Real Food Wednesday 9/2/09


Yes, it’s really September, and it’s time for another Real Food Wednesday!

Please add your Real Food link below, and don’t forget your “blog etiquette” by linking back to this post.  Thank you!  In return, a few of us will be stumbling each of the links below, which will bring more traffic to all of us.  (If you could do that, too, as well as re-tweeting with the button above, we would all appreciate your help!)  :)

  • Here’s Ann Marie’s post for her amazing Summertime Gazpacho, which I got to try when I was out there in April – it’s super delicious.
  • My new post is called, “Recipe for Deep Fried Heaven” – who knew that deep fried foods won’t kill us after all?!  (Not the fat anyway, if you use the right kind.)  Also see my other new post with a list of the Asian recipes on my site.  :)

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    Hi all–

    Today on my blog is a heartbreaking story of someone in Prison in Illinois for a minor infraction, who is suffering from the high levels of toxic soy in his diet.

    Please read it and weep. This should not happen in America.

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    I’m a first-timer at this. I’ve been enjoying all your links for a while and thought it was about time to chime in. So, NightLife is happy to serve up my favorite Primal Dessert Salad with Berry-Orange Dressing.

    Appreciate you all! Tamara

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    Hi all! My post this week is easy, quick dinners that can be prepared during those times when our routine gets wonky… like during those first few weeks of back-to-school. Enjoy!

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    This week we have been trying to store our food from the garden and I have written about what an experience it has been. This is our first year and it has been quite a learning curve!

    – RFM

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    My Real Food Wednesday meal is pan-seared wild Alaskan salmon with fresh peas, bacon & thyme and a lacto-fermented mustard beurre blanc.

    Thanks again for hosting, Kelly!

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