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Crockpot Italian Beef Recipe and Mashed Potatoes 

Servings: 8 servings
Author: Kelly the Kitchen Kop


  • Grass fed round steak frozen is fine -- they say about 1 pound/person, but we like extra for leftovers (Here's where to find safe, healthy meat online if you don't have a good local source.)
  • Extra beef bones from the farm if your round steak doesn't have a bone
  • A splash of raw apple cider vinegar
  • A few cloves of fresh garlic chopped (or 1 teaspoon dried garlic powder)
  • 1 onion chopped (or some dried onion)
  • 1/2 teaspoon each of your favorite Italian seasonings these are optional by the way, you may just want to savor the beefy flavor on its own -- it depends on my mood!: rosemary, marjoram, oregano, thyme

Mashed potato ingredients:



  • In my bigger (7 quart) crock-pot I put in frozen solid grass fed round steak at about 9:00 a.m. and turn it on high. If your round steak has a bone in it you're all set for some good broth, if not add extra beef bones.
  • Throw in the garlic, onion, and Italian seasonings.  Add water just to cover the meat, along with a splash of vinegar, so it will make a good, healthy broth as it cooks. (Vinegar draws the minerals out of the bones.) Cook all day to get the meat nice and tender and flavorful.  (This makes the house smell SO good!)
  • You can make the mashed potatoes ahead too:  boil potatoes until tender, drain, mash and add in milk or cream, cream cheese, butter, sea salt and pepper (taste-test until it's right, yum!).  Now you can put these into another smaller crock-pot on low, or just wait and make these closer to mealtime.
  • Right before eating, if you'd like your broth more like a gravy instead of like a soup (but is delicious either way), just mix up the flour with cold water until it makes a semi-thick paste.  Stir it quickly into the broth.
  • Serve side-by-side in bowls, along with sea salt and pepper so everyone can add more to their own taste preference.  You could serve it with some roasted veggies or some fruit and you're done!  Or you could also make some homemade bread for extra yummy-liciousness.
  • Any leftover meat and broth can be made into a vegetable beef soup the next day.