Let’s Go Real Food Shopping: Where to Buy Real Food and Natural Living Resources

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Need to do some real food shopping?  Find real food and natural living resources here!

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C4H-200Get all your starter cultures and cheese making supplies here!  Make homemade yogurt, water kefir (kefir soda), dairy kefir, sourdough bread, fermented vegetable starters, buttermilk, kombucha, and more!  Cultures for Health has a whole library of tips, tricks, tools, and tutorials to help you along as well.


Breakfast:  Sprouted grain cereal - organic soaked cereal (that kind is my fav) – Organic oatsHealthy Animal Fats:  Pastured Butter or Pastured Ghee - Duck Fat – NEW:  Pastured LardPasta: Einkorn or Spelt or GF/Rice or GF/Quinoa or sprouted grain pasta
Broth: Organic free-range & grass-fedHealthy Fats – Coconut Oil: Virgin Coconut Oil here or here or here or No-taste Coconut Oil (Read more about both of those here) or 4-in-1 infused superfood coconut oil here or hereSeafood: here or click here to get 10% off delicious sustainably-caught fish with the code KOP.  Find safe tuna here or here.  Find canned salmon here.
Candy and Snacks:  Candy without the junk - Potato chips fried in coconut oil - Tasty grain-free granolaHealthy Fats – Olive Oil:  Olive Oil discount with code KOP at checkoutSea Salt, Spices & Herbs:  Organic Spices & HerbsUnrefined Sea Salt
Cheese: No-GMO or raw grassfed, or Cream Cheese or Cheese making suppliesHealthy Fats – Grass fed Tallow:  Beef Tallow-Large Tub (best value to split with friends) or Beef Tallow-Small Tub (still a good deal)Supplies for Healthy Beverages:  Regular Tea - Kombucha Tea here  or here - Water Kefir or Dairy Kefir Grains Coffee Alternatives
Condiments: Barbecue Sauce discount with code KOPDEALS at checkout - Ketchup - Mayo here or here - pastured sour cream - fermented soy sauceMayo: here or hereProbiotics: here or here or here or here
Flour-GF: Almond or CoconutHealthy Meats:  Get healthy, safe, pastured meats hereFermented cod liver oil and High vitamin butter oil: here or here or Extra virgin cod liver oil here
Traditional flour: Einkorn or Spelt or SproutedSupplements: Desiccated liver capsules here or here - Iodine - Magnesium Oil here or hereMagnesium flakes - Calming Magnesium drink - Colloidal Silver here or here - Elderberry Syrup - Liver detoxVitamin D
Gelatin:  Great Lakes GelatinGelatin Secret e-bookTortillas:  Spelt TortillasBabies:  Baby formula kit
Nut Butter: Almond Nut ButterNuts - Soaked/ Sprouted: here or hereNut Butter – Soaked: here or here
Fermented food starters:  Yogurt here or here - Dairy or water Kefir - Sourdough here or here - Fermented Vegetable startersVegetables: Raw FermentedSweeteners-Better options: Natural Sweeteners - Organic Powdered Sugar - Raw Honey - Real Maple Syrup
Vitamins: Food based prenatal vitamins, Men’s food based vitamins


Brain healing/behavior/ADHDLearning BreakthroughEarthingEarthing Products
Essential Oils:  Safe,Organic,Therapeutic GradeFood Storage & Other Kitchen Items:  Safe Food Storage products - Life Factory and other kitchen products
Laundry & Cleaning:  Safe cleaning & laundry soap – great for stains too (click to see stains before and after!) - cleaning clothsGardeningSupplies & Seeds
Kitchen Gadgets I Love: BOSCH Kitchen Mixer - Grain Mill - Salad Spinner - Fav SS Electric Pan - Coffee Percolator - 1-cup Coffee Maker - SS bakeware - Glass Bakeware - Le Creuset Bakeware - Cast Iron - Popcorn Popper - Ice Cream Maker - Deep Fryer - Food Processor – Toaster Oven – Bread Machine – Hand Blender - Crock Pot - Cream Frother - DehydratorNatural Skin Care:  Mtn.Rose Herbs Body/Skin Care - Toxin-free Deodorant - Beef Tallow Body Balm
Natural Mouth Care:  Fluoride-Free Toothpaste - Safe Oral Care Products - Bass Toothbrush - HealThy Mouth Drops - Have you read “Could your toothbrush be causing gum disease?” or “My favorite oral care productsRadiation Protection:  Radiation-redirecting cell phone cover or here - Defender laptop pad
 Vitacost:  Up to 50% off/deals on real foodie stuff here Water Purification:  Filtering system - Mineral Replacement Drops
Workout at Home:  Treadmill Desk - Bowflex Weight Machine - FitBitBest Lip Balm:  vanilla peppermint or lemon


Kitchen Kop Help:  Real Food for Rookies Class or Real Food Ingredient GuideGAPS Healing Diet: GAPS Starter Kit - GAPS Intro/1st 30 Days - GAPS Meal Plans, Fermentation Class - GAPS Book
Babies/Kids:  Fertility books, Beautiful Babies e-course, Real Food Nutrition for KIDS e-book w/ activities, Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care, Nourished Baby e-bookCookbooks:  Nourishing Traditions, Simply Salads by Seasons e-book, Nourished Kitchen, Real Food for the Holidays, Healthy Breakfasts, Healthy Lunch Box, Healthy Snacks, Smart Sweets
Sleep help:  Sleep Solution e-bookGrain Free/Paleo:  70 Grain Free Desserts, Getting Started with Paleo, Go Grain-Free Class, Nourished Kitchen Dairy-free/Grain-free baking
Homeopathy: First Aid/Cure Yourself guide - Basics course - Gut Health courseHealthy Fats Books:  Get Your Fats Straight, Eat Fat Lose Fat, Cholesterol Clarity
Cleaning/Organizing:  DIY Non-toxic Cleaning Recipes, 12 Months of Decluttering, The Clutter Trap, 75 Non-toxic Recipes for Home and Beauty, 30 Days to a Clean and Organized HomeMisc. Books:  The Nourished Metabolism, Fearless Digestion Class, Real Food for Campers, Thyroid Help, Reversing Diabetes, Living Pain-Free
Meal Plans:  Nourished Kitchen Simple Meal Plans, Interactive Meal Plans: Traditional/Paleo/VegetarianBeverages cookbook:  Natural Cocktails
Skin care:  DIY Organic Beauty Recipes, The Eczema Cure, 75 Non-toxic Recipes for Home and BeautyWomen:  Quit PMS, Love Your Body
Oral Care:  HealThyMouth Summit, Cure Tooth Decay bookFarming:  Guide to Backyard Chickens


Want more information on any of the above topics such as how to make something or why it’s good for us?  Just do an internet search with the words, “Kitchen Kop TOPIC NAME HERE”.  Or click here to learn more about finding what you’re looking for around the site.   :)  Also click here to find real food near you and learn what to ask local farmers!


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