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Homemade Soaked Flour Tortillas

Your family will go wild over these much-better-for-you tortillas, and there are so many ways to use them for quick meals!
Servings: 20 Tortillas
Author: Kelly the Kitchen Kop



  • Mix the first 3 ingredients well (I use my Bosch so it's hands-free and I can do other stuff at the same time, I'm all about multi-tasking!), cover, and let set over night, at least 7 hours, but I left mine for 24 hours just because I was busy.  The next day, add the last 3 ingredients.
  • Knead or mix very well. At this point if you don’t have time to roll them out, you can cover and let it sit in a greased bowl in the fridge until you do have time.  Mine sat for a couple more days before I got to it and the dough was still fine.  I just had to grab a ball into my hands to warm it and play with it a bit before it was ready to roll.
  • Divide into 20 balls.
  • Rolling tip: Use a heavy rolling pin and a floured counter top.  This makes it MUCH easier to roll them out thin, and getting them thin enough is key to making them “real” looking and tasting for picky kids.
  • Fry on an UNgreased pan on medium-high heat for about 30 seconds on each side until the bubbles start to brown a little.  (I use my favorite electric stainless steel frying pan.)
  • Let cool on the counter or on a wire rack before storing.
  • This big batch makes about 20 homemade soaked flour tortillas.  (I like extra to keep in the fridge or freezer between pieces of wax or parchment paper or paper towels.)  You can easily halve this recipe if you don’t think you’d go through so many.
  • LAST-MINUTE variation:  For those of you who are like me and often don't think ahead enough to get my dough soaking the night before:  instead of using whey, use more water instead and just use all unbleached white flour for a lighter taste that most people prefer.  Mix everything together and roll out as directed above.