Real Food Wednesday Blog Carnival for 10/28/09

real food wednesday

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  • Ann Marie/Cheeseslave will have her new post up soon, I can’t wait to see what it’s about!  (She’s always got good stuff.)  ***Remember she will be hosting next week!
  • My new post is a gluten-free cookie recipe, but I’ll also tell you what I learned about Arrowroot flour from Nourishing Traditions!Hopefully you have some REAL FOOD posts with recipes or comments to share today!

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      I’m really excited about today’s post because I got to interview the band that wrote “What You Don’t Know” — it was inspired by Michael Pollan’s “Omnivore’s Dilemma.” The song has an amazing (scary) list of food additives that are made from corn. They also give us some healthy food ideas that had me drooling all over my keyboard! And the icing on the cake is that they’re hanging out at my blog Wednesday to answer readers’ questions.

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      Hi Kelly!

      This is my first time linking up to real food wednesdays, although I’ve been a reader for some time. Today I’m sharing a post about my search for real food in Madrid, Spain.

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      I read “The Body Toxic” this month. Good Halloween reading for it’s scare factor. But, it encouraged me to do some research. This post is about what I learned about the toxins in my hometown’s water, soil and air.

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      I posted one of our favorite soup recipes, cheeseburger soup. When made with natural ingredients and homemade chicken stock, it is a great real food wintertime meal.

      Thanks for hosting, Kelli!

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      I did it! I posted about making yogurt and quark! Yesterday I made real beef bone broth and I might have to blog that one next Wednesday.

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      My post this week is about discovering Real Beer: a live, unfiltered, fermented beverage with complex flavors and the ability to mature with age.

      Some amazing posts in the carnival this week. Probiotic chocolate ice cream? Cheeseburger soup? Yum!

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      I don’t have a post, but I have some little things to share.

      Yesterday I hit one of the local natural food stores in the hope they’d have rapadura. No luck. I DID get a bottle of Zukay’s new cucumber mint salad dressing but haven’t gotten to try it yet. Also picked up a bag of raw (sweetened) cacao. Oh my goodness it’s potent but also delicious!

      And this morning, realizing I don’t eat nearly enough coconut oil, I put a spoonful in my oatmeal to go along with the raw honey, raw milk, and cinnamon I normally include. Maybe it’s a placebo effect but I felt pretty good after eating it.

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      I am hoping that people who know someone or who have had problems producing their own breast milk, try the Nourishing Traditions Formula recipe. It is really amazing to put together… and of course so nourishing!!

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      This is my first time sharing, too – I hope I’m doing it right :)

      I am sharing a recipe for soaked, gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free, nut-free, PANCAKES. They come out sweet and fluffy, and are sneaky too, with hidden butternut squash. These are for the kiddos!

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      Well I finally got around to posting today!

      I wrote a post about 2 REAL FOOD CURES:

      – How I used vitamin D (in the form of fermented cod liver oil) to kick Bronchitis

      – How I’m making a mole disappear with Lugol’s iodine solution

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      Blackberry Mascarpone Pancakes

      Marion blackberries, homemade mascarpone, soaked & sprouted flours, vanilla bean paste, pastured butter and eggs, and a dollop of maple butter.

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      Hi! This week I posted on growing and harvesting my heirloom shell beans and putting them to use in the kitchen. I also talk about phytates and give recipes for baked beans and ham and bean soup, and there’s a link to a discussion of various prep methods for legumes by an author who believes that reducing phytate intake can help alleviate depression.

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      I’m linking up to my spicy chicken tacos and a gluten-free cookie giveaway. I’m excited to check out everyone’s posts, and those almond cookies look awesome!

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      I just left a post on the Miracles of Broth. I had written it up for yesterday and didn’t realize that Real Food Wednesday bounced between you and Cheeseslave – Doh! So here it is, haha!!

      Thanks for hosting this carnival. One of my favorites!!


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      Hi! I just stumbled upon your site. You’ve got some great recipes posted on this blog carnival! I linked up my latest lip smacking, drool worthy White Wine Marinara ‘Rosee’ over Pasta. Despite the name you can make this with regular ingredients in about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

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      Have just discovered your site and love it. Have added one of my articles to your last carnival and look forward very much to being part of sharing about real food here.

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