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May Round Up: Top 5 Thank You Links & Top 5 Posts

I’ve done posts like this before so I hope you like this type of thing (please let me know!), and besides, my tech issues continue so I still can’t get to any of my post drafts. You’ll be proud to know that I am breathing normally, however, and I’m just working through it. :)


(Besides the big ones that is: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Email subscribers, feed subscribers, Facebook & Twitterpleeeeease will you sign up at those links if you haven’t already?!)

First a special mention for #6 on the list, I couldn’t leave Musings of a Housewife out, thank you Jo-Lynne. :)

5. Cheeseslave – wow, even though Ann Marie has been crazy busy and not posting as much, she’s still one of my top 5 referrers!

4. Nourished Kitchen – thanks for inviting me to share a guest post with your readers, Jenny! (“The Messed Up USDA Food Pyramid“)

3. Real Food Media – if you’re a Real Food blogger, did you get the new widget for your blog yet so you can join Real Food Media? Click here to get the code to download and add to your sidebar. By adding the widget, you will get more traffic to your blog and you can chat with us in the members-only forum, too. :)

2. Food Renegade – you gotta love Kristen’s Fight Back Friday carnivals!

1. Kitchen Stewardship – thanks again, Katie, for asking me to join in on the Spring Clean Out the Junk Carnival. It was fun and I learned a lot, too.


5. This one surprised me: How to make raw milk yogurt, whey, and “yogurt cheese”.

4. This happens to be the page I go to most often myself when grabbing a quick recipe off the site: the Recipes and Ideas link. The whole list of all the recipes I’ve ever posted are there.

3. I had hoped this post would be popular, and so far so good! 5 Dave Ramsey Money Principles and 5 Kitchen Kop Real Food Principles.

2. Many of you have told me how handy this Resources Page is! Thank you for visiting my sponsors there and helping me out, too. :)

1. Staying solidly in the number one spot, which it has held for quite some time now: Healthy Breakfast Ideas! I’m currently in a rut and need to pull this list back out.

Thanks for reading through these and again, let me know what you think about this type of blog post. Also, PLEASE SHARE: What was your favorite post for May???

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Part of Fight Back Friday and the Wholesome Whole Foods Carnival!


  1. Fun! I bet I’m one of the people who looked at your cheese post last month, because I’ve been making cheese now and still trying to perfect yogurt. :)

  2. I like this, and I am going to start doing more short roundup posts like this (you just saw my latest one, Kelly, thanks for stopping by!). I think it’s best to keep the dialog going. So sorry for all the tech problems you’ve encountered. Darn that Windows anyway!

  3. Can you believe we pay these people? I want to fire everybody at the EPA, and FDA!

  4. I guess I have become a synic. I do not believe that writing your congressman, petitioning anyone or telling the EPA what we want has any effect what so ever on the outcomes. These officials are all bought and paid for by the corporations and do not give a hoot about what we think, want or need. Wow! Apparently, I am really jaded. Just needed to vent.

  5. I frequently feel frustrated (and/or guilty) for not having the time (or not taking the time) to try to influence a decision on an issue important to me. But this only took about one minute to copy, paste and tack on a few personal words. I feel much better now. :)

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