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Scroll down for my entire recipe index OR check out the sweet email I received recently:

Hi Kelly,

If your homeschool is as good as your recipes, your children will be brilliant!  A few weeks ago my husband send me an email with 14 recipes he felt he felt he would enjoy….12 of them were from your site.  As a fellow homeschool mom I am often drained of dinner ideas, so I am always so grateful for any suggestions he sends my way.

I’ve appreciated the ease of your dishes, the yumminess of everything I’ve made, and get a kick out of your directions (“Add salt and pepper till it’s dreamy”). Tonight we had the Mojito Lime Chicken.  YUM!  Our favorite so far has been the Pesto Chicken.  I honestly can’t wait to make it again.

Thanks for all the yummy dinners I’ve had over the last few weeks!