Organic Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe



Start cooking the pasta according to directions.

Butter a 9×13 baking dish (no Teflon!) Cut up the chicken and place around the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle with desired seasonings, I like sea salt, pepper, paprika.  Add the veggies if desired.

Start making the white sauce/alfredo sauce:

Melt 1 cup of butter in a medium saucepan, saute a few cloves of fresh garlic and the onion until they smell dreamy and are softened.  Add 8 Tablespoons flour and whisk until smooth, then add 1 teaspoon sea salt and pepper to your taste preference and cook on low heat, continuing to stir, for 3 minutes.  Slowly add the liquid and keep stirring with a whisk.  Taste-test to see what it needs, if it tastes bland, it needs more salt.  Add seasonings as needed and keep whisking, keep the burner low so it doesn't all burn at the bottom.  Remove from heat, stir Parmesan and/or Asiago cheese until melted.  (Or just sprinkle on top as you plate it if you're not baking it.)

Drain pasta and mix it with the sauce, then spread it all over the chicken and vegetables. Bake at 350* for 30 minutes, and then sprinkle on the Mozzarella cheese and bake another 15 minutes or so until it's melted.

Note:  Sometimes I'll saute the chicken a little with the spices, just until it's no longer pink inside (any longer and it gets tough instead of tender) and then throw everything together, that way you only need to get it hot in the oven

OR you could serve it without baking at all.  Just mix the pasta, sauce and chicken (if you're using it) together and serve with parmesan on top.

Recipe by Kelly the Kitchen Kop at