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Mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup?


As if we need another reason to avoid HFCS. Thanks to my friend, Bob, for sending a link to this article, Why is the FDA unwilling to study evidence of mercury in high-fructose corn syrup?

One more from Ethicurean.

The comments there are pretty interesting, too. Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Oh, if only the mercury were the worst part of eating HFCS! That stuff is so hard to avoid, and if your family has allergies, it can be like chasing your tail at the grocery store. I’m so thankful we have allergies and got off this stuff QUICK!

    Local Nourishment

  2. An expert on mercury from Duke University Medical Center, Dr. Stopford, recently posted a statement that reviews lab results from independent, third-party testing that was conducted on high fructose corn syrup. The testing was very rigorous: third-party labs tested product from all 22 of the production facilities in the United States and Canada. The testing started in February and was completed this week.

    Dr. Stopford

  3. Crappy carumba! Every time I don’t get a chance to check comments until later in the day I find out a link is broken. Thank you Rebecca for finding the right link!

    Liz, once again it’s a matter of which “study” to believe (, but common sense won’t lead us wrong. Nothing against you personally, I know you’re just doing your job, but when I don’t know who to believe, I always go with the most natural foods, and genetically modified, highly refined corn doesn’t make the cut.

  4. “……..Samples were digested in nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide in high pressure Teflon vessels using microwave heating in conformance with AOAC Official Method 986.15, developed for digestion and analysis of human and pet foods for heavy metals……”
    Liz, please explain this to me? I read this sentence and was surprised that they use microwave heating in this kind of study. If this means what I think it means, then that alters the sample. This means that I would not feel comfortable with how this study was performed. So there for I would not trust the outcome and would still not eat HFCS.

  5. A friend of mine mentioned she saw an ad on tv stating that HFCS was actually good for you because you use less of it than regular sugar. Thanks for putting my mind at ease there, Liz…sounds like it’s the perfect growing food for my kids to eat.


  6. I am always “surprised” to see how the FDA is regulating and ruling what is natural or not.
    HFCS is present in a lot of foods, and is considered as a “Natural Ingredient” by the FDA, hence I could extrapolate a little and point out that a lot of chemicals have for base a “natural ingredient”
    When you need so many chemical precessing steps to create a “food”, it should be labeled as “natural”
    It’s also notable that the epidemic of obesity in the US is in pair with the use of HFCS. Coincidence?
    As for me, I try (repeat: try) to follow a very good recommendation: I try to avoid a (food) product when it contains something that my grand mother would not recognize. (Twinkie anyone? :-)

  7. Sorry , Me Again
    In Re to Liz, on the behalf of the corn refiner …
    Dear Liz,
    I appreciate you pointing out that study. Nevertheless, If HFCS was that good for you, as your latest adds suggest, you would not need an add to persuade us that “it almost like sugar”, without even saying it.
    As for the study, I could point to you few dozen “highly” scientific ones that contradict each other, depending on who provided the funding.
    I also can refer you to this marketing example: and may suggest you to start smoking right away. No? come on! it was doctor approved!
    We could then have another scientific study where you could point out that no relations were found between HFCS and lung cancer: That would be great, no?
    So, let’s cut the crap: your product is a government subsidized health bomb. The mercury , or not , is not the prevalent issue. HFCS is.

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