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Skillet Breakfast Recipe

Author: Kelly the Kitchen Kop


  • Organic potatoes chopped, I cut them into cubes so they cook uniformly — we use about 1-2 potatoes/person. Potatoes are in the dirty dozen list of conventional produce that is highly sprayed with chemicals, so I always buy them organic.
  • Healthy fat for frying: bacon grease or lard from pastured pork pastured butter or ghee, unflavored coconut oil. Yep, these are all healthy fats that have nourished people for generations before our screwed up government convinced us that saturated fats were bad for our heart. Read more here.
  • 1 onion chopped
  • Eggs about 1/person, or more if you'd like — sometimes I'll just add extra yolks for more nutrition.
  • Sea salt and pepper
  • About 2-3 cups cheddar cheese shredded (8-12 ounces)
  • Optional: Various colors of organic peppers chopped -- again, these are on the dirty dozen list, so if I can't find organic, I don't buy them.
  • Optional: Your choice of meat cooked: sausage, ham, bacon, just whatever you have leftover or in the freezer — however, the meat is optional because this is also a tasty meatless meal. Here's where to find healthy, pastured meats online if you don't have a good local source — I recommend you avoid mystery meat at all costs!
  • Optional: Bread for toast we have a local baker who makes a delicious multi-grain fermented bread, which is great since I haven't been in the breadmaking groove for a while now, but if you ARE, have you seen this recipe for the healthiest bread on earth? –> The Best Sourdough Bread Recipe.


  • Clean and chop potatoes, start frying in the fat of your choice – don't be afraid to use a lot, that way it'll all get nice and crispy.  I use either a cast iron skillet or my favorite stainless steel 16″ pan, because it's big enough to cook for our whole family of six (read more here about my this awesome pan).
  • Make a spot in the middle of the pan and fry the onions until golden. Then add sea salt and pepper.  Keep moving everything around so it doesn't burn.
  • While that's cooking, shred your cheese.  (I rarely buy cheese already shredded because it has weird “anti-caking” ingredients in there, and it only takes a few minutes to shred it.  Even less time if I use the shred attachment on my beloved Bosch kitchen machine.  Often I'll buy a bunch of cheese when it's on sale and use the Bosch to shred it all at once and put it in the freezer.)
  • When the potatoes and onions are getting nice and brown and crispy in spots, next put in the optional meat and peppers.
  • Next add your egg and stir them around. When the eggs are cooked and everything is golden brown and crispy-licious, put the shredded cheese around the top. Once it's melted, it's time to serve it up!
  • Add more sea salt and pepper to your taste, if desired serve with toast (buttered liberally of course), and ENJOY!