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Olga's Kitchen Copycat Recipe for Three-Cheese Olgas

Author: Kelly the Kitchen Kop


For the pita bread:

For the sauce:

  • 1 cup organic sour cream and/or yogurt — I like half of each for a nice tangy taste on your palette but if you want it to taste closest to Olga's then use all yogurt — be sure to use whole milk yogurt, and preferably organic. Hopefully you're not using low-fat anything since it's just fake food. (Or here's how to make homemade yogurt.)
  • Optional: about 1 Tablespoon organic lemon juice if you want even more tangy taste.
  • 2 Tablespoons milk — maybe a little more depending on how you want the consistency
  • 1 to 1 1/2 Tablespoons natural sugar
  • Sea salt and pepper to your taste
  • Optional for a little more yummy flavor: 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

For the filling:

  • Any mixture of your favorite cheeses — we like colby cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, whatever you have on hand.
  • Tomatoes preferably local and organic so they'll be bursting with flavor
  • Peppers
  • Onions sliced thin or for extra flavor, use caramelized onions! (Just fry them in butter on medium heat until golden but be careful not to let them burn.)


For the pita bread…

  • Mix the first three ingredients well (I use my Bosch), cover, and let set over night, at least 7 hours, but I left mine for 24 hours just because I was busy.  (It's best if you start the night before so your grains can set overnight, or “soak”, to make them more digestible, but if you're making it the same day, just add more water instead of the whey or yogurt and continue from there.)
  • The next day, add the rest of the ingredients.  Knead or mix very well.  At this point if you don’t have time to roll them out, you can cover and let it set in a greased bowl in the fridge until you do have time.  Mine sat for a couple more days before I got to it and the dough was still good.  I just had to grab a ball into my hands to warm it and play with it a bit before it was ready to roll.
  • Rolling tip: Use a heavy rolling pin and a floured counter top.  This makes it MUCH easier to roll them out.  Don’t flatten them as much as you would for a tortilla, just leave it a little more thick, like pita bread.  Fry in an ungreased pan on medium-low heat on both sides until the bubbles start to brown.  I use a lower heat than what I use for making tortillas since it takes longer for the thicker dough to get done all the way through. (I use .)
  • Let cool on the counter or on a wire rack before storing.  Or just assemble right away.
  • This big batch makes about 12-15 Olgas.  You can easily  halve it if you don’t think you’d go through so many.

For the sauce…

  • Mix the ingredients together, and as you can probably tell, the amounts are all approximate, just play with it until it's dreamy.

Put it together…

  • Sprinkle on the cheese and melt under your broiler just for a minute or so, OR put the cheese on to melt while the second side is frying in the pan, spoon Olga sauce on, add your desired fillings, roll up and enjoy!