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It’s that crazy time of the week when you entice us with your links and comments to go check out your blogs and your great REAL FOOD WEDNESDAY tips and ideas or recipes!  (Visit that link if you’re new and want to learn more about this blog carnival.)  Remember, if you’re a blogger, you’ll draw some good traffic to your site by participating!  (This is how I built up my traffic in the beginning.)


1.  It’s not easy for me to catch them all on my own, and I’d really like everyone to play fair, so if you see any posts that don’t link back to this post (blog carnival etiquette you know!), can you email me please?  If you don’t know how, I explain it at this REAL FOOD WEDNESDAY link.  (I hate playing hardball and removing links, so let’s all be good to the others who are bringing more traffic to your blogs with their links by doing the same, OK?) 

2.  Also, PLEASE let me know if you see a recipe posted that is blatantly not Real Food.  Someone who is striving and on the journey is one thing (as we all are), but if it’s really bad (canned bread, Velveeta, margarine, Egg Beaters, unfermented soy or any other fake food), please tell me so I can remove it.  (If I’ve removed your post, I hope there are no hard feelings, but people come to this post for Real Food ideas, and I don’t want to disappoint.)

3.  I hope you’ll retweet and stumble this post and also any sites you visit – this will get more exposure to all of us, thank you!

4.  Don’t have a blog?  We still want to hear from you!  Please leave your tips or recipes in the comments.

Thank you!

You’re up, and we can’t wait to see your stuff!



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    Enjoyed your earlier post, “Dear Grandma and Gramps”. I grew up on a lot of convenience foods as a child in the 70s. With my family history of autoimmune disease, this was a real disaster! I think my parents are starting to appreciate the role of diet, but they still have a way to go. Wish I could get them on a whole foods diet!

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    My post this week is about how some wonderful ranchers are raising wild bison, or more accurately, staying out of the way while the bison mostly raise themselves. This results in wonderful, refreshing meat that is the nutritional equivalent of wild game, without the gaminess.

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    Great food for thought here. Real Food Dude – it’s such a tricky thing – third party certifiers are great, but even some of those have come under fire. One issue that would emerge if who funds those third party certifiers and how to ensure they are truly independent. Great piece!

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      Great point Belinda! Whenever, we choose to be a consumer of any product or service, trust can be a tricky thing. I don’t advocate blindly accepting anything as quality as a consumer honestly. Personally, I’m just more comfortable trying to hold third party certifiers accountable. Also, governments can never offer a “one-size-fits-all” labeling system of our food. Just think about how many activists with differing opinions on food there are. A variety of private certifiers would serve me better so I could pick and choose those which align with my personal values best.

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    I also read Real Food Dude’s piece. I feel frustrated that I need to verify the third party and government verification. And yet, I don’t shop by the labels. How can I when I’m going to the farmers market or local produce stand to buy my food?

    This week, I submitted a recipe that my dh came up with to use up frozen shredded zucchini from last year’s garden.

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    Hi Kelly,
    I shared my naturally dyed Easter Eggs and my Gluten-free matzoh balls with a video. Two fun projects! I hope you like them!

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    Hi there, I added a post about ways to cook with raw milk.

    By the way, I have started a new recipe blog carnival called Weekend Gourmet on my blog. It will be on Mondays. Please submit something to this past Monday’s carnival!

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    I’ve linked to my peanut butter truffle snack. It’s something I stir up when I want a treat. It has that mix of peanut butter and chocolate that I love so much, and it has potential. But I usually just eat it out of the bowl.

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    These Healthy Peanut Butter Cups rival Reese’s peanut butter cups but are incredibly healthy for you with almond butter, organic coconut oil. raw organic honey, and organic chocolate. The only trouble is that it is hard to just eat one!

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    Hi Kelly,
    I’ve linked up to:
    -Tips for nourishing smoothies, including the secret ingredient
    -Easy grain-free breakfasts for weekday mornings
    -Nourish your children with real foods

    Thanks for hosting!

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    Have any of you seen the latest terrifying news? A Chicago school banned homemade lunches. I wish it were a joke but its not. I am out to fight this and to prevent it from happening elsewhere. My post contains quotes from the yahoo article with my comments.

    Help me spread the word to stop it NOW!

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    Wow! There are a lot of recipes shared already! I’m behind. :)

    I shared a recipe for Black Bean Brownies. They are fudgy, moist and delicious!

    Thank you for hosting Kelly, I can’t wait to try some of these recipes.

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    Thanks for hosting, Kelly. This week I shared a post on my son’s favorite breakfast smoothie. It’s loaded with probiotics and antioxidants, but still has bright, fun (and 100% natural) colors that kids will love.

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    I’m sharing A Gluten-Free Fairytale: The Magic Bean Cake & a recipe for Black Bean Chocolate Cake with Cocoacream Filling.

    Thank You Kelly!


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