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Monday Morning Mix-Up 4/30/2012

Over the weekend I went back to our hometown with the kids for the always exciting, Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival. Actually it really is a lot of fun hanging with family, taking the kids around the small town where we grew up and seeing old friends from high school — pictured is my friend Janet with myself and her grandson. So instead of telling you more about it here, I’m going to write a whole post about it this week and share a bunch of pictures. Hopefully I won’t bore you to death. :)

Here’s what I found around the internet for you this past week… (Or should I say what all of you, my super sweet readers, have found – thanks for sending me all the good stuff you come across!)

  • Warning: off the food and health topic for a sec… Have you guys seen these Surviving High School/Be the Change videos? The kid who said he’d have ended his life if he hadn’t gone through the Challenge Day broke my heart, there are so many hurting kids out there! If only all kids could go through this and feel the connection to others that so many are missing in their lives.
  • OK, back to food… Well, actually this one is about farms. I wanted to make sure you saw the post from last week, “Where oh where has common sense gone?” It’s about the “feral swine” mess here in Michigan. While that may not sound like a very exciting topic, what’s happening is unbelievable (we still live in the USA, right?!) and I hope you’ll want to help!
  • Here’s a good article Kent sent me recently, you’ll love it: Damn your low fat diet: How a reformed vegan gorges on all the foods his granny enjoyed… and has never felt better.
  • Have you tried these dried fruits yet? I got to sample them at the Wise Traditions conference last fall and oh. my. gosh. They were so tasty, with ONLY one ingredient: fruit!!!!
  • I wanted to get your thoughts on this article: Pork: Did Leviticus 11:7 Have It Right? Levitical guidelines label the pig an “unclean” animal, and prohibit the consumption of pork. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, there may be good reason to carefully consider your decision to include pork as part of your diet, as despite advertising campaigns trying to paint pork as a “healthy” alternative to beef, research suggests it may be hazardous to your health on multiple levels.” We eat only pastured pork, nitrate free, and are not in a risky area according to a map at that link, plus all the people I trust say that it’s the source that makes all the difference, so we’ll probably keep eating it. But I do wonder if maybe we should eat it less…???
  • Time is almost out, hurry and enter this Clean Water Fun Garden Hose Water Filter contest!
  • And a new Kitchen Kop giveaway just went up, too: Enter to win $40 worth of J.A. Henckels International Knives.
  • Thank you Julie, who sent me this adorable little movie about a boy named Caine. This is also unrelated to food or health, but I thought you’d like it, and this is a Monday mix-up after all. :)
  • RealFoodWednesdaysI’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday! (Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!)
  • Have a great week everyone!


  1. I tend to prefer an ancestral take on pork eating. In my case, people in Sweden thrived because they had pork. Even now, two of my cousins who live there periodically hunt boar (there’s a way to handle a supposed “nuisance” problem, especially with food prices going up as they are). I did read the material in Wise Traditions last year about preparing pork for cooking and am still thinking about how to incorporate that.
    As it is, I eat pastured and nitrate free pork periodically. Thankfully I now have a local source for such pork too!

  2. We do not eat pork due to Biblical and health reasons (The book Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin made me more aware of this initially.) He had a good point in the book that the 10 Commandments were given around the same time as the Food Laws, yet we ignore the food laws?

  3. The video about Cain’s Arcade is so uplifting! We don’t see enough of these. Kudo’s to everyone who helped make Cain’s Arcade a success.

  4. I raw feed my dog and I heard lots of people worried about “parasites” in pork. Generally they’re worried about parasites that have not been found in pork in most westernised countries for year. Most of the pork I eat has spent some or all of its life outside, and most commonly I’m eating shoulder or belly with nothing added.

    My only worry about pork is that it’s meat without the goodness of proper red meat. I believe we should be eating large herbivores such as deer, cattle or horse plus fish, when we eat meat but pork and chicken are more affordable (even good quality pork). So I attempt to mix up pork and chicken with fish and beef and venison as and when I can afford it.

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