Real Food Wednesday 5/12/10

Real Food Wednesdays

Happy Real Food Wednesday and if this is your first time, WELCOME! 

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    Sigh, it’s snowing here again today. But just a few days ago, it actually felt like spring, so I fired up the grill. And in a moment of inspiration, I decided to try grilling rhubarb. My recipe for grilled rhubarb and onion relish is the result. It’s really zippy, and delicious paired with pastured meats.

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    Well, I finally decided that my healthy oatmeal chocolate chip muffins were not perfect, so I bit the bullet and revised them. My article is about the process of experimenting with recipes and making sure the Real Food conversions we use REALLY work. The results are PERFECT healthy chocolate chip oatmeal muffins with the revised recipe included. The test kitchen experts, aka my kids LOVED them and I hope you will to! Thanks as always Kel for sharing your wonderful space with us on hump day! :) Alex

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    Hi Kelly ~ Today ( meaning Tuesday, it’s after midnight here ) I made a large batch of mozzarella cheese. I had not made it since last Fall and it was posted on Real Food Wednesday’s at that time over @ Cheeseslave. I made some simple changes to the recipe that are included in the reposting for a firmer cheese. Also includes are notes about my new source for raw milk.
    Thanks for Hosting this week.

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    Hi Kelly – my contribution this week is about a topic that I’ll be writing even more posts about in the future – the topic of detoxification and cleansing. I talk about how important real food is to health, but that detoxification is really important when you have spent years abusing the body and eating industrial, processed foods – and sometimes you need some additional assistance. This cleanse was amazing! I hope people gain some useful knowledge from what I have written and hopefully have a chance to try this cleanse. I am thrilled with the results!

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    My post this week is about one way to reduce the cost of grassfed meat by adding traditional, wholesome, frugal ingredients that stretch the meat, while also adding a delicious taste and texture. I include a recipe based on traditional European ways to cook ground grassfed beef.

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    I finally found true healing from cystic acne, and it didn’t involve expensive skincare products OR medications. But it did involve Real Food! This post explains three steps I took to cure my cystic acne. (step #3 is about the bedtime snack that caused a noticeable improvement in my skin overnight)

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    I’ve amended another recipe from Peter Reinhart’s WW Breads book, not that it really needed amending, but this one definitely suits our taste buds! :o) It is 100% Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread (that’s a mouthful, literally) and it uses soaked flour… so good!!! Tastes wonderful with butter and jam!

    Thanks for hosting this, Kelly.

    Jaime G

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    Thanks for hosting this carnival. The variety of articles is always so interesting. I submitted a recipe that I put together when I found a container of sun-dried tomatoes in the fridge that needed to be used up.

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    This weeks post is at MAHM, about how I’ve changed my menu plan system to monthly planning. This plan is done seasonally, so that I can keep meals local, frugal and delicious by using fresh ingredients. Seasonal veggies, and meat and I get an even easier meal planning time!
    Thanks for another great RFW!

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    The deep yellow, raw. grassfed spring butter is here and this fudge recipe is how I make sure every single one of my kids get ample amounts of raw spring butter into them even if they don’t really care for butter yet (young and picky, you know the drill).

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    Hate exercise? 8 minutes can do more than you think, IF you’re doing the right exercise. Today I’m exploring the benefits of HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training (also called sprints or burst exercise). It’s way easier than running for hours on end, and studies show it’s far more effective for fat loss, too!

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    Issues with Mr. linky today! Not only did I post twice above, but it’s an old post, and not the one I swear I entered… oh, well! Feel free to browse my blog for my real post today: wrapping up the real food and religion series.

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    I posted a recipe for a delicious dish made with soaked quinoa, “melted leeks” (yummy!), and a poached egg. This dish is fabulous! So very, very tasty. Thanks for hosting this carnival again, Kelly!

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    I love the combination of beets and vinegar. I posted a quick version of Pickled Beets served with toasted walnuts and goat cheese.

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    One of the lessons in my eCourse was to make skillet dishes – one dish (or so) meals that can be created around what’s in one’s pantry. It was a fun lesson, and my post today shares the meal creations from a big handful of the members. Lots of great ideas and inspiration!

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    this week i’m sharing a few things I did with my man to enlist his cooperation in a transition to real food so the kids had two good role models. what has worked for you guys? i’d love to hear your ideas, stop by and leave a comment.

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    I’m sharing the recipe for our favorite shrimp tacos. The weather has been so warm here, already in the 90s most days, and we’ve just been wanting light meals.

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    Absolutely love reading everyone else’s blogs! I’m looking for suggestions this week for ways to help my little one gain weight. She’s super-active and resisting dinner. Recipes, comments, suggestions are welcome!

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    I have no recipes to share but I do have something on my mind. I read about Michelle Obama’s project on childhood obesity. She wants to go in the right direction but she will have trouble getting our govt (congress) to support it. Everyone here knows they are in bed with all the big businesses that make the junk that passes for food. Any way we can show our support for her and make some kind of stand?

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    Hi everyone! Today I shared a recent post on our bumper crop of dandelions and my first attempt and dandelion wine and dandelion cookies.

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    This is my first entry for Real Food Wednesday! I am submitting a recipe for Salmon with Lemon Butter and Mashed Broccoli and Potatoes. Enjoy!

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    I listed my recipe for Savory Omelet Muffins, but I don’t think I linked it right because my recipe title didn’t show up on the link. Oh well, maybe i’ll figure it out for next time. Thanks!

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