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Monday Morning Mix-Up 12/19/2011

Good morning! No blabbing from me today, we’ll get right to this week’s links…

  • From Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s blog: iVegetarian: PETA Honors Steve Jobs PETA has chosen to honor Jobs’s commitment to animal welfare and the environment without acknowledging the role that his vegan or near vegan diet may have played in his death. None of us, of course, knows what caused the pancreatic cancer that led to Steve Jobs’s death or what might have cured him. The one thing we know for sure is his diet didn’t save him.” Just as Kaayla writes at the end of her blog, I’m also writing this on my Mac, with the iPhone never far from my side. I’ve become a die-hard Apple fan and will be forever grateful to Jobs for technology that I don’t have to swear at daily. While it’s not perfect (I still seem to find a glitch now and then — it’s my special gift), compared to the crap in the PC world, it’s darn close. And the fact that at anytime I can drive a half hour to the other side of Grand Rapids and walk into the Apple store to meet with a person who can help fix whatever that latest glitch is, now THAT is pure brilliance. I’d love to know what you think of Steve Jobs and Apple?
  • Don’t miss last week’s post about why most peanut butters are NOT good for us, even if all they have in them are peanuts and salt
  • Check out this shocking chart and then read the whole article from Ren: Time to Rein in the Industry-Run USDA. “While the Federal government appears to be relying on RDs as experts in the midst of America’s obesity crisis, it doesn’t want to pay them to help people lose weight. This news comes as the American Dietetic Association (ADA) is under scrutiny for its ties to food and pharmaceutical industries.”
  • My friend, Sandrine, has just started a blog in order to have a place to archive all her super helpful Facebook posts, here’s one of her new posts that has already gotten a lot of attention: “What I learned from mothers about baby’s first foods.” (You can also read my posts about feeding baby here.)
  • Did I tell you yet about how Colloidal Silver totally cleared up our kids’ red ears recently? (Read more about the kind I buy and my top 3 uses.) I have an otoscope, so when the kids get colds like they have recently, I’ll peek in there… I looked inside and saw very red ears. So I had them lay on their sides for 20 minutes and dripped a dropper full of colloidal silver into each ear. (See the comment below about warming it a bit first!) In ALL three, the redness was totally gone the next day, so we were able to avoid putting them on antibiotics! (This is always my goal when the kids get sick.) What are some ways YOU have avoided antibiotics at your house? (I always need more tips in that area.)
  • I love this post from Jill last week with lots of pictures: A Visit to Sally Fallon Morell’s Farm – it is absolutely beautiful! (Jill’s photo at right.)
  • Don’t miss the latest on the Horrific case against Jacob Stieler’s parents after last week’s hearing, please keep writing those letters!
  • RealFoodWednesdaysI’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday! (Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!)


  1. I have managed to get LO through 3 ear infections without abx these past few months. I use garlic ear oil–can be just mashed garlic cloves steeped in olive oil; I get some drops from my naturopath that contain some other ingredients like St. John’s Wort oil too. Apparently anything dropped into the ear when inflamed should be warmed, as the drum is fragile and can be easily popped otherwise. I also rub this oil on his feet while he is sleeping, and top with the “wet socks” hydotherapy treatment. (You put a pair of wet, cotton socks on WARM feet, then top with a pair of wool socks. Weird but totally works). (My poor kiddo wakes in the morning smelling like garlic.) Then I have some homeopathic drops given my mouth, as well as some herbals like ecchinacea and goldenseal. Oh, plus there is a natural decongestant I get from my naturopath; I honestly have no idea what it is, they call it “Mucalytic Drainage Formula” but within 20 minutes of taking it he is sneezing, goop coming out of nose, etc, so it works. And I stay away from dairy, grains and sweeteners. And I massage a kids essential oil blend of tea tree, lavender, orange and vanilla into the skin around his ear. Can you tell I hate abx too??? Where did you get and learn how to use your otoscope? And does anyone have any tips as to how to avoid getting ear infections when colds arise? My 2 yo has just developed a proneness to them.

  2. Hi Kelly.

    Yes, the antibiotic thing. Wish my mom had avoided them. My health has suffered a great deal due to all of them that I took as a child. I wrote a post on things we did to avoid “the pink stuff” and I came really close to using it.

    Another great tip for nursing mothers is breastmilk in the ear. Lots of ear infections will clear up on their own (it’s true!!!) but this tip helps a lot.

    Here is my post called – How We Avoided Antibiotics – Escape from the Pink Stuff:

    By the way, It got me a ton of hits because someone called me a nutcase and said I had jeopardized my kid’s hearing and posted my link on their “anti healthy crunchy mamas” site :-(.

    Take care!

  3. I also try to avoid antibiotics, but since one kid had five ruptures and deafness in one ear, she had tubes. Her surgeon did tell us though, that 80% of all ear infections can and will be resolved by the body without interference within ten days. So his advice for our other kids? Time. Wait ten days before subjecting them to drugs.

  4. When my girls were babies I regularly took them to the chiropractor to treat and prevent ear infections. Also, there is a drainage technique in chinese medicine (?) Where you rub gently along eyebrows, under eye along cheekbone and under checkbone and down sides of the neck below and around the ears that seems to really assist with drainage of ear and sinus/throat stuffiness and infection. I second what the person above says about all the herbal stuff too. We have had really high success with homeopathy in treating a myriad of things.

  5. I have successfully stopped a cold or other issue by putting hydrogen peroxide drops in the ears for 10 minutes or until it stops bubbling. One ear always itches more than the other. I’ll have to figure out how to warm it now, because it is really cold at room temperature. Getting them adjusted is helpful for draining ears, especially when they are younger. My chiro recommends oil for earaches. He says even plain olive oil can work miracles. My kids are really lucky. They haven’t had too many serious issues. usually I give them a heating pad or warm washcloth. It doesn’t last more than a day. I try to push bone broth but they aren’t too keen on sipping it :( .

    This week there is a minor bug going through the house. The kid vomits and feels better. I woke up at 3 am after a modest sized dinner with the feeling that the food wasn’t digesting. I took some digestive enzymes and probiotics. Then I stayed vertical, watching TV to give it a chance to work. I think I avoided it. My husband had mild flu symptoms and a migraine. Last year on New Year’s Eve all of us got stomach flu – blah.

    We are very impressed with Apple. My husband bought our first Mac in 1993. He reads a few Mac blogs every day. He is very good at troubleshooting computer and network problems. I work in IT, so for a while I needed to have a PC at home that can connect to work. Now that I have a work laptop, I switched back to a Mac.

  6. Another Apple fan here. Got my first one, a 13″ MacBook, about 5 years ago. I upgraded to a new iMac last spring, and for Xmas I got a MacBook Air to replace my first-gen iPad (husband wanted it).

    @ValerieH, I use VMWare Fusion and installed Windows XP on my Macs and that works for me to connect to work from home. Thank goodness because I hate using my husband’s PC. :)

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