Crispy Nuts



Mix above ingredients together in a glass bowl, stir and leave on the counter overnight, at least 7 hours. Drain well in a colander and spread onto a buttered cookie sheet (4 cups are just right for one cookie sheet). Sprinkle with sea salt. Bake at 150* for 24 hours, depending on how crispy you like them. I keep them in the freezer (freezer baggie) and they are good for months. These are great to have on hand for a quick healthy snack, for school lunches, or for recipes.

NOTE: Unfortunately my oven only goes down to 170*, so I was told in this case the phytic acid is still broken down, but any enzymes will be cooked off (so in that case, I may as well bake them at a bit higher temp for less time in the oven to save energy). If you have an oven that goes down to 150* or a dehydrator, that's much better, but soaked nuts are still MUCH preferred to unsoaked.  As a matter of fact, if I eat regular nuts now (I ate them by mistake recently), I get a terrible stomachache.

Recipe by Kelly the Kitchen Kop at