The Real Food Ingredient Guide

Real Food Ingredient Guide
Get Real. Get Healthy.

Want to get your whole family onto real food and nourish them back to good health? Want your kids off junk food? If you’re sick of the struggle I can help!

Find What You Need

Learn what to buy, where to buy it, and how to afford it. The Real Food Ingredient Guide can help you find what you need to make real meals for your family.

  • “Your book is perfect for sitting down to understand the ‘whys’ behind real food.”
  • “Thanks for the truly eye-opening information – it all just makes sense.”

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Reasons to Buy The Real Food Ingredient Guide:

  • Quick reference guide for when you want fast answers to your quick questions.
  • If you’re asking, “Will you please just tell me what I’m supposed to buy?!” – this will help!
  • Help for when someone puts you on the spot and you need a quick reminder of “What was so bad about that food again?”
  • Guidance on various ingredients, including “good, better, best” options.
  • It’ll also help you know what to look for at your local farm and what questions to ask.
  • A detailed section with facts on the different food groups and ingredients for when you have time to dig in a little more.
  • If you’re more of a visual learner, you’ll find an easy top ten real foods and top ten junk foods list in pictures.
  • It also includes new bonus material: How to bring your family from junk food to real food, and how to overcome the six main obstacles everyone faces when switching over to real food:
    1. Motivation – You won’t be willing to make a change if you don’t understand why it’s so important!
    2. Confusion/feeling overwhelmed – You’re probably sick of trying to navigate all the information from the ‘experts’ like what’s ‘good’ vs. what’s ‘not good’, especially when that keeps changing; and you just want to figure out the age-old question of “What the heck can I eat?!” Especially before meal planning or grocery shopping…
    3. How to afford real food – You’ll learn loads of tips all in one place.
    4. Dealing with family complaints, which can wear you down at times, so I’ve got ways for you to get past this one!
    5. How to make time for real food – There are so many ways that I’ll bet you’ve never thought of!
    6. Sticking to it for the long haul – This is often what trips people up. Life gets in the way and you find yourself slipping backward. You’ll learn here how to prevent that from happening or how to get back on track.
Table of Contents

1. Quick Reference Real Food Ingredient Guide.

2. Local vs. Organic.

3. Facts on Healthy Fats & Oils.

4. Facts on Conventional Milk vs. Local Raw Milk

5. Quick Facts

6. Beyond the Table


7. Bringing Your Family from Junk Food to Real Food

8. Kelly’s Top Ten Junk Food List in Pictures

9. Kelly’s Top Ten Real Food List in Pictures

10. Obstacle #1 Motivation

11. Obstacle #2 Feeling confused/overwhelmed

12. Obstacle #3 Finding the time

13. Obstacle #4 Family complaints

14. Obstacle #5 Finding the money

15. Obstacle #6 Commitment to the long haul

16. 6 Real Food Recipes Your Family Will Love

17. Helpful Resources & Links