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Hi Kelly,

If your homeschool is as good as your recipes, your children will be brilliant!  A few weeks ago my husband send me an email with 14 recipes he felt he felt he would enjoy….12 of them were from your site.  As a fellow homeschool mom I am often drained of dinner ideas, so I am always so grateful for any suggestions he sends my way.

I’ve appreciated the ease of your dishes, the yumminess of everything I’ve made, and get a kick out of your directions (“Add salt and pepper till it’s dreamy”). Tonight we had the Mojito Lime Chicken.  YUM!  Our favorite so far has been the Pesto Chicken.  I honestly can’t wait to make it again.

Thanks for all the yummy dinners I’ve had over the last few weeks!




    • KitchenKop says

      It’s showing up for me, you must have an ad blocker on? If you turn it off you can see the words, because we have to be able to track the clicks.

      Or try it in Chrome or Safari…?


  1. Patricia Perez says

    Would like to have some idea’s on natural nutrition drinks that I can mix up in a blender . I have stage 4 colon cancer and don’t really have a big appetite so was hopeing you have something to offer me in getting the nutrition I need to keep me strong ?!

    • KitchenKop says

      Hi Patricia,

      Have you tried something like this: ? It’s super easy and full of healthy fats. Just go real easy on the sweetener, you know how cancer loves sugar. You may even want to try a touch of Stevia first and see how that does instead. (Just a touch, though. Too much is icky.)

      Also, watch for some new sponsors that will be up on my resources page soon under supplements, I think their stuff could help you, too.

      I’ll say a prayer for your speedy healing! God bless you!


  2. jennifer says

    Patricia, I’m not sure what kinds of smoothies you are looking for, but my son and I (he’s 13) are addicted to this one right now. It is super easy and extremely yummy. This is for two, and it makes nice size servings. You can divide it to suit your hunger level or share it with someone.

    2 bananas
    1/2 to 1 cup frozen mango (I don’t measure, I just put a decent handful in)
    1/2 to 1 cup frozen pineapple
    Very large handful of fresh spinach
    16 oz. purified water
    Toss in blender and puree/liquify.

    I originally used frozen peaches instead of pineapple. The peaches I had were pretty bland which is why I switched, but it’s an option. Try to find organic, of course. You can freeze your own fruit, but there’s no way I’d ever do that (not domesticated enough, heh). I buy the fruit already frozen (Dole has both the mango and pineapple, but it’s not organic), or look around to see what you can find if you don’t want to freeze it yourself (health food store, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, grocer’s freezer). You don’t taste the spinach AT ALL…it’s just a really refreshing smoothie packed with greens and fruit–lots of nutrition while being light on your tummy.

    Best of luck to you. I’ll be sending healing vibes your way.

  3. says

    I would like some easy meals that might help w/ my son’s CF. I know he’s espeically low in Vit D right now and is on a 4000 uinit sup to get it boosted. Do you have recomendations? He LOVES salty food, has a G-tube and generally does’t eat to big of portions. I am thinking of a soup or something w/ broth. Thanks

  4. Sheri says

    Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone has had the ALCAT food sensitivity test done? I am considering doing it, and wanted to see if anyone has had it done and if they thought it was worth the money?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. J'Layne says

    I am beginning a journey, from bad foods to healthy! I listened to you and Ann Marie on a podcast and now with pencil and notebook I am taking notes! I do feel overwhelmed, but I cannot give up. I have a teenaged son with Type 1 diabetes and recently learned that it could have been because of his milk consumption during childhood. After breast feeding till he was almost 2, he would drink nothing but milk. At 3, our pediatrician said no more vitamin D milk, so we changed to low fat, 2%. Then at 6 he was diagnosed with T1D. I now am livid…why couldn’t someone have known this and helped us back then? We pray for him daily, but now we have asked God to forgive us and pray for a reversal of this and for restoration of his pancrease. Anyway, I need to get our food intake healthier and today is my beginning. Thank you SO much for allowing us to take from what you have learned and making it easier for people like me to learn!

    • KitchenKop says


      It is just for Moms like you and others with health issues that I am still blogging. It’s a lot of time and work, but I am SO happy to help you get on track! You can do it! Let me know if you need any guidance. :)


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