Real Food Wednesday 2/10/10

Real Food Wednesdays

Welcome to this week’s Real Food Wednesday!

If you’re new…we’re glad you’re here!  :)

Please read at the link above to find out what we’re about before you add your link. Anything vegan or low fat most likely will not be a good fit for this carnival.  One more thing:  please don’t add 15 links from your blog archives.  One post from each person is usually the norm.

Remember your “blog carnival etiquette” and always put a link in your post back to this one.  Thank you!

We hate to play hardball, but Ann Marie & I may delete links that do not follow these guidelines or else the carnival could get annoying for everyone involved.


  • Ann Marie’s post will include a link to her new podcast that was recorded yesterday with Peggy, the “sprouted flour lady”.  :)   (Hopefully she doesn’t mind being called that!)  Ann Marie said, “Tell everyone to expect a special article written by Peggy Sutton about how to sprout grains at home.”
  • I have a couple new posts, but one is pretty short.  In the first one I’ll share the results of last week’s Real Food Rookie Class poll and you can find out more about the crazy twist in that story .  Also today you can read about my fun Bloggers’ Night Out!




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    Our family has been oil pulling. We have noticed much better teeth and gum health, clearer facial skin, better scalps. This is non-evasive way to clean the mouth and detox.

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    I love to make soups and sauces and butter when I have cream, but some little part of me is always silently pleading for ice cream. I actually own an ice cream maker, but find that making a batch is a bit of a bother. Lately, I’ve been making a quickie no-cook version of ice cream – no ice cream maker required!

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    Our first Real Food Super Bowl. Hey, “our” team didn’t win, but at least the food was good! Come see how I messed with chili, and who in our family loves fish eggs!

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    Got some Swedish cabbage soup up for you all to try today. And if you want to talk tradition, it’s a recipe my mother had in a cookbook she got while growing up in Sweden, BEFORE processed food became a regular ingredient in cooking.

    I’m off to California today. Woohoo vacation!

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    Hi Kelly – after seeing the information about Whole Foods on the WAPF web site, I became very frustrated at the ability of a large corporation to influence so many people’s buying and eating habits, so I decided it was time to say something about it. My post focuses on the fact that Whole Foods leaves out the most nutrient-dense foods in their criteria for supporting a “health campaign” to get people to be more health-conscious. I urge people to contact Whole Foods and make their opposition to this known! Even if you don’t shop there, it is still important to voice your concern because Whole Foods is a leader in health food sales, and has the ability to affect the viewpoints and buying habits of millions of consumers about food. Thanks Kelly!

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    This week I was having a hard time finding something to do with the beef in my freezer (we bought part of a cow at the beginning of the winter) and ended up creating hands down the best beef stew I’ve ever made.

    Using the pressure cooker was a result of my procrastination and lack of inspiration, but it certainly worked out for the best!

    – RFM

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    Another post from me about how I am TRYING to cook nourishing food for my family, but still struggling. I keep trying because I want this to be second nature for my children. I don’t want them to deal with the trial and error that comes with replacing bad eating habits with nourishing meals. How wonderful would it be if healthy eating were just second nature for them?!?

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    Hi! My first time doing RFW and I just forgot to say that on my link….argh, sorry! :) My post is about a very easy to make dutch oven bread…with a very long ferment/rise time (18 hrs). From what I have found so far, this preparation method also breaks down phytic acid etc and makes for nutritious bread! Gonna do lots more research on it, but for now, it’s an easy way to make real bread that costs only a fraction of what store-bough real loaves are. The bread is so good my roommate has now dubbed me the breadmaker, and charged me with keeping us both in bread no matter what, lol! Hrm, I should barter bread for rent…lol!

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    I’m a newbie this Real Food Wednesday! I’m contributing my first post on my journey into real food–a technique for being mindful about labels and making small changes while avoiding food waste. Come check it out, even if you’re a seasoned real foodie–I’d love to hear your advice!

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    Pasture-fed rabbit is dusted with Cajun-seasoned sprouted spelt flour, then shallow-fried in duck fat until golden brown. Served in a sauce of stock, fresh cream, champagne vinegar, thyme, oregano and bay with creole mustard, bell pepper, celery, onions and garlic. A delicacy, saut

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    This is awesome! I found the link from another blog.

    I entered my grain-free-granola. It can be modified to use only seeds and sunbutter or seeds and toasted chickpeas as well if you have nut allergies. Hope you all enjoy it.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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