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Healthy Breakfast Burritos

These healthy breakfast burritos are a simple, nutritious, family favorite!
Author: Gail via Kelly the Kitchen Kop


  • Soft tortilla shells -- make sure they don't have trans fats or a ton of preservatives OR make your own!
  • Scrambled Egg -- eggs are so good for you
  • Veggies of choice local and organic are best -- try different colored peppers, onions fried 'til golden, also avocado or guacamole is delicious in these.
  • Optional: Ham sausage, steak, or bacon -- here's where to find safe, healthy meat
  • Cheese raw or all-natural cheese is best, no velveeta or processed “American” cheese slices!)


  • Stir fry meat and veggies in butter to heat them up (not the avocado yet), scramble in the egg, top with cheese until melted then put in a warm tortilla shell along with the avocado/guacamole if desired.  Serve with salsa.  (Also, you could fry your tortilla in butter to give it a nice crispy shell before melting the cheese on it and adding the other ingredients.)