Real Food Wednesday 11/25/09


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Ann Marie & I take turns hosting the Real Food Wednesday blog carnival, so next week it’s over at her place.






  1. says

    Today’s post is a recipe for curried pumpkin soup, as well as information about the chef that created the recipe. AND he’s agreed to stop by my blog on Wednesday to answer questions!

  2. KitchenKop says

    I fixed it guys! Sorry about that, now I have to go see where my Thanksgiving post went and get that up.

    Please add your link now, thanks!


  3. says

    I’ll contribute a RFW comment to praise meat. Yesterday I got my first shipment from US Wellness Meats! Chicken thighs, lamb, unsalted butter, and mackerel in olive oil (because my mother LOVES mackerel). Then I got a text from a friend who is visiting people in Virginia. Seems her host went hunting, bagged a big deer, and she asked if I wanted some venison. Not about to turn down that bounty!

    And tonight I make mixed bone broth (so I can make lentil soup on Friday) and pumpkin bread (to be a vehicle for traditional cream cheese).

  4. says

    I came up with a fermented cranberry relish recipe that doesn’t use whey. Whether you’re casein free or not, it’s yummy! Feel free to stop by and share your own version in the comments section. :)

    Thanks for hosting, Kelly, and the new logo looks great!

  5. says

    Today is product review day on my blog, so I have a second post for you, a review of Chaffin Family Orchards delicious mandarin oranges, plus, my raw milk ice cream recipe, Mandarin Orange and Vanilla Bean.

    These oranges are the best way to knock lots of folks off your holiday shopping list.


  6. says

    I’m a brand new blogger, and I made my first contribution to RFW today. The topic is turkey (no big surprise) but what makes it special is the hardy and brave soul who this special bird.

  7. says

    Thick-cut wild Alaskan halibut with a light coating of homemade coarse mustard and a persillade of chopped parsley and toasted bread crumbs, brown butter and lemon.

  8. says

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