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Real Food Protein Shake

This is truly so simple, and I often give it to the kids (or myself) when we’re coming down with something and need to build our immune system. 
Author: Kelly the Kitchen Kop


  • Pastured egg yolk or two don’t eat raw eggs unless you know they come from a good source!
  • Raw milk or at least whole milk that is pasteurized but not ultra-pasteurized – see this healthy milk post for more info on why.
  • Raw cream ” “
  • Grass-fed collagen powder for extra protein from a good source and more nutrients too!
  • Whey real whey, that drips out when hanging your yogurt and making cheese
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • You could also add some homemade yogurt or kefir or you could buy some organic yogurt or kefir as long as it's not low-fat!
  • Flavoring options: fresh or frozen organic fruits like strawberries bananas, peaches, etc. (This would be more like a smoothie-another great alternative to “protein drinks”), organic coconut milk (or coconut water), organic chocolate syrup (try my homemade chocolate syrup), organic cocoa powder, a dash of cinnamon, organic vanilla, a dash of nutmeg (for an eggnog), a little fresh-squeezed organic lemon juice. (Can you think of more ideas? Just think of the flavorings coffee shops use in their steamers…add your ideas in the comments!)
  • Sweeteners: a little local raw honey or real maple syrup (or you may not need a sweetener if you used fruit or the organic chocolate syrup). You could also try Stevia – if you do, let me know how that tastes. I know you have to use very little or it'll taste bad for sure.


  • Mix the ingredients, whichever ones sound good to you, in a blender until frothy (or with a whisk, right in your cup) – notice I don’t have amounts, just make however much you want.  Gently heat it if you’d like a warm drink – too much heat will kill all the good stuff.