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Order REAL FOOD T-Shirts & Shopping Bags – get ’em before they’re gone!

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4109154666_e010909b43_bBefore the Weston A. Price conference last month, Ann Marie & I had these t-shirts & shopping bags made.

The canvas shopping bags are nice to keep in your car so you always have a reusable bag handy for groceries, farm market purchases, stuff for the kids, etc. They also make a great, inexpensive gift, especially for other Real Foodies!

You’ll love how soft the shirts are, and wait until you see all the varied reactions you’ll get to the phrases. Some will look at you and wrinkle their foreheads like they’re trying to understand what it means. (This is your chance to explain it to them!) Real Foodies will laugh and say, “LOVE your shirt!” These are especially fun to wear to the farm market because there you’ll find many people who “get it”, and others who are concerned about nutrition and the kinds of food they eat, yet they may not have learned about things like why raw milk is best and should be legal everywhere, or how “butter was framed”!

shirtsThe women’s shirts are shown in the picture above. They have a cute stitching around the neck and sleeves, and they are a fitted shirt. I love how these fit compared to a man’s shirt which just hangs on me.

The men’s have no stitching and are a nice quality white t-shirt.

Also: We recommend not putting these shirts in the dryer because this type of ink may fade.



  • YOU CAN NOW ORDER THE T-SHIRTS HERE. (Limited quantities & sizes available.)



  1. Hi Christine,
    Priority shipping to Canada is a lot more and I didn’t think anyone would want to pay it. Or if you know a cheaper way to ship than Priority to Canada, I can do a special ship for you and we can figure out the difference in price. :) You probably know more about the best way to do it than I do, so let me know!

  2. What about getting a big envelope, the one that’s lined with the bubbles, and stuffing the t-shirt in there? T-shirts are thin and would lie flat, and certainly don’t weigh much. The envelope would probably cost a few bucks, and should only be a few bucks to ship from MI to Ontario, wouldn’t it? If you checked it out at your post office, found out what the shipping would be, let me know and invoice me with the total, then I can pay through pay-pal.

  3. Hi Christine,
    I’ll call the post office tomorrow and then email you to let you know what they say! Thanks for your interest. :)

  4. Hi again Christine,

    I just found what I needed online and it looks like it will be $11 to ship to Ontario, Canada. I could do first class for $10, but then I’d also have to buy thicker envelopes, which would end up costing the same or more than the $11 priority mail. If you still want one after all this (sorry it’s not easier!), go ahead and order here, and you can pay me the other $6 through my tip jar above. Does that sound OK?


  5. Yes Kelly, I would still like to order a t-shirt, but your site won’t allow me to enter in Canada and doesn’t recognize my postal code. Help!

  6. OK, just put in my postal code (49341) and a fake address for Rockford, MI and then email me your correct address. ( I’m so sorry for all this trouble! Hopefully that will work.

  7. Love the shirts Kelly. How fitted are the women’s? I don’t do real fitted shirts but I don’t want them hanging either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Hi Lilia,
    Hmmm, I’m not sure how to explain it, except to say that they just fit nice on a woman. Not tight, just shaped.
    Maybe you could just get a larger size of a women’s than you normally would?
    Hope that helps!

  9. Are there any bags left? I would have loved to have those to haul the books we sell at the “Nourishing Ways of West Michigan” meetings!!

    • Hi Geri, yes I’m sure she has some left (maybe we can buy them with some of our budget money?), but I don’t have them anymore, they’re only available through that link. :)


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