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Healthy Nut Bar Recipe

Author: Kelly the Kitchen Kop



  • Mix everything together and spread onto a cookie sheet greased with either coconut oil or butter.
  • Bake at 275* for 40 minutes.  (A little longer if you want it crunchier, just don't let it burn.) Let cool so they can crisp up, then cut into serving size pieces and store in the freezer if you’re making a lot to keep on hand.  The amounts here are actually a double batch, but it fit perfectly on my cookie sheet.  Next time I’ll make two cookie sheets of it so I can freeze some for school lunches.  (NOTE:  I just made these again before posting and this time I didn't chop my pecans as small so it made a thicker batch on one cookie sheet.  They came out more chewy and less crunchy, so if that's the case with your batch, you may want to spread it out over a couple cookie sheets.)