Fajitas with Grassfed Flank Steak

This is a multi-step recipe; make sure to pay close attention! :)

Check out some variations that I have suggested below.


Marinade ingredients:

Serving day ingredients:


Marinating instructions:

Between one and three days before serving (the longer the better), marinate your grassfed flank steak in the above marinade.  You can use a big 2 gallon baggie or a big bowl.  Just mix up the marinade and make sure the meat is covered.  Keep refrigerated.  Each day flip the meat over, to make sure all sides get all the flavors and herbs on it.

I love trying new marinades, so please share your favorite recipe in the comments!  I normally use some variation of the above ingredients, and amounts aren’t exact – just make sure you have enough marinade to cover the meat well.

Serving day instructions:

Prepare your sides and toppings as indicated in the links above. Grill slowly over indirect heat until it’s done the way you like it.  Remember it cooks a little more after you pull it off.  (Hey Stanley, any other tips for us?) Slice thin pieces of steak diagonally.  This really does make a difference in the tenderness of the meat for some reason.  Serve on tortillas with any sides that you like.

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