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Beating Psoriasis Naturally: Get Rid of Psoriasis Without Prescription Creams

beating psoriasis naturally

Are you ready to get rid of your psoriasis, or have you given up on beating psoriasis naturally?

healing-psoriasis-naturallyThe other day I was chatting with my friend, Cindy, who told me about a remedy that she said really works for beating psoriasis naturally. She heard about it from another friend who had them all over her head, and they were gone within a month after beginning this daily drink…

Cindy let me share her story:

My mom has psoriasis pretty bad and wears a lot of shirts with 3/4 length sleeves and longer capri pants. When I didn’t have them by my mid-40’s I thought maybe I was going to be lucky. However, in my late 40’s they showed up, and since going through menopause it has gotten much worse. I tried prescription topical creams when I only had a few spots, and it worked, but then it got worse. (Now knowing how bad those drugs are, I wouldn’t want to keep using those anyway!) Last summer I had psoriasis all over my arms, some on my face, and they were so bad on my legs that I couldn’t even shave (which I usually need to do about 3 times a week!) That’s when I started going to the tanner daily. That did work and I was able to shave my legs again – but I hated knowing what I was doing to my body in the fake-bake machine. I stopped going to the tanner once the weather got cooler (and I could wear pants and not have to shave my legs), and all the psoriasis came back. It was later last fall when I heard about this remedy for curing psoriasis naturally, and I’ve been pretty much psoriasis-free ever since, as long as I remember to drink my cup of “medicine” each day. It’s been so nice not worrying about wearing clothes to cover them, especially when it’s so hot in the summer. I’m so thankful this works!”

Here’s what to do — stir together the following in a coffee cup:

It’s that easy, and inexpensive, too!

This is actually quite delicious, it’s got a nice sweet and sour flavor to it. Or you could add the honey and vinegar to coffee or tea if you prefer. This will take a few weeks to start working but it has been a GREAT treatment for my psoriasis. It doesn’t prevent new outbreaks, but when they show up it dries them up fast. You have to continue this drink daily or they’ll come back.”

Why not raw apple cider vinegar?

I’d always heard about the many uses and successes with raw apple cider vinegar, so I asked Cindy if she’s tried that. She actually had, but said the psoriasis started to show up again so she switched back to the distilled white vinegar and then they went away again!

Have any of you tried something similar? Or has another remedy worked for beating psoriasis naturally for you?

healing-psoriasisHere are a couple more helpful resources from the comments!



  1. I have psoriasis in my scalp and my mom did, too, but I was able to cure it in just a month by following the protocol/diet in the book Healing Psoriasis by Dr Pagano. The main points of the protocol are eliminating nightshades from the diet (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant,..these also should be or are recommended to be eliminated if you have arthritis, and interestingly enough there is a correlation between arthritis and psoriasis), eating a diet high in alkaline foods and low in acidic foods (80%/20%), eliminate refined sugars and carbs, as well as fried foods, coffee, alcohol, don’t overeat, drink lots of water, get plenty of olive oil (good for digestion), lots of fresh veggies and some fruits, small portions of high quality meats, elimination of red meat (which is too bad because I believe grass fed beef is very healthy), reduced dairy, no coconut (which I also was skeptical about, because I know of all the benefits coconut), addition of herbal teas, such as slippery elm bark, saffron, and chamomile, chiropractic adjustments, colonics, enimas… I didn’t get the adjustments or do the colonics and enimas, but did follow the diet to a T and was amazed at how quickly the bad case that I had completely disappeared! That was about 2 years ago now and I have since added some of these foods back into my diet, such as some nightshades, grass fed beef, coconut,… I did get a small case this past spring and went back on the diet for a bit. It seems to have cleared up now. I think some aspects of this diet assist me in staying psoriasis free, and if I stray too far from it, I know I can go back at any time and clear up the issue.

    • Hi Sally,

      That’s great that you found what works for you, but I’m curious if you tried Cindy’s method if that would work, and then you wouldn’t have to worry about eliminating the healthy foods you love?

      Just a thought!


      • I have dry, itchy patches on my palms. It started a few years ago when I cut my thumb on the sharp edge of a can I had just opened. When it healed it got all dry and crusty. It spread to both palms. I’ve shown it to doctors but they don’t have answers. I keep it from getting very bad by taking Protandim supplement, but it doesn’t cure it completely. I don’t have faith in dermatologists because I doubt they get to the root cause.

        My chiropractor is a big proponent of ACV + honey as a home remedy for everything. I’ve seen books written about it. I hazard a guess that your friend’s solution changes her PH in some way. I’ve never been a big fan of the very popular acid/alkaline theory. Chris Kresser wrote a couple articles debunking the common understanding of the theory.

        I looked into the psoriasis book above. I read amazon reviews. I’m not keen on getting rid of red meat. From the reviews I have read, the doctor’s diet gets rid of so many foods, it’s hard to know what the problem is. Could it be wheat, dairy, nightshades, yeast, fungus, leaky gut…? I think everyone has a different issue but his diet will address any of them all with the added benefit of a low saturated fat diet because “we all know that is healthy”. I’ll check my library for the book and look at it anyway.

  2. Interesting post! My son had bad psoriasis for years. He eliminated all corn (it’s in a lot of things!) and limited sugar intake and he has never had it again since then, even now that he’s added corn back in. Corn is one of the most GMO’d substances so maybe his body just didn’t know what to do with it. I wonder if the vinegar and honey drink would do anything for his acne though.

  3. I was told my psoriasis was caused by pinworm (ick, right?) but anyway, knowing is half the battle. I was put on various herbs that kill pin worms. Worked wonders at first but then the psoriasis patches began to return. Turns out parasites can build an immunity to herbs which is what had happened. Well after some investigating and searching for yet a new remedy, this time believing it was a parasite, I came across Diatomaceous Earth that is said to kill parasites from the inside out. Literally it destroys the parasite due to the nature of the diatomaceous earth. Well, I began taking it and the psoriasis began to rapidly disappear and is still disappearing from the few finger and toe nails that I had it in. Not only are the psoriasis patches gone, but unlike when I took the herbs, the skin where the psoriasis had been is completely rejuvenated. Before there was normal skin but it had a sort of ring where the psoriasis had been for so long. Not now! I don’t know the person who used the vinegar, but I had tried everything but since I had had if for over 20 years I think many of the remedies I heard working just couldn’t kick the hold the parasites had in my case. I wish I could shout it from the roof tops that psoriasis is a parasite and the DE will destroy it! Oh, and I didn’t mention that DE is the cheapest supplement, it also won’t harm you is good for you and you can’t overdose on it!
    Thanks Kelly for this post!

  4. I used nettles tea. Brew 1qt. each morning and drink within the first hour after getting up! This really worked well for me.

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