Dinner Last Night: "Ketchup Soup" Recipe with Grilled Cheese

Last night I planned to make Scalloped potatoes with ham, until I realized I was low on potatoes, so rather than calling our friends next door to borrow some like I normally would, I decided to switch gears and make something less time-consuming anyway. This literally took me less than 20 minutes from start to finish. These days, this is our version of fast food!

The amazing thing about this family dinner favorite is the way my kids actually cheer when I tell them what we’re having. This is basically just homemade tomato soup (similar to the tomato bisque we make to go with chicken asparagus lasagna, but the bisque has a stronger tomato flavor and is richer in flavor), but my friend, Sonia, suggested we call this, “ketchup soup“, so the kids eat it every time – she was right! We serve it in little plastic shot glasses and they love to dunk their grilled cheese in.

  • Grilled cheese sandwiches: use 100% whole grain bread, the kind with no trans fats or high fructose corn syrup, preferably organic, and for even more nutrition: use sprouted/fermented grain breads. Use all-natural cheese, raw cheese is even better, and I hope you won’t even THINK about using “processed American” or Velveeta cheese slices!!! Cheddar or colby slices taste so much better anyway!
  • Ketchup Soup” – this is so easy. Make a white sauce by melting about 8 T. butter in a medium saucepan on medium heat, add about 8 T. flour and whisk well, keeping heat high enough to make it bubble a little, but low enough not to burn. After it bubbles about 30 seconds or so (and it looks like it’s thicker), add about 3-4 c. milk to make however much soup you think you’ll need, and some of that could be cream (to make it creamier) or a little homemade broth to make it even more nutritious. Keep whisking and add a can of organic tomato paste and a 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes. (Even better, add fresh tomatoes from the farm market or from your garden and use your stick blender to mix it in well.) Add plenty of sea salt and pepper to taste – this is the key to making it tasty. (Sometimes I also add onions or onion powder, or other spices as desired, and maybe a bit of sugar to taste.)

Let me know if your family likes it, too!




  1. Michigan Mom2three says


    I just thought I’d add a tip here, if that’s okay…. on the soup. If you’d like to eliminate the cost of canned tomatoes, then, this summer – when tomatoes are in full force…. put some puree up in the freezer!

    Simply blance your tomatoes, peel them, throw them in a blender and puree. Freeze the puree in 2 c quantities in quart-sized freezer bags. I put up stacks and stacks of these, and they get made into tomato soup all winter long. It is truely bliss to taste the garden when the snow is falling outside! I make my soup the same as you – start with a white sauce, then when it’s thick, stir in one bag of the thawed tomato puree. Season to taste (salt pepper, a bit of basil), and finish with stirring a bit of real cream. We eat this with grilled cheese on my homeade bread very often in the winter.


  2. Kelly the Kitchen Kop says

    Your comments and tips are always welcome! I’m going to take your advice with some organic farm market tomatoes this year.

  3. Amanda B. says

    Everyone I’ve ever made this soup for just loves it. It is so good and so fast! I like to season it with just salt, pepper, basil, and sucanat. Thanks for this one Kelly!

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