yards!

      Kent and Sonia will surely love the idea, too. :)

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