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Superfood Smoothies

Servings: 1 blender full, several servings
Author: Kelly the Kitchen Kop


Add in any or all of the following, whatever you have on-hand, seriously you can't screw up these superfood smoothies!

  • ***I've added two specific recipes for you further below.
  • I've bolded the ingredients below so you can just scroll through to see your options, but with smoothies, or meal replacement shakes as many call them, you just see what's in your fridge or freezer and throw it in...
  • Whatever fruit you have on hand... Organic berries, pineapple (canned, fresh, or frozen), bananas, apples, kiwi, peaches, and our son's new favorite: frozen organic mangos. You don't have to use frozen fruit, but it tastes more like ice cream that way. Also, some fruits aren't as important to buy organic as others, check the Dirty Dozen to know which are sprayed the most. I love all the different color these fruits add and knowing how many nutrients/antioxidants they provide. Just use what you have, seriously you can't screw this up!
  • Sweetener of choice if needed. If you add pineapple or banana then you don't need any extra sweetener at all! So if needed, add a little real maple syrup -- just taste-test until you get it to the sweetness you want. You could also use a little raw honey (too much overpowers the taste in my opinion, though), or some organic coconut sugar/palm sugar is good too!
  • And add a couple scoops of this collagen protein that has no taste, but dissolves easily, and packs a powerful punch! It has 10 grams of protein in one serving and is sourced from pasture-raised grass-fed cows, and we all know that cows on pasture are much more healthy than the sad conventionally-raised cows who never see the light of day or get to eat any green grass. (It's also no-GMO and free of pesticides or hormones!) *See below for more about the many collagen benefits.
  • 2-3 heaping Tablespoons of another new favorite superfood: Colostrum! It adds so much creaminess and gut-building properties too. Watch the video here on all of the health benefits. (If you buy some at that link, be sure to click "join" not "shop", so you can get the wholesale pricing.)
  • For some probiotics-- good for digestive health, immune system function, and so many other things, you could add in this goat milk kefir -- I love it in smoothies, it just tastes like a mild yogurt, but it's so good for you. I also sometimes add in raw milk kefir (just to get a range of nutrients in there), or if I don't have that, I'll add some raw milk since there are still superfood/probiotic benefits from that. (More about raw milk here.)
  • If you have kids like mine that don't like swallowing pills, but you want to get these, the BEST probiotics into them, just open up 1 or 2 capsules into your smoothies and they'll blend right up without anyone knowing they're even there.
  • You could also add in some coconut milk if you like that flavor, in order to incorporate more of the health benefits of coconut into your diet from this good-for-you fat.
  • Fresh cream always gives it a "dessert" and dreamy taste and texture, not to mention the nourishing fats it provides. Cream from pastured cows is best. If you buy “whipping cream” from the store, be SURE it doesn’t say ‘ultra-pasteurized’ on it. You can tell by the use-by date – if it’s 2 months away, don’t buy it! Read more about that in this healthy milk options post.
  • Raw egg yolks are full of protein, other nutrients and healthy enzymes! Use one for a small batch and 2 or 3 for a whole blender full. (Only do this if you know and trust your egg farmer -- don't do this with grocery store eggs, also FYI: it's best not to eat egg whites raw.) There's no taste to this, it just adds creaminess. If that freaks you out, read this about eating raw eggs.
  • Why don't I add any fresh greens? I'm not against it, but if I did, I'd give them a light steam first so they don't block mineral absorption or cause thyroid issues. UPDATE: Now you can easily add greens (or other veggies) to your smoothies with this organic veggie powder! They first steam their greens before dehydrating them so you don't have to!! Read more: How to ruin your morning smoothie.
  • Lately I've been adding MCT oil for all the health benefits! Such as more energy, weight loss/metabolism/blood sugar, reduce brain fog-hello menopause!, improve mood, help the gut and digestion, reduce inflammation, antimicrobial/anti-fungal...
  • Another idea: My friend said they open up 4 capsules of this desiccated liver into each full batch of smoothies and there's NO taste. I'll report back after I try this to see if there's *really* no taste!


Blend up your superfood smoothie and enjoy!

  • I'll usually pour these into fancy glasses for the kids, and with the leftovers, if there are any, I'll make popsicles so they can have a healthy treat anytime.  (I use these inexpensive popsicle makers.)
  • With so many different nutrients and healthy fats, these certainly are superfood smoothies, but they taste like ice cream!